Godzilla2915's "Aladdin Parody"

Inspired by the Nostalgia Kid's review of Batthan's Amyladdin.

You were probably expecting a cast list, well not now! That will ruin the fun!

Just in case, I should tell you that the characters are dressed the same as the actual characters from the movie. And yes this is an actual spoof. Ghirahim is still flamboyant and Stan Smith loves America too much.

During sunset in a vast desert, there was a single man riding on a diseased buffalo. His majestic voice sung the most beautiful song called 'This is the most Annoying Song in the World!' As the night approaches, the man entered through the gates of Agrabah or however it's spelled that Microsoft Word won't help me with. At the entrance, there is a sign saying "No terrorist jokes" and a certain dead terrorist walked out of the city sadly.

The man walked through the city and saw the people who are actual pop culture characters that I won't bother mentioning who they are, because they are unimportant and they are painfully out of character. No Batman, don't eat that!

After finishing his song, the person got off the buffalo and set up a bar. "Hola." said the person who is Ask That Guy With The Glasses. "Didn't hear you come in. Greetings and welcome to Ask That Guy With The Glasses."

"Please come closer to me." The camera zoomed into his face and hit him right in the forehead. "Ow, you son of a bitch!" The camera backed off. "Now where was I…..oh yes. I like to-" Then the camera slammed into TGWTG's face again. "Hey, what the hell man!" With a thirst for blood, the camera started repeatedly hitting him, creating plenty of wounds. "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, way the hell! W-w-w-w-w-hyyyyyyyyy!" Then That Guy took out his gun and shot the camera in the lens.

(One new camera later)

"That's better." said TGWTG. "I want to sell you some drugs, I mean drinks,….I mean drugs." TGWTG took out a pile of old objects. "And I also want to sell you some garbage, I mean valuables,…..I mean stolen stuff."

The camera moved away toward the right. Then TGWTG caught up to the camera. "Wow, You just randomly left on me!" yelled the bar tender. "Are you leaving because my business is illegal? Don't worry…it is." The camera fled again. "If you leave now, I will find you." The camera moved back to TGWTG, who is now holding a desk lamp. "Now I know what you're thinking, this is not a genie's lamp. It is; it belonged to that gay weirdo who is playing Aladdin. You see…..wait a minute." TGWTG threw the desk lamp on the ground and started yelling. "I just realized that I play that merchant who never shows up in the rest of the film. Not even at the f #king end! I kill you right now I-"

(Long ago in the desert at night)

There is a dark man, with a dark purpose. Riding on a walrus, the one that plays as Jafar, who is Stan Smith from 'American Dad', is waiting for someone. Stan also has the one playing as Iago on his shoulder, who is Rog…..wait is that Ren from 'Ren and Stimpy'? Dammit it is. I lost the bet.

Stan and Ren saw the thief who is played by Pit from 'Kid Icarus' carrying something in his hands. Stan glared at the angel. "You're late….Ahhhhh terrorist!" Stan took out his gun and aimed it at the angel. "Say goodnight you U.S.A. hater!"

"Wo wo wo, wait! I'm an angel playing as a thief who is NOT a terrorist, just a thief that has this for you!" Pit held his arms up in defense. "By the way, you're being ignorant."

Pit took out half of a scarab beetle thing. "Oh sorry, that's the American way." said Stan as he takes the piece. He then took out the other half and attached them together. The beetle started glowing and sprouted wings. Stan then grabbed the beetle and put it in his pocket. "Aw, one more beetle artifact thing for the collection."

Stan drew out an old map. "According to this, the Cave of-"

"I'm the map, I'm the Map, I'm the Map, I'm the-"


"Sorry, wrong one." Stan took out another map. "According to this, the Cave of I Don't Give a Damn is a mile away."

Pit looked upon Stan with shock. "You-You mean to tell me that the beetle part that I, Pit, captain of Lady Palutena's army, just killed some humans to get that thing is not for opening that cave!? What is wrong with you?"

With a psychotic look in his eye, Ren jumped off of Stan's shoulder and slapped Pit in the face. "Shut up you eeeediot!"

So the three followed the map and found the Cave of I Don't Give a Damn; but instead of a tiger's head, it was the head of the pissed off, old man, ventriloquist dummy who hates being married, Walter. "Shut the hell up!"

Stan looked at Pit. "O.K. the CIA abducted you to serve America in this dangerous mission to-"

but then someone unseen spoke. "Stan Smith, your character is a villain who wants to be sultan who probably hates America. Not your complete actual self."

"Sorry, force of habit." He turned to Pit. "The not CIA abducted you from Skyland to go through the cave and get me that lamp. You can get whatever treasure that's in there, but bring me the lamp because I…d-d-d-d-don't ….lllllike…..America…..nor freeeeeeeeDOM.…..and… I…..don't l-l-like George….W….W…I CAN'T SAY IT!"

Pit looked at the pissed off Walter Cave. "What the hell are you looking at?"

Put gulped. "I'm not sure about this. I have a bad feeling that as soon as I step in, he'll just eat me." said Pit.

"Go now!" yelled Stan, threatening the angel with this gun.

So Pit had to go in. When he got to the entrance, the cave spoke. "Hey dumb ass, only the guy playing as Aladdin and for some reason the one playing Abu can get the hell in here."

"Guess that means me." Pit walked right in and Walter started chewing him to death.

(I'm Finished)

Walter swallowed, burped, and thought about what he ate. "Holy crap, I just ate a freakin angel! Oh my God!"

Seeing their plan had failed, Stan and Ren became angry. "Great, that's the thirteenth man this week!" complained Stan.

"So Stan, how are we going to find the guy that plays Aladdin?"

The two villains were completely in thought, till Stan got an idea. "Wanna build some crazy invention that allows us to find him that only God knows how the hell it works?" asked Stan.

"Sure, just as long I'm not the one running on some wheel to power it."

Morning at Agrabah, on a roof of a building, the one playing as Aladdin, Ghirahim from 'The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword', ran toward the edge of the roof and almost dropped a Nintendo Wii u. He was running from the guards who are all Umpa Lumpas except the leader, Dic Bowser. Dic Bowser yelled at him while swinging his sword in the air. "Alright you pesky demon, Give that back!"

Ghirahim stopped and looked at the Wii u. "All this for a new Nintendo system that's not even out yet?" He jumped off the building to avoid the guards. He was expecting clothes lines to break his fall, but instead there was only a flag pole. (place joke here). He landed on the ground while crouching. He later recovered and walked to three women who are Jessica Rabbit, Samus Aran, and Shantae…..what why the hell is she playing as a background character and NOT Princess Jasmine, or at least the genie?

"Isn't it too early to do something naughty?" Jessica Rabbit asked Ghirahim.

The Demon Lord let out a laugh. "Ha, it's only naughty if…. Wait, how am I going to fit this just like the story?" Just then, Dic Bowser grabbed him. "Uh ohhhhh."

"I finally got you!" Then Abu, who is played by King Kong (actual size, just to let you idiots know) came and smashed the koopa.

"Good timing King Kong." Ghirahim bowed while King Kong lifted his hat.

Then the Umpa Lumpas started chasing them as they started singing. Ghirahim and King Kong both fled from the guards. They performed some comical things during the song like King Kong destroying buildings while climbing them and Ghirahim stabbing innocent people that help in the song.

Then King Kong threw Ghirahim away from the guards and into a window. He landed in a pile of white stuff, snorted it, and saw Link in front of him. "Hey Ghiry, want to play?"

Then Ghirahim's face slowing turned angry. "Oh ha ha ha, just because I invaded Link's personal space once, automatically makes me gay. Well I'm not taking this!" Ghirahim then jumped out the window and started the chase scene. Unbeknownst to the demon, he inhaled some meth and who he thought was Link was actually (place hot female celebrity here because fanfictionDOTnet won't allow actual people), whom actually did asked him that question.

After more comedic stuff happened, the Umpa Lumpas cornered the demon lord to a door and the fat scary lady from the movie came out and caught Ghirahim to cradle him."(High squeaky voice) Still I think he's (scary voice) rather tasty!"

Ghirahim looked away in disgust, but realized that the fat lady was not replaced. "Wasn't Fat Princess supposed to play your character?"

The fat scary lady then said, "(High squeaky voice) She was (scary voice) rather tasty!"

Then Ghirahim slowly looked inside and found the half eaten body of Fat Princess. So he escaped from her arms and ran away screaming, along with the Umpa Lumpas.

After some more comical stuff, Ghirahim and King Kong are still running from the Umpa Lumpas, they ran as fast as they can until they both realized something very obvious, they are Ghirahim the Demon Lord and King Kong! So they decided to kill all the Umpa Lumpas. King Kong mauled and smashed them while Ghirahim stabbed and threw darts at them. It was a horrible event indeed. So horrible that FanfictionDOTnet might even remove this if this. Ah who am I kidding. They allowed actual sex here, which I do not know about.

Later on, when the two hid into an ally, they have set up the Wii u and were about to play; until they saw something so sad, so depressing, and so evil that it could even break a demon's heart, two toddlers playing Call of Duty. "You f #king bastard!" cried out one of the kids. So Ghirahim and King Kong good souls kicked in and they both smashed the disc, gave them the Wii u, downloaded an appropriate game on the other system, and King Kong punished their parents painfully. Yes I am hating on kids playing M rated games, just the kids, you 17 and older people are o.k. ... Fine I'll give them an Xbox/PS3/PC game appropriate for them too, happy?

Then the two heard something on the street. They head over and found a crowd of people watching Prince Achmed and his horse, who are played by CD-I Mario and Mama Luigi, heading to the palace. "Ooh ooh ah (Should of gone with Achmed the Dead Terrorist)." said King Kong.

Then the kids from before ran through the crowd and straight into the prince and ….horse. But instead of the plumbers being harsh to the kids, they were kind. "Be careful." said CD-i Mario.

Luigi then said, "You could of turned into worm food if-"

Just then, Ghirahim came and stabbed Mama Luigi in the chest. "If I were you, I could afford some manners!"

CD-i Mario shot a piece of toast at Ghirahim which knocked him into the mud. "Hey you, get off my horse!" said CD-I Mario. The mere copy then dragged his dead brother into the palace. Ghirahim stood up and he and King Kong both started walking back home being very depressed.

They returned home which was HUGE so King Kong could fit, and Ghirahim looked outside and saw the palace where the Sultan and his daughter live their rich and fancy lives. "One day, we will live in a HUGE home instead of this cheap disgusting place."

"Ooh ooh ah (You're an idiot)."

End of Chapter