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Chapter 6: You're sittin' there and wonderin' what it's all about

For the first time in at least ten years the old nations sat around the round table. Canada, who should have disappeared before the Atomic War, had called this meeting. He was surprised that so many nations that had bothered to come. It hadn't taken much to get England to agree to allow the meeting to occur at his house, as his had been one of the least ruined, in spite of the flooding.

Most of the older nations looked worn and scarred. An irritable nation, with silver hair and red eyes called the meeting to order. Germany had been hit pretty hard, and would have died if not for the albino nation rising up once again to stand by his side. He slid right into the other nation's duties while he recovered; forced into seriousness when the war nearly decimated the world.

It was only the European Nations that had arrived, as China had cast himself into seclusion, and Japan had yet to recover from the years of "Natural" Disasters that followed.

"Gentlemen, gentlemen…" His severe Prussian accent flooded the room, as he shouted the room to order. So many of his friends were missing from this room; yet so many still remained. His Red eyes took a moment to view all the remaining nations. To his right, his now mute brother, Germany sat regarding the room, watching the other nations (he never fully recovered from the anarchist uprising in Munich). France his friend and enemy had managed to make the best of what was left (His people had turned to diplomacy once again). Hungary sat to the Prussian's left, once again returning to the stance and attitude of a warrior (the attitude he had long ago fallen for in spite of the many years that he feared her frying pan). England sat there his eyes still blood shot from the many years of weeping for his friends (The war had not only deprived him of the other nations that he regarded friends but also had built a wall where only a veil had stood). Russia sat there, his creepy smile intact (He had been through so many wars that this one seemed to run into the rest). Spain, Romano and Veniziano sat together trying their best to be their old cheerful selves (though everyone knew that it was a façade). Switzerland and Lichtenstein sat somberly (they're neutrality and order had been upheld, likely due to their place in the Alps). Sealand, in spite of the nation's small capital, had grown into a strong man once England had recognized his independence (he had become a strong ally to the older nation, willing to watch for trouble as he was given more 'land'). And finally his eyes rested on Canada, the one who had called them all there.

"It's good to see you all again," He started again. "We're here today because Canada has some news that he insisted he bring to our attention in person."

The blonde nation stood, taking a deep breath. He was quite glad that Prussia was presiding over these meetings now; otherwise he would likely still be ignored. "I think I found America."

There were gasps and talking amongst the other nations. He looked over to Prussia once again, who quickly silenced the room. "Order! If there are questions, wait for him to finish."

"Thank you. There are a couple of countries that have also sprouted up trying to take his place though. I have personally been watching over a young nation in secret, the New California Republic." Another brief murmur from the crowd was heard before he continued. "Also Caesar's Legion has grown as has a nation that was starting just before the war- New Vegas…" He took a deep breath, "but America doesn't remember. America Sleeps…."


It took awhile for the uproar to settle. The albino nation's red eyes were agitated. "ORDER!" He finally shouted. "What we need to do is send someone to verify, Canada's claims."

"I volunteer!" Russia spoke up, his creepy cheerful aura intimidating the others.

France's lascivious voice spoke up. "I think it would be best if Angleterre and I were the ones to go, after all he and Canada were our little brothers."

England glared at the man, his dull green eyes temporarily sparking in warning. Had he been able to curse the man it was likely he would have.

France backed down as Canada's voice rang out. "I want to choose who should come with me! After all, France would simply take advantage of the situation, and I really don't think that England would be able to handle seeing him like this. He's already been stressed out by the loss of his friends."

England sighed in a mixture of sadness and relief. "I agree with Canada. I think that we should select someone who knows him fairly well, yet will neither take advantage of the situation or be truly bothered by it."

Canada nodded as Prussia spoke again. "Let us put this matter to vote. Should Canada choose someone who can complete the task of verifying that this individual is actually America?"

Ten of thirteen hands rose in agreement, Canada abstaining from the vote, with Russia and France being the only two to disagree. "Then it is agreed, then. By popular vote Canada will choose the nation to join him on this fact-finding endeavor. Who is your choice?"

The younger nation took a deep breath, his eyes scanning the room at the remaining nations. He seemed to be weighing the pros and cons of each choice. Finally after a few moments of deafening silence. "Prussia, you helped my brother in his revolution against England. You've always been there when either of us needed assistance up until the dissolution of the Kingdom of Prussia to the Republic... I would appreciate it if you were the one to verify that the courier is actually America."

The albino was taken aback. He looked to his mute brother, wanting to ensure that he would be okay in the case that he agreed. Germany nodded his bright blue eyes glistening. His voice crackled, little more than a whisper considering his ruined vocal cords. "I'll be okay."

Prussia nodded and smiled. "Then I'm going to head to the city of New Vegas, it's about where he was last seen and if he's the same old America, then that region would be the most in need of a Hero."

Little more was left to be said at the meeting and after dismissal the nations wished Prussia a good journey and good luck on his travel, the first nation from Europe to cross the Atlantic since the great atomic war.