Gibbs/Ziva fic: Fifty Shades of Gibbs

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A/N: I have a new favourite book and it has influenced me... oops XD Yes, I know... WARNING - this is rated M for a reason! The book and show aren't mine and this ISN'T a crossover.

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Chapter 1 - Catalyst

The sky outside slowly faded from a bright blue to a darker shade as the sun began its descent. As it did so, the lamps in the squadroom illuminated workspaces and the tired agents' faces sitting at them. It had been a long, tiresome week and all members of Team Gibbs were looking forward to a rare and precious weekend off. A whole fourty eight hours.

They all, of course, had made plans. Tony remembered that it was, in fact, Friday and had convinced McGee, Palmer and Abby to attend a nightclub he'd recently discovered on one of his dates. Tony was currently trying to convince Ziva, with Abby's help.

'' C'mon, Ziva! It's Friday.''

'' I'm perfectly aware of what day it is.'' said Ziva, grinning at McGee's small snort.

Abby bounced in front of Ziva's desk, the chains on her tartan skirt chinking. '' Ziva, don't make me be the only girl.'' pouted the Goth.

Ziva looked at her. '' Thank you for the offer, really. But I don't want to go. I fail to see how my lack of attendance would affect the outcome of your evening.'' said Ziva tiredly. To be honest, Ziva wanted to just go home and put her feet up.

'' David, you're no fun.'' said Tony with a pout.

Ziva smirked, that comment meant that he had given up trying to convince her. '' Tony, I know how to have fun-''

'' Yeah, we've done this. Reading, right?''

'' Something like that. I'll come out with you another time, alright?'' compromised Ziva, looking at Abby, who broke out into a toothy grin.

'' I'll hold you to that, my ninja friend.'' said Abby, pointing at the Israeli.

The discussion was left at that and for the next hour the team worked silently, trying to get their reports done so they wouldn't have to worry about them over the weekend. Ziva looked at her computer and sighed happily as she clicked 'save'. It was 2051, or more accurately, hometime.

Ziva logged off and shut down her computer, noting that McGee and Tony were doing the same. Ziva grabbed her gearbag and slung it onto her shoulder. '' Enjoy your weekend.'' she said to the two males on their feet.

'' Yeah, we will. Enjoy your books.'' sneered Tony, making Ziva roll her eyes with a grin.

'' I will.'' she retorted, watching the men rush to the elevator. Ziva smiled, their behaviour amusing her. The two fought like cat and dog, but when it really got down to it, McGee and Tony were as thick as thieves.

Ziva spun on the spot, remembering she wasn't alone. '' Gibbs?''

'' Hm?''

'' Have a good weekend, won't you?''

'' Hmm.'' came Gibbs' reply.

Ziva took a second to study him. He had the same tired look in his eyes that everyone else had. He was sat over his desk, his chin in hand as it leant on the desk while he read through a report.

'' Gibbs, I meant it.'' said Ziva, making Gibbs look up at her. '' Put your feet up.''

'' I'm the boss.'' said Gibbs, he sounded annoyed, but Ziva detected a minute trace of amusement in his voice.

'' Even so.'' replied Ziva, she bowed her head slightly and moved towards the elevator. A glass of wine and her new book calling her. Hm, and maybe a bath too...


Ziva settled in her bath with a sigh of content. Her bathroom was lit by vanilla and cinnamon scented candles, she had a large glass of wine on the side and there was a soft, Hebrew melody playing in the bathroom from her iPod. If Ziva died now, she'd die a happy woman. She reached over the edge of the bath and picked up her newest book.

She looked at the cover and grinned. At first she didn't want to know, but as the hype of 50 Shades of Grey grew, she eventually caved and had bought herself the trilogy earlier that week. She hadn't thought much about her new boxset until Gibbs strode into the bullpen that morning and told them they had the weekend off. Perfect, she could read in peace.

Flipping the book over, Ziva re-read the blurb. It was supposed to be a romantic novel, not really Ziva's kind of book, but her inner girly girl blushed at the prospect of reading such a book, especially one dubbed 'mummy porn'. Oh, what was that proverb about curiosity and cats?

Ziva sipped her wine and opened the book with a small sigh. She supposed one chapter couldn't hurt...


Ziva shuddered in the water and she put her book down to figure out why. It took her a moment to realise that she had been in the bath long enough for the water to turn cold and for the candles to almost burn out. She looked at her book and saw that she'd read way past one chapter. Oops.

Ziva bit back a guilty grin. She had read a lot more than she had intended to, oh well, she wasn't sorry about it. It was... alright and she think she figured out why it was called 'mummy porn'. Ziva squeezed her legs together, willing her imaginary dominating Christian to vanish. She got out of her cold bath and let the water drain. While the drain swallowed the water, Ziva turned on the bathroom light and blew out the remains of the candles. Her iPod had switched itself off and she gave another guilty grin. How long was she reading that book?

Long enough to have very naughty thoughts about a copper haired, grey eyed CEO. Ziva shrugged and tidied up her bathroom a bit more before hopping into her shower to warm herself up.

She wrapped herself in a towel and went into her bedroom, her half finished 50 Shades of Grey in hand. She placed it on her bedside table and dried herself off. Ziva pulled an oversized shirt over her head and she slid into bed. Not bothering to surpress a yawn, she realised how tired she was and she decided that she'd finish her new book tomorrow. A very unZiva like, girlyish giggle escaped her lips before she sobered up with a frown.

'' Get a grip, David. It's just a book.'' she muttered, turning in for the night.


A slapping sound filled the air followed by a gentle moan. '' Again?'' came a deep voice.

'' Yes.''

'' Yes what?''

'' Yes, Sir.''

Another slap, followed by another moan. Ziva felt herself being pulled and stood up. Her hands were tied behind her back and she was naked from the waist down, wearing only her shirt. Ziva looked down to see a copper haired, grey eyed man in a suit with a grey tie looking up at her. A flash of green silky material in his breast pocket, confused her, until she realised that the material was her panties.

'' You are beautiful.'' muttered the copper haired man, his lips sliding along Ziva's legs as he spoke, making their way up to the apex of her thighs.

Ziva moaned, stubble causing delicious friction on her inner thigh.

'' So responsive.''

'' For you, Christian, yes.''

Christian stood, making sure his long fingers stroked Ziva's legs. '' Is that right?'' He quickly undid Ziva's shirt and let it fall to the ground. A smirk appeared on his face. '' Aren't you a tease, Ziva? No bra?''

'' I was merely trying to help you.'' breathed Ziva as Christian caressed her nipples.

'' Help me? Always caring for others.'' Christian's hands moved from her breasts to her waist and he held her steady. He kissed the valley of her breasts before moving her backwards. The back of her legs hit something hard and she began to fall backwards; Christian's strong hold slowing her fall so she wouldn't hurt her restrained arms or land in an uncomfortable way.

She looked up at him as she landed onto a four poster bed with red, satin sheets. They caressed her hyper sensitive skin, making her let out a small moan.

Christian chuckled. '' I have a surprise for you.'' he muttered, placing a soft kiss to her parted lips. He kissed his way down her body and she moaned when his lips reached her clit. Ziva's eyes cast upwards as she arched her back, giving Christian better access to continue his feast.

Ziva looked back down to see what Christian was doing; the view, as well as the sensation, turning her on. Ziva frowned as copper hair began to get lighter - a trick of the light?

Christian looked up and gone were his grey eyes, in their place was a pair of soul piercing sapphire blue irises. Ziva quickly registered the light coloured hair with blue eyes and came to a shocking conclusion.

'' Gibbs?'' she panted, a tongue still working on her.

Blue eyes sparkled and Ziva came undone.


Ziva sat upright in her bed, a small layer of sweat on her forehead and an ache between her legs. Did she really just have a sex dream about Gibbs? What the hell? She looked at her copy of 50 Shades of Grey and quickly shoved it into her bedside cabinet, out of her sight.

Ziva tried to calm her breathing, unable to accept and register the fact that she had just had a wet dream about Gibbs. She settled back down and willed all sexually related thoughts to leave her mind.

She huffed in the dark. She should've gone clubbing.