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"The World"

The Noob- Chapter One

*Whoosh, Wash*

I log into the popular online game, 'The World'. My character is a tall female Human race Tribal Grappler named Leiko. My character has long gray-blue hair hung up in a ponytail with a brown tie. She has bright red eyes and dangling earrings. The color scheme of my character is mostly orange and blue. She has a belly shirt with a blue collar and a gem on the chest. She has orange capris with red padding and brown shoes, along with a purple-blue sleeve on just the right arm. Going down the left side of my characters body I had blue tattoos scrolling down from her eye down her left arm and left side of her stomach.

"So this is The World, huh? Let's see just how fun this game really is," I start to head for the Chaos Gate when I bump into someone and fall backwards. "Ow! Watch it!" I start to stand up.

"I- I'm," The Harvest Cleric girl who ran into me tries to help me up but I hit her hands away.

"Get off me; stay away from me!" I stand up and glare at her; anger clouding my eyes. "What's your problem! Quit staring at me and scram!"

"O-Okay!" The girl bows and runs off joining a nearby PC who looks at her then at me.

"I'd be careful of your temper, young lady. That attitude might get you killed in this world," The PC flips his long blue hair and starts to walk off; the girl following him like a lost puppy.

I glare at them for a moment as they walk off, then storm off to the Chaos Gate and warp to an area.

"Okay Leiko, pull yourself together." I fight my way through most of the first floor in the dungeon and then walk into the next room and find three parties of monsters and choose to attack the closest one.

After a few moments of attacking one falls and the other two fall shortly after. "Level four... This is just like any normal game." I finish off the other two parties just like the last and enter the next dungeon room that is empty except for the two chests on opposite sides. "Might as well open them." I walk over to one of the chests kicking it open. "Awesome! Some new gauntlets!" I equip them and head toward the other chest that is in front of an open entrance to a new area of the dungeon. I kick it open and kneel to pick the item up. "This is useful."

"I hope it's a potion you just got out of that chest. Cause you're going to need it." I look up to see a PC hanging a blue electric broadsword over his shoulder. The PC had short brow hair and blue eyes; he was wearing a orange and gold collar, but other than that had no shirt, and then wore light orange pants with a brown crotch protector. "Then again. You won't have enough time to even use it!" The character starts to walk toward me.

"W-What do you want?" I pull out my gauntlets and hold my fists up with a karate stance; one of my legs moves behind the other.

"Put those things down. You're no match for me." He swings his broadsword to his side and starts to run toward me.

"Stop!" The guy stops and looks over his shoulder where the voice came from. I glace over to the side to see a pink haired girl who wore a round white hat with a dangly thing on the side; a white and black outfit along with a tear drop tattoo beneath her left eye. "If you want to fight with other characters, you should go to the arena."

The PC with the broadsword places the weapon behind his back and it disappears then whispers disgustedly. "Stupid Twilight chick..." He runs off.

"Um, thanks... but, who are you?" I look at her as she walks toward me

"Come now Leiko. You know who I am."

She stops before me and I stare at her for a moment longer before gasping, "Shino!" She nods. "But how did you know it was me!"

"Your stance gave you away. You wound always do that when you were about to fight."

"Oh." I look down at my stance. "I guess you're right. So who was that guy?"

"People like him are called Player Killers."

"So you mean players that like to kill other characters?"

Shino nods and continues to talk, "PK. That is the shortened name for them, but enough about that- Why don't I help you finish this dungeon?"

"Alright, Thanks!"

Shino helps me through the rest of the dungeon and we make it to the beast's statue. "Well done Leiko. Now take the item from the chest"

"Thanks Shino! I sure leveled up a lot!" I go open the chest but nothing is inside. "That's odd... There's nothing in it." All of a sudden black gunk flies out and seeps into my PC and the computer screen goes blank.

("Huh, What's going on! Why can't I move! Okay. Calm down Leiko just log out... What! I can't log out either! Oh right, I guess I'm still technically in the dungeon, guess I'll just have to reboot...)

I log back in and walk into town; I sit on the edge of the fountain in the middle of the square and look into the water thinking to myself, "What was that stuff? Was it just a bug?... No, something about it just doesn't feel right. Come to think of it my PC seems different somehow..."

"There you are Leiko." I turn to see Shino.

"Shino... Were you hit by that bug too?"

"Yes but, I've been hit by one before so I knew to reboot right away."

"What was that stuff anyway?" I stand up so I'm at normal eye level with Shino.

"It's a virus know as AIDA. Sometimes AIDA can mess up a PC but it seems you were unaffected by it." She changes the subject. "Leiko, would you consider joining the guild I'm in?"

"Guild?" I cross my arms ready to hear the answer.

" A guild is like a club. Ours' is called The Twilight Brigade. Along with me there are five members total. Would you like to be the sixth?"

I put my fingers to my chin and think for a moment. "What is The Twilight Brigade for exactly?"

"Some guilds are for helping new players when they start "The World." Our Brigade is looking for something, something that some people believe to be just a legend. This something is called the Key of the Twilight. It is rumored to be a legendary weapon but no one knows for sure. Would you consider joining us?"

"Sure. I have nothing better to do anyway."

Shino holds out a card, "Here, you'll need this to get to where we are going."

I take the card from her and look at it. "Um... Shino. What is this thing on the card?"

Shino giggles slightly, "You didn't read the manual did you Leiko? You never did like to read Leiko. It's called a Grunty. Come on, the Home is this way. An Home is like headquarters for the Brigade." Shino leads me to a building; opens the door and walks in; I follow not too far behind.