These pictures.

Selina purrs, as she examines them.

It's one of the things she keeps close to her heart.

Bruce,one of the few people who she still held dear - no matter what, damn you Bruce, damn you - didn't know how close an eye she kept on him.

It's early and she hasn't cleaned up yet, (blood is still speckled on her shoes) but she needs these. These voyeuristic photos are little insights to his life, how she gets them is on a need to know basis and highly illegal.

Selina smirks, that's what makes it fun, but -

Frowning, Selina turns one photo on its side.

It's, strange. Like he's holding someone in that one snapshot, wrapped in his -

Oh, oh no.

A head full of black hair and its blurred but Selina swears the kid has blue eyes.

She hisses and throws the photos down, a splattering of the life she wants to share but isn't ready to.

"How dare he!" She screeches, "How could he?"

Dick is different than he used to be but he can feel his old self coming back.

He begins testing his flexibility more, pleased to find his body new and limber. He starts with cartwheels.

It feels nice - the rush, the movement, the way his mind lets his body take control.

It's otherworldly.

He missed this, because death is so - peaceful - lovely really, it's happiness and finality.

Dick laughs as he goes through handsprings and handstands and flips.

It was adrenaline and moving and living.

Dick takes a deep breath and smiles.

He missed breathing.

Bruce was sitting in the batcave, the only place that he hadn't allowed Dick into.

He was not alone.

"Sh," a voice says, reinforcing it with a dagger at his throat, "Bruce please."

The knife is removed and Bruce spins, already in the suit, cowl down.

"Talia." he hisses.

Talia is beautiful. He can't help but notice. It's in her skin, tan and young, in her hair, long and dark, it's in - it's even in the way she holds her self. Standing tall and looking down.


Bruce glares at her, prepares himself to strike the familiar opponent.

She drops her knife, "Bruce -"

He doesn't let her finish. Bruce grabs her hands, outstretched like she's begging for peace, like she's asking for a fucking hug. He pins her with his whole body, knowing the way she can squirm and twist and throw him off if he's not careful. Feet hooked with hers, ready to throw her off balance. Knees pressed to the back of hers. Waist against waist. Chest pushed towards back. Arms holding arms.

He growls near her ear.

How easy would it be? He could just snap her neck. He could just choke her and watch her struggle.

Bruce drops her and turns away.

"Leave." he growls.

It's silent and Bruce gathers himself.

He hears the rustling of her moving, "Bruce," she pleads, "I found him in his grave."

He growls.

"He was - Bruce, he had crawled out of his own grave!"

His fists form, clenched hands barely kept from shaking.

"I- I didn't know what to do. I took him home because he was almost dead."

Bruce lashes out and she's so much closer than he thought, "He was dead!"

Talia shakes her head and tears glimmer in the barely there light. It's strange because her face isn't that different, just a slight tightening in the muscles.

Talia shrinks as Bruce approaches her, falling in his shadow of rage and sorrow and so close to hurting her.

"After he was healed, he cried. He cried for you , for Selina." There's venom in the way she spits the name.

Bruce sinks with her, cape pooling behind him.

His gloved hands grope her shoulders, pulling her closer. He presses his thumb lightly to her neck. He wants to destroy her.

Talia grabs his hands, looks at him with eyes that are barely red.

How much did I cry? Bruce asks himself.

"Please," she begs, "he was sick, you know how people are when they come out of the Lazarus Pits."

She strokes his hand with hers.

"I couldn't move him and then - and then my father found us."

Bruce growls and presses.

"I was waiting to escape." She whispers.

"Why?" Bruce growls.

Talia doesn't answer just writhes as he begins to apply pressure.

He leans forward, "Why were you at his grave?"

Talia slumps as she begins to gasp for breath.

"Be-because," she chokes out, "yo-you lo-lo-love him."

He releases her and she flops backwards gasping for breath.

Rolling over she gulps in air until she's steady enough to rise to her feet.

She is almost unsurprisingly unshaken.

Standing over him as he stares at his hands she goes down and presses herself against him. Heart to heart. Palm to palm. Lips to lips.

"Because I love you." She breaths.

(He wants to destroy her.)

Selina's eyes widen as she watches the two get close. She tilts her head as their lips brush and they just breath in each other.

Her heart twists but it doesn't hurt. Selina found out that when faced with things that shake you, it's best to remember.

Look, she tells herself, look at how he loves without you.

Pulling the cowl of her old suit back over her face she slips away.

The butlers 'asleep' and Bruce is otherwise occupied.

Selina smirks, Bruce has one of the best security systems available but then again, she is the best thieves.

This was not what she was expecting.

"Baby bird?" She asks, voice quivering.

Dick looks up at her and it's like she found an oasis in the desert, a fire in the arctic, the sun in the darkness.

"Selina?" He asks.

His eyes are bloodshot and he was biting his arm, rocking on his heels. Like the world around him was shaking apart.

She doesn't know what to say - what's the correct etiquette to the recently resurrected? - so she just nods and slips to sit next to him on the bed. Her arms wrap around him, holding him close and she presses a kiss to his forehead.

"How -?" She asks, breathless and close to tears.

Dick shrugs and wraps his own arms around her. She takes a shuddering breath.

Then she smiles and the tears fall. There's a crazed twinkle in her eyes.

"Come on baby bird, lets go have some fun."

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