The Avatar of Venus.

I roll across the ground, dragging my many limbs behind me.

I do not understand how could something like this go so very wrong? Father sent me teach them, he sent me from a place called a desert, but I do not understand what kind of place that is.

So I focus one of my many eyes on my surroundings, I wished to stay around heat, but I traveled across water to get here. At least that is what father told me, to be honest I have no idea what the term water means.

I crawl against the harsh floor, or maybe ground, but that is another term that my father did not tell me.

I'm deeply terrified at the creatures here, they are nothing like my brother and sisters. I meet a thing, it was known as a dog. An indescribable monster with a maul of disfigured teeth. When it opened the thing attached to its head, it looked like what my father looks like when he opens his head.

I escaped, but I lost a large portion of my body, but that wasn't the worst of it.

There were these creatures...they called themselves humans.

Cruel so cruel, I once dragged my body towards a place where humans live, it was odd that they live so spread from their own kind.

They crushed me, they dropped things they called stone on my small body. The funny thing about it, the ones screaming the loudest was them. Calling me monster, something that shouldn't exist. When they are the odd ones.

They are the things that should not exist, how they only have four limbs, how they had a round appendage attached to their bodies; one can assume it was their head.

Father wishes for me to help these things, but how? I can't help monsters, I can't speak to monsters.

My next journey was on a thing called a boat, it was large and had harsh skin, did these humans imprison such a creature. Was the creature even alive anymore or were the humans simply defiling its corpse. Defiling the dead is simply so cruel.

After such a short travel across the thing called water, I arrived in such a hot place...It was fantastic.

While it paled in comparison to home, but it was still nice.

As I journeyed through the new mass of land, I encountered something called a city. I appears large amount of the human creatures gather here.

I go through the town, but only after the sun sets and the beast enter their havens. I go through the darkest corners of the tall land masses, avoiding all contact with anything and everything.

As I traveled, I wished I was back with the others, I wished I was back with father.

At the end of the dark corner of shadowed by the large land masses, I discovered a monster dead at the end.

By the looks of it, it was a young creature. Maybe female, I do not know how to tell the gender of something known as a human.

I took such a chance and examined the body, only to discover something horrifying.

Cancer, they were living cancer. Something that continues to grow, without any help. Just devours and grows. They do not absorb knowledge by eating other beings, they simply gained it.

Scary that was scary, horrifying even.

I look at the mass of flesh, and I shiver.

I would have to eat it, not only for the knowledge, but for the energy as well.

There is no need to waste time describing it, it is to sickening, but what I gain from it is irreplaceable.

Apparently this monster was called Jinxing, she was twelve years of age, and before her death she experienced something called rape. I don't understand it at all.

Her father is sad.

Even a monster should have their parents, but does that mean every human has a different father? It is so confusing.

Apparently, I'm in a place called the fire nation. There is a thing called bending.

So many terms filled my skull; it was amazing how much cruel monster truly knew. But as I sort through such things, my mind began to break.

Sad, so sad, these monsters did not know any better. They separated from one another, they aren't apart of a single being, they do not have a father like me and my siblings.

Such things are unheard of.

So even if they can advance without the aid of other beings, they will never be one.

I must fix that.

I must save such savages, such peasants. I must save everything in this horrifying race.

I allow them all to become one with father, I finally understand what he meant when he said help them. It may take a while, but I shall eat them, one by one. Allowing them to be a part of something grander then themselves.

So, even if I cause them pain, even if I shatter their dreams. I shall help these poor things. It is my duty as the superior one to help the inferior. That is what father told me before I left, I didn't truly understand the meaning of such a thing before now.

They must learn how to assimilate, and suffering shall be their teacher.

Author notes

I'll be honest, I simply did this to give people some ideas for a fic, I can't believe not a single person made a fic about the different planets and the potential of different Avatars on those planets.

Anyway, if you guys liked this, I'll do other one shot chapters of the other avatars. Yes Pluto counts.

And by the end of the nine chapters, you guys can decide which one you liked the most and I'll make a whole story from it.

Also, you are free to take any of my ideas if you enjoy them.