I should not be allowed to start new chapter fics. Yes, this is a new one. It's something a little different than other things that I've done before. A bit lighter on the humor, heavier on the suspense, and it takes at least one character to limits that are somewhat new to me. Oh, but it's been fun to write!
I hope you enjoy!

At first she'd kept the drapes closed. It was a foolish modicum of security. April knew that mere millimeters of fabric wouldn't stop the soundwaves from reaching their listening devices. But she gloried in the knowledge that they could only hear her.

And then she found the bug. It resembled Don's remote turtle-cam on a smaller scale. The thing, fascinating as it was, met its end beneath a copy of Webster's Dictionary.

The drapes were open now and no more cameras had been sent in. It irked her, and she stood glaring at what had been identified as the usual post for the Foot ninjas who regularly spied on her from the rooftops across the street.

In an hour or so Casey would arrive for their date, having come from first clearing out the nest of peeping-toms. But it still galled her. Every other American had some semblance of a right to privacy and now she was lucky if the garbage men got to her trash before the ninjas did. She bore no illusions about her landline- it was tapped. She used her shell cell for the important calls anyways, but it still bothered her to know that the Foot knew every detail of her weekly conversations with her sister. That they knew about her soon-to-be-born nephew was downright chilling. They knew things about her that Casey didn't even know. They knew about the strife with her parents and about her troubles sleeping. They knew that she was having financial trouble with the turn in the economy. Whenever she looked up at those windows it was as if the walls were closing in on her. How much did Karai know? How little? Did she care? What could be used against her? Against her friends? Had she said too much that one time her uncle had called from Madagascar? Could they deduce that it was Donatello who wanted to order that computer part and not her?

She wondered if this was how it felt to be stalked. Except that she knew that she wasn't the true goal- the prize- she was merely a means to an end. The only visible connection to the turtles. And for that they watched her like a hawk. But that there was always that fear in the back of her mind that one day Karai would decide that she was a pawn worth sacrificing in the interests of breaking the current stalemate.

The day the van showed up, she knew that she'd had enough of the silent glaring. Walking by the window on her way to dress for her date, April shot the vehicle a one-finger salute.

She'd had enough. It was time to hit back.

"It was the straw that broke the camel's back"...
I've actually had this first chapter on my computer for quite some time now. It just needed a bit of reworking. The idea for this whole thing sprang from the random thought while watching season four that "I'd become so paranoid if I had evil ninjas watching my home!" It sort of snowballed from there...