Yeah, I started watching Zero no Tsukaima, than I wondered how a Mage-y Dragonborn would react to being Louise's familiar and basically how magic worked in their world as well. So yeah, here's my take on it, which is based on my own Dragonborn character (All 90 or higher in everything except 2H, Heavy Armor, Alchemy, and all the schools of Magic). Hopefully the story will explain everything. Occasionally I will take scenes from the anime/light novel, but this will definitely mostly be original content from my twisted mind.

Uh, did not expect this to be getting the views it's getting. So I guess I'll add a slight warning to take this chapter with a grain of salt. Everyone's interpretations of how anyone would react to being summoned to an unknown world varies. This would probably be how my guy would react, based on personal opinion and how the Dragonborn doesn't even question his destiny or try to run from it.

"Damn, it's hard being the Arch-mage of the College of Winterhold." I thought to myself while strolling the streets of Whiterun. Apparently, the news of the successor to Archmage Savos Aren spread quickly. But how the guards and citizens came to figure out what he looked like already is a mystery even I can't unravel, even with my extensive information gathering abilities.

"Ah, greetings. You must be the new Archmage, Salien Sventor. I didn't expect you to be a Bosmer though." A guard comments while he's doing his rounds.

"Well, any race can grasp the art of magic. All it takes is a little bit of talent and dedication." I coolly reply. Come to think of it, I am wearing the Archmage's robes, which look a lot more unique than the usual robes that other mages like me wear.

He nods his head and continues on his way. I continue on my way until I arrive at my house in Whiterun, Breezehome.

"Welcome back, Thane." Lydia greets me as I walk in.

"Oh, hello Lydia. Do you know if I kept my stash of armor in Breezehome? I need to change out of these robes."

"No, you only keep weapons in here. If I recall correctly, you told me that you kept your armor in...Solitude."

On hearing Lydia's words, I immediately facepalm. Right...Lydia watches the weapon stash here in Whiterun when she's not accompanying me on journeys. My collection of armor is all the way in Proudspire Manor, under guard by Jordis. Damn it, why didn't I just do the logical thing and keep all my stuff in one place? Oh yeah, I have so much treasure that one house couldn't hold it all. That's why I spread it over my houses in each of the Hold capitals.

"Why do you need armor anyways? Those robes you're wearing look powerful." Lydia muses.

"Well I'm mainly a swordsman and thief at heart. I'm only at Journeyman level in all the schools of magic." I reply.

Leaving her behind on the ground floor, I head up to my room and quickly stuff the Staff of Magnus into the chest specifically designated for staffs. Crouching next to my swords/daggers chest, I take a moment to decide which weapon will suit my needs best for the present future.

There aren't any specific enemies I'll be going up against soon, so I guess I'll go with something I can use against all kind of creatures. I reach inside the chest and pull out two weapons: Chillrend and Blade of Woe. These two weapons have served me well, the dual enchantment of both cold damage and paralysis on Chillrend amazingly useful on everything except ice creatures. The Blade of Woe is also powerful in its own right, more lethal than even a Daedric dagger and with a lifesteal enchantment to boot. I equip both of them, attaching them to the sides of my belt.

"Going out again, Salien?" Lydia asks when I return downstairs.

"Yeah, unfortunately. I need to pick up the enchanted Glass armor from Solitude. I feel naked combat-wise in these robes."

"Than how did you become Archmage to begin with if you prefer melee combat?"

"I helped the College out of a bind. Didn't really matter which way I went about performing such a service. Hell, it was only after I became Archmage that I bothered to train magic. After all, it'd be pretty bad if the Archmage couldn't even cast a simple Conjure Flame Atronach spell."

"Hmmm...that's true." Lydia agrees, nodding her head. "I'll always prefer my sword and shield over magic any day though."

"Technically, it's MY sword and shield." I point out. After all, I did equip Lydia with brand new Ebony armor when I finally had the smithing ability to create Ebony armor.

"Ok ok, you got me there, Thane." Lydia relents.

"I'm just joking with you. Anyways, I'm off now. I'd appreciate it if you didn't talk about how the Archmage was barely a mage when he took the mantle."

"My lips are sealed, Thane. By the way, aren't you also part of the Blades?"

"Yes, you've heard about that as well I guess?"

Lydia nods as confirmation.

"Figures, anyways I assisted with the recruiting for them. Even though Alduin is gone, there are still dragons out there attacking Skyrim. And who else to take them out but the renowned dragonslayers, the Blades?"

"Shouldn't you be out there fighting with them as well?"

"Not really. I run across a lot of them by myself anyways. You should know all about that. Remember that Ancient Dragon that ambushed us after we finished exploring the Abandoned Prison?"

Lydia shudders as she flashes back to that painful battle. We underestimated the dragon's ability, and ended up luring it towards nearby Morthal so the guards could help us in killing it.

"Don't remind me, Thane. Took a week for me to recover from those burns, even with all those health potions you brought with you that day...Speaking of potions, you need any? Or any other reagents?" Lydia inquires, getting up from the dining room table.

"Hmm..." I look through my knapsack to see if there's anything missing...Health potions...magicka potions...that usual pile of alchemy ingredients that I end up never using...both empty and filled soul gems of various sizes...a LOT of Glass arrows... "Oh yeah. Do you have my bow? I nearly forgot about that. And I call myself a Bosmer, hehe."

"Ah, you mean Frost Burst? Yeah I still have it. Here you go." Lydia pulls out a beautiful Glass bow from her inventory. A faint light blue glow is emanating from the bow, indicating that it's been enchanted with a powerful Ice Damage effect. Frost Burst was the bow I enchanted myself, to see how well my enchanting skills have developed. Shame I still can't enchant two effects together, but still, this is enough.

"Thanks, Lydia. Now I feel ready for the road. Well, as ready as I can be while I'm wearing cloth for armor." I place the bow on my back. As a Bosmer, archery is second nature to us. So having a bow and arrow is very important to our kind. "I'll be off than, sorry for making this visit a brief one."

"Do not apologize, after all, you are my Thane. You need not apologize for your actions."

"...It feels awkward for someone older than me to act so formally towards me. I'm still only eighteen, y'know."

"Age is no matter, you are still a Thane. Now get going, and safe journey to you. May the gods watch over you."

With that farewell, I exit Breezehome. Now that my inventory has been replenished, I feel confident about going to Solitude now. Walking towards the city gates, I notice a few Stormcloak soldiers march past me, presumably heading towards Dragonsreach. Probably an envoy or something like that; ever since Alduin was defeated, both the Imperials and Stormcloaks have been trying to recruit me, since my powers as Dragonborn (or Dovahkiin) would essentially grant them wins in every battle I participated in...if I cared about the Civil war, that is. This is a fight between man, and while I have no love for the Aldmeri Dominion, I certainly won't be fighting for humans any time soon.

While I thought today was going to be a normal day, that thought was interrupted by the light green anomaly hovering on the path next to Warmaiden's. Strangely enough, the guards posted by the city gate and Adrianne Avenicci (who was busy smithing) couldn't see it, since they didn't walk up to the anomaly with a strange expression like I just did. It definitely must be some form of magic, and since I'm the Arch-Mage, it's my duty to investigate this matter. I slowly reach out my hand towards the oval...blob, for lack of a better word. But as soon as I make contact with it, an invisible force started to drag me in. Panicking, I try to pull my hand out, but the invisible force wins, sucking me into the blob.

For a few moments, or eternity (Hard to tell which), everything goes black. It was either I was going blind or dying when blue started to fill my vision, disproving my predictions.

"By the Gods, what the hell happened?" I mutter to myself. I push myself up from the ground, where I'm greeted by a definitely unfamiliar sight.

A crowd of teens, all of them wearing the same color cloaks and holding sticks were staring at me intently. Than my attention drifted towards the various fantastic creatures next to them, ranging from common pets like cats and dogs to things I can only call "A flying eyeball". My eyes further drift away towards the giant tower behind them. It's architecture is completely unknown to me, not looking like any building I've ever seen in Skyrim.

I could hear talking coming from the teens, but it was a language completely foreign to me, further confirming my suspicions that I wasn't in Skyrim anymore, or maybe even in Nirn for all I know. Ahhhh by the Gods, how the hell will I get back than?

My panicking thoughts were interrupted by a girl who slowly walked up to me. She had strawberry pink hair (A hair color I have NEVER seen in my life) and similarly colored eyes as well. First thing that came to my mind was: Cute. She knelt down next to me and pulled off the hook of my robes, showing off the rest of my head, including my pointy ears that indicated I was mer, or elf..

Immediately, the talk between the teens grew louder, but this girl in front of me didn't seem to notice, her only response to what she saw being a slight widening of her eyes.. Instead, she grabbed my head and drew in for..

As I was still in a daze, I couldn't resist as our lips met, although it was for a relatively brief moment. At this point, it should be said that that was my first kiss. Adventuring doesn't leave much for romance, or even a one night stand when the dragons are dictating your schedule. Pulling back, she murmured some words I couldn't understand when a searing pain started to assault my left hand. Pulling it towards me, I noticed strange runes being etched on the back of my hand. But as soon as the pain appeared, it disappeared, leaving behind only the rune. Luckily, the pain shook me out of my daze, and I recovered enough to stand up.

"An elf? Louise the Zero summoned an elf?"

"It's not like any elf I've ever seen!"

"It's definitely a commoner than!"

"But look at those robes, they're definitely not something a commoner would wear!"

"But he has swords and a bow on him, he surely must be a lowly commoner!"

"But those weapons aren't like anything I've seen before..."

Once again, I could hear the voices coming from the crowd of teens, but more importantly, I could understand them. Now this was an unforeseen breakthrough. Now let's see if it works both ways.

"Ah, my head. Oy, where in Oblivion am I?" I ask out loud to no one in general.

"You're in Tristain's Academy of Magic." The pink-haired girl curtly explains, giving me an ice cold look. Next to her is a balding man with glasses, his staff pointed at me presumably in case I was hostile. Compared to the look the girl's giving me though, his stare can only be described as analytical.

Tristain? Academy of Magic? As if I need any more confirmation that I wasn't in Nirn anymore. But still...magic exists in other worlds, huh? Since I'm not one to take things lying down, I better go information gathering so I can determine what this world is like. But first...

"Why are you giving me the stink-eye? You're not acting like a girl who just kissed a guy." I ask her.

"That's because the kiss was to create a contract between us. You're my familiar now. And I am your master." The stranger replies, anger starting to seep into her voice.

Contract...familiar...What? I'm a familiar? A servant to this girl over here? Ugh, this is akin to a permanent Conjuration spell, for lack of a better comparison. Looks like I might as well submit for now, no point in running off blindly without knowing where you're going.

"You're my master, huh? Very well, I guess I must accept this for now. The name's Salien Sventor, also known in my world as Dragonborn, or Dovahkiin."

"Dove-Ah-Keen?" Question marks started to appear around the girl.

"Don't worry about that for now. Anyways, what is your wish, master?" I ask, making sure to add sarcasm to the last word.

"Just follow me. And don't say anything." The girl orders angrily. Grabbing my shoulder with a strength I would not have associated with her, she drags her behind me, ignoring the jeers coming from the crowd.

"Once a Zero, always a Zero!"

"You're so bad you had to hire someone to be your familiar!"

Ignoring these taunts, the girl drags me towards one of the smaller towers built into the wall surrounding the main tower. I soon find myself being thrown into a room which I assume is hers.

"Why did I have to summon someone like him as a familiar?" The girl complains, throwing herself onto the large bed.

"It's not like I'm happy to be here too!" I shoot back. "I'd be the laughingstock of Skyrim if they knew what was happening to me right now."

"...Skyrim?" The girl asks, unable to hold back her curiosity.

"Yeah, that was my land, or at least the land I resided in at the time being. Anyways, you haven't even given me your name yet. Or am I supposed to call you master only?"

On hearing me ask for her name, the girl immediately stands up, trying her best to give off an imposing look.

"My name is Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valliere, a Noble of Tristain. And you are my lowly familiar. Remember that."

"Oh, I will." I respond, words dripping with sarcasm. She's definitely someone who needs a kick to their ego. "Would you like me to remember the name your fellow students called you, Louise the Zero?"

On hearing my rebuttal, Louise becomes flustered.

"N-no! That would be unnecessary!. Just call me Louise or Master."

"Of course, master. Anyways, where am I sleeping at? This room only has one bed." I inquire.

"You're to get some hay from the stables and bring it here. That will be your bed." Louise stiffly replies, turning away. For someone who's slept on stone beds before, hay is definitely an upgrade.

"Very well, I will take my leave than." Acting as servantly as possible, I bow to Louise before walking out. Now I know how my housecarls feel when I order them around. But then again, I wasn't as much of a bitch to them as Louise is to me right now. Retracing my steps, I soon find myself outside the tower, before forgetting that I don't know where the stables are. Remembering back in Skyrim, the stables were always situated at the entrances to cities, I start to wander through the courtyard, trying to find a gate or something in the wall.

Walking through one of the arches in a wall connecting the perimeter to the main tower, I spy a short blue-haired girl quietly reading next to the arch, her staff sheathed on her back. I seem to recall her among the crowd of students back at the summoning as well, although she looked quite disinterested, like she is right now.

"Excuse me." I call out. "Do you know where the stables are?"

The girl looks up at me, an apathetic expression on her face. On closer expection, she's wearing red, half-rimmed glasses, that oddly suit her.

"Familiar." She says.

"Yes, I'm the new person, I know that. Can you direct me towards the stables?"

She looks towards the wall on the other side of the courtyard.

"That way." She murmurs.

"Ah, thank you." I follow down the direction she made. I can't help but shake the feeling that she's watching me go. Going through another arch, I see a gigantic path leading towards the center tower which I presume must be a road of sorts. I follow it down the opposite direction of the tower and soon end up outside the Academy's walls.

Like I predicted, the stables are located right next to the entrance, with the horses whinnying in their pens. At least in this one aspect, Skyrim and...Tristain are similar. I gather up a ball of hay and start to carry it to Louise's room again. Passing the arch again, the blue-haired girl is still reading her book quietly.

"Oh, thanks for leading me in the right direction." I say.

Noticing me again, she surveys me through those strangely shaped glasses, taking in my appearance and weaponry.

"Strong." She murmurs.

Well it's not every day, even in Skyrim, you see someone running around in elaborate robes and wielding lethal looking weaponry.

"Well I am an expert in one-handed weapons and archery-"

"No." The girl interrupts me. She takes her staff and points it at me. "Mage."

Heh, she's as perceptive as I thought she was. Her quiet facade isn't for nothing, it seems.

"Ah no, you must be mistaken, err...what's your name?"

"...Tabitha." She quietly replies, eyes sinking back into her book. I guess this conversation is over.

"Oh, alright then. I'm Salien Sventor, nice to meet you as well. I'll be off than."

Leaving Tabitha to her book, I head back to Louise's room. Come to think of it, blue hair is also a very odd hair color. But at least on Tabitha, it suits her as well. I dump the hay on the wall next to the bed, arranging it into slightly comfortable bedding. Well, if I can find a blanket or something, it would be alright. Luckily, Louise must have left to do some business of sorts, so I dump my knapsack on the floor and start rooting through it.

Luckily, all of the contents seems to have made it through my journey unharmed. Since this is an unknown world, I don't know what kind of ingredients can be used to replicate healing effects or magicka restoration. By Oblivion, there are a lot of questions that needs to be answered, like what kind of magic these humans use, to whatever the hell these runes on my left hand are. But for now, I guess I'll call it an early day. Looking outside, where the sun is starting to tint orange, I pull off my Archmage's robes and replace it with a set of normal clothing. After stashing Frost Burst and Chillrend in my sack, I stuff the Blade of Woe under the hay, for quick use on any unwanted intruders. Curling myself up with a pelt I found on the bottom of my sack, I nod off to sleep, not caring about Louise or the fact that I'm her familiar now. Those are issues I'll deal with tomorrow...

Yeah, I'm not sure how the Dragonborn carries around so much stuff with the noticeable lack of carrying space, so I made him have a knapsack that can somehow hold a LOT of stuff. Yep.