Medicine Man

Joseph and Ruth sat by Cullen's passed out body as the medicine man donning a furry bear headdress chanted and waved incense over the wound in the white man's shoulder. The medicine man had told Joseph and Ruth that the bullet had made a clean entry and exit of Cullen's shoulder, leaving a very deep and painful hole wound. Different chants had been done, this was maybe the 5th or 6th the medicine man was performing. The medicine man stopped his chants and looked over at Joseph and Ruth. "Black Moon, his spirit wants to stay but his mind, his heart, wants to go. Healing him is taking my energy away. This man's life path is very uncertain. I must talk to the spirits to get guidance on how to heal him. Strangest case of a man I've ever been met with."

Ruth just gave a weak smile and went back to silently praying and reading her bible.

"Then go and seek help from the spirit world so you'll better you're healing powers when you return." Joseph told the medicine man as he looked rom him to the man who had a foot on earth & a foot in the heavens, not knowing what he wanted to do.

The medicine man silently got up and let the tent, heading off to a tranquil place to meditate.

She sighed and paused her actions of sweeping the wooden plank floor of her makeshift tent home to hold her aching back. Never in all her young years did she think a small baby belly could make a back her so bad. She smiled, making the tattoo on her chin contort a bit, as she thought of being a mother to her baby. Eva was happy that her and Mr. Toole were expecting, even happier that he had made her his wife as soon as she told him the good news about him being a Papi. Eva was happy with her life, Mr. Toole was a good walking boss and they made good money. They had a nice tent with a bed, table, chairs, stove, trunks, and vanity station. That was much more then she'd ever had in the brothel. Chuckling to herself she went back to sweeping the floor. No, this wasn't how she thought she'd end up but it was how she liked it. Her and Toole certainly were honest folk now. He had truly changed his ways too. Yes, he still went to the saloon to get a drink or so but he was never mean or violent and he always read to her the good book; he was even teaching her how to read and write which was more then Elam ever did. Elam…last she heard he was on a mission from death for the Swede to capture Bohannon, a man who he was susposed to be friends. Eva snorted to herself, shaking her head. Loyalty was something Elam didn't have…Elam was only loyal to Elam and the nice clanking sound of gold.

Lily was lying in bed, dressed in a cotton-silk nightie, hands clenching the covers to her neck as she let a silent tear roll down her cheek. She hadn't moved from her spot all morning; it was now way past noon. Her shame had paralyzed her. She knew what she had done had been for a good cause, to save Cullen Bohannon's life, but she still felt sick. She even wondered if that rustic man would even still want her after finding out what she had become.

Lily was broken out of her thoughts whenever the railcar's door burst open with a load bang, revealing Mr. Durant holding a telegram. "Senator Crane sent word that he's taken care of the pardon for Bohannon. In no time the wanted posted will have pardoned stamped on them."

"That's good news, Thomas." Lily sighed with a smile, a smile that was as heavy as her heart.