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Chapter 1: Summer Surprises

It was a hot summer morning in the place called Domino City. This was the city where many events took place and where a lot of Duelists made their names in the Battle City Tournament, Duelists like Joey Wheeler, Seto Kaiba, and the one and only King of Games, Yugi Moto. In this city, in a different neighborhood, and in a house was a boy at age 15 who had just awakened from a long night of unsuccessful sleep. This boy's name was Lucas Black and he previously had a traumatic ordeal that took place at a place called Duel Academy. Lucas had overcome and resisted an evil spirit that was struggling to possess his mind and his body and he also defeated a powerful and evil sorcerer named Daemon and his gang of evil cult terrorists known as the Elemental Six from resurrecting a beast called Apocalypse that would potentially destroy everything he held dear to him, but with the help of his friends from Duel Academy, Rakaia Meiyo, Luna Tenshi, Alexis Rhodes, Jaden Yuki, and Rose Amora his girlfriend, they had all rose up and destroyed Daemon and his demonic beast . Lucas missed being able to see his five friends more than anything in the world, but since it was summer time Lucas wasn't able to so much as hear their voices quite yet. He got out of bed and walked into his bathroom after turning the light switch on. Lucas turned on water in the sink and began to splash his face with the many handfuls that he scooped up.

"Was it another bad dream?" said a voice in his ear.

"Yeah…Except this one was worse…" Lucas thought as he began to shut the water off, shaking his face. "What are you doing up so early?"

"I'm your Duel Spirit…I can feel whatever you feel" explained the voice.

"Oh right…" Lucas thought while he grabbed a towel from the rack and buried his wet face in it. "Why don't you show yourself?"

A woman with black hair, wearing orange Egyptian robes began to slowly materialize behind Lucas's shoulder and looked down on him as she floated above his head.

"I don't think that these are average nightmares you've been having…They've been happening ever since Daemon was defeated" She said.

"You worry too much" Lucas said, dismissively. "I probably had too much to eat last night…I mean we did have pizza" Lucas thought, removing the towel from his face.

"Perhaps so…" she said. "But in any case I'd advise you to be careful…I don't know too much about these dreams but I do know that they are no coincidence" she finished.

Lucas placed the towel back on its rack and hunched over the bathroom sink as if he was about to be sick. "They're only dreams" he said. "I don't know why they're such a big deal to you Nephthys".

"I know that they're dreams…But these kinds of dreams don't seem normal for anyone to be having…I think you may be having a premonition" she said before disappearing.

Lucas turned off the light switch and left the bathroom before returning to his own room and laying down in his bed. "I'll keep that in mind next time I have that dream" he said as he closed his eyes and pulled his blankets over his face.

"I wish there was somebody else I could talk to about these weird dreams" Lucas thought. "But everybody's gone until I go back to Duel Academy". Several minutes later Lucas drifted off into a world of sleep.

Hours Later

Lucas awoke to his digital alarm clock ringing loudly next to him. He got off his bed and gave a long yawn after shutting off his clock's alarm. He went into the bathroom and brushed his teeth for a few minutes before getting dressed. When Lucas finished brushing his teeth he looked into the bathroom mirror and fixed his hair from its spiky state to its usual straight look. His Duel Spirit the Hand of Nephthys had suddenly reappeared behind him as he took a long look in the mirror, frightening him and causing him to shout in panic before covering his mouth, he did not want to wake up his grandfather or his brothers.

"What the hell-!" he thought angrily as she smiled mischievously. "Warn me next time you're gonna do that! Don't just pop up when I'm least expecting it!"

"I just thought you could use a good scare" she said with a smile. "How did you sleep last night?" she asked, sounding as serious as she was last night.

"I slept fine last night…I didn't have that nightmare when I went back to my room" he said, as he turned off the lights in the bathroom and back to his own room to find some clothes, she followed him.

"This is very strange…I think you may be right about the nightmares being a coincidence" she said, putting a hand on her hip. "But I still think you should be careful just in case you are having a premonition".

"I'll do that" Lucas said carelessly as he began searching his closet for his favorite shirt. "I'm sure I'll have good dreams to look forward to from now on".

"You mean like the dream you had about Rose last night?" she asked.

Lucas suddenly stopped searching his closet for a moment. "I…I don't know what you're talking about" he denied, in a tone that wasn't fooling anybody who knew him.

"Hehe Of course you do" she giggled. "Oh Rose…I love you more than I did Alexis when I first met her" She said, trying to Imitate him.

"You know you really shouldn't talk in your sleep" She giggled, watching Lucas's face go a deep shade of red while his eyes suddenly widened.

"You'd better not tell anyone about that dream!" he threatened, comically.

"Or what?" she asked, playfully. "Are you gonna dream about me too?" she asked sarcastically.

"Nope…I'll just take you outta my Deck" he said with an evil grin.

"You…You wouldn't" she said in a scared tone.

"Try me". He replied, still grinning evilly.

"Aww you're no fun" she said, before she disappeared and left him alone.

After pulling his shirt over his head, Lucas went downstairs to open the refrigerator for something to eat when he suddenly spotted a note taped to it.

"Dear Lucas, Your brothers and I have gone shopping for the day. Lock the house up when you leave today. There's breakfast in the microwave and don't forget to check your e-mail later today.

Your Grandfather.

P.S You never know who could be thinking about you now, so remember to check your E-mail.

"That's weird" Lucas said, opening the microwave and retrieving his breakfast which consisted of sausages, toast, and pancakes on a single plate.

"What's he mean 'When I leave the house'?" he asked himself, not expecting an answer. He shrugged the question off and walked into the living room he put his plate on the rug in front of him and sat down on the couch, grabbed the remote, and turned on the television to surf for channels to watch. He missed his friends so much, the lessons at Duel Academy, and the rivals he made. He would give anything to see them again, but mostly his girlfriend Rose, who he was constantly thought about every day he got out of bed.

An Hour Later

Lucas, who was finished watching T.V, stood up and walked into the kitchen carrying his empty plate and placed it into the sink, while he turned on the water.

As he began washing the dishes he heard a knock at the door, which caught his attention. He put down his plate, washed the soap off his hands, and walked into the living room to and answered the door, hoping that it was Rose, but it was someone else…

"Lucasss!" said a green haired boy who forced Lucas into a bear hug. It was Spike Smith, one of his best friends and rivals.

"Ow…Dammit Spike let go" he said, laughing, and at the same time trying to free himself from his friend's grip.

"How was Duel Academy you big shot?" Spike asked, letting him go. "Did you meet any cute girls?" he asked, grinning and nudging Lucas's ribs with his elbow.

"It was pretty cool, they said I was one of the best freshman duelists they'd had that whole year" he replied, grinning and putting his hands behind the back of his head.

"Wow…If they thought you were good wait until they see me in action" Spike said, puffing up his chest and grinning.

"Yeah Yeah" Lucas said dismissively laughing.

"Hey Hey, don't avoid my question now" Spike said, shoving Lucas playfully. "Did you meet anyone special?" he asked, nudging Lucas's ribs once again.

"Yeah…" Lucas chuckled, showing off a false smile. "I did" he answered. Even though he was smiling he did not feel like talking about the girl who returned the feelings that he shared and missed.

"Is this true? THE Lucas Black finally meets a girl and is in a relationship for more than two days?" Spike said, jokingly.

"Yeah Yeah" Lucas said, yawning. "So…what's up…wanna duel?" he asked.

Spike shook his head, causing Lucas's eyes to widen in surprise; Spike had never turned him down when he offered to duel.

"I can't…I'm supposed to be going out of town with my parents for the rest of the month" he said.

"Oh" Lucas said which was all he could say. "Where're you guys going?" he asked.

"Well… First we're going to New York to visit my Uncle, then we're going to watch my big brother duel at the Pro Leagues" Spike answered.

"What?...Razor's a pro duelist now?" Lucas asked in shock.

"Yup!" Spike answered, grinning.

Lucas scratched the back of his head and put a hand into his pocket. "Wow…I knew he was good but I never thought he'd wind up being a pro" he said, dumbfounded.

"Yeah…he applied while you were at Duel Academy" Spike replied. "But enough about that…Somebody wanted me to give you this note" he said, as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a folded up piece of paper and handed it to Lucas.

"Who gave this to you?" Lucas asked, not even reading the note.

"It was—"Spike began, until he heard his parents shouting for him to hurry up.

"Sorry…I gotta go" he said. "I'll see you later ok Lucas" he finished as he stepped off the porch and began to walk back to his house.

"Alright…And let me know how Razor's duel goes!" Lucas added as Spike nodded and waved him goodbye and began running to his parents and their car. Lucas walked back into the house and shut the door behind him. "Ok…this is weird, first Gramps takes off for the day and tells me to check my e-mail, then Spike shows up with some kind of Mystery Note to give to me" Lucas thought, scratching his head with a puzzled look on his face.

He unfolded the note that Spike gave to him, made a disgusted face and read it.

"Meet at the center of the Domino City Mall at 7:45 P.M sharp. Bring your deck and check your e-mails." He read to himself.

"This is getting out of hand" he said, scratching his head in confusion and placing the note on the living room table and pacing.

"This is the second person who told me to read my e-mail…and not only that but they wanna meet me at the mall and they want me to bring my deck" he said. "I don't get it one bit" he finished, making a puzzled face and putting his hands in his pockets as he stopped pacing. He looked at the large clock in the living room, it was already 1 o'clock.

"So Lucas…Do you insist on going?" asked the Hand of Nephthys.

"I don't know" he answered.

"Well if you do decide to go, then I advise you to be on your guard" she warned. "Whoever this person is they must've been trying to reach you all day…They probably sent the e-mail everybody's been advising you to look at" she finished.

Lucas walked into his Grandfather's room and pulled out their family laptop. "I'm getting sick and tired of everybody and this damn e-mail…I'm just going to check it and get it over with" he said, in the tone of someone who had, had just about enough.

"I'm not sure you should do this Lucas…remember the nightmares you've been having" she said, in a concerned tone. "What if your nightmares are leading up to you going to the mall tonight and falling into the trap you keep dreaming about?" she asked.

"Well we won't know unless we give it a try…That's what Jaden would do if he was here" Lucas responded, shutting his duel spirit up in the process.

It took about ten minutes for the computer to start up and for Lucas to log on the Duel Academy website, put his username, and finally to password in.

"Are you sure you want to do this Lucas?" asked his Duel Spirit.

"I am" Lucas responded firmly.

Lucas clicked his e-mail and was looking at a message had received from someone he had never even heard of. He read the message aloud.

"I know you're probably curious about my identity but don't worry, all your questions will be answered when you see me…Don't be late…I don't like to be kept waiting"

P.S. Bring your allowance to the mall…you won't be disappointed.

After re-reading the message several times, he walked slowly upstairs to his room, closed his door and collapsed on his bed he was staring at the ceiling with his hands behind his head.

"This sounds funny…like I know whoever's sending these messages" he thought. "First I'm told to check my e-mail, then I'm told to go to the mall, then I'm told to bring my deck and now I'm told to bring my allowance money with me to meet some stranger at 7:00…This is all too weird" he finished, yawning and closing his eyes.

"It's like somebody's gonna try to rob me…why should I have to bring my allowance?" he asked himself.

After a few minutes he fell asleep on his bed without even thinking about it.

Inside Lucas's Dream

It was already night time and Lucas was in his Neighborhood for some reason, all of the houses lights were completely turned off. For some reason he found himself running away from a loud roaring sound, which was getting closer to him by every footstep and every second. He took a look over his shoulder and saw what was chasing him. It was a gigantic shadowy dragon-like creature with three heads, both it's arms were large heads also, it had a snakes lower body and was slithering toward Lucas, roaring at the sight of him. Lucas began running even faster and then tripped over a rock that was on the ground. He fell down and tasted blood on his mouth, which he began wiping as he looked up at the monstrosity that was towering over him.

"No…Noooo!" Lucas shouted.

"Luuucaaasss" moaned a familiar voice.

"R-Rakaia?" Lucas asked, as he stood up and took a closer look at the creature's face, and what he saw had shocked him so greatly, he fell back down. What he was seeing was Rakaia, Luna, and Rose's bodies, each in the dragon-creatures several mouths. They were tied up and about to be eaten alive.

"Lucasss…get us out of here" Luna begged.

"This is your fault…You got us into this" Rose said, angrily, which had the most emotional impact and Lucas.

"No…Please…I'll do anything…Just don't hurt them" Lucas begged. The dragon-creature swallowed them and made a noise that sounded as if it was laughing, this infuriated Lucas so much he stood up, with his fists clenched and began to emit a pitch black aura, which had then disappeared.

Lucas looked at both of his hands and his palms in surprise, as he felt the power leave his body.

The Dragon-Creature had become pitch-black just as Lucas's aura had done, and took the shape of a gigantic hand.

Lucas began to run away once more until he was caught in the grip of the hand that he was trying to escape. It began glowing and assimilating bits of itself onto Lucas, who gave a silent scream until he was completely swallowed by the hand's grasp. Until all he could see was the pitch black darkness that his dark aura had displayed earlier.

In reality

Lucas had jolted awake, he woke up breathing heavily clutching his chest as if his heart was about to be ripped out of his body.

"That…Damn…Dream again" Lucas panted. He looked over at his clock which read 7 o'clock P.M. He got out of his bed and grabbed his deck, his house keys, and his allowance off his dresser. He left the house running to the mall which was not very far from where he lived, hoping that this encounter would end his nightmares. As soon as he arrived at the entrance at the mall he checked the large digital clock that was on display as he stopped to catch his breath after all the running he had been doing to get there, the clock had read: 7:19.

"Okay…You've got seven minutes to make it to the center of the mall" he thought, as he clutched at his chest.

He had finally caught his breath after seven minutes and began walking to the center of the mall as fast as he could, while trying to avoid running into people around him. As he was walking he felt someone bump his shoulder rudely.

"Sorry about that" Lucas said, politely, trying to hurry up and reach his destination. The stranger he had accidentally run into was wearing a navy-blue jumpsuit with a similarly colored hood over his face.

"Make sure to use your eyes next time you little idiot" he snarled rudely, without even looking at Lucas.

Lucas gave the stranger a cold look. "Hey I said I was sorry, that doesn't give you the excuse to be a bigger idiot than you look" he said coldly.

"What'd you say?" said the stranger warningly. "You'd better watch your mouth before I make you watch it" he threatened.

Lucas had balled up his fists in anger; he was starting to get annoyed, he had somewhere to be. "I don't have time for losers like you…so do me a favor and get away from me, you're far from worth fighting" he said coldly, as he began walking towards his destination.

"Why you little—"He heard the stranger grunt in anger with gritted teeth. He heard footsteps as if somebody was running at him, and then heard a body hit the floor.

Lucas turned around to see a girl behind him. She had long light brown hair with an orange shine to it that went past her shoulders, covered under the black cap she was wearing. She was also wearing a white T-shirt that read L.E.A.N on it in Black Letters, along with black fingerless gloves along with denim shorts. It looked as though she had thrown a punch, because she had her fist held out and that she had knocked the stranger down on his back, he had gotten up and was hurrying away, looking as though he was rubbing his nose.

"I don't like when people try sneak attacks" said the girl coolly. "It's a cheap way of fighting and it gives your opponent no way to defend themselves" she finished.

Lucas stared at the girl for a few moments before opening his mouth.

"Well don't just stare off into space" she said, snapping him back to attention. "You okay kid?" she asked.

"Kid?...Who's she calling a kid?" Lucas thought to himself. "Uh…Yeah I'm OK thanks to you" Lucas said. "If you hadn't hit him, I probably would've done something crazy" he said, chuckling.

The girl smiled at him. "Don't mention it kid" she said, proudly.

"Hey I'm not a kid" Lucas said. "I'm a student at Duel Academy" he said, proudly.

"Oh…So you're a future duelist?" she asked.

"Yup" Lucas stated proudly.

"Well that's good kid…keep at your school work" she said with a smile and a small laugh, putting her hand on his head, ruffling his hair.

"I told you I'm not a kid" Lucas said in an annoyed tone.

"Hey you don't know a guy named Rakaia do you?" she asked, taking her hand off his head and completely ignoring him.

"Yeah…He's my friend" Lucas answered. "Why do you ask?" he asked, putting his hands in his pockets.

"Well he's my friend too…but he kept bragging on about some freshman named Lucas or something" she said, as Lucas's eyes widened. "From what I heard this kid was a really good duelist for a freshman" she continued.

"Oh that's funny" Lucas responded, with a smile. "He never said any of this to me when we were a school" he finished, also widening the girl's eyes in surprise.

"So you're the Lucas kid?" she asked with a smile.

"Yeah I am…Except I'm not a kid" he said, with a smile of his own. "And you are?" he asked.

The girl made a puzzled look on her face. "You mean you're friends with Rakaia and you've never heard of me?" she asked him in surprise.

Lucas shook his head as he began to straighten his hair. "Sorry no…are you a relative of his?" he asked. She put her hand on her chest. "Oh…Oh no" she said.

"My name's Sega…Sega Rivera" she introduced, trying to see if her name sounded familiar to him.

"I can't believe Dragon Boy never told you about me" she said, in an annoyed tone. Lucas gave a slight laugh, earning a stare from Sega.

"Dragon Boy?" he said, trying not to laugh at his recent discovery of his friend's nickname. "I've never heard that one before" he said.

Sega chuckled at Lucas's reaction of Rakaia's nickname. "Yeah, that's a little nickname from me to him…and I wouldn't call him that if I were you" she said warningly.

"So how come I've never seen you at Duel Academy" Lucas asked, just realizing that she had a connection to Rakaia.

"Well that's because I'm not a student" she answered, taking off her cap and fanning herself with it for a second before putting it back on. "I'm actually a Pro Duelist" she said lightly.

"That must be awesome" Lucas said in a tone with a mixture of slight jealousy and awe.

"Well…Not exactly…" Sega responded with a nervous chuckle. "You have to duel with a lot on the line, like your title, your fans, and all that stuff… And you never get to go anywhere in peace, everywhere I go there's usually a crowd of people lining up for an autograph" she explained, putting on sunglasses.

"Ah…so that explains the cap" Lucas said, scratching his head. "So if you're a pro, what brings you by Domino City?" Lucas asked, as he resumed his walking, with Sega accompanying him. He looked at a clock in a nearby department store; the time read 7:39, which meant he only had six minutes to make it to the center of the mall.

"I'm here on break" she answered. "I'm all done with my duels this season…Now I'm just here to visit some friends" she finished, as she began walking faster to keep up with Lucas.

"Uh huh…friends…that's cool" Lucas said, not even listening and speeding up his walking pace. "Hey listen…Can you come to the center of the mall with me?" he asked.

Sega raised an eyebrow. "Um…yeah, why?" she asked, giving Lucas a weird look.

"Well…..it's kind of like this" he began.

He quickly explained to Sega about the note, the E-mail, and the requests that followed it, and why that had brought him to the mall.

"…So you got an E-mail from some random stranger asking you to meet them here?" she asked, as he finished explaining and catching his breath.

"Yeah…that's pretty much it" he said. He was hoping she would go with him since she defended him from that hooded guy who caught an attitude with him after bumping into him. He needed somebody to watch his back if he got into anymore trouble.

He didn't want to be jumped, beaten, or robbed and have to resort to using his Dark Half; an embodiment of his negative emotions and consisted of terrible power.

"Alright…lets do this" Sega said, rubbing her knuckles in case they would have to fight anybody anytime soon.

They had reached the center of the mall which consisted of a large water fountain with the body of Seto Kaiba, with its arms crossed standing over his three signature monsters, the Blue Eyes White Dragons, spewing out jets of water from their mouths into the center. Lucas and Sega sat down next to each other, waiting for anyone who would try to get Lucas's attention. Lucas was glad he had someone to help him out, because releasing his dark power was the last thing he wanted to do with anyone else around, especially not all these innocent people in the mall. He felt as if he had some kind of control over his evil, yet more powerful half of himself to some degree. He was thinking about what his Duel Spirit would say if she would was talking.

Lucas stood crossed his arms up and leaned against the statue, crossing his arms with his eyes squinted hard.

He was thinking about how much he missed Rose and his friends, and the good times they had at Duel Academy last year, until he heard a voice call his name.

"Heyyy! Lucaaasss!" called a familiar voice, which made Lucas's heart rise.

Sega nudged him in the ribs with her elbow. "Is that the person you were talking about?" She asked, pointing ahead. Lucas took a glance at where Sega was pointing, it was a person running toward him that made his eyes widen and made his heart rise even higher than he felt it could go.

There was a girl running towards him with short brown hair (Picture Yuna's from Final Fantasy 10). She was wearing a long sleeved white silk shirt that showed her belly button a little, blue shorts, and black boots, it was the person he was longing to see over the summer, it was the love of his life, it was his girlfriend Rose. Rose was also accompanied by a girl with light blue hair in a ponytail, who was wearing blue jean shorts, and a black t-shirt with a raindrop on the center of it, and black boots.

He didn't have time to run to her, she went slamming hard into his arms, embracing him in a warm and tight hug. Lucas hugged her back, re-living the great sensation of being with her once more; as he breathed he noticed that her hair had that same sweet strawberry smell he missed so much.

"Ahem" Sega couched, interrupting the couple's long awaited reunion. They broke apart, both wearing grins, and turned to Sega.

"So…Is this the person we've been waiting for?" she asked.

Lucas chuckled. "No…This is my girlfriend Rose" he said.

"Nice…Nice to meet you" Sega said, nervously as Rose smiled politely and then gave Lucas a stern look as if he did something wrong.

"You're meeting other girls here too?" Rose asked Lucas crossing her arms.

"No it's not like that!" Sega and Lucas said at the same time, as Lucas began waving his hands up in defense. "She's a friend of Rakaia's and I ran into each other…It's a long story" he said, as the cheerful smile returned to Rose's face.

The girl who was with Rose, who did not run alongside her, had walked over to them and sat down on the statue next to Sega, who gave the girl a polite smile, which she returned hesitantly.

"Hey Rose who's your friend?" Sega asked.

"Oh her name's Aqua…she's my new friend…she's nice but she's a bit on the shy side" Rose explained.

"Nice to meet you Aqua" Lucas said, with a polite smile that Aqua returned.

"So what brings you to the mall Rose?" Lucas asked, putting an arm around his girlfriend and walking away, causing Sega and Aqua to stand up and hurry after them.

"Well isn't that obvious? I'm here to meet you" she replied. "Didn't you get my E-mail?" she asked, putting her arms around Lucas's right arm. His eyes widened in shock at what she just told him, he was so taken aback that he almost tripped.

"Wait a minute that was you who sent me that E-mail?" he asked.

"Well of course…you didn't think I would go a whole summer without seeing my boyfriend did you?" she asked, sounding as though that it was obvious that she sent the message.

"But…I couldn't tell it was you" Lucas explained. "I thought it was from some random stranger who knew Daemon and wanted to get revenge or something".

"Oh yeah…sorry about that my older sister hacked my computer so that I couldn't send what I wanted unless I had her approval" Rose explained, blushing.

"You have an older sister?" Lucas asked, as they slowed down their walk for Sega and Aqua to catch up to them.

"Yeah I do" Rose sighed. "She's so embarrassing…she wanted to send me to an all girls school so that I wouldn't meet any boys" she explained.

"Don't you guys live with your parents?" Lucas asked.

"No…Our parents have busy jobs so they don't live in the same state as us…but they do come by to visit us on holidays and birthdays though" Rose explained, leaning on Lucas's shoulder.

After a few moments of silence, the group made their way to a diner, which was Lucky because Lucas's stomach started to growl, due to him not having any food since breakfast. The four of them took their seats in the corner of the diner after ordering their food.

"So tell us more about your sister Rose" Sega said, after taking a drink of water from a water bottle that was given to her by Aqua while they were walking earlier.

"Well…She's kind of what you'd call 'perfect' she graduated from Duel Academy at the top of her class, she's also kinda popular with boys but never dates any" Rose explained.

"Why's that?" Lucas asked.

"Well it's because she's after this pro duelist called Zane…I think his name was" Rose answered.

"Truesdale?" Sega asked in surprise.

"Yeah I think so…do you know him?" Rose asked.

"Not really, but I hear he's a great duelist…I'll be facing him sometime" Sega responded.

"Then you're…don't tell me…you're that girl Seg—"Rose began, before Sega shut her mouth with her hand laughing nervously at the people in the diner who began to stare.

"The crazy things my friend says" Sega said chuckling nervously. Luckily everyone in the diner who was staring smiled and turned away from their table. Sega removed her hand from Rose's mouth and put her finger to her lips telling her politely to hush.

"Please not in public…I'm on break and I don't wanna have to start running from fans again" she explained, as Rose wiped her mouth.

"So about this older sister of yours…" Lucas interjected, bringing everybody's attention back to the current subject.

"What does she do?" he asked.

"Well she's…Kind of a Pro Duelist…"Rose said, as though this was awkward moment.

"Really?" Lucas asked with a cheerful grin. "Maybe one day I'll get to duel her…How come you never told us about her?" he asked.

"It's because she and I don't exactly get along" Rose said. "She wants me to do other things with my life when I have plans of my own" she explained.

"Like what?" Lucas asked smiling.

"Like…getting married" Rose replied, blushing with a smile of her own.

"…Who's your sister?" Aqua asked.

"Her name's Angela and she's a really good duelist" Rose said, dropping her smile.

"Angela…Angela" Sega repeated, with a puzzled look. "I don't think we've ever dueled…Usually I remember my opponents" Sega said.

"Believe me you'd remember her" Rose said. "She's an even nastier piece of work when she's dueling than when she's telling me how to live my life"

A few moments later the waiter and their food arrived and they began eating and not a word was said until a guy with blond hair and a smile walked over to their table.

"Hey beautiful…what're you doing here with these losers?" he asked, looking at Rose and putting his arm around her who was blushing furiously.

"This 'Loser' happens to be my boyfriend" Rose said sharply, pushing his arm off and attempting to wipe the smile off his face with words alone.

"You could've fooled me…Someone like you looks like my next girl" he said with a smile, showing off his teeth which gave a slight sparkle also attracting a few girls eyes turning them into anime-style hearts.

"Take a hint fool…I don't like repeating myself" Rose said coldly. She was glancing at Lucas from the corner of her eye and noticed that his hands were shaking with anger.

"Ah, your mouth says no but your eyes say—"

"No way" Lucas said coolly.

"Hey man what's your problem…you've got two more girls to yourself over there" he snarled, not concerned with Sega cracking her knuckles. "Whatever girl Allen wants, Allen gets" he said, pointing to himself with his thumb, causing the several girls who had hearts in their eyes to applaud and cheer.

"Well apparently 'Allen's' not getting this one" Rose said, trying to calm Lucas down.

The boy named Allen glared at the four of them. "No one…NO ONE says 'no' to me" he said angrily.

"Well she just did" Sega snapped, still rubbing her knuckles.

"If you want a girl to talk to you should try looking in the mirror" Lucas said, causing several people in the diner to laugh while Allen turned a shade of red.

"Hey you can't talk to him like that!" said one of three girls sitting at a nearby table with her friends, who were all cheerleaders.

"Is that Right?" said a voice that was familiar to Lucas.

Everybody in the diner turned to look at the owner of the voice. After a few people moved to the side Lucas noticed the person who had spoken up, it was his friend Rakaia Meiyo, who was accompanied by his girlfriend and another friend of the groups, Luna Tenshi, she was grabbing Rakaia's right arm, while on the left he was carrying a sports bag.

"Hey it's Rakaia!" Lucas said, in excitement.

"I know, I called them here too…I thought it'd be nice for us to have a double date" Rose said, with a smile.

"Hey guys!" Rakaia and Luna called over to their friends.

"Hey it's Dragon Boy!" Sega said happily. Rakaia ignored this and glared at Allen. "You and your groupies need to take a hike and go someplace else" he said.

"Never!" Allen said angrily. "I'm not leaving until I have my revenge on that guy!" he said pointing at Lucas.

"Fine you'll get your chance" Lucas smirked. "Ever play a game called Duel Monsters?" he asked.

"Haha…Duel Monsters is where I shine" he said, regaining the cockiness in his voice.

"Then lets duel…That is if you aren't all talk" Lucas said, standing up and leaving the diner along with his friends, causing everybody else who was watching the challenge to follow them in anticipation.

They began walking to the center of the mall where Lucas and Sega had met up with Aqua and Rose. Everybody else who was watching formed a circle around the two. Rose, Sega, Aqua, Luna, and Rakaia were each on the left side of the circle which was closer to Lucas.

"Hey Lucas" Rakaia said, catching his attention. Lucas turned around to discover Rakaia pulling a Duel Disk out of his sports bag. Rakaia tossed it to Lucas who caught it and give the thumbs up.

"Go for it" Rakaia finished, giving his own thumbs up.

Allen who also had not brought a duel disk, put his fingers to his lips and whistled at one of his cheerleaders who had a duel disk, she removed it from he arm and tossed it to Allen who gave her a grin showing his teeth, causing her to blush.

"Show off" Luna muttered.

"Before we get started there are some conditions to this duel" Allen said holding up his hand. "If I win I get your girl over there" he said, pointing at Rose who glared at him.

"Fine…But if I win you have to agree to pay off our meals and never speak a word to Rose again" Lucas said calmly.

While Allen took a moment to think these conditions over Rose and the others were having a group discussion.

"How can he agree to something like this?" Sega asked.

"You don't know Lucas like we do, he's not some sort of pushover" Luna said. "He'll wipe the floor with this jerk"

"I just hope he didn't get rusty over the summer" Rakaia said. "He and I haven't had a duel yet"

"Don't worry, whether he's rusty or not he'll pull through" Rose said.

"…Good Luck" Aqua spoke up, causing Lucas to give her the thumbs up and smile at her.

"Oh I forgot to tell you, I made a new friend" Rose said to Rakaia and Luna. "This is Aqua and she's kind of shy" she introduced, pulling a reluctant Aqua towards them.

"H-Hello" she stammered nervously.

"Hi" Rakaia and Luna said in unison smiling at her politely.

"Are you a duelist?" Rakaia asked. Aqua nodded and shifted her attention to Lucas and Allen.

"Talk about weird" Rakaia muttered, so that Aqua couldn't hear him.

"Well I did tell you she was shy…Just spend some time with her" Rose hissed .

"Hey guys…what kind of deck does this kid play?" Sega asked, pointing at Lucas.

"You'll have to wait and see…Console" Rakaia taunted with a smirk.

"I was just curious…Dragon Boy" Sega replied, with a smirk of her own at him. Lightning came from each others eyes and clashed Anime Style, both of them wore silly and competitive evil grins on their faces as their heads collided into each other sparking the lightning with more intensity, until Luna pulled Rakaia away tugging at his ear.

"Alright fine…I'll accept your conditions" Allen said, causing the gang's attention to shift to the duel that was about to take place.

"Then what're you waiting for?" said Lucas, coolly.

"Let's Duel!" Allen and Lucas said in unison.

LP: 4000
LP: 4000

Both duelists shuffled their decks and activated their duel disks as they drew their cards.

LP: 4000
Cards in Hand: 5
Cards on the Field: 0
Monsters: 0

LP: 4000
Cards in Hand: 5
Cards on the Field: 0
Monsters: 0

"I'll let you have the first move" Lucas said.

"Fine I draw" Allen said as he picked up a card from his deck, he smirked at the card he drew.

"I hope you're ready to lose, because I summon Brron, Mad King of Dark World" he said (-1). As he placed the card down a small column of white light appeared on his side of the field and then vanished to reveal the monster that was summoned.

Brron, Mad King of Dark World
LV/ 4
Attribute/ Dark
Effect: When this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent, you can select 1 card in your hand and discard it.

"Then I'll place two cards facedown and call it a turn" he said, as two facedown cards appeared behind his monster (-2).

LP: 4000
Cards in Hand/ 3
Cards on the field/ 3
Monsters/ 1

"GO GO GO ALLEN!" cheered his three cheerleaders loudly, causing Luna and Rose to cover their ears.

"Who invited the idiot squad?" Luna said, causing Sega and Rose to giggle.

"I guess it's my turn then" Lucas said, drawing a card.

Cards in his hand (Another something new I thought I'd try, give me feedback on what you think of it)

Monsters: UFO Turtle, Spirit of Flames, Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV 6.
Spells: Pot of Avarice
Traps: Backfire, Metalmorph

"I know he's planning something with those two facedown cards" he thought. "I'll play it safe since I can't summon anything that'll destroy his monster this turn"

"I summon UFO Turtle in defense mode" Lucas said.
UFO Turtle
Effect: When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon 1 FIRE monster with 1500 or less ATK from your Deck in face-up Attack Position.

"And I'll place one card facedown" Lucas said. (-2) "Your turn" he finished.

LP/ 4000
Cards in Hand/ 4
Cards on the field/ 2
Monsters/ 1

"Good, the sooner I win the sooner I take her" Allen said, pointing at Rose. He picked up a card from his deck and flashed a smile that made his cheerleaders cheer even louder.

"Shut up!" Luna and Rose yelled at them in unison.

"I play the Spell Dark World Dealings" Allen announced.

Dark World Dealings
Spell Card
Type/ Normal
Effect: Each player draws 1 card. Then discards 1 card.

Lucas and Allen both drew a card from their decks and placed one card in their Graveyard pile.

"Now I activate the effect of my Silva, Warlord of Dark World" he said. "This effect allows me to-"

"Yeah, I know what Dark World cards do" Lucas interrupted.

Allen glared at him and continued his turn. "I Special Summon Silva, Warlord of Dark World from my Graveyard to my field" he said, as his monster appeared in front of him in a small column of white light.

Silva, Warlord of Dark World
Effect: If this card discarded from the hand to the Graveyard by a card effect, Special Summon it. If this card is discarded from the hand to the Graveyard by your opponent's card effect, your opponent selects 2 cards in their hand, and returns them to the bottom of their Deck in any order.

"Now I'll have Brron, Attack your UFO Turtle" Allen announced.

"Not before I reveal my facedown card, Backfire" Lucas announced as the card behind his monster flipped itself face-up.

Trap Card
Type/ Continuous
Effect: When a FIRE monster(s) side of the field is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, inflict 500 points of damage to your opponent's Life Points.

"I see Lucas got some new cards" Rakaia commented to himself.

"It doesn't matter what you activate, Brron is still going to destroy your pathetic Turtle" Allen smirked.

Brron ran forward and slashed the UFO Turtle with its claws, causing it to be destroyed.

"Good thing he put it in defense mode" Sega said. "Now Allen just lost 500 Life Points for nothing"

LP/ 4000-3500

"Now I get to summon another fire monster from my deck…and I choose my second UFO Turtle" Lucas said as his monster appeared in front of him in Attack mode.

"Fine, that just means I'll have to destroy it again…Silva, attack his pathetic turtle" he commanded.

Silva charged forward swung its massive silver blade at the second UFO Turtle causing it to be destroyed and causing Lucas to lose 900 Life Points.

LP/ 4000-3100

"Don't forget, because of Backfire you lose 500 more Life Points" Lucas said.

"A small price to pay" Allen said, casually.


LP/ 3500-3000

"And since you destroyed my other UFO Turtle I get to Summon another Fire monster from my Deck, and I choose my Little Chimera" Lucas said as the monster he mentioned appeared in front of him.

Little Chimera
LV/ 2
Attribute/ Fire
Type/ Beast
ATK/ 600
Effect: As long as this card remains face-up on the field, increase the ATK of all FIRE monsters by 500 points and decrease the ATK of all WATER monsters by 400 points.

"So you summoned a pipsqueak to instead of another turtle?" Allen said in disappointment.

"There's more to this pipsqueak than you know" Lucas replied.

Allen shook his head in disappointment and continued his turn. "Before I end my turn I activate one of my facedown cards, Anti Spell Fragrance" He finished.

Anti Spell Fragrance
Trap Card
Type/ Continuous
Effect: Both players must Set Spell Cards before activating them, and cannot activate them until their next turn.

"I end my turn with one more facedown card" Allen finished.

"GOOOO ALLEN!" the cheerleaders shouted in unison.

"Ughhh….Will someone shut them the hell up?" Sega shouted, covering her ears as half of the audience did the same.

"It's my draw then" Lucas said, picking up a card from his deck.

LP: 3100
Cards in Hand: 5
Monsters: Spirit of Flames, Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV 6
Spells: Pot of Avarice
Traps: Metalmorph, Shadow Spell
Cards on the field: 2
Monsters: 1

"It doesn't matter what you draw, you'll lose in just a matter of turns" Allen sneered. "And then your girlfriend over there…" he said, pointing at Rose.

"…Is gonna have to ditch you for me" he finished, pointing at himself with his thumb.

Lucas chuckled after hearing these words. "That may be true but there's one thing you're forgetting".

"And what's that?" Allen asked.

"I'll try to spell it out for you" Lucas said. "She…Does Not….Want to go out with YOU" he said, in the tone used for spelling out the obvious. "You can't force someone who doesn't like you to like you" he finished.

"Oh but of course she does she just doesn't know it yet… I mean why else would she be out with a loser like you?" Allen asked in mock puzzlement.

"That 'Loser' and I were perfectly happy until you and the Peanut Gallery showed up!" Rose yelled. "And what kind of guy duels for girls?" she asked. "I'm not your trophy Allen…Win or Lose I'm with Lucas" she finished.

"HOW DARE YOU?" The cheerleaders shouted in response to Rose's statement.

"At ease girls" Allen said calmly, with a smirk visible on his face.

"At the end of this duel, she'll be singing a totally different tune" Allen finished, showing off his teeth with a sparkle causing his cheerleaders to smile and bounce around in amusement.

"Dude seriously… get a grip" Rakaia said.

Unfortunately the cheerleaders had overheard him and glared at Rakaia, who replied with a rude hand gesture.

"GET HIM!" The cheerleaders shouted. They began running after Rakaia who realized there were more of them than there was of him and took off running.

"It's my turn and I'll start it off by removing from play one of my UFO Turtle's from my Graveyard to summon the Spirit of Flames in my hand in Attack Mode" Lucas said.

Spirit of Flames
Effect: This card can only be Special Summoned by removing 1 FIRE monster in your Graveyard from play. Increase the ATK of this monster by 300 points during your Battle Phase.

"Hmph…do you know your math? That monster's not strong enough to even touch my Silva" Allen said with an arrogant smirk.

"Actually, because of my Little Chimera's effect and the effect of it's own it's more than strong enough" Lucas responded, causing Allen to drop his smirk.

Spirit of Flames

"But I don't plan on attacking with my Spirit" Lucas said. Allen stared at him in surprise along with Sega.

"What's up with your friend?" Sega asked. "His monster can attack and win, so why's Lucas hesitating to attack his Silva?"

Rose gave a slight chuckle "Just wait a minute Sega, he knows what he's doing and it'll be a blast" she assured.

"It'll be just like when we first dueled each other" Rose thought. (I actually do plan on including that duel in a future story or chapter, just be patient with me).

"Now I'm going to sacrifice my Spirit of Flames to summon my Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV 6" Lucas said. His spirit was surrounded by and enveloped in a column of black fire. The Spirit of Flames was replaced with Lucas's Horus who gave a roar after being summoned to the field.

Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV 6
Effect: This card is unaffected by the effects of Spell Cards. During the End Phase of a turn that this card destroyed a monster by battle, you can send this card to the Graveyard to Special Summon 1 "Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV 8" from your hand or Deck.

"Wait a minute…That monster…Don't tell me you're…" Allen began.

"Duel Academy's Black Flame" spoke someone in the crowd.

Most people who knew this title were students of Duel Academy or Lucas's friends. He was known for finishing his opponents off with his Sacred Phoenix of Nephtys or his Horus the Black Flame Dragon.

Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV 6

"Oh now I see…" Sega said. "He wanted to use something other than his Little Chimera to sacrifice for his dragon so he chose his Spirit of Flames as a tribute instead of attacking with it" she explained.

Rakaia who was still being chased by Allen's cheerleaders ran behind Luna, smirking at them. The cheerleaders began to advance on Luna and Sega.

"Back off or you'll be cleaning your teeth up with a broom" Luna warned, raising her fist. The cheerleaders looked at Sega for a moment, possibly planning to advance on her until she also raised her fist in a menacing way.

"How about you three just go back there and shut up nicely before this gets out of hand?" Sega asked in a pleasant tone that did not match her violent gesture.

The cheerleaders retreated, not wanting to lose any of their precious teeth or have any harm to come to them.

"Thanks, you have no Idea what it's like not being able to hit them" Rakaia chuckled. His attention returned to the duel.

"I don't think Lucas likes this guy very much if he's bringing out Horus" Rakaia said.

"Well what would you do if a guy you were dueling was hitting on me?" asked Luna.

"Then I would've beaten him quicker and then beaten him to a bloody pulp at the end of the duel" Rakaia responded, shaking his fist and causing Luna to back up in fear slightly.

"Now Horus let him have it…Attack his Silva!" Lucas commanded.

Horus took a deep breath, cocked its head back and released a ball of black fire at its target causing it to explode and causing Allen to lose 500 Life Points.

LP/ 3000-2500

"I'll switch my Chimera to defense mode and place one card face down…That ends my turn" Lucas said. (-3)

"But before you make your move my dragon has some growing up to do…I summon my Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV 8" Lucas announced.

Horus gave a loud roar before it was enveloped in black flames. In Horus LV 6's place stood a bigger version of itself.

Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV 8
LV/ 8
Effect: This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by the effect of "Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV 6". You can negate the activation and effect of any Spell Cards and destroy them.

Allen picked up a card from his deck and stared at it and then returned his gaze to Horus.

"This Duel doesn't count!" he yelled.

"Huh?" Lucas said, with a dumbfounded look on his face. "Why shouldn't it?" he asked.

"Be-Because…I…I didn't know you were that Black Flame guy I kept hearing rumors about" Allen stammered.

"So you're going to quit a duel you agreed to because of a title?" Lucas asked, folding his arms and glaring in disgust.

"Booooo" Rakaia called through his hands which were cupped around his mouth. Half of the crowd that was watching the duel began to do the same, with the exception of Allen's Cheerleaders.

"So you bet on me and now you're going to quit because you know your opponent has a reputation?" Rose asked, also folding her arms.

"That's really sad and pathetic…just like you" Rose finished coldly.

Allen clenched his fists in anger, no girl had ever spoken to him like that, let alone said 'no' to him.

"Fine I'll duel him and I'll win…And when I do you're gonna be sorry you ever opened your mouth to me" Allen said, re-focusing his attention back to the Duel.

"I'm gonna take out your Dragon with this move" Allen claimed. "I activate my facedown card Rising Energy" he said.

Rising Energy
Trap Card
Type: Normal
Effect: Discard 1 card to select 1 face-up monster. It gains 1500 ATK until the End Phase of this turn.

"This card let's me give a monster on my field 1500 Attack Points until the end of this turn as long as I discard one card from my hand" Allen explained.

"So I'll send my second Shiva from my hand to the Graveyard to increase my Brron's Attack Points by 1500" Allen finished.

Brron, Mad King of Dark World

"And since I discarded my Silva…I can summon it to the field" Allen said, as a purple column of light appeared in front of him, appearing with said monster.

"And finally I'll activate the Equip Spell called Dark Energy" Allen declared.

Dark Energy
Spell Card
Type: Equip
Effect: A Fiend-Type monster equipped with this card increases its ATK and DEF by 300 points.


"Heheh now…Brron attack his Horus!" Allen commanded.

Brron ran forward, charging at Horus, trying to deliver an attack…

"His dueling's gotten sloppy" Sega said.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Luna asked.

"He's trying to destroy Lucas's dragon when he knows good and well Lucas has a facedown card on his side of the field…not to mention his Backfire Trap" Sega explained.

"Any duelist who makes moves like what Allen's trying to do takes a huge risk of having their attack fail…He could've at least waited until he destroyed one of Lucas's traps…but he conflicted himself when he activated that Anti Spell Fragrance Trap" Sega finished.

"I activate my facedown card…Shadow Spell" Lucas declared as his card flipped face up. Chains burst from the card and wrapped themselves tightly around Brron before its attack could successfully connect.

Shadow Spell
Trap Card
Effect: Select 1 face-up monster your opponent controls. It loses 700 ATK and cannot attack or change its battle position. When the selected monster is destroyed or removed from the field, destroy this card.


"Damn you…Silva attack his Chimera!" Allen commanded. Silva swung its massive blade down on Lucas's Chimera causing it to explode and be destroyed and causing Allen to lose 500 Life Points as a result of Lucas's Trap Card.


"I end my turn with that" Allen said aggressively.

"Um…I don't think this Allen guy cares that he's losing Life Points" Luna said.

"True that" Rakaia agreed.

"It's my turn then" Lucas said as he drew a card from his deck.

LP: 3100
Cards in Hand: 3
Monsters: Solar Flare Dragon
Spells: Pot of Avarice
Traps: Metalmorph
Cards on the field: 3
Monsters: 1

"Now I'll summon my Solar Flare Dragon to the field in Defense Mode" (-1) Lucas said as his monster appeared next to Horus.

Solar Flare Dragon
Effect: While you control another Pyro-Type monster, this card cannot be attacked. Inflict 500 damage to your opponent during your End Phase.

"Now Horus Attack his Brron with your Black Blaze Blast!" Lucas commanded.

Horus spread its wings and flew into the air in a loop-de-loop fashion and opened its mouth and charged an energy orb. The orb was then concentrated and ejected as a powerful stream of black flames which completely destroyed Allen's monster causing him to lose 1900 Life Points as a result.

LP/ 2000-100

"Heheh It'll take more than that to finish me" Allen snickered.

"And I've got more…I end my turn" Lucas said. "Oh and I should tell you before you draw…" Lucas began as he noticed Allen was about to pick up a card from his deck.

"…Once I end my turn when Solar Flare Dragon is on the field….You lose 500 Life Points" he finished with a smirk.

"Wait…That means…" Allen began.

"Yes…You lose" Lucas finished. Solar Flare Dragon flew beside Allen and intensified the Flames around it causing Allen to lose 500 Life Points and the Duel.

LP/ 100-0

Both players duel disks deactivated after Allen's Life Points hit zero.

When the crowd had finished watching they applauded Lucas, some went back to what they were doing in the meantime.

"It's a good thing you summoned Horus" His Duel Spirit said in his head. "I didn't feel like coming out of the Deck just yet" she finished.

"Hehe…whatever you say Miss Lazy" Lucas responded with his thoughts.

The gang all came over at once to congratulate Lucas on his victory.

"Way to go kid" Sega said, ruffling his hair like a younger brother (Much to his annoyance).

"Yeah…Great Job" Rakaia said as he put him in a grip so tight Lucas thought his head might pop off from lack of air.

After Lucas had broken free from Rakaia's grip, Luna smiled and hugged Lucas like she would hug a relative.

"Hee hee…way to stand up for Rose" she giggled as Aqua muttered her congratulations making herself heard only to Lucas, who smiled at her in response. Rose's hug lasted longer than Luna's and made her happiness known when she kissed him on the lips, which Lucas gladly returned with a kiss of his own.

The feeling of emptiness that Lucas felt over the summer had disappeared from his mind. He didn't care about the dream he kept having, he didn't care about Allen who was pouting like a spoiled child over his loss. He was happy to see at least some of the friends he made last year, he also was happy to make new friends in the process, but more importantly he was happy to be back to Dueling once again…

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Rakaia Meiyo & Luna Tenshi belong to Rakaia the Dragon Duelist

Sega Rivera: SegaLovesAnime09

Aqua Illinos: BlueRedRosa23

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