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"The chariot race is in a week, and we still have no chariot." Travis paced around the cabin frantically. The rest of his siblings were in the arena, sparring with the Ares cabin, while he and his brothers tried to formulate a plan for next week's race.

"I know that," the older Stoll groaned, throwing himself onto the nearest bunk. "If we can just figure out something that will at least blow their minds . . ."

"The Athena cabin will most likely have the winning chariot," Connor informed. "Remember their last one? They had blades and whatnots! I swear I was going to die that one time."

"Which is why you shouldn't dangle from the side." Connor glared, but let his older brother think. Travis ran a hand through his hair. "If you think about it, the cabin with the biggest advantage is Hephaestus'. His kids are maniacs with all that metal and junk. Their chariot would be one mean lean Greek machine."

Connor jumped from his bunk on top. "That's why we need something no one will expect." He grabbed Megan's plush turtle, which was lying innocently on her bunk. "We need something that screams, 'HERMES!'"

Travis stared at the turtle in his brother's hand. An idea began formulating in his mind, the wheels turning. A smirk found its way across his lips, the infamous Hermes twinkle shining in those bright blue eyes. He looked at his brother dead in the eye. "I think I got an idea."

"You're crazy."

"Oh, come on! We might be able to win," Connor argued. "Think of it as a really big prank."

Megan crossed her arms. "Uh-huh. Look, I made a bet with Anastasia from Aphrodite that our cabin would beat theirs. I can't have a silly little . . . thing race in a freaking chariot race."

"But it is a chariot!" Travis grinned widely. "I promise, Meg, this chariot will be the best you thing ever."

Their little sister stared at them, not moving a muscle. They could see that part of her loved the idea, but the other part was furious that they weren't exactly serious about the whole race. Finally, the facial features on her face softened ever so slightly. Still glaring, she scoffed, "Fine. But you better win."

The two Stolls grinned at each other. This was going to be awesome.

Megan took a seat next to Lillian, one of the daughters of Hecate at camp. The two friends shared smiles as they watched various cabins pull their chariot to the starting line. The young Daughter of Hermes watched in fascination as the Athena cabin brought their gleaming silver chariot, the beautiful gray horses shaking their snowy-white manes.

"Look!" Lillian burst out, laughter bubbling from her throat. "There's my cabin now!"

Megan turned to look to where she was pointing, and found a dark, royal purple chariot pulling up to the starting line. Lou Ellen was standing beside it, along with one of her half-brothers, studying a chart of lines and constellations. The beautiful chariot was flickering in bright blue flames, pulled by shimmering pegasi.

"It's beautiful," Megan breathed. Her mind went to her older half-brothers, and her face morphed into a front. If only Connor and Travis were this good.

Lillian smiled at her friend. "Thanks! I kind of helped. With the pegasi, see? They're all glittery and shimmery."

Megan nodded. "What's Lou Ellen holding?"

Her friend smirked. "Oh, that's our chart of spells. It's going to be the reason we win."

A snort came from behind them. "Please. My cabin is surely going to win."

Megan rolled her eyes. "Right. Let me know when I see your sad teary face at the end of the race."

Anastasia glared at her. "Shut up, Meg."

The two shared a small smile, before presuming to sit down. A couple more chariots started to line up. The Hephaestus chariot was as cool as ever; steam engines, smoke, blades—they had the whole packet. Dionysus was a simple Greek chariot with vines wrapped around it pulled by pegasi dressed in leopard costumes, which wasn't exactly appealing. Aphrodite's chariot was steered by Piper and Mitchell, who stood near a lacy pink vehicle, pulled my beautiful gray stallions.

Megan moved her eyes down the lane, and her face fell when she saw her cabin's creation. It was a regular chariot—except it was painted red and had the number eleven painted in the front in white. Her half-brothers had borrowed two pegasi from the stables—but they didn't look to be in the best condition. What was even worse, they had dressed them in Princess Peach and Princess Daisy outfits, with matching tiaras and necklaces.

The Stolls' costumes were even worse. Travis was dressed in green, pretending to be Luigi. He even had the moustache and everything. Connor, who was shorter than Travis, was dressed in red, obviously pretending to be Mario. The two were loading their weapons onto the chariot, and if her eyes weren't playing tricks on her, those weapons seemed to consist of dolls and bananas.

Anastasia stifled a laugh beside her. "Um, is that your winning chariot?"

Megan scowled. "Sadly, yes."

At the starting line, Chiron stood proudly. "Alright, if we can get everyone's attention! The race is about to begin, so if we could proceed . . ." Everyone quieted down. "Good. Now, Patrick, would you like to commence the beginning of the race?"

Patrick, a small Apollo kid, nodded eagerly, and shot an arrow into the sky. It exploded like fireworks, floating slowly towards the ground. All of a sudden, the chariots began zooming down the lane, rushing to get to the finish line.

Athena was in the lead. Their gleaming silver chariots raced down the track. Annabeth was pulling levers, sending all sorts of surprises back. The Dionysus chariot ran over some small metallic ball. Smoke burst everywhere, and the chariot rolled out of course.

Hermes was at dead last. Travis turned to his brother. "So, should we deal the cards?"

Connor nodded. "We shall deal the cards."

"Alright." Travis pulled out a small deck of cards up front. "Choose one, brother dear."

"Chose one, brother dear," Connor announced, grabbing a card. "It is . . . theMushroom!"

"Mushroom it is!" Travis turned to the levers and buttons on the chariot, and pushed the one with a mushroom sticker on it. All of a sudden, fire burst out from the back, and the chariot gained amazing speed for a whole twenty seconds.

The brothers watched as chariots passed them, confused expressions painted on their drivers' faces. The speed boost ceased, and the chariot was now just behind the Hecate cabin.

"Hermes has suddenly made it to the tenth place!" some kid from the Tyche cabin announced. "Did you see that speed boost?"

"We're just getting our game on, baby," Connor announced. His eyes narrowed when he saw Lou Ellen's lips move ever so slightly. "Quick, bro, hit the Starman!"

Travis fumbled with the device. "Okay, okay!" He quickly pulled a lever, letting it slide down. "Nothing happened!"

Connor cursed. "That Hecate kid was kidding us!"

In front of them, Lou Ellen was smirking. Her spell just stopped, and a flock of birds appeared out of nowhere and attacked the pair. Connor screamed, trying to get the birds away. "Dude, control this thing!"

"I'm trying to, geez! Don't you know how hard it is to drive a chariot while pigeons are pecking your neck?"

"These are pigeons?!"

Travis snapped the reigns. "Come on, Leapfrog and Maneater! We gotta go faster!"

The two pegasi grunted in response, but beat their hooves. Soon they were racing down, leaving the flock of pigeons behind. Travis grinned, and turned to his brother. His eyes widened, and he tried his best not to laugh.

"Shut up," Connor snapped. His eyes went back to the chariot ahead. "Give me a Bob-omb."

Travis searched a secret compartment for the item his brother requested. "One Bob-omb coming up." He pulled out a black, heavy sphere, and handed it to his brother.

Connor pulled out a match. "Keep this thing steady," he told his brother. Ignoring his brother's nod, he focused his gaze on the Hecate chariot ahead. Nobody could die or severely hurt, but the rules didn't say anybody could be thrown off the track, right? He lit up the match, and threw the sphere the best he can.


Bits of dirt flew everywhere, and Connor could see the beautiful purple chariot rolling to the side. Lou Ellen was lying on the ground with her brother, struggling to get up as they cussed the brothers out. Travis turned around and smirked at them. "See you later, suckers!"

A chariot behind them caught his eye. "Connor, how many Mushrooms do we have left?"

"Well, we installed five, so we only have four left."

Travis cursed. "How far do we have left?"

"Um . . ." The younger Stoll squinted his eyes to get a better view of how much track they had left. "Very far."

"Do you think we should risk one more?"

Connor turned and looked around. The Ares cabin was ready to kill. Clarisse held a double-edged sword in one hand, and Lamer—Maimer—in the other. Her brother Mark held a grenade, smirking as his eyes locked on them. Connor made his decision. He pushed the button once more, and they were zooming down track. They quickly passed Iris and Nemesis, the latter screaming their heads off when they saw who passed them.

"Dude, Gardner at two o'clock," Connor informed. The older Stolls smirked, quickly hitting the reigns.

Suddenly, they were racing side-by-side. Katie turned and glared at the Stolls, her teeth gritting together. "How'd you guys get here so fast?"

Travis smirked. "Why? Wish we'd taken a little longer?"


"But Katie Kat, the sooner we get here, the sooner I'd meet you," Travis said smoothly, his smirk widening.

Katie glared. "Gross, Travis. We'd rather leave you in the dust."

"Try us, Gardner. We're going to win this thing!" The two sped on, wheels clashing, chariots grinding. Katie and Miranda kept slamming into the Stolls' chariot, and the Stolls butted just as hard onto theirs. Twice did they lose their balance; if Travis could hit a little harder, Katie would be thrown slightly off course.

Come on, Travis, you can do this, he thought. She's not going to get hurt—at least, you don't think so. He gritted his teeth. It's just a little push. What harm can it do?

"Bro, if you're planning to push her, now's a good time!" Connor yelled. Travis stared ahead and saw the Aphrodite up ahead. Katie, however, did not. If Travis steered to the side, he'd be able to dodge the beauty parade, but Katie would collide into the lace and perfume vehicle.

His mind worked quickly. He looked around, searching for some way he could ensure Katie's safety. Right next to her, a stack of hay was resting peacefully for a couple yards, thanks to the Beginner's Flying lessons from the other day. "I'm sorry, Katie!" he yelled, and slammed into her hard. The chariot swerved to the right, throwing Katie and Miranda off. Their pegasi were set free, and the two flew away just in time.

Piper and Mitchell had barely enough time to react. The bright green chariot's wheel caught theirs, slowing them down. It spun, and the two collided, leaving the Hermes chariot alone. Travis turned back to see a confused Katie. He grinned. "Just so you know, Katie Kat, I just saved your life!"

Connor tapped his brother's shoulder. "We just got rid of two more. We're now in sixth place."

"Another Mushroom won't hurt, right?" Travis asked.

Connor grinned. "Are you kidding me? Push that thing!"

Travis smiled and obeyed his brother's wishes. The chariot sped down, racing down an empty road alone.

Megan stood on the stands, nervously waiting for her brothers. They had long since pushed the Hecate cabin off track, taking them out of the race, and had passed Ares a long time ago. No news of the Hermes cabin had come since—apparently Jordan was far more interested in the Athena and Hephaestus brawl in first and second place than the tricks her brothers had pulled so far.

"Leo just released a bunch of mechanical spiders, and Annabeth is freaking out! Malcolm's having a hard time controlling the chariot—they look like they're about to fly off the course!"

Anastasia yawned beside her. "Can't they just get back to my cabin?"

On cue, Jordan's voice came back up. "Oh, if I'm right, I think I just saw Demeter's chariot slamming into Aphrodite's! Oh, it's a shame, folks. Both Cabin Ten and Cabin Four are out of the race."


Megan ignored her the best she could, listening for her brothers. "Wow! This is new! Hermes just passed the Tyche, Apollo and Nike! They're in third place, people. In third place!"

From their third-place position, both brothers smirked and shared a high-five. "Sixteen chariots down, two to go," Travis announced. "Are we going to use the secret weapon?"

"We shall use the secret weapon," Connor agreed.

The two grabbed two of said item each. Turning to the two chariots in front of them, identical smirks on their faces. "Three," Travis counted.

"Two," Connor joined.


They threw the stuffed turtles directly at both drivers, momentarily confusing them. Leo stopped releasing mechanical spiders, letting one final one drop to the ground. Malcolm slowed the chariot down, sweat trickling down his neck as his fingers shook. Jake lost his focus on the road ahead, his eyes cloudy from the time the two chariots had been fighting. And Annabeth was still screaming.

The Stolls threw another set of dolls at both chariots, smacking one directly in Leo's face. The said Son of Hephaestus shook his head. "Not cool, man! Not cool!"

Both drivers were momentarily confused. Travis smirked, and seized this opportunity. He might not be an Athena kid, or even have Hephaestus' handy works, but he knew how to make a winning chariot. And he knew how to make that chariot the winning chariot.

He pushed the Mushroom button. Fire burst from the pipes behind, the last speed boost pushing them across the finish line. They could hear the roars from the crowd, the screams from the girls, and the proud whoops from their siblings.

The two brothers screamed in victory, hopping off their chariots to receive their winner's trophy. Their whole cabin raced down, lifting both brothers up. They kept chanting their surname over and over again, screaming and shouting and laughing. When they put the two down, Megan came up to them, smiling happily.

"You guys were awesome! Sorry for kind of doubting you," she apologized, blushing madly.

Travis laughed, grabbing her into a headlock. "Hey, are you saying we weren't good enough?" He tousled her hair. "We'd never let you lose a bet, Meg."

Connor smirked. "Yeah. What kind of brothers would we be?"

Megan laughed. "You know, even if this isn't exactly a plan, this deserves to go into the Golden Prank Book."

The Stolls shared a look. "You know what, Meg?" Connor asked. "You can do that. You're thirteen, right? You should be able to do the honors."

Megan grinned. "I'll be honored."

I know, not really a prank, and it probably sucked. The idea was way better in my head. ANYWAY. I hope you guys liked that chapter. Send it any prank ideas in the box below. Who knows? Maybe the Stolls will decide to use your prank to list in their Golden Prank Book. Have a great long weekend! (For those who live in the US of A :) )