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Chapter Sixteen - All Good Things...

Ziva stopped in her tracks and closed her eyes, letting her body bask in the sunrays shining through. She was facing her open windows, a light summer breeze filling her apartment cooling the hot air she was working in. She inhaled slowly, a tang of citrus invading her senses making her smile.

Ziva loved that cleaning smell. But what she loved more was the reason she was cleaning. As of tomorrow, the apartment she was standing in would no longer be hers. Yup, she was moving into Gibbs'. Ziva opened her eyes at the thought of her lover's name. Gibbs.

It had been two months since Ziva and Gibbs had that heart to heart that was so desperately called for. And since those two months, they had put a hold on the physical aspect of their relationship to work on the emotional side - which had been a struggle in the beginning for both as that wasn't really who they were, but they managed and they did so terrifically. Ziva still wasn't up to par, in her eyes, but Gibbs had seen to that rather quickly. They were comfortable together and Ziva had stopped questioning the 'why?' in favour of 'why not?'. Ziva knew she was loved, deeply and emotionally and, more importantly, she knew she deserved it. She deserved not to be alone, in fact, they both did.

So, they put an end to the hours they were alone by Gibbs suggesting she moved in. Ziva smiled as she remembered his not so subtle suggestion over dinner.


'' This is great, Ziv.'' said Gibbs after swallowing a mouthful of a bean stew she had made.

'' I am glad you like it.'' replied Ziva, a tender smile on her face as she watched the man opposite her.

'' I like it a lot.'' assured Gibbs. '' I'd love food like this everyday.''

Ziva raised an eyebrow and tilted her head. '' But your fireplace would get lonely without its steak, no?''

'' Ziva, I have a really big kitchen that needs to be filled. You're the one to do it.'' said Gibbs, reaching across the table to intertwine his fingers with hers.

'' Are you sure you are not talking about your stomach?'' she snorted, squeezing his fingers to let him know that she was joking.

'' That wasn't first on my list.''

'' Your bed, then.''

Gibbs pretended to think. '' That was a close second.''

Ziva laughed at his answer before deciding she enjoyed this game he had created. '' Well, I need a clue, Jethro.''

'' That thing that pumps blood around my body. I'm not Ducky, I don't know what it's called.'' said Gibbs, shaking his head mockingly.

'' Your heart?'' supplied Ziva, returning the squeeze he gave her for getting it right. '' Say it, and I will move in.''

Gibbs looked at her with a mock glare before dropping pretense to look at her with open eyes that shone with truth and sincerity. '' You're the one that fills my heart, Ziv, and I'd love it if you could fill the voids in my house and make it home.''

Ziva looked up at him, her mocha eyes shining with unshed tears. '' Of course I will.'' she said, her voice only just above a whisper.


And that's what they were doing now. Gibbs had managed to get the team a weekend off and he had used his time to help Ziva box things up and clean. He was currently loading the recently packed boxes into the back of his pickup, leaving her to clean one of the last rooms of her apartment. She turned back to the half empty boxes and she smiled as her thumb brushed the cover of a certain book.

'' So, these are the books I have an urge to thank and destroy.'' sounded Gibbs' voice as his arms wrapped around Ziva's waist. He rest his chin on her shoulder after pressing a kiss to her neck.

Ziva hummed her response. '' Well, these and you. I cannot give them all of the credit.''

'' What you gonna do with 'em.'' asked Gibbs as he kissed her shoulder.

'' Give them away. I don't need them.'' said Ziva, placing the book atop of the others in a box that was filling with things that she didn't want or need.

'' Good idea.'' he murmured, smirking as she tilted her head to nuzzle her neck. '' We almost done here?''

'' i just have the living room to do, then we are done, yes.'' said Ziva, getting out of his grip to finish cleaning.

'' Good, I'm hungry.'' said Gibbs, picking up a box that was labelled 'keep'. He began to walk out of the room when he smirked at Ziva's promise to make him something to eat when they were done. His reponse made Ziva's stomach drop with anticipation.

'' I wasn't talking about food, Ziver.''


Ziva was a very graceful person. She was aware of her surroundings and how to adapt to them. She was now recently aware that she wasn't very graceful or aware when it came to doing a stripshow up the stairs with her lips constantly connected to Gibbs'. How she didn't fall or bang a part of her body on whatever was beyond her.

They had finished their dinner with a light chat, innuendos dropped in every other sentence. Ziva cleared the table and laid the dishes to rest in the sink, promising herself that she'd start them shortly. She had turned around to see Gibbs standing there with a look that made her heart stop.

Fuck. The. Dishes.

Gibbs moved forward and pulled Ziva to him so their fronts were brushing as they kissed fervently moving backwards into the living room. Ziva had managed to twist them around so that when they finally made it to the sofa, she'd fall onto the couch. But Gibbs had other ideas. His hands brushed up her body, making light work of the tank top she had worn as he pulled it over her head and threw it behind him, not caring where it landed. Stepping on the first stair, he lowered his head to kiss her neck her chest while his arms held her close to him. While he was kissing her, Ziva decided that if she was going to lose clothes, then so was he. Her hands rest on his jeans, before popping the button open and brushing them down his legs, taking extra care to make sure her nails scraped his skin.

Gibbs had growled at that point and moved his oral assault back to her mouth as his hands dipped below the waistline of her pants. With a quick tug, they were half way down Ziva's legs. He cupped her ass and lifted her out of them, smirking against her lips when she wrapped her legs around him. She broke off the kiss for a few short seconds to remove the t-shirt that, quite frankly, was in the way. She smirked when Gibbs chuckled as she threw it down the stairs to join the rest of their clothes.

The next thing Ziva knew she was on her back on Gibbs' bed in her underwear, looking up into the eyes of her lover above her.

'' Ziv-''

'' I am ready, Jethro. Do you not think you've held out on me long enough?''

Gibbs smirked and lowered his head to continue kissing her. His tongue stroking hers and exploring her mouth. His mouth left hers and he kissed his way down to the sensitive spot behind her ear, making her arch her back. His hands slipped beneath her and they undid the clasp of her bra. He pulled it from her and threw it over his shoulder before skimming his hands along her body, his fingers caressing her breasts. He looked at Ziva and he smirked as she sat up, her hands propping her up. She pressed a kiss to his lips, prompting him to kiss her back before he wrapped his arms around her, taking her weight off of her arms as he buried his head in her chest, kissing, nibbling and suckling whatever her could reach. As Ziva let out a low moan, he lowered them both back down, his mouth never leaving her skin. She ran a hand through his short silver hair and closed her eyes, revelling his touch.

Her eyes shot open as Gibbs began kissing his way down her torso. He stopped at her panties and smirked up at her.

'' What?'' breathed Ziva, getting more and more wound up as the seconds ticked by.

'' You're soaked, Ziv.''

'' Try not to look too smug about it.'' sneered Ziva, cupping his face and caressing his cheek with a thumb.

'' No promises.'' said Gibbs, lowering his head to kiss her through her panties.

'' Ahhh...'' moaned Ziva, propped up on her elbows, her head thrown back and her mouth open.

Gibbs smirked again and pulled her panties down, her scent smacking him in the face. He lowered his head and ran his tongue along her slit, making her bite her lip as she hummed. Ziva's breath hitched in the back of her throat as Gibbs began to work his magic on her. She did her best to repress her moans, but inevitably, it just got too much. Ziva closed her eyes and moaned. When she opened them, she was met with a warm smile and a pair of mischevious sapphire eyes.

'' You okay ther-'' Gibbs was interrupted as Ziva kissed him. He returned the kiss and ran his hands over her sensitive body, noting how she squirmed.

Ziva rolled them both over and straddled his waist, smiling down at the man beneath her as he held her hips.

She stilled his hands and began to move off of him. She pulled his boxers off, raising an eyebrow when Gibbs' member sprung free, only to be met with a half shrug and a lazy smile. Ziva began to lower her head and her mouth had only taken in the tip of cock when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

She looked up and let him go. '' No?''

Gibbs bit back a smirk, her confused look was adorable. '' Not this time. As much as you complain about waiting, I have been, too.''

Ziva looked at him. This was where she felt like she was in a boat without oars. She and Gibbs had never made it to the bedroom. While they had given each other oral and pleasured each other 'til they begged for the other to stop - though it was mainly her begging - this would be the first time they had slept together.

'' After you, Ziv.'' he encouraged, offering a hand for her to hold.

Ziva locked her fingers with his and she slid onto him, moaning as he filled her. He freed his hand of hers and rest his hands on her hips like he'd done earlier. His thumbs caressed her hips as she moved to a rhythm that was driving him to the brink. He pulled her down, so his nose brushed hers, before kissing her and rolling them over. He kissed her neck and began pumping in and out of her, taking her raking her nails over his back as a good sign.

'' Jethro.'' breathed Ziva, frantically trying to keep up with the pace. She closed her eyes as the coil in her belly tightened. A few thrusts saw Ziva's eyes open as she cried out Gibbs' name. Satisfied that Ziva had reached her pinacle, Gibbs quickly followed suit, the rhythm his hips had completely going as he lost himself within her.

They lay still, their bodies pressing against one anothers'. After what felt like an age, Gibbs pulled out of Ziva and lay next to her, smiling as she immediately curled into his side.

'' Didn't have you as a cuddler.''

'' Why not?'' sounded the tired reply.

'' Crazy ninja chick mean anything to you?''

A playful slap across his chest made him chuckle, however, he wrapped an arm around Ziva's waist and pulled her closer to him.

'' You big, old softy.'' muttered Ziva.

'' You tell anyone, I'll deny it.'' he said, smirking when she giggled softly. '' Hey, Ziv?''

'' Hmm?''

'' What did you do with those books?''

'' I gave them to a girlfriend.'' said Ziva, pressing a kiss to Gibbs' neck. '' Do not worry, Jethro. You are much better than those books.''

'' All fifty shades?''

Ziva chuckled, but humoured him. '' You know it.''


The weekend went by quickly and before they knew it, the MCRT found themselves back in the office. However, the day went fairly quickly and it was happily noted that everything appeared to be back to normal. Ziva left first, then McGee and then Gibbs, leaving Tony alone to finish his reports, maybe one day, he'd learn to do them when he was supposed to. He looked up to see one of the security guards in the building towering over his desk.

'' Hey... Mathew, everything okay?'' asked Tony, his eyes squinting as he read the guard's name tag.

'' Yes, Agent DiNozzo.'' said Mathew, handing Tony a box. '' I was instructed to give this to you.''

'' Who by?'' he questioned as he took the package from Mathew.

'' I was sworn to secrecy, Sir. Have a good evening.'' said Mathew, excusing himself.

Tony opened the box and blinked in confusion as he pulled out a book. He'd heard a lot about this book, well, from the women that insisted on gossiping about it during elevator rides. Fifty Shades of Grey, indeed. Who would send it to him?

He frowned as he wracked his brain for potential senders when Abby walked past the Bullpen. '' Hey, Tony, whatcha got there?''

'' Someone sent me the Fifty Shades Trilogy.'' he said, holding the book up. '' Like, who would do that?''

'' Oh, do have fun reading them.'' smirked Abby, turning on her heel to leave.

'' Night, Abs.'' called Tony, watching the Goth leave.

'' Laters, baby.'' replied Abby, flashing a grin over her shoulder as she stepped into the elevator.

Tony's jaw dropped. Surely... No...

'' Hey, Abs?!'' called Tony, grabbing his gearbag and books before running after her.