Travis Stoll lay on his bunk, gazing up mindlessly at the bottom of the bunk on top of his. Connor's feet were dangling from it, kicking back and forth. Both brothers were bored out of their minds; camp had become relatively boring with Percy gone. Everybody's moods had dropped to an oddly gloomy level, and the Sons of Hermes were not willing to stoop down to their mood, and join them being emo, no matter how tempting that sounded.

Connor groaned, pushing himself back on the bed. "Travis, it's been a week, and we haven't pulled any pranks. It's killing me."

"I know, I know. I'm thinking of making a comeback this week. But I just haven't figured out what prank." The older Stoll tapped his chin, ignoring his brother who had poked his head from above. "How about we go with the same old and replace all the pudding's whipped cream with shaving cream? That'll be nasty."

"Nah." Connor jumped down, and sat next to his brother. "It's like, preschool, man. We gotta think of something better than that." He tapped his chin, thinking hard. Travis rolled his eyes. How was he related to this guy? Suddenly, his brother's face lit up, his blue eyes gleaming with mischief. "I got it!"

Travis jumped. "Got what?"

"The prank, idiot! Dude, this will be so epic, and the fact that it's summer just adds bonus points." Travis eyed his brother warily, watching as Connor's face light up by the minute. "Okay, so I was watching YouTube—"

"Wait, since when did we get a laptop? And most importantly, since when did we get Internet?"

"Since I stole one from Austin from the Apollo cabin, duh. I also stole their Wi-Fi thingy, so now we got all the Internet we need." His brother grinned at him, revealing that signature Stoll grin. "Anyway, I was watching YouTube, when this video caught my eye. There was a guy dressed up as a snowman, standing at the curb of a street in the middle of winter. Then when an innocent passerby walks by . . . BAM! He jumps up, and scares the Hades out of them."

Travis stared at him. "And this is your magnificent plan."


Connor watched his brother eagerly, waiting for a response. A smirk slowly made its way on the older Stoll's lips, his eyes growing brighter. "It's brilliant." Connor cheered, pumping his fists in the air. "Just one question though, bro. Where are we going to get a snowman suit?"

Connor stopped cheering, and began tapping his chin once more. "Hm, that's a hard one. I doubt the Aphrodite cabin has one, seeing how snowman outfits aren't exactly their style." Travis snickered, and the younger Stoll grinned at him. "But who knows? You can never tell with Aphrodite."

So that was how the Stolls arrived in front of Cabin Ten six minutes and forty-seven seconds later. Travis smirked at his younger brother, and the two began knocking furiously on the door, banging and pounding on it as hard as they could. To act effect (and to annoy the Hades out of them), the two began screaming, "There's a seven-hundred pound maroon walrus, ready to claw us with is sharp claws and laser eyes, and burry us in his never-ending blubber!" They kept yelling this over and over again, until the door opened to reveal an annoyed Drew Tanaka.

"What?" she snapped, her brown eyes glaring at the Stolls, who just grinned back at her in innocence.

Connor regained his posture, clearing his throat. "Do you have a snowman suit?"

"A snowman suit?" Drew repeated, confusion evident on her face. She stood there in the doorway, dumbfounded.

"A snowman suit," Travis confirmed, smirking at the Daughter of Aphrodite's expression. "You see, we need a snowman suit."

"In the middle of summer."


"When it's hot."


"Is this for some kind of prank?"

Connor smirked. "Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! So, do you have a snowman suit or what?"

Drew narrowed her eyes. "What's this prank about? Should I be worried about it affecting my new outfit tomorrow, or any day this week for that matter?"

"Ah, Drew. You have so little faith in us!" Connor slung an arm around her shoulder, which she quickly shrugged off. "I promise you, it does not involve flying ninjas, or dancing purple hyenas. And does not ever involve snowballs, because it's obviously not snowing."

Drew narrowed her eyes some more. "Well, there is this one snowman suit I kept for punishing the cabin, before Dumpster Girl took hold of my position. I'll get it for you, but you will never mention this exchange to anyone, you understand?" Connor and Travis nodded eagerly, falling under her charmspeak. The Daughter of Aphrodite smirked. "I'll go get it for you boys, then." She then proceeded to sashay in the cabin to retrieve what they had asked for.

"She's hot," Connor told his brother, but added in a whisper. "But she's also a heartbreaker."

"Yeah, that's our job," Travis agreed, smirking at him. "Definitely never dating her." Connor nodded in agreement, wanting to keep his records clean. After all, he didn't want to be the one getting dumped. That would look stupid on his record of girlfriends. Plus, it would be deadly humiliating, for him and his brother. And most probably the whole cabin.

Finally, Drew emerged, a cardboard box in her hand. "Alright, here's the suit you wanted. By the way, would one of you be more than happy to give me some kissing lessons? After all, I'm a little out of practice, and I bet some making-out with one of you hotties would really keep me in shape."

Connor grinned at her, taking the box. "Sorry, but we've got plans. Maybe another time, okay?" And with that, both Stolls turned around, grinning at each other as the Daughter of Aphrodite stormed back inside her cabin in anger, slamming the door as hard as she could behind them. Not that it actually mattered.

"Dude, you just owned her," Travis commented, bumping his fist with his brother's. "Some guys really need to teach that girl a lesson. I wouldn't be surprised if we actually found out she was sleeping with other guys. She already dates three guys at once—it honestly isn't surprising."

Connor nodded, dropping the box in the Hermes cabin next to their bunk. "On with the prank. We're going to have to take turns. How about we switch every two hours? Flip a coin—tails go first. I call heads." Travis groaned, and pulled out a dime. Connor watched as his brother counted to three, tossing the coin high in the air. It landed on the floor below, revealing heads. "Well, looks like you're going first, Trav. Have fun in the heat." His brother threw a pillow at him, which he easily dodged. Tomorrow was going to be epic.

Sunlight burst through the Hermes cabin windows, blinding both brothers. Connor groaned, rolling over to the side, dumping himself on the floor below. He screamed in pain, rolling on the floor cursing in English and Ancient Greek (plus a couple of Latin cuss words he had picked up from Jason). This woke pretty much half of the cabin, and his half-brothers and sisters and some unclaimed demigods started throwing pillows at him. Travis Stoll rolled over on his bed, pulling his pillow, using it to smack his brother's head.

"Shut the Hades up and let me sleep, will you?" he grumbled, rolling back to sleep. He hadn't even lulled to sleep yet when Connor jumped up, screaming at him to wake up in excitement. The cabin groaned again and began attacking the younger Stoll with pillows, but Connor kept on screaming.

"Dude, wake up! It's the day, bro!" This snapped Travis awake. The older Stoll leaped up, banging his head on the bunk above, causing him to roll over in pain. He landed on the floor with a thud, and he began sprouting a colourful language, much more colourful than the series of cusses his brother had thrown out the window. Connor rolled his eyes, and kicked his arm. "Come on. We can't be late. We're also pranking them." His eyes flickered to their sleeping cabin mates, mischief dancing in them.

Travis smirked. "Race you to the showers?"

"You're on. Winner gets loser's desserts for a whole week."

"Done." The two Stolls got up, pushing each other as they raced towards the showers. Slowly, their siblings and some unclaimed demigods started to get up, staring at the counsellor in confusion. Little did they know that both Stolls were up no good—again.

Travis Stoll stood there, his face trickling with sweat. The snowman suit was really thick, and the summer heat didn't help him at all. The heat was beating down on him, increasing by the second. His mind tried to focus as he watched for any random camper to pass by this inconspicuous snowman. The day had gone perfectly well so far. He had managed to scare ten people during his first shift (and he had to run away during all ten attempts), and Connor had managed to jump at six different people (which also caused him to run away).

He quickly did a recount of the counters he had done. First, Will had passed by just after breakfast that morning, not noticing the snowman at all. (Yeah, because a snowman in the middle of summer is so not totally weird.) Travis waited a few seconds, before jumping at him, screaming, "Boo!" Will had jumped, almost having a heart attack, before realising who was under the suit, and began screaming at him for scaring the Hades out of him.


Travis waited for his next victim. Will passed by again, but he had already noticed Travis and was glaring at him—hard. Piper was following him close behind, but Connor had already gotten her during his shift. His eyes drifted to the boys tugging close behind them, and a smirk formed on his lips. Two victims in one scare; it must be his lucky day.

Waiting for the perfect momentum, he counted slowly to five, his eyes watching the Son of Hephaestus and Son of Jupiter talking. Leo suddenly pointed at him, asking about the snowman, when Travis jumped out, screaming, "Boo!" Both Jason and Leo jumped, colliding into each other as Travis burst out laughing, almost falling down onto his knees. Leo burst out laughing at the prank, giving the Son of Hermes props, and Jason had to admit that it was a pretty good prank. The two walk off, and Travis was glad that they didn't kill him. At least, not yet.

He heard a soft hum, and he quickly got back to his previous position. Standing very still, he stood in front of the arena, watching for the passerby. The humming got louder, turning familiar in his ears. He smirked, knowing perfectly well who it was. Katie Gardner.

He watched her from the corner of his eye, walking towards the arena mindlessly. She was completely oblivious of the fact that a snowman was standing by the gate, not melting or even looking real. She played around with her Celestial bronze sword, and continued to hum whatever tune she was humming. Travis quickly did a small countdown, before jumping at her, screaming, "AAAAAH!"

Katie shrieked, jumping at least a million feet into the air. She turned to look at the snowman, noticing him for the first time. Her face showed utter confusion, until they widened with realisation. "Travis! You are so dead!"

Let's just say that when Connor went to meet his brother an hour later, he instead found a snowman running around camp, flailing his arms as a certain daughter of Demeter chased after him, curses flowing out of her mouth. He chuckled, along with a few bystanders. Noticing the grins on their faces, Connor smiled. No more emos at Camp Half-Blood. Except Nico di Angelo, but that guy's in a class of his own.

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