Thank you so much for your kind reception of my first Jane by design fan fiction! As I mentioned earlier, it was intended to be a one-shot. But since you were all so nice, I decided to write an epilogue. And, I have a second Jane by Design story already written which will be posted soon.

Also, I always forget to write this because it's rather obvious (but I think I'm supposed to anyway)

"I do not own the rights Jane by Design, hence this being a fan fiction "

Epilogue: 6 years later

This was the first trip to Paris that Jane had ever taken simply for pleasure. She had been their many times for work, but this time was different. This time she was here with Billy. They had gone sightseeing to their hearts' contents. They spent every practically minute together while they were in the city of lights. There was nothing quite like being in Paris and being in love. Their only time apart was when Billy went to get Jane a present, but he wouldn't say what it was. She walked along the seine alone for an hour, enjoying the vibrant beauty of her favorite city. She began imaging a new Paris fashion line in her head. Then Billy called her and they met for lunch at one of the historic cafes, ending their brief separation.

It had been their last night in Paris. This particular night, they had gone out to dinner at the fanciest restaurant Jane had ever been to, which was saying something considering the many elaborate restaurants she had gone to with clients. She would have to get used to Billy being able to afford places such as this. Although he was barely out of grad school and working for an up and coming business, he was already receiving a generous salary. They finished eating and walked through the streets of the city, discussing their trip and the beauty of the Parisian night. They walked until they found themselves directly below the Eiffel tower, deserted at this late hour. The lifts were turned off, but the stairs were always there.

The gate to the stairwell was locked, but Billy had planned for that and pulled a key borrowed from the gatekeeper, who was willing to bend the rules when Billy told him his plans. Jane looked shocked at the appearance of the key, but didn't question Billy about it as they entered the stairwell and locked the door behind them. They began to climb, talking softly as they climbed from landing to landing. Jane wore heels, but she'd been running in them for years, so this was no problem. Finally they reached the observation deck. They walked to the railing and looked out on their own exclusive view of Paris. It was pure magic. The lights of the city twinkled softly, and a spattering of glowing stars was visible in the clear sky.

Billy grasped Jane's hand gently, and turned her towards him. Then, after wordlessly staring into her eyes for a moment, he knelt onto one knee. She gasped softly, but didn't object. The sounds of the city faded as they looked into each other's eyes and took in the twinkling world surrounding them. A brief moment of silence that neither would ever forget hung in the air, until it was broken by Billy's voice.

"Jane Quinby, will you marry me?" Billy Nutter asked, his voice calm but with clear emotion obvious behind the words. Then he looked up at her expectantly, noticing that her eyes were shining wetly in the darkness of the night.

"Yes," she whispered softly. And then they were kissing, as the lights of Paris glittered approvingly all around them.

The End