Chapter 6

A conversation with someone from Saturn.

"You don't feel bad for the things you've done?" The blond girl asked the long haired woman as she simply sighed.

"No, the world is a pretty horrid place anyway, trying to pretend otherwise is pointless..." The woman sat on the grass as the golden haired girl simply looked down on her stone and laughed.

"Yeah, the world, or any other world won't change, there is a lot of evil in this world. Even if some of the most important people never sees it, that's why people should probably live as selfishly as possible,"

The woman simply nodded as she looked at the full moon, one night it wasn't there, though that was a long time ago.

"It's probably the best to live like that, after all, there are plenty of good people in this world. More than enough for me to live selfishly, though that will never change, after all you are born with a certain inherent worth. Even if it isn't given to at birth, your worth determines what you do in life and how noble you die. If the people I killed were worth anything, then they probably wouldn't have died in the first place."

The golden eyed girl simply blinked before nodding.

"Well, it's true they may have been alive if you didn't kill them, but they would have died sooner or later right? So I guess feeling bad for killing them is a waste of time, plus the people they know do enough sulking," The blond girls white dress fluttered in the wind as the black haired woman simply continued to look.

She had never seen someone like her before, golden hair and eyes, a simple white dress that looked nothing like the ones she had seen before, maybe she was from a different place, or maybe she was a spirit.

"For some reason, I don't feel like I'm worthy of talking to someone like you..." The woman made a throwaway joke as the blond haired girl nodded.

"Probably, not no one on this planet is probably worthy of having a conversation with me, consider yourself lucky that I'm bored enough to indulge you, even if it's really fun!"

It seemed like the girl had no problem throwing her weight around as the woman chuckled, she probably should have been offended at the younger girl's statement.

"Yeah, you're right, though thinking like can't have a lot of friends can you?" It seemed the woman struck a sore spot as the girl eye twitched, what seemed to be a superior being was about to act like a little girl.

"Someone like me, doesn't need something as worthless as friends. Other things will just get in the way, after all there is no difference between people and objects, other than the fact one is more loud than an another,"

The woman finally took a set on the grass. "I can't argue with that, people are pretty annoying, sometimes I wonder why people even try at life when some are destined for greatness and others will sink to mediocrity, makes the entire ideal of trying completely pointless."

Though it probably sounded like the woman was sulking as the blond haired girl simply blinked before a harsh laugh, one that sounded like a dying pig, despite being elegant in every other way. Laughing was something she should rarely do.

"You know, people are going to call us wrong when we say this, though the idea of right and wrong is kind of worthless don't you think?" The blond girl asked as the woman rubbed the back of her head.

"After all, how one person views the world is different than how others see it, living as selfishly as possible is just as viable as living as selflessly as possible. Those kind of things are determined by who you live with and how you are raised."

The blond girl paused for a moment as her gaze scanned the woman. "How old are you anyway lady?"

The woman wondered if she should give her age, then dismissed the fear. After all, she had no connections to the girl in front of her, so giving her age was something she could do at the very least.

"27, ah and I'm still not married, at this rate I'm probably going to die old and alone with nothing of value to show for I really am making myself feel bad," The older woman let out a rather stilted laugh as the blond girl rolled her eyes.

"Sheesh, if that's the truth why waste the time being married, if you want to have kids, just mate with a bunch of anonymous people! I mean really, marriage is for people who find true love, and unfortunately not everyone finds that true love," The older woman wondered why such a young girl would say such a vile thing as the woman laughed at the thought.

"Not only am I somewhat revolted with that thought, but I have to laugh at the fact that I'm revolted by it, I mean I kill people. Sleeping with strangers should be at the top of the things I'm willing to do for money..."

Though the entire world was a pretty funny place, there were millions of people dying and being crushed and nothing no one could do about it. Some people were simply meant to die in an alleyway alone from other people.

"Who knows, maybe I'll try that later if I'm bored, though I don't it will change anything, but having morals has been really annoying..." The woman continued as the golden eyed girl crossed her legs and nodded.

"Of course it is, if everyone thinks you're worthless and meaningless anyway, why waste the time having things like morals, the most they'll say is they respect you and move along with their nice cozy life while you are left unhappy and living up to someones expectations that doesn't even care about what happens to you?"

It was the harsh reality about the world, people simply judge you by looking at you anyway, so why try to gain such approval.

"Yeah, that's what's so great about being someone who is worthless, no one holds you to anything, being the Avatar might be fun for all the attention you get, but I wouldn't want the job. Doing what I want when I want without worry...though having people looking up to you wouldn't be bad." The woman sighed as the blond girl gazed down.

"Hmm, did I say something that offended you?" The woman asked as the golden eyed girl shook her head.

"No...actually I was wondering where you was going from here, and if I could come along..." It was a random request as the woman shrugged.

"Whatever, it's not like I was doing anything important, ever since the war stopped I've been getting a lot less request for killing people, ah the truth is I'm completely broke right now. I might just become a thief, since I don't know how to do anything."

"Meh." The blond haired girl simply shrugged as she jumped from the rather large stone. "Learning new things is hard anyway, stay with me and you never have to worry about money again!" Maybe she really was a spirit, after all she had golden hair with golden eyes. Maybe she was the spirit of money or something.

"Well, as long as I can be lazy and not do anything involving work ever again I'll be happy, so explain to me how I won't have to worry about money ever again?"

The blond girl simply smiled.


Author notes

Not a lot of weird in this chapter, just a conversation. These are just prologs to full stories anyway.