Hello lovely readers! As I promised, here´s a little advance for what it´s gonna be a multichapter fic. Inspired on a 'Friends'´s ep (when Rachel gets pregnant with Ross´s baby; rememner they move in together and some stuff happen?) Well, I was motivated by it and decided to try something alike (but not entirely faithful) with our most beloved couple on Glee (if any of you dares to doubt who I am talking about, please get out LOL).

The characters might come out slightly OOC!

This fic is probably going to be 10 chapters long (one for each pregnancy month) and the last one is required for the closure. =) Note the first ones might be a little short; I hope to be able to build the story and write longer chapters after the third one.

Basically this was supposed to be T rated, but after talking with my pervert friends, I decided to make it M rated for future chapters. So, you´ve been warned.

Thanks to Becca for proof-reading this for me!



This couldn´t be happening.

She was sure she was about to have a stroke in any minute.

This couldn´t be happening.

Emma tossed, what it was by then, the fourth pregnancy test and looked down where the other three were laying. All positive.

She wouldn´t have gotten all those tests if she hadn´t suspected something. But Emma was a neat person; she always kept in check everything and her period had never been delayed. Not even a week. And throwing up twice in the past days was completely outside out of the ordinary. Either she had a stomach bug or she was pregnant. And her eating habits were nothing but meticulous.

With the last trace of willpower she had left, she opened the fifth and last box she´d bought. Five minutes later two red lines were before Emma´s eyes. Again.

She couldn´t put a feeling and a sensation together. The only thing she kept repeating was that: 'this can´t be happening'.

How could she let his happen? It hadn't even been seven months since her marriage had been annulled; it hadn't even been six months since she had started going to therapy and taking medication. She was doing well, so well lately. She was confident, more confident that she´d ever been and now… everything was falling apart.

With tears clouding her eyes and panic striking her, Emma breathed trying to control herself. What will she tell Will? How will she tell him?

It was only once, just once.

They hadn´t even talked about what that night, a month ago, and now she would have to go to him and tell him she was expecting his baby.

She looked down her belly, her hand instinctive and protectively resting on it; having a baby was something she´d always wanted. But this… this was absolutely unforeseen and messy. How could she even handle this? Could she, in the first place?

Over and over she would advice the students at McKinley´s to use protection, extra protection if needed, when they decided to be intimate with someone; and she was a hypocrite, not exactly walking the line herself.

Everything was going so splendid between them; their friendship had blossomed once more, leaving behind all the unspoken happenings from last year… The Madonna night, the cheating, her marriage, everything... Everything was forgotten; not precisely forgiven but they were done with them, happily letting the other come in each other lives once again.

It was easy for Emma. He´d always been the most gentle and charming man she´d ever met. He was supportive when her OCD got out of control and funny when she needed to laugh; he was surprising when she was stuck in routine and sweet when she was embittered. For once, timing was perfect. And her heart pounded hard on her chest every time he´d sneak into her office to ask her to join him for lunch.

But now, sitting on the bathtub and remembering what a blow up she´d made, Emma was certain everything would be awfully chaotic.

For a start it was chaotic sleeping with him in under those conditions and terms.

The wine poured in his glass for the fifth time; there were giggles and sniggers when the drink spilled on the coffee table after his clumsy hand had failed the cup.

"You think it´s a good idea drinking that?", Emma asked holding back a laugh and relaxing on the couch, next to him. The only two glasses she had were definitively paying back. She was so bubbly.

"I´m not triving anywhere, Miss Pillshbury… you on theother hand…"

"I´m taking a cab"

She should have taken a cab right there, right then; instead he had began drawing her out with questions. Maybe unintentionally, but there she had been… answering to every single one of them.

"Was it becausse of sex? The reason your marriage endded?", his limbs were like jell-O when supporting his elbow on the back on the couch to look directly at her.


"But it wasss annulled"

"Yes, Will you know I didn´t sleep with him", she was coy dropping her gaze on her lap. Embarrassment still worked to make her feel silly.

"There´ss nothing wrrong with not being ready for that kind of intimmacy"

"I never said I wasn´t ready", her eyes rose to met his, implicitly suggestive.

But he chuckled with amusement and dared to teased her, "Oh, exxcuse me Misss Pillsbury. I had no idea you were sso beyond that"

"Shut up, Will", Emma rolled her eyes, with a slight smile on her lips, but the mockery wasn´t stopping.

"Sso, tell me when sexx became such a lightmatter to you", he was hiding a huge smile behind his glass and tapping her knee with his.

"You don´t believe me"

"No", he laughed and looked at her to be jerked by her mouth stamping forcefully against his.

There hadn´t been a tad of tenderness in that kiss. It had been wild and hot, and wet. And minutes later they had descended on the bed where Emma had shown him she was perfectly ready. It had been wonderful, the way their bodies molded each other, the way he´d been so inside her mind and she´d responded passionately.

The morning had found Will alone in bed. Hangover and short flashbacks about their night together.

Losing her virginity to prove a point was an awful idea, especially after having more drinks than necessary and when it would lead to parenthood.

She should have told him what was on her mind back then; she should have told him it wasn´t about being ready or not, it was about the person she wanted to share that moment with. It was about him.

But how could she tell him so? After she´d slept with him and literally run out of his apartment before he could wake up? How little respect she had for herself and for him… 'Wait until you´re in love and you´re loved back to take the next step' had been her motto; but she had writhe and moan his name over and over and then she had avoided him for weeks. What a nice way of following her principles. But she was so humiliated.

The bathroom was a mess.

Pregnancy tests, their directions for use, their little boxes… everything was scattered on the white tiled floor.

And Emma cried silently. That was not how she wanted to remember the moment she found out she´d be a mom.

An appointment with her gynecologist was made. Maybe, for some miraculous reason, the tests were all wrong; and she needed to know it before speaking to Will.