Chapter 9 -

She really needs to stop doing that. I sighed for a long time before coming out of my room. Aunt Tess was on the couch, her head on my uncle's lap. I smiled at them, they fell in love when they were twelve years old. It was the cutest story ever, it was the only thing my mom had told me about Aunt Tess. My uncle was one of those popular boys and Aunt Tess was always made fun of. One day when an 8th grader was ganging up on Aunt Tess, and Uncle Audrey came to the rescue. It's the cutest thing ever. The fact that their love lasted for so long, it makes me giddy. I crept back into my room, only to find Gage sitting with his legs crossed on my bed.

I gasped pressing back against the door. "What are you doing here?"

He didn't change his posture, just simply took a book from the little table next to my bed.

"I'm serious. Get out of my room." I started walking towards him. Gage didn't remove his eyes from the book.

"Nice stuff you read here." He mumbled his eyes scanning through each page for about seven seconds.

"How are you even reading that fast?"

"It's an angel thing." He slyly smiled.

"Just get out now." I huffed, "how did you even get in?"

He turned his head back towards the opened window. "You should really close them."

I rolled my eyes and sat on the chair next to my desk. "I'm serious, leave."

"I am here to talk." Finally shutting the book and setting it on the desk. "What did you feel when you saw Christian's parents? Did you feel anything at all?"

I backfired quickly, "did you?"

"Yes, I did and I'm sure your aunt told you that when Seraphim feel this it's a warning." This time he didn't smile, and repeated his question. "So I ask you did you feel anything when you were around Christian's parents?"

I looked at the floor not meeting his face for some reason and nodded my head.

"Well that's not good." He got off my bed and walked to me, handing me a bracelet. "Wear this all the time and if Christian ever tries to take you to his place, don't go."

He put the bracelet on for me and I blushed, it's a good thing he didn't notice.

"I noticed," I heard the smile in his voice.

I quickly moved away once he was done putting it on."So can you leave now?"

"Hey, is this how you treat guests when they come to your house?"

"Only to the guests who ignore me all day and then start talking to me years later. I'm pretty sure you hate me."

He cut me off before I could say anything else. "You think I hate you?" He frowned looking into my eyes.

"You make it seem like it," I shrugged taking a hold of the nearest object so I wouldn't have to look at him.

He didn't say a word before jumping out of the window. I tried not to think about Gage all that night, but that obviously didn't work. His flash of hurt before he jumped out made me feel like I was the one who was wrong and a jerk. I couldn't sleep until about four in the morning, and to stop myself from thinking about him, I downloaded a bunch of apps on my phone and played games.

Waking up in the morning got me bummed, I had about three hours of sleep and I look like a raccoon. I put on some jeans and a baggy sweatshirt, drinking a bottle of lemonade, I walked into the car.


He smiled at me, going back to listening to his iPod. I peered at the window, gazing off to sleep, only to be splat at with ice cold water.

"Sage!" Steffen yelled, "you're going to be late to class."

I blinked a few times before groaning and getting out of the car.

"Rough night?" He asked me.

"Tell me about it." I looked up at the A.P. building, my fluttering coming back, and noticing Gage sitting up on the rooftop. "Hey, Steffen, how many more minutes till class starts?"

I nudged him twice before he realized I was talking to him, "what?"

"I said, how many more minutes till class starts?"

"About ten," he said looking at his watch. "You aren't planning on going to the library and sleeping or something right?"

"No," I said waving goodbye as he walked into the A.P. Art's building. I felt terrible about last night with Gage, and I let my body control me and not my brain.

I stealthily walked up the stairs towards the roof. I pulled the handle and found Gage standing right in front of it. His body only a few inches from mine.

"Sage." He smirked at me viciously.

I was tempted to look up at him but instantly realized that if I did it would conjure more thoughts, thoughts that he can hear. I looked down towards my shoes.

"Did you want something?" He said stepping back and giving me space to breathe.

Still not looking at him I twiddled my thumbs, I'm pretty sure my cheeks were as red as cherries. I didn't know how to approach him or apologize. I was never good at apologizing, I never did it. I was a person no one wanted when they needed comfort or anything of that sort. I kept holding my breath, puffing my cheeks up.

I didn't realize how close he had walked towards me, until I finally looked up still contemplating what to say. I looked at him, not letting my breath out. He smiled a little; it seemed so genuine I almost sighed. He laughed and took a hold of my puffed out cheeks with his thumb and finger and squeezed it. I finally let out a big puff of breathe and breathed deeply.

Not removing his fingers, he took his other hand and put a few of my hair strands behind my ear. He didn't say anything and neither did I. I looked into his eyes, they were big and I mean really big. I blinked furiously a few times.

"You don't have to apologize." Right when his face inched closer the bell rang and I took that as a run from Gage and go to first period sign.

It wasn't exactly easy ignoring him, I mean; I sit next to him in every class. I took a few peeks at him through the corner of my eye and once in a while he caught me looking but kept his face straight. I sighed and focused on my notes, even though I knew everything. I even decided to participate to keep myself distracted from thinking about him. My chemistry teacher was of course ecstatic about it. By the time I got to lunch, Kyle and Jules were called me over to same spot they were sitting yesterday.

"Hey cutie," Jules said while munching on his sandwich.

"Hi," I smiled sitting down in front of the two.

Kyle nodded her head and then smirked naughtily. "Gage is so clocking you again."

"What. No he's not." I scoffed, not looking up to their table and focusing on my water bottle.

"Mhm, then why aren't you looking up to check and prove me wrong?"

I rolled my eyes and kept my eyes from looking at the second level of the lunch room. "So who do you have to be to sit there?"

"People like Aimee, popular, pretty, and popular." She laughed. "You'd probably be there too if you didn't take Gageykin's away from her."

"I have no interest of being popular or taking Gageykin's away from her."

Jules laughed and then reached for his backpack, "are you going to this?"

He handed me a paper with 'Aimee's Annual Everybody's Invited Party' written in glossy colors.

"I haven't even heard of it."

"Well everyone in this entire school goes and if you don't go you'll probably end up hanging out with the Goth's, since they accept anyone and don't go to anything fun."

"Wait so what you're telling me is that if I don't go to this neither of you are going to stay as my friend? Harsh, don't you think?" I really didn't want to go, why would I go somewhere where the host hates my guts.

"Sweetie, that's high school." Jules and Kyle said at the same time.

They were the only ones in the school that actually wanted me to be their friends; I couldn't just pass it up. "Alright. I'll go."

I humbly finished my salad, while Jules talked on and on about what he was going to wear and this guy he's been seeing.

Before leaving Kyle caught up with me, "sorry about forcing you, I just really want to go to try something, I've never went to these things before either, but then Jules came along this year and now I have to go."

"What does Jules have to do with anything?"

"He used to be one of the jocks, but then his parents found out he was gay and basically kept him locked up. Then, he met me and asked me if I could do him a huge favor by pretending to be his girlfriend so his parents let him out and I agreed."

"Wow." Was all that came out of my mouth.

"So please don't be mad and please come." She pouted a little bit.

"I'm not mad and I'll go but only for an hour. Aimee hates me I doubt she'll even let me in." I scoffed.

"Aimee lets everyone in, in this party. Why do you think everyone gets so hyped? It's your one chance to show Aimee that you are perfect, so you can hang out with her."

"How do I even get there?" I asked her.

"Just ask Christian or Gage, they both are required to go." She yelled before disappearing towards the normal classes building.

Friends are an awful thing to have.

Aimee's party huh? Don't go.

It wasn't Gage's voice this time, it was someone else's. I turned around instantly scanning the area. There was no one but a few cheerleaders practicing.

Stop trying to find me, you won't. Listen to me when I say this. DON'T GO TO THE PARTY.

Why not? I thought jumping on instinct.

You'll be torn. Ask your aunt about the prophecy.

What? But this time there was no answer. I was too jumpy for ballet so I sat out, sipping on my water when Aimee walked over.

"So are you coming to my party tomorrow?" She smiled while flaunting her hair.

"Sadly yes." I rolled my eyes, defying looking at her.

"Sadly? Most of the school excited to come to my party."

"Count me as the ones who aren't." I smirked.

"You mean the Goths?" She said it so perky that you couldn't even sense that hint of anger in her voice.

"Sure." I remarked sarcastically.

"Uh-huh...well, see you at the party, Sage." She turned around towards the bar.

Photography class ended up getting canceled and I got to go home early. Luckily it seemed like the whole school got out early and I caught up with Christian.

"Hey!" I called out for him.

He turned around instantly looking at me and then turned back around.

I ran faster and caught his shoulder.

"Oh hey, Sage." He didn't meet my eyes.

"I forgive you Christian." I said genuinely although I didn't. Oh god, hopefully he didn't hear that.

"Really?" His face lit up and he pulled me in for a hug. "Yay! Now what is it you need?"

Well that crosses out the fact that he can read minds. "A ride to Aimee's party."

"You. Sage Mathews is going to a party that a girl who hates your guts is throwing?"

"I sort of have too, or else I'll lose the only friends I have." I sucked on the bottom of my lip.

"Kyle and Jules?" He smiled, "sure, I'll give you a ride. I'll be at your place by 6, since the parties in Long Island at their beach house. Oh by the way, Gage is coming with us too." He ducked his head into the car before popping out again. "And so is Aimee."

Before I could even say anything he quickly went back in and drove away. Groaning, my cousin approached me and started to smile.

"Let's go, snappy." He laughed getting into the car.

"Steffen, please." I laughed as well.

It took three, three hours to find something to wear. Damn it, I'm just going to throw clothes on.

Well, you are a person who's hard to convince.

It's that annoying voice again.

How many times do I have to tell you DON'T GO TO THE FREAKING PARTY.

I didn't answer, and continued rummaging through my stuff.

Well it might be something eventful though. You'll be left alone, hurt, surprised, and then happy.

I didn't respond, finally finding a pair of red jeans and a sweatshirt.

Good luck in school tomorrow, you'll need it.

With that he chuckled and went away. I ate a sandwich and drank a bottle of orange juice before settling down with a book. I changed into my clothes and with that Christian rang the doorbell.

"Ms. Mathew's your carriage awaits." He said waving towards the car.

"With the witch inside." I said under my breath which he heard and scoffed at.

"You are so not planning to wear that are you?" Christian said pricking my shoulder.

"Kind of was."

"You really go out of the whim Sage." He smiled, offering me his hand.

"I think I can escort myself for a few feet." I laughed, before opening the door to the front seat.

"Occupied," Gage said his arms crossed and eyes closed.

"Oh sorry." That only meant one thing; I'd have to sit next to Aimee, the entire car ride to Long Island.

I hesitantly opened the door, only to find no one was in there.

"Aimee's not coming with us. She had to go early, something about a murder of crows across her lawn where they have to place the ice sculpture." He laughed a bit, "we're picking someone up on the way though and that's when Gage has to go sit with you."

I coughed a bit first at the bizarre ice sculpture and then at Gage sitting next to me and banged my head while getting into the car.

"Ouch." I rubbed my forehead.

"So what is it with you and Aimee?" Christian started the car.

"You and Gage." I faintly said it.

"So it's our fault?" Christian said with sarcasm.

"Yes, it's your fault that half the girls in campus hate me." I looked at Gage through the mirror and he just turned his head to the side.

Christian laughed a bit before stopping in front of an apartment building above Starbucks.

"Sage, prepare yourself to meet Ryan." Gage got out his seat, and sat right next to me, the only thing between us was the middle seat. I looked at him for a slight second, which, of course, he caught me doing and smirked conceitedly and cocked his head to an angle.

A tall, lean guy, about six feet tall opened the front seat door. The curls of his hair fell just above his eyebrows.

"Hey, what's..." He paused when we saw me.

I instantly recognized his voice; it was the guy who was warning me not to go to the party. He continued his sentence, and I realized that he didn't want to deal with this now. I looked at Gage, he was looking at Ryan and then at me, you could almost see the fury in his eyes.

What guy telling you not to go the party?

I promptly ignored Gage. His aggravation pouring into my thoughts.

What guy?

I didn't reply again, I put on my headphones and pretended to listen to music. I fell asleep when we got to the highway in Queens. My head slammed against the window every five seconds, waking me up, but I was too tired to open my eyes. Then a hand pulled my head down onto a shoulder, I didn't argue, being to sleepy and all. I woke up when a car passing by honked way too loud. I felt another weight on top of my head. I touched the person face, and immediately recognized who it was. I was sleeping on Gage Sykes' shoulder. At first I had mixed emotions but then I was happy. Maybe cause of fluttering, or maybe cause I just plain liked him, too much to ignore him. I didn't want to wake him up, and when I looked at the mirror, Ryan was asleep and Christian just had his eyes glued to the road. Gage's face was so peaceful; it almost hurt me to look away.

I think I just realized how much I actually liked him. I drifted back to sleep, me not wanting to wake him up.

"Sage!" A loud thump on the window. Gage got up as well and when he realized that I was still on his shoulder, he practically threw me off. Cracking my neck and rubbing my eyes, I turned to the window.

I looked at Gage for a bit eyeing him. If you're going to go back to acting like a prude again, don't even talk to me. I said into my thoughts and I knew he received the message from how his eyes grew larger. Looks like my thought messenger was finally working.

Christian knocked on the door again, laughing. So, I guess he didn't see the whole Gage incident due to the foggy windows.

"I'm up, I'm up." I grunted while opening the door. "Whoa," my eyes roamed through the area of the house. It was huge, like castle huge. When I looked at the front yard, I realized Christian wasn't lying about the ice sculpture. It didn't even look like Aimee, the sculpture looked more like Taylor Swift as a ballet dancer.

Christian tugged my arm and led me towards the door.

Kyle was standing by the door smiling at some girl, and then she saw me and ran towards the lawn.

"Sage." She gave me a hug. "Thank god, I was dying here without you. Jules left me for his boyfriend so I'm all alone."

"Well I'm here now...unfortunately." I knew it wasn't the time and place to act like a total five year old, but I didn't even know anyone here and I'm almost too sure that Kyle is going to leave me when some cute guy came along.

"Oh come on Sage, cheer up." Her enthusiasm resembled those that are part of a clique of the "cool girls."

I half-heartedly smiled at her. Christian and Gage disappeared into their crowd. I got one last glimpse of Gage before entering the building.

Well looks like you know who I am now, Ryan chuckled.

Yeah, so explain your completely idiotic warnings.

You'll find out soon, although my abilities to see the future are telling me you'll leave this place quite happy.

Oh, sheer joy! You have the ability to see the future? Wait, so you're an angel?

Yes, I am. But a higher ranking than Christian.

I kept walking with Kyle; smiling at everyone we passed by. Well the guys, almost all the girls were glaring at me and talking about what I was wearing.

Way to make an entrance, Sage. I guess it's true, all English people are hipsters.

Looks like it's true about American boys drooling at every girl they see if they're single.

Not if they're only drooling at one.

So Ryan, am I going to get any abilities?

Yes, but not just one, you're going to get a bunch.


He laughed a bit and then came out of my thoughts.

"Sage!" Kyle said waving to my face. "Sage! Meet Jules' boyfriend, Logan."

I looked up, smiled and looked away. Then, I looked back and realized how good looking this guy was. "Hi, I'm Sage."

He extended his hand, "Logan. Well Sage, you really know what to wear to a party." He laughed.

"Looks like Kyle knows better cause she looks amazing." Her sequined dress that flowed to her knee, matched perfectly with her blue dyed hair.

"Why thank you, Sage." She curtsied and then hurled into laughter. "To be honest, you look good in anything you wear. I mean, who else could look so amazing at a party with only a sweatshirt and some skinny jeans."

The fluttering in my stomach started again and that's when Gage and the entire basketball team walked into the room. They had their hands in their pockets and wore sunglasses.

The girls in the room were wooing and the rest of the guys in the room were whistling.

Way to make an entrance.

Gage's face formed a smile, only for you.

"Why are you blushing so red?" Kyle touched my cheek. "It's practically scarlet."

I didn't answer and looked over at Logan and Jules. They smiled at each other, drinking a glass of water.

No, Sage. Don't you dare fall for a guy who doesn't even care about you.

You already did. This time it was Ryan, although I'm sure Gage heard when his smiled dropped from his face.

An hour past, and I was all alone sitting on a step in the staircase roaming playing games on my phone.

"Sage," Ryan fumbled on the stairs next to me.

"Ryan," I didn't look at him causing me not to realize his extended arm.

"Dance with me." I looked at his eyes and they were like dead-on serious.

"No thanks. I'm good right here," patting the stairs.

He didn't say anything else before taking my arm and dragging me out. The fluttering my stomach grew stronger and I couldn't get out of Ryan's grip.

"Sage, come on just one dance." He smiled, "it's not like I'm going to hurt you. "

"It's not you I'm worried about." I looked over at Gage and that's when my stomach dropped.

Aimee was all over him, practically sucking each other's face. I didn't know why it hurt so much, him being a douche and all. I stared at them for about a minute, not even thinking about Ryan standing in front of me. Then when they both stopped making out, and Gage turned around like he knew I was there. His expression grew to be bewildered and Aimee was smiling deviously. That's when he took my face in his hands and kissed me. I didn't do anything to stop him cause of how much I was hurting. I should've stopped him, but I didn't because I knew Gage was watching me. I didn't really expect my first kiss to happen in a situation like this, especially to a guy I don't even like.

Someone pulled me away from Ryan, gripping my wrist. I turned immediately, Gage. He led me up the stairs to a room. He pushed me against the wall.

"You belong to me Sage Mathews, no one else." He said huskily.

"Then explain why I saw you and Aimee snogging each other like there's no freaking' tomorrow?" I backfired. He let go of his grip, and moved back a step.

Gage looked up at me, "it wasn't me who was kissing Aimee, Sage. It was Aimee kissing me."

"You didn't do anything to stop it." I backfired at him.

"I tried staying away from you," looking at the floor. "You were different. I felt different towards you. Whenever you're near me I get this weird feeling in my stomach. I couldn't take it. See like right now, my stomach whirling like crazy."

"You feel the fluttering too?"


"That's what I called them." I didn't look at him.

Gage walked towards me, this time with sincere eyes. He took my hand and put the other on my chin. He slowly brushed the tears off and lowered his head. He lifted my face up so our lips would meet.

"You just kissed me..." I said opening my eyes. "No, you don't get to do that ok. You don't get to go make out with some other girl and then tell me you like me."

I head towards the door, when he took my wrist and pulled me back. "I only get to do it because you like me back."

Tears swelled up and he wiped them away again. "I didn't mean to hurt you at all. If you really thought I hated you, you were wrong." He pulled me in for a hug, "how about we start over?"

"I'd really like that," I smiled into his shoulder.

We walked down the stairs holding hands, the fluttering in my stomach calmed down by like ten thousand degrees.

"Let's get out of here." The house was empty; everyone seemed to be either in the backyard or in one of the hundred bed rooms of this place.

"You don't have a car." Gage chuckled and took out a pair of keys from his pocket.

"Who says?" Waving them in the in my face.

"Being a seraphim has its perks you know. I just ask for something and it shows up wherever I am."

"Seriously?!" My eyes widen in excitement.

"You're so cute," a smile grew on my face at his words. "I'm only kidding, Christian's going to go home with one of the teammates, so I told him I was taking his car."

"Speaking of Christian, where is he?" My eyes searched behind me.

"To be honest, I have no idea." He smiled clicking a button on the keys, opening the locks.

I opened the door myself, and Gage went around opening his.

"So where to?" I asked him, he took a hold of my hand.

"There's something I have to show you."

I smiled, as he drove the car away from the house. I turned on the radio, and realized that Gage had a worldwide radio system. I jumped in excitement to the fact that I wouldn't have to listen to a bunch of auto tuned American's. Although, some of them are great. I set it to my favorite station back home. I sang along to my favorite band, Five Star.

"You can really sing," Gage smiled looking at me for a second.

I smiled back at him, continuing on and that's when he started to sing as well.

I don't know how to explain, he sounded like a dying possum and a whale. "Stop now. Oh my god." I laughed and he broke out into laughter as well.

He pulled the car back into a lot when we got near a lake. He opened the door too, and I was astonished when I looked out into the sky.

"You see it?" Gage said, a smile forming on his face.

An aurora, "I thought you can only see them in Alaska, it's so beautiful."

"Now this, Sage, is one of the perks of being a seraphim."

"How did you know?" I questioned him. Ever since I was a kid and saw an aurora on T.V. I've been wanting to see one in person. Knowing that it's in Alaska and would make me leave England, my mother denied me at every single request.

"I don't know. It came to me in a dream actually." He took my hand leading me towards the lake, before finally sitting now. "I just remember someone saying 'take her to see the aurora.'" I looked through a bunch of books about Angels, before finally finding this place, as one of the only places other than Alaska to see one. But regular humans can't see them, and neither can the other angels."

I smiled, looking at the sky. If time could stop right now I'd be okay with it. We sat together, looking up at the sky.

"Gage..." I whispered.

"Yeah?" He smiled. "What's wrong?"

"I'm afraid the girls at school are going to cut my head off tomorrow." I smiled back.

He moved closer to me, putting his arm around my shoulder. "They won't touch you as long as I'm your boyfriend."

"Oh, so you're my boyfriend now?" I said with a hint of sarcasm.

"If I'm not, then who is?"

"Oh this guy, from the basketball team at my school. Who's an angel, but not literally." I winked at him.

"I'll pick you up tomorrow at seven."

"If I can wake up before that."

"Hey, remember that I know how to get into your room through your window."

He kissed the top of my head and that's when my phone rang.

It was Aunt Tess, "hey."

"Sage, where are you? It's almost midnight." Her voice filled with worry.

"I thought Steffen would tell you. I apologize; I was at Aimee Affine's party." Gage released my hand and got up. "I'm with Gage right now."

"Oh you're with Gage? Alright, be home by one o'clock since I know you're pretty far from home."

"Alright, Aunt Tess. I love you." I blurted out, I never told her that, let alone tell anyone but my mother that.

We had a moment of silence, "I love you too Sage." You could hear the smile in her voice while saying that.

"Come on, let's get you home." Gage said leading me to his car.