War, war never changes.

From the beginning of time, when man picked up his first weapon of rock and bone, war has been waged in the name of anything from religion, to justice, from nationalism, to the desire to become one.

In the year 2077 the world was plunged into chaos when the atomic fear was made real. But it was not the end of the nations as many had predicted. Instead it was only the violent birth of many new.

When Vault 15 was opened, establishing the village of Shady Sands, the vault dwellers first laid their eyes on the young girl. What a child was doing alone in the wastes outside of the vault they couldn't decipher, but her bright blue eyes, red hair, and charisma made them instantly decide to raise her within the community.

As years passed, and the small farming community joined with several other communities, becoming the New California Republic, the girl grew, and grew stronger. No one knew that Callie Jones was the young nation's spirit. All she knew was that she wanted to make her father, Alfred Jones, proud.

Decades passed, and what had been the American southwest united under the flag of Republic. She was a nation dedicated to the old-world values of democracy and the rule of law. But as her nation grew so did her citizen's needs….

Author's Note: I'm sorry to anyone who may have been reading the other story I was writing. I haven't been able to continue because my muse for that one took a nasty fall. Guess she needs new wings.

This was inspired by a statement made in the "Lonesome Road" DLC for Fallout: New Vegas. The statement is made by Ulysses through ED-E.