A.N. - A couple of reviewers intimated that they wanted a second chapter describing Eliot and Parker's little, ahem, "discussion" after the fact. So...here you go!

"Eliot," Parker breathed into his neck as he ravaged her own, pressing her into the hotel mattress with the weight of his body.

He attempted to ignore her, more fully focused on making her scream his name, a sound that he truly enjoyed to hear and had heard many times before. Her moaning his name was nice enough, but he desperately wanted to hear her screaming it, instead.

He slid the fingers of his left hand through her hair, pulling her head back further, enjoying tasting her skin, but still needing more.

Needing to feel more, he slid his other hand down her body to the bottom hem of her dress and slid his hand beneath the fitted material.

She arched underneath him, her hands sliding under his shirt, needing to feel his skin against her own.

Soon enough, her dress and his shirt were gone and they were bare skin against bare skin. As usual, Parker wasn't wearing a bra, and Eliot sent a silent thanks to the ceiling above him that she didn't…it made their rendezvous so much easier. As it was, they'd barely made it into the hotel room before pouncing on each other, both of them still on a high from the job.

Parker's high from the jump from the window, Eliot's from his slow burning anger at her being so ridiculously reckless.

It made for some rather intense sparks.

She moaned as his fingers slid under the thin strap of her underwear and teasingly pulled them down her legs.

Suddenly, he stopped all of his glorious ministrations, pulled his head away from her neck, and pinned her, hands on each of her wrists, his legs pinned over her own. The blonde thief looked up at him in shock, too stunned by his actions to try and get free.

"Eliot, what-?"

He cut her off with a dark stare.

"Okay, now that I have your attention, sweetheart, do you mind telling me what you were thinking earlier when you jumped out that window?"

She tried to shrug, but found that she couldn't with the way that he had her pinned, so instead she simply looked down and then back up at him, guiltily realizing that she hadn't thought about Eliot's reaction to her somewhat reckless stunt.

"Honestly, I was thinking 'Exit route!'" she honestly answered, not looking the least bit uncomfortable at the fact that she was naked and pinned beneath him, while he still had some clothes on.

It was one of the things that Eliot loved about her. She wasn't immodest, she just wasn't aware of awkwardness most of the time, and the situation had him fighting back a slight grin. He had been truly worried when she'd made that jump, and she needed to know that.

"Parker...I know that you're capable, darlin'…but please, for my sake, only do something like that as a last resort."

As he spoke, he slowly removed himself from over her, instead lying down next to her on the covers, placing an arm across her stomach, holding her close.

At his words, her eyes softened slightly and she placed a hand over his arm.

She turned her head to the side, gazing up at him.

"It was my only choice, Eliot. If I'd tried to run in the building, without knowing the floor-plan, they would have caught me…the window was really my only choice." She reassuringly rubbed his arm and heard him let out a sigh of defeat.

"You're right…"

There was a long moment of silence, but it was comfortable, and soon Eliot said,

"You realize that I'll try to protect you, right? That no matter what happens, I'll always be there to take care of you?"

She nodded.

"Of course you would, Eliot. You'd do it for anyone on the team."

He shook his head, trying to get her to understand what he was trying to say to her without actually saying the words. He lifted his hand from her stomach and caught her chin with the tips of his fingers and brought her eyes to his.

"Not just anyone, darlin…just you. I mean, I'll always try to keep the team safe," he quickly explained, not wanting her to get the wrong idea. "But when it comes to you…"

His voice drifted, and Parker saw a shadow cross his face and she reached up with her own hand, placing it reassuringly on his strong jaw.

He lifted his hand from her face and placed his fingers over hers, drawing her hand to his lips and closing his eyes as he placed a gentle kiss on the palm of her hand that sent a spark down her spine. And as he opened his eyes, she held in the gasp that wanted to escape her at the intensity of his gaze.

"There is nothing I wouldn't do to keep you safe…even if it meant risking my own life…it's what I do."

They lay there for several long moments, and then a soft smile stole across the thief's lips.

"I know, Eliot…me too."

They shared another look, this time one of understanding. They had both said those three little words without having to say them, and they both understood that they'd been said.

Moving quickly, Eliot pulled off his lower garments and then slid the both of them under the sheets of the bed. It was actually Elliot's room, and everyone had assumed that Parker had some place inside the hotel that was…well, not in a room. It was perfect for them…

They had finally reached an understanding.

Parker would continue to take insane risks, and Eliot would continue worrying about her.