[A/N: Incredibly Important Thing To Know About This Fic -- It was written and conceived purely as a movie for my friends and I to make. Therefore, it may and will contain inside jokes and particularly hilarious obsevations as we go along. What can I say? We were bored, it's almost summer, and we've all slowly grown obsessive about Batman. But not just any Bats. Which lead me to the Other Really Important Author's Note -- This was intended and pictured to be the insanely campy and wonderous '60s version. I'm talking total Adam West and Burt Ward here, people. And nothing less. So enjoy my attempt at being funny and campy. Woo.]




[Stately Wayne Manor. BRUCE WAYNE, DICK GRAYSON, and AUNT HARRIET sit in the study, surrounded by textbooks and notebooks. Aunt Harriet is in the armchair, knitting. Bruce and Dick are on their knees around the coffee table.]

DICK: Gosh, Bruce, why do I have to learn all this nonsense about importing and exporting? I mean, it's not like I'm ever going to leave Gotham City, since everything we ever need is right here.

HARRIET: Now, now, Dick. You know you have to keep up in your studies if you want to continue to be Mr. Wayne's ward. It is a valuable position.

BRUCE: Yes, Dick. Believe it or not, I find myself in a lot of dangerous situations, and you tend to come to the rescue. [Cough] But back to Social Studies. You see, some countries have to flex their economic muscle [holds up bicep a la Mr. Kelly] -- ow.

[ALFRED enters]

ALFRED: Sir, I'm afraid I must interrupt with your studies. You have a phone call from a Mr. K. Rhyme.

BRUCE: Of course, Alfred. Come along, Dick. You may learn a thing or two about, er... I know there's something I do that relates to international trade.

DICK: You betcha, Bruce. See you, Aunt Harriet.

[BRUCE and DICK exit]

HARRIET (to Alfred): Oh, those boys. Always up to something.

ALFRED: Indeed, madame, indeed.