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After five hours of labor and waiting Isabelle Schuester was finally sleeping on Emma´s arms.

There was silence in the room, although Emma´s cries had rumbled through the empty corridors. Now, languid and exhausted, bed-ridden until the next day, the redhead held her child with utter bliss and exhilaration.

"She´s so gorgeous", Will had never left from her side and she had clutched his hand from the moment the nurses had taken her to the room. Watching the two women he´d loved for so long, tears wouldn´t stop soaking his cheeks, "She´ll look like you, Em". Gently, he brushed the golden silky hair on Isabelle´s head and looked at the haggard Emma, "She´ll be ginger, just like you"

"I had her same hair", she rasped with a smile wishing for a glass of water; she was so thirsty.

Then neither of them talked, except to remark how beautiful their baby girl was. She was almost 7.7 pounds and 19 inches long and her skin was rosy like sugar cotton.

After all the waiting, she was finally there and neither of them could find something to say; the feeling was too overwhelming.

The sound of the door creaking caused their gapes to lift and find the young nurse standing in the entrance.

"Is Isabelle asleep?", she asked in a low voice walking to the bed to peek at the baby. Not waiting for a response, she continued, "I´ll take her to the nursery room so you can get some rest"

"Can´t she stay with me?", holding her daughter so close, Emma realized she didn´t want her to be taken away.

"Em, you should rest when the baby´s sleeping", Will advised accurately, his hand resting on her shoulder and a sweet smile on his lips.

"We´ll take care of her Mrs. Schuester"

The name brought color to her cheeks, mostly because some day Emma wished to be called that. She wanted to be Mrs. Schuester. That was why she didn´t bother to correct her.

"Ok", slightly reluctantly, she allowed the nurse to take Isabelle off her arms and watched her leave the room; strangely, her heels made no sound.

"You´re so strong, Emma", he murmured once they were left alone again; the brightness in his eyes was intense and full of sentiment, "I´m so proud of you".

Surely, Emma wasn´t expecting him to flatter her like that, and her eyes fell to her resting hands, on her lap; suddenly, embarrassment managed to crawl inside her. Embarrassment for the past hours, for all the silly actions and things said… and unsaid. With trembling fingers, she took the glass on her night table and drank a little water to appease her flaming body.

"I… Thank you… for bringing me here", he certainly had had reasons to leave her alone, but he hadn´t, "and for staying with me"

"How could you even think I wouldn´t?", he chuckled softly, placing a strand of hair behind her ear and his finger pads tickled a little remembering her lips against his hours ago, when she had pushed Isabelle out her body between cries and whimpers.

"After everything I said to you and what I put you through…", she was coy tilting her head to his palm. Hold me again, kiss me again, please, "you could have left me alone… and you didn´t"

He remained silent, accepting her implicit apology and caressed her still warm skin. "I´d never leave you, Emma. I want to raise Isabelle with you… You´d live with me and I´ll help you. I want to help you… to make things easy for you. And then maybe after some time, you could still stay with me; Isabelle needs a dad and-"

"I´ll need you too", she let the words fall off her lips; there was so much she wanted to tell him.

"I know, that´s why I´m thinking you should-"

"I need you", he doesn´t get it, Emma! Spit it out!, "I´ve always needed you"

What could he say to that? The redhead had left him absolutely speechless. Of course she´ll need him, but this…? He wasn´t expecting it; he had dreamed about it, yes, but never thought she´d actually say it out loud.

"I love you, Will. And even though this was the hardest, sudden and messy thing that´s ever happened to me… I´m so glad it was with you… It was you, it was always you. That´s why I moved in with you, that´s why I asked you all those things… I´m sorry, still. I´m sorry I didn´t realize before-"

"Are you serious?", his tone was stern and timidly, she nodded, "You´re joking?"

"Why would I joke about something like this…? Will…I-I love you", she feared he wouldn´t believe her, and her eyes streamed with tears.

"Why are you crying?", he seemed amused and for a moment Emma didn´t understand, "I love you too, silly"

"Oh, Will…", she dried her upcoming tears and stared at his goofy smile, "Why are you teasing me?"

"Because you´re easy to tease, Em", he practically enveloped her entire frame between his arms and planted the softest kiss on her lips, "Don't cry, doll… I love you too"

"Will…", softly and as much as her trapped arms let her, she slapped his shoulder and returned the kiss with passion, "I´m so sorry"

"I´m sorry too… I didn´t mean to worry you or say the things I said…"

"I didn´t mean to be so selfish… Thank you"

"What for?", another kiss lingered on the corner of her mouth.

"For believing in me… and for your strength and help. I couldn't have done it without you"

"Yes you could… You´re the strongest woman I know", she shook her head, not accepting his compliment; she didn´t feel strong, "You don´t see it?"


"Maybe you should open those gorgeous eyes more", the blush on her cheeks was intense and bright, "You are, Em… You´re so brave"

"Oh, Will… stop", he chuckled, holding her tighter and Emma relaxed on his cuddle, "I´m tired"

"You´ve been pushing for the past few hours…"

"Yeah…", Oh Gosh. She probably looked awful and carefully tried to comb her messy hair.

"You look adorable", he reassured her, not letting her move, "Em, it´s ok… leave it that way"

"Is it?", she seriously doubted it.

"Yes, you look perfect"

"You are a sweet talker", she giggled softly, letting her head rest on his.

"That´s what I´ve heard…", moving aside a little, she made room for him on the bed, just by her side, "I want to ask you something"

"What is that?", her hand covered a yawn that fought to break free.

"Would you go out on a date with me?"


"Whenever you want", his nose tickled the back of her hear and Emma smiled in pure bliss.

"I´d say now… but I'm dirty and tired…", her eyes met his and her palm guarded his face, "I want to go out with you"

"I want you to go out with me", the kiss this time was fierce and hot, wet and filled with passion and Emma moaned in his mouth, "I´ve wanted to do that since forever"

"Me too"

"So, Miss Pillsbury is that a yes?"


"My place?"

She giggled and nuzzled on his chest, "Yes"


"Did you enjoy dinner?", he asked chivalrously opening the front door for her.

"Very much… I liked the chocolate soufflé"

"You´ll never stop with the sweets, won´t you?", he teased remembering her toffee cravings during pregnancy.

"I don´t think so… I blame Isabelle for that", she continued his mocking, "Are you sure your dad is gonna be ok babysitting her?"

"She could be a little whinny, but yeah... Dad´s good with kids", the baby had just turned five months and after indecisions and doubts, Emma had agreed to leave her a night with Mr. Schuester. This was finally their first night alone. "Hey… it´s ok. I trust dad"

"Me too"

"Then why are you so nervous?", gently he rubbed her back and cupped her chin to oblige her to look at him, "Em…?"

"Uhm, because of you"

"Me?", he was bemused, "Why?"

"It´s the first time we… uhm, are together like this… without Isabelle", her hands rubbed together with haste.


"So… I-I, uhm, I don´t really know what to do…", she confessed with deep embarrassment, "We´ve been through so much together… What´s left to tell you?

"I don´t know… but we could share what we have left. I don't wanna make you nervous"

"No, it´s not you… it´s… this; this is new. New makes me nervous"

"I don´t think this is new… we´ve dated before", he reminded her sweetly, soft lips pressing together, tenderly.


"Is something else worrying you?", he could tell there was; the way her eyes traveled around the room told him so.

"Just… Do you…Do you think of me as Isabelle´s mother?", because she was more than that; She´d be anything he wanted her to be.

"Yes", she didn´t want him to think about her like that, but his next words caught her unaware, "but I also think of you as the woman I'm so in love with, my best friend and guidance counselor at McKinley High and casually you´re also the mother of my daughter"

"Will… I… I love you", the kiss on his mouth was slow and loving, "I miss you every day, I hate when you´re away from me. And I love seeing so much of you in Isabelle"

That time, as he would do during any other date, Will didn´t offered her any drink only himself to get drunk on. He crushed his lips on hers, kissing her senselessly, almost forcefully and managed to move their tangled bodies towards the bedroom.

Their bedroom.

"I… Oh I love you", she whispered as his mouth ignited her flesh across the edge of her cleavage, behind her earlobe and further, pushing her on the mattress with carnal passion.

"I love you too"

"I´ve wanted to do this for so long… "

"Really?", with dexterity his legs parted hers and positioned himself between them; Emma nodded. "Me too… you have no idea…", and Will sank in the creamy skin of the valley of her breasts.

"I wanted to… ", she was already panting, coaxing him to her, "to show you so much… but I couldn't"

"I know…", he ground on her and she thrusted her hips back, "I know… I want to make love to you"

"I want you to make love to me"



"Yes, please", she smiled widely and brought his entire weight to rest on top of her, "Yes. Lets make love, Will"

"My pleasure"

"Mine", she giggled and he squeezed her now tiny waist.



He tickled her while undressing her and Emma writhed before his playful hands, "Will!", she sniggered and tried to escape his hold, "Stop!"

"Oh, no… I want to hear your laugh"

"You´ll hear more than that, you know?", she was bashful as lifting his T-shirt above his head and tossing it someplace far.

"Really?", mischievously, he bit and tugged her earlobe and Emma breathed sharply, "Yup… Definitively more than that"

"You´re a beautiful man", she managed to mutter and enthusiastically, slide his pants down his legs.

"And you´re a beautiful woman… that´s why Isabelle is so gorgeous", he had never moved like that before, so freely and carefree and his hand began working its magic underneath her panties; she was so ready, "Oh, Emma, Emma, Emma… I love you"

"Please Will… ", she pleaded moving in his accord, the fire between her legs was burning like Hell, "I need you"

"Me too", his mouth was sultry against her ear and slowly removed her underwear and his, taking a second to slid the condom, "we´ll go slow, ok?", it was the first time they had done this since Isabelle´s birth, "you tell me how you feel", she almost choked whilst trying to breathe and urging him into her; so a nod was her reply, "I know it´s been a little since-"

"Will… stop talking", he chuckled and kissed he tip of her nose before rubbing their sexes together. A long, throaty puff was emitted and Emma bucked her hips on his.


"y-yes", she blushed as he pushed inside her, gently, slow and so hotly. "Oh, yes…"

"It feels just like the first time, doesn´t it?"

"Better…", she breathed, caressing his cute chin, "So much better"

"Yes…", and then he began moving, "Because we´re together"

"Uh-hu", and she rocked back and forth, meeting his long deep thrusts, "always"

It was crazy; the passion with which they held each other; his arms, underneath her hips, enticing her into him, her hands on her lower back, guiding him.

"Oh… Will…"

"I know…", he was sweating and pulsating inside her like a mad man and feeling his release quite close, allowed his whole body to press across hers. He wanted to last long, but damn it had been so long… Emma gasped, harshly at the new, precious contact, "You ok?"

"Don´t stop", she used to say that very often and Will understood she had began discovering the wonders of sex and love making, "Oh, Gosh, don´t stop", her lower half swiveled forcefully beneath him and he mirrored her actions. And there were no longer pants filling the air, but desperate, pitched cries starving for release, "More…"

"Like that?", he was obsessed with the new sounds she was making and rather forcefully, Will pushed deep and hard inside her, eliciting a cry and a shudder off her. "Come, Em…", he couldn´t take it anymore. Damn he should have had lasted longer!

And obediently, her body exploded in bliss and tremors bringing his release almost right away.

"Mmm-", her head fell back and brought him to dip on the mattress, prisoner of complete and total weariness, "that was… "

"Mind-blowing", he finished the sentence for her, lips trailing the delicate line of her jaw and mouth, "You rock my world, Emma"

"You make my word so easy", he knew what she meant and again, left a kiss on her parted mouth, tongue skating in it to taste her sweet flavor.

"Promise me something", they were still struggling for air; but those little moments, Will cherished them deep inside his heart.

"Yes", she didn´t even questioned why; it was useless, she would promise anything.

"Promise me… the day I ask you to marry me you´ll say yes"

"Yes", she´d marry him right now if that was what he wanted, "Can you promise something yourself?"


"Promise me you´ll give Isabelle a little sister or brother", she would like to have another child in the future.


"Yes. I´d like to have a boy… so you can play football with him"

"I´d like a baby boy too… but Em… now?"

"I don´t know… when the time comes…", this was so un-Emma… She liked planning and organizing. This was overly spontaneous for her.

"We should wait… Until Isa is a little older, don´t you think?", for a second she looked disappointed, "and I´d like to have you more to myself if that´s ok"

"Ok", it was a yes and Emma was thrilled.

"And we could start practicing"

"But we have Isabelle to practice…", she looked confused; her innocence was cute and brought a snigger out of him.

"I mean we can start practicing on how to make babies, Em…"

"Oh…", her cheeks flushed red and a cross-side smile curved her still swollen lips, "ok"

"We could start now…", his eyebrows rose mischievously and she giggled contagiously.

"We certainly could"

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