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"Where were you? I tried to text and phone you, but little miss busy wouldn't answer any of my calls!" Carly, a little exasperated and worried, questioned me.

"So sorry for that, really. It's just that… I was… on a date, and my phone happened to ran out of battery" You could say this was half the truth. After we woke up on Saturday, we went to an old warehouse to just mess around, as always, and then went to eat something, although I was reluctant to eat I didn't want to give Kyle a bad impression. We ate and after that, Kyle said it would be nice if we hang out and asked me on a date! A frickin DATE! It has been a long time since that happens! Of course I said yes, so that leads us to Sunday. On Sunday after the too-horrible hangover Wen and I had, she made me shower and then dressed me up for my date. As she said before, I didn't answer any of Carly's calls, 'cuz I know if I did she would say somethin' like "where are you" or somethin of the sort. But! Oh Dio mio! Best date ever! I so want him to be my bf for now; Fredaluple will be over the roof with jealousy! So perfect he took me to the park and introduced me to some new stuff! There was this speed he called it and it was like traveling so fast but so happy! It took merely seconds to kick in, although it had to be injected into the arm but wathevs, so thrilling. We scared some little kids, made prank calls, and so much more! Definitely worth it, too bad I can't share this with Carly, she's so bad keeping secrets, I bet she would even call the cops just by telling her what he gave me! Oh-well, at least she doesn't suspect anything.

"A date? When? Who with? Spill it out!"

"Shay, you look like you just lost you child! It was with someone I met at Kathy's party, his name is Kyle." I say

"So?" Carly makes a face as to tell her more

"We went to the park and had some lunch, it was actually pretty nice"

"Sam I'm so happy for you!" She hugs me " Finally someone recognized what a pretty beauty you are!"

"Hey girls, whatcha talking about?" Freddie, as always comes from behind me.

"Sam why don't you tell Freddie what exciting news you have?" I smile maliciously in my mind as I was thinking of the face Freddie will have when I tell him.

"Yeah, well I got a boyfriend, a pretty hot one actually" I say as I remember taking a photo of us before he left me at Wendy's.

"Sam… just wow, I even think he is better looking than Matt" she giggles.

"You think?"

"Of course, look at him! What a smile! And he even looks muscular; I bet he has a four-pack haha. What do you think Freddie?"

His face surprised me a bit. He wasn't showing any emotion at all, damm poker face he knows how to do so well, but even though it didn't showed it, I bet he was even more than a tad jealous. But I hoped he was more!

"Well Sam, do you know him properly? He kinda looks like a gangster to me"

"Freddie! Don't talk to him like that! Sam knows better!"

"Don't you remember her boyfriends historial" He whispers not so low that even I could hear.

"Watch what you say Fredward! Don't go bulling my boyfriend, at least I have one," I say trying to sound challenging, but I really was enjoying this, Fredward Benson jealous? Fucking amazing!

"Well, you wanted my opinion, and I don't think this guy is safe. At all"

"Can I hear some jealousy in your voice? Yeah, I think I can."

"No, no! Of course not! Look Sam, I don't want any fights or anything but I don't like who you are dating, just… just be careful, please"

"Hey Sam, I heard Froot loops got all jealous over Kyle, because I know who is dating him" Wen whispers to me in History class.

"I guess gossip runs faster than my mom from the cops," I whisper back "I was going to tell you but almost all of my first period is with him"

"Didn't need to. Tareen was howling and hollering all over the class just because Froot loops mentioned something 'bout it, and well, her needing to get attention got the best from her, and now she won't stop complaining. Plus I think she's on her time of the month"

"Haha yeah, but I thought they were just going to the party together and that was it! Now I'll have to see her stupid moronic face even more than I wanted" I exclaim the last part loud enough for the teacher to hear us.

"Sam? Wendy? Is there something you'd like to share with us?"

"What? No we were-" Oh great class dismissed, I will kiss that bell, I swear it!

"What are your plans for tonight?"

"Carly invited me to her house, and wants to practice a sketch we're planning to do in iCarly, not that I'm very excited but I'll call ya at noon or somethin', too bad my mum's returning home in a few days."

"Wendy, how sexy you look from behind, AND front" Dylan, a boy (actually a prick) from a year above us comes and hugs Wendy in a rather invading vital space way.

"Fuck off you skank! I already told you, I'd prefer to date a flying pig than you! Besides you suck at bed!" She says showing him the finger.

"You heard her, if you want no trouble, you better go running off you pussy" I say

"I bet no one would like to be with you bitches!"

"What the hell you lookin at dimwits?" Too lucky for us we were in a almost deserted area, the teachers would skin us alive if they would've heard.

"I think the twist of Freddie being an elder with amnesia its cool, it would give the story more hits" Carly says

"Yeah…" I just sat there saying yes to everything Carly said. I was too busy wondering how could I make Freddie more jealous than ever! But how could I if he was "dating" Tareen? My thoughts were interrupted by spencer calling us to dinner.

"Sam, Carly was telling me you got a new boyfriend? That's cool" Spencer says.

"Yeah, it actually is. He has been very nice with me and his name is Kyle"


"I thought you had a date too Spence" Carly inquires

"Actually I have, but it's on Wednesday"

We sat there dinning and chatting like when Carly and I were younger. A while after, Freddie comes in with his camera to record a segment for one of his projects of nerd-something.

"Hola señoritas! Ready to record my fabulous commercial for my class?"


We went upstairs and got dressed up for his recording. The commercial was going to be about a facial scrub and he wanted us to be aliens.

"You don't need any make up, the costumes will do."

"You Carly, are going to be sitting there" Freddie commands Carly to a chair frontwards a green screen.

"And you Sam, will come to the set after I make a sing to you and will introduce the scrub to Carly" I did everything exactly as he said, I didn't want to be on his bad side right now.

After we finished, Carly said she was going to change into her pajamas so that leaves Freddie alone… with me.

Go for it… my inner self told me. Shut the fuck up! I don't want any problems with him! I yelled back. You know you want it so badly… fuck. I gave up and approached Freddie carefully.

"What are you doing there?" He jumps a little when I touched his shoulder.

"Sam! You scared me"

"Sorry, didn't mean to"

"Its ok. You know, you don't look half bad with that outfit" he grins.

I flushed. Was the numb flirting with me? It was on.

"Haha very funny, but y'know, I'm bit sorry that I yelled at you earlier today, not really but still" I say as I got closer.

"No Sam, the one that should be sorry is me, I mean I don't know what got me but I shouldn't have doubted of you. I'm sorry, you could say I was a little jealous about the situation"

"It's fine, seriously. I'm accustomed to date the type of guys you said earlier"

"Sam" He said and omFg he cupped my face in his hands

"Don't say that. It's not like you really want to date those guys but hey, you deserve a lot better"



His face was inches of mine and he leaned to kiss me, but…

"You guys Freddie's mom is looking for him. I think she said something about going to a doctor" Carly interrupts. Just as we heard the door open we jumped to each sides of the the room. I don't know how Carly didn't notice, we were too obvious. Sometimes I wonder if she is just so naïve or she just pretends.

"Well, speaking of which I must go as well, I forgot I had to call my cousin Chaz, he is in jail y'know, but he told me today was his given day to receive a call.

"Ok bye Sam" Carly says

"Erm, bye" Freddie just stands there with a little shock in his face.

"Your mom is never home, just like mine"

"I know, she won't admit it but Becca and I suspect she is working at a stripper clubs since our bastard of a father left us" she says taking a smoke "Wow with you, seriously. You only had to come up with a boyfriend and look what happened! You two almost kiss!"

"I know I was so close! I could even smell his cologne! But no! Carly had to barge in," I pouted. This was so unfair, when oh when will I get a chance to finally kiss him?

"Shit happens" She smiles

"Not helping at all"

"Well, at least you two have accepted to each other that there is attraction between you both"

"I'm not going to school tomorrow Wen, I'm meeting Kyle at the bus stop, he says he's taking me somewhere I think. I don't know very well but at least it'll be more fun than school."

"If you want your relationship with Freddie to progress you shouldn't get too attached to Kyle"

"Don't worry 'bout it"

The air was all over my face, my hair was blowing and I was screaming like if there was no tomorrow, I felt free, wonderful and like nothing could ever hurt me.

"Do you like it?" Kyle says to me

"Of course! This is fucking awesome! Weeee!"

"Glad you like it"

We arrived to a very few miles away from the border with Canada. The air was very blue, there were almost no clouds, you could smell the scent from the trees and the atmosphere was just pretty.

"Your first time I suppose?"

"Yeah, I had never in my life gone on a motorcycle. My uncle once offered me a ride but he was always drunk and I didn't felt like it," I laugh.

"I can understand, this baby I have here, was from an uncle too, but instead of that, he never wanted to repair it, so I called some dudes and well, here it is."

I smile, this trip was totally worth it, and if I hadn't agreed to this I might be plucking my eyes out during Miss Briggs' class. Apart from that, I also though about what Wen told me yesterday. It was bugging me a little but now and then I think about it. Of course I wasn't going to get attached to him was I?

"Having fun? I brought some of the good stuff and some beverages"

"What? Oh yeah, yeah! I was just thinking that's all."


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