A Little Touch of Heavenly Light

He was expecting to wake up to a warm body with silver hair and full pink lips in his arms, not to a bucket of cold water thrown on by him by his little sister. He sat straight up and looked wildly around the room. "What the hell?"

Arya put a hand on her waist and shook her head. "You were not waking up." She explained. "So it was either water or the fire poker." She smirked. "You're lucky I picked the water."

Jon blinked the sleep from his eyes. "Where is Dany?"

"Dany?" Arya asked.

"Yes Dany, the girl that has lived here long before you even existed." He doesn't mean to snap at her, luckily Arya wasn't sensitive.

Arya shrugged. "She was shutting your door when I was coming down the hall, still in her nightgown. She was lucky found I her, mother would be furious."

Jon gulped. "Wh-what? Why your mother be furious?"

"Because she was in her nightgown and sleep walking but there is nothing to do about that." Arya stated.

"She told you that she was sleep walking." Jon asked and then felt a load off his shoulders when Arya nodded yes. Although he was confused as the fact that she left without waking him up, he was happy she was able to slip out. He couldn't imagine what would have happened if Arya caught them.

"Anyway, Father wants you up and dressed. You men get to go on a hunt while we Ladies have to go on a walk and listen to the queen drone on and on about how wonderful her ass of a son is." Arya spat and Jon chuckled at her curse.

"Don't curse around your mother!" Jon pointed out as she opened the door to leave Jon's chambers. "Dany is going for the walk with you right?"

Arya nodded.

"Can you ask her to meet me in the God's Wood at sundown? I need to speak with her." Jon asked and Arya beamed.

"Okay," She smirked. "I knew you loved her."

"Out Arya!"

His little sister left with a snicker as Jon tossed a pillow at the door. He sighed as he rolled off his bed and started to get ready for the day, wondering what prompted Dany to leave without waking him.


She meets Queen Cersei, Sansa, Lady Stark out by the stables and she tried to walk as normal as she could, Jon was a gentle lover but it was her first time anyway. She took a deep breath and changed her face to a smiling one when she saw the three of them and curtsied. "Good Morning."

Catelyn nodded. "Good Morning Dany…" She looked over her shoulder. "Where is Arya?"

"She was waking Jon, as you asked her to Lady Stark." Dany reminded.

"That girl better not sneak off onto the hunt, so help me." Catelyn mumbled and Arya came running into the God's Wood, panting as she put her hands on her knees.

"Sorry mother, your grace…I had to wake Jon up." The Queen gave a sharp nod and Catelyn silently thank the seven. She then walked over to Dany. "My brother would like to meet you here at sun down." She paused. "What is going on between you two?"

Dany took a deep breath. "I'm not entirely sure, but come let's join the Queen on her walk before we get scolded."

Arya rolled her eyes and Dany pushed her little to get her moving. "This will be such a fun day," She mumbled in annoyance. "Listening to Sansa's and Cersie's plans on Sansa becoming queen someday." She folded her arms. "I could be hunting with the men."

Dany laughed. "Could you imagine Sansa running the seven kingdoms? We would have to act properly all the time."

Arya shuddered. "I don't want to think about that."

They walked behind the four women in silence, listening to Catelyn talk to the Queen about the beauties of the north. "Dany?"

"Yes Arya?"

Arya's eyebrows frowned as she looked at her feet as they walked. "I want you to know that I approve of you and Jon, I am aware of what the two of you were doing last night."

Dany's eyebrows shot up. "You do?"

"Mmhm, I listened in when mother gave Sansa that talk and I'm ten not two." She paused, Catelyn's voice talking in the distance. "I don't really understand love Dany because the only stuff I know is the fairy tales my nursemaid told me. But if you really love him Dany you won't let him go to the wall."

Dany smiled at the girl and pulled her to her. "He is not going to the Wall. I am going to talk to him tonight and we will both go to your father."


"Ah, there is nothing better than a hunt to clear a headache!" Robert bellows as Jaime Lannister winces behind him. "What do you think boy?" He asks as he clamps Jon on the shoulder.

"Very true sire" Jon says and Robert laughs. Jon is pretty sure that the king is drunk again, or maybe he is just drunk all the time. He watches as the King walks past his own son who was struggling with a bow and Jon shakes his head. That boy was going to rule one day? They were all doomed.

"Jon?" Ned called out and Jon looked over at his father who was standing near the river bank. "A word."

He nodded and made his way over to his father who's eyes where set on the ice on the edges. "Winter is coming." Ned stated and Jon gave nod. "I wanted to talk about your future Jon, you can't stay at with me and your stepmother forever." He sighed and looked out to the rushing waters. "You are to ride with your uncle to the wall."

"I don't want to go to the wall." Jon blurts and Ned turns to face him. "I will do anything else you ask but not the wall."

Ned shifted and let out a sigh. "Why? Brave men go to the wall, men that are willing to fight for the safety of our land."

"They have plenty of brave men at the wall" Jon pushes. "I would like to stay here, have a family maybe."

"Family?" Ned asks. "With who?"

"Dany, I wish to marry her and father her children. If it bothers you so much, I will leave Winterfell with her and you will never hear or see from us again." Jon said, standing up to his father for the first time.

A sad look appeared on Ned's face. "I'm sorry son." Jon took his eyes off the river to look at his father. "I already promised Catelyn that you would be at the wall in my absence and I cannot go back on my word. Besides, I believe she had promised Dany to someone else."

Anger began to boil in Jon's veins; it was a rage he had never felt before. "I will not have that!" He roared causing Ned to turn completely to face his son. "Does your wife hate me that much? She hates me to the point that she doesn't even want me in my home if you are not there! She hates me enough to take the woman I am in love with away from me and give to some other man!" Jon gave a chuckle. "Well good luck in giving her to someone else because no one will marry her." Jon saw the questioning look on Ned's face. "Her and I consummated our love last night, she is no longer pure."

Ned closed his eyes. "Be that as it may, you are still going to the wall. I am done discussing this with you."

Jon's face fell as he listened to his father's footsteps fade away and he had one question on his mind. Why was he making him do this?


"Well you have a certain glow upon you today my dear." Cersei said as she took a seat next to Dany in the God's Wood. The tour of the castle was long over and Dany had stayed back in the holy ground to think.

"I'm sorry?" Dany asked, confused by the Queen's words.

Cersei smiled. "Your face my swan, it's glowing." Dany couldn't help but feel a little uncomfortable; the Queen was being far too nice. "You are in love correct?"

"Your Grace…" Dany tries but the queen keeps going.

"It's Ned's bastard isn't it, Jon?" The Queen nodded. "You two where very affectionate at dinner last night." She muses. "He is a handsome man, that Jon Snow. No doubt that you two would make very beautiful children." Cersei studies her face. "I myself would love to see a child with the blood of a dragon that would have dark hair and purple eyes, or maybe silver hair and dark eyes. None the less they would be very beautiful." Her eyebrows frown in concern. "But Childbearing does take a toll on one's body, but the feeling of life growing inside of you…it is a beautiful thing. How many do you want my dear swan, how many children do you want?"

Dany blinks because this whole conversation is odd. "I don't know Your Grace, it would depend on my husband."

"I have seen Jon with children, he would be an amazing father and I'm sure he would want a good number." She gave a smile and placed her hand over Dany's. "Starks have a tendency to breed like the animal of their house." She finally stood up, ending the strange conversation but offered one last sentiment to Dany. "My son is to wed Sansa as you already know and if you are to wed Jon we would be related." She glanced back. "The seven kingdoms won't even know what hit them." The Queen walked off leaving Dany to those strange words, playing over and over in her head.


Time in the Gods Wood does not stand still and when one is alone it tends to fly by fast. At least thirty minutes after the Queen departure, Ned walked into the holy ground with a huge box under his arm. "I knew I would find you here," He says as he gave her the Stark smile. The Lord of Winterfell took a seat beside her and took a look at the holy tree. "I love to come to this place and think, sometimes I think I can hear the gods talking to me." Ned explains. "It makes me feel safe."

"I feel the same way when I'm here, it's peaceful…makes me never want to leave." Dany tells him and Ned gives her a nod. "They are not my gods though, but I feel as if they accept me."

"Only a fool wouldn't accept you Daenerys Stormborn." He his silent and she listen to the small trickle of the creek. "I have something for you." He says after I while. "I'm afraid to say that I will still be in King's Landing when your birthday comes around so I wanted to give you this now." He pulls the trunk in front of her and she glances up at him. "I felt bad that there was no direwolf for you but then I remembered that they were not your crest." He gave her a nod and she unlocked the trunk, as she opened it she gasped and picked up one of the oval shaped objects that where inside. There were three of them, one green, one black, and one yellow. "They are dragon's eggs Dany, of course time has turned them to stone so they will never hatch but still, it's a beautiful treasure none the less."

It took her a while to find her breath. "Lord Stark, they are beautiful but where did you get them."

"The day of Robert's rebellion, after Jaime killed your father we scouted the castle letting your father's people know what had happened. There was a terrible storm that day, I remember because between you and me I am not found of lighting." He smiled and Dany giggled. "I remember walking down this one hall, my sword drawn and bloody when I heard a woman crying and screaming. I followed the noise to a room and when I opened the door I found your mother, giving birth to you all on her own. Then I heard these little cries and I went to the foot of her bed to see you laying there, your fists clenched together tightly together like you were mad at the world. I picked you up with the full intention of handing you to your mother but I saw that she was dying. So I place you on her chest and she looked up at me, her eyes…your eyes so full of pain. She gave me your name Daenerys Targaryen, I added the Stormborn in. But then her eyes flicked over to a trunk and she told me to take it. So I called two of my men and they told them to place the trunk into the wagon, that I would take it and you. Jaime Lannister wanted to kill you but Catelyn and I were not about to have it."

Dany listened as she marveled the black egg in her hand. "Thank you Lord Stark."

"You're welcome Dany." He stood up and kissed the top of her head. "You may not be born of Stark blood but I still look to you as one of my own children."

Dany nodded and Ned gave her a smile. "I am sorry to say that I can't take you to the capital with Sansa and Arya. But we will be leaving at dawn, Jon as well so you should say your goodbyes."

Ned started walking away and Dany was almost too stunned to speak. But she found her words before Ned left the God's Wood. "Wait, Jon is…" She sucked in a deep breath. "Jon is leaving?" Anger and disbelief is threading itself through her voice.

Ned did not turn around, he didn't want to face her broken eyes. "Yes, he will leave for the wall." And walked away before the Targaryen rage took place. Dany turned around, not even bothering to find the bench as sank down onto the ground.


Sunset would be another hour away but Arya had told Jon that Dany was already in the God's Wood so he summoned his courage and put on his best face to attempt to wipe away the anger he was feeling about having to leave her. When he entered he found her sitting on the ground, her one hand in the water and an open trunk next to her.


She knew

Jon collected himself together and walked over to her, wrapping his arm around him. She let out a shuttering sigh, she must have been crying as she snuggled herself into his arms. "The world must hate us." She murmured as she laid her head on his chest. "It's not too late for us to runaway is it?"

"It is too late," He whispered to her as he threaded her. "My father would know why…" He felt her violet eyes on him. "I told him about us." Her red rimmed eyes went wide. "He wanted to marry you off…I had to say something."

Surprisingly she wasn't angry. "That would be cruel, marrying me off to someone else." She paused, clutching his shirt. "Because my heart will always belong to you."

"And mine to you." He said against her hair. She moved herself so she was able to face him and he wiped a stray tear away. "I love you."

She offered him a sad smile and pressed her lips to his. "I love you too." She breathed when she pulled away.

She settled herself in his arms again, listening to the sounds of nature. "So why did you leave this morning without waking me?"

She shrugged. "At that moment I was a little scared that it wasn't real and I also didn't want you getting killed if we were found together."

"It is real Dany" Jon told her and she nodded, his eyes then feel over to the trunk. "What is that?"

"Dragon eggs, time had turned them to stone but they were my birthright." She explained. "They were a gift from your father."

Jon didn't say anything about that so they just sat in silence, his arms still holding her tightly. All was peaceful till the heard a sickening crack and a direwolf barking. They both stood up quickly and watched as people ran past the entrance of the Gods wood. Then there was a hysterical scream and that's all that took the two of them to go figure out what it was.

They followed the crowd over to one of the old towers; Dany and Jon pushed themselves through and got to the front. Dany screamed and turned around to bury her head into Jon's chest and Jon once again wrapped his arms around her. He watched as his father tried to pry Catelyn away, his eyes starred at the unmoving Bran Stark as Lady Catelyn's hysterical screams filled the cold air.


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