I wrote this a few months back when an awesome facebook fansite for HoW called Hell On Wheels & Then Some had a write and share activity. I decided to upload it to here. I plan on adding more to it.

Protection's Price

Out in the wild open plains the wind blew through his hair as he kicked his spurs, something useful he had gotten in some random town a while back, into his horse's side. Making the horse run faster than a bolt of lightning. He could hear the snarks of the bounty hunters behind him as they shot at him, bullets whizzing by him. He heard one bounty hunter shout, "Stop runnin' boy, we gona get'cha!"

Well Cullen Bohannon, former Confederate Captain, was not going to let some bounty hunter who was most likely a Yank get him. Oh no, he was fighting his way out of this. A smirk crossed his face as he grabbed his trusty Griswold. He turned around, aimed at the 3 men following him and shot at them. They all ended up falling off of their horses to a fatal death. Cullen then rode on until he heard more shots and felt bullet pierce through his flesh, causing him to fall off his horse and blackout on the ground.

While blacked out a group of Indians ironically lead by Joseph, who had left the camp with Ruth to retrun to his people after the Preacher man went nuts and tried to hurt him for kissing Ruth, came out of the wooded brush only to attack the lone rider that was trying to kill and capture Cullen. Joseph and Ruth, while the other natives fought off the bounty hunter, drug Cullen into the safety of the tree line. "Mister Bohannon, you'll be fine, I'll make sure the medicine man heals you." Was all Joseph had said to a man that he felt under it all was a good man that had just lost his way on life's trail.

Meanwhile back in hell on wheels Elam was furious with Eva since after all she was expecting a lil babe with Toole, of all people. The Swede knew how to read people, a skill he learned for his survivial back in Andersonville. He knew that Elam was his way to get Bohannon's head. So he walked up to Elam in the saloon and took a seat with him. "Mista Fergusson, I got bounty offer for you." He told the freed man with a sinister smile.

"What's that?" Elam asked with no emotion what-so-ever, only coin flashed through his eyes.

"Go after Mista Bohannon, perhaps kill him, and you get your $250 reward plus a $150 bonus." The Swede slyly propositioned.

"So, $400 to hunt him down?" Elam asked, earning a nod from The Swede. The 2 then shook hands, greed had wn over the freed man again.

Miss Lily was worried about Cullen, she had feelings for the man whether she wanted to admit it or not. She knew she had to find a way to protect Cullen. Unfortunately that way was getting close to Durant in order to convince him to protect Mr. Bohannon. See, the workers were slacking with their lack of a leader and Lily knew that Cullen could get these men to work. She walked into that creepy Durant's rail car and let out a heavy breath. "Mr. Durant, I'll take up your offer to be-to be your mistress on only one condition." The fair haired maiden told the greedy corrupted man.

"And what's that, Miss Lily Bell?" Durant asked with joy, since he was getting his way. Or so he thought.

"Bring back Mr. Bohannon and protect him, he can get the men working again and get the railroad back on track." Lily smiled, knowing that she had won, just by the look on Durant's face she knew that he knew that she was right.

"Alright, let me wire Senator Crane and get a pardon underway for Bohannon." Durant said even though he didn't really want to deal with Bohannon or the Senator. He knew that by asking this favor the Senator would have a sort of leverage on him….

But back East whenever Senator Crane was given a wired telegram message from Durant he read it and then chuckled, "Looks like I got you by the short hairs now." Then a bright idea struck him. "Maybe I can get this Southern Gentleman to keep an eye on your little government project for me, yes Durant you're going down my friend. Every favor has a price."