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They had tried it once and swore to each other that they would not say anything to anyone. Especially since it had not worked out like planned. People pushed them into the relationship, and when Gibbs had left, it was like a door was opened. They both tested the waters.

It had started with a one night stand and then proceeded into something more, something more meaningful and more frequent. But it had just been lust and passion, not much more. They had not known each other for more than a year, and they were running on sexual tension and the building blocks of a friendship.

Over time, they were not able to continue it. Things just got in the way and it needed to end. Of course, there were tears from both Tony and Ziva. There were also late nights filled with drinks, calling up friends because they needed someone to lend and ear, and more tears.


Almost six long years later, they decided that they were finally ready once again. They had known each other long enough, and they completely trusted each other. They needed each other to function like a well-oiled machine. They had also each needed a lover. It was more than overdue. There had been too many broken hearts and misguided relationships full of nights that were unsatisfying.


It started at Tony's apartment, a usual work night. Sitting together, curled up on his couch, just discussing feelings about a case that they were currently trying to figure out and it leaded to more. They talked about everything from work right down to a small recap of Paris that they agreed really should have not been brought up again. Feelings and emotions poured out of both of their mouths, just like Tony kept pouring drinks, which did not help or harm the matter much, but it indeed got them somewhere.

It got them to talk about how they wanted to start to settle down. More specifically, how Tony wanted a real family someday, and not a one night stand with some woman he would never see again. And Ziva, she admitted to having her share of broken hearts and she decided that she was done with that, as she finished her drink.

They sat in silence for a few minutes and it hit them, it really hit them.

Maybe the answer to their wants, and desires, the answer to their prayers was right in front of them the entire time and now, after traveling a bumpy road with many hardships, making them realize what they want, now the answer was clear.

Tony wanted Ziva, no, he needed Ziva, just like she needed him to complete her.