"You're forming a team with children?" Batman growls.

A few of the league members scared at his scowl tried to look busy, and maybe if Batman wasn't so mad he might have taken pleasure at the scared look on the Lanterns' faces.

Captain Marvel looked at his hands.

Black Canary only returns the glare with a stern look.

"I think it's a good idea, they'll get a chance to be with other sidekicks their own age."

Batman practically snarls, "It's a bad idea, they're inexperienced and it's bad enough when they go out with their mentors, but to put them together with no adult?"

Flash has a worried look on his uncovered face.

"Come on Bats, it's not like they won't have any adult supervision."

Wonder Woman places a hand on Batman's shoulder.

"I would agree with Batman but I believe them to all be old enough to branch out with others."

Zatarra stands to give his opinion, "I agree with Batman, I don't know what I would do if something happened to Zatanna."

Canary gives him an understanding look.

"I understand your point of view."

She glares at Batman before continuing

"It'll just be a covert operation team, mainly dealing with recon until they're more experienced."

Batman looks at the faces around him and sees that only Zatarra and Hal agree with him, the rest actually think this is a good idea.

He glares at Superman, "You only want Superboy out of your hair." He accuses, voice filled with thinly veiled contempt and disgust.

Then he turns to Captain Marvel, "As Captain Marvel you have wisdom, strength, and speed and are equipped to handle dire situations."

Finally he speaks to everyone, but makes sure Canary knows they're directed mainly to her, "This is child endangerment and I refuse to condone it."

Turning he begins to leave.

"Where are you going, we need to vote on the matter." Black Canary calls out to him.

Batman pauses.

"I believe the matter is already decided. I cannot condone child endangerment. I resign as both leader and member of the Justice League of America because of its affiliation with 'Young Justice'."

He turns to looks at the stunned faces before continuing to the Zeta Beam.

"Now, if you'll excuse me,"

He steps into the Zeta Beam.

"Gotham needs me."

Recognized. BATMAN 02.

Batman sits in the batcave.

It's cold, dank, dark, and worst of all silent.

No cackle, no sounds of professional, acrobatic tumbling, no jokes.


He holds the suit in his hands tighter, the red tunic and shortpants.


Tears fall and they're as silent as his footsteps and the body he knows is six feet under.

The body, the boy, his son.

"I shouldn't have let you out in the field."

He cradles the suit to his chest carefully like he had his son that day.

That day.

Batman sits in the batcave and wonders why for all the good he's done he couldn't save one of the two people that matter most to him.