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He exited the elevator and could feel his heart beat faster with each step he took. He could do this he told himself. Ever since that fateful night at the bookstore all he had concentrated on was taking the steps needed to make himself a better father and a better man. Today was his chance to explain why he needed to be away from her these past two months. He only hoped she would listen.

Reaching his office he pulled the door slightly open and tossed his brief case inside on the chair. His team was gathered around their conference table laughing and enjoying their morning coffee. Taking them all in he wondered how each of them would react to his news. Viv he imagined would be happy, not only for him and his girls but for the positive implications his decision would have on her career. Danny, Jack knew would interrogate his motives before giving his support. Martin he knew would be upset. He had watched the subtle changes recently in his behavior when he thought no one was looking. The stares, the attempts to step closer when possible. It was the reason Jack had decided to make a move. And then there was Sam. Her reaction was the one that meant the most to him. Jack could only hope she would listen, would understand, would still care.

He could do this he told himself as he made his way over to where they were gathered. "Hey did you see the Mets won" Danny beamed with pride. "Hey" Martin told him. And then he heard her voice "Are you alright Jack? You look flushed" she asked His mouth was dry and he could feel a lump in his throat. "Jack?" Viv called His silence causing all three of them to face him. "Um" He started to say "My wife was offered a job in Chicago. Its a good opportunity for her so she has decided to accept." he paused a moment "I however, will not be joining her. We have filed for a divorce and I will be staying here in New York with Hanna and Kate" he continued "Because of this, I have asked for a transfer."

"A transfer?" Danny questioned "Yes, I will be heading organized crimes" "Viv, if you accept, the position as head of this unit is yours." He smiled at her. "When will this take place?" Martin asked. "Officially in three weeks; but if Vivian agrees I would like for her to start running the uniting immediately." He finished. Not knowing what else to say Jack glanced at each of them searching for a reaction. Searching specifically for Sam's. Viv appeared hard in concentration, a small smirk starting to form at the corners of her mouth. Danny's gaze wavered between Sam and Martin. Martin had a scowl on his face; his brow furrowed. And then there was Sam. When he turned to see her, their eyes locked. She had such beautiful brown eyes and he instantly remembered what it had been like to get lost in them. Those eyes held so many secretes, unlocked such emotion and more important held the key to his heart. When Sam looked at him it was as though she could see his soul. Those eyes at this moment, locked on his danced in excitement. Those eyes in this moment told him she understood before the smile on her face could affirm her feelings.

"So your staying?" Her question barely audible "Yes" He responded "The girls didn't

want to leave their friends; and as for me, well, I can't see a future anywhere else." Jack told her. Out of the corner of his eye he can see Vivian and Danny exchange looks; a smirk starting to form at the corners of their mouth. "I'm happy for you Jack" Sam expressed to him. "And if you need help starting your new future; let me know." She smiled at him. Her thoughtfulness not lost on the others but the only affirmation Jack needed before the butterflies took over his stomach. "Thank you for the offer Sam, I might just be taking you up on the offer" he calmly told her.