It's Never Stopped Me Before

Parker weaved her way through the crowd, the tray balanced effortlessly on her hand, a single flute of champagne resting on it.

She made her way over to Eliot and he quickly rendezvoused with her, snagging the drink off of the tray with his left hand and then lingered next to her as they quickly assessed their situation. Nate spoke in their ear.

"Got eyes on Irena?" he asked, and she and Eliot shared a look.

"Yes," responded Parker, her eyes glancing back briefly. "And she's with someone."

At this, Eliot caught her gaze and leveled his eyes at her, a faint smirk appearing on his lips, his tone filled with innuendo that, luckily no one could see, was directed straight at the blonde-haired thief standing right next to him.

"That's never stopped me before."

She knew that look all too well…he was planning something devious, and she wasn't going to like it.

As he began to flirt with Irena, she heard everything he said over the earpiece and Parker was about ready to scream…but of course, she didn't. Because to do that would be admitting to the fact that she and Eliot were an item.

He was doing this on purpose. She knew it. Damn him.

And she knew why, too.

It was all because of the tiny little fact that Eliot realized that Hardison was seriously crushing on his girl…not that Hardison knew that she was already taken.

Actually, it was a miracle that they hadn't gotten caught so far. They were a Thief and a Hitter…they weren't Grifters. Sure, Eliot could lie when he needed to and do it rather convincingly, hence the reason why he was chatting up Irena at that moment, but Parker was absolutely hopeless when it came to lying.

They had nearly been caught out on three separate occasions, each time even more close than the last.

And as he continued to use his formidable charms on the woman, Parker was grinding her teeth and silently plotting his demise.

Oh, he would pay for this little stunt; that much she was certain of.

Eliot could barely believe it when he heard Parker start to try to take Sophie's advice and begin to flirt with Irena's partner.

She wasn't doing all that well, but just the idea that she was attempting to flirt with someone was enough to make his blood begin to boil.

He couldn't say a word, however, because that would give the two of them away.

He felt his jaw completely clenched, so he slowly un-clenched it, trying to dissipate the tension that had filled his body at the fact that his girl was keeping an arms dealer at bay…but from what he was hearing over the earpiece, she was most likely going to…

Yep, he heard the cry of pain.

What had she used this time? A fork?

He glanced over and saw her backing up to an open window. Any second now she was going to…

Yep, and there she went, head first in a perfect swan dive.

Later, he would wring her neck for taking such a huge risk…and then he would kiss her senseless. And then possibly throw her on the mattress…and then kiss her some more. And a few other things as well. But until then, he was pissed.

Oh, yes, the two of them were definitely going to be talking later on…

He was looking forward to it.