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At least she isn't dead. At least she can still talk. At least… there are no more at least for Katniss Everdeen. An Avox, serving the Capitol for life. There is no more of her District, nothing much of anything for her. Katniss is quite different from other Avoxes. She was and still is a special case. President Snow had Katniss become an Avox after what had happened, but thing is her tongue wasn't cut off. So that in all pretty much makes her a maid. No one knows the fact that Katniss isn't truly an Avox, just Snow and Katniss, herself. She couldn't talk to anybody and that took some time to get use to.

"You." A Peacekeeper roughly yelled. Katniss looked up from sweeping. "President Snow wants to talk to you." Katniss nearly dropped the broom, she hadn't talk to him for about two years. She set aside the broom and stepped behind the Peacekeeper as he walked.

Katniss was led to a rose garden, a very well sorted garden. She wrinkled her nose as the scent of roses hit her nostrils. She never liked the smell of roses.

"Leave us alone." A familiar raspy voice ordered. The Peacekeepers and guards left, leaving just Katniss and President Snow. He picked a rose from the bush and brushed off the dirt.

"We haven't talked for quite some time, now have we?" Snow said, "You see Katniss Everdeen, I'm transporting you to a family in District 2. It seems they need some assistance. This family I am particularly fond of." Katniss held in her sudden anger. She had no say in this, she was just going to be sent off. To a District 2, no less.

"Aren't I suppose to be just serving the Capitol?" Katniss responded evenly. She hadn't talked for quite a while. Katniss nearly forgot the sound of her own voice.

"You won't be the only Avox sent away to families in Districts." Snow replied, that didn't answer her question. He twirled the rose.

"I'll be serving them for the rest of my life instead. Basically I'll be playing the role of non-talking maid." Katniss stated.

"That's quite right, except you might not be doing this for your whole life." Snow answered. He pricked a petal from the rose and it fell slowly on the ground. He began walking.

"What happens if this family finds out I can talk." Katniss questioned. Her voice didn't break, it was surprisingly steady.

"Depends on what happens if this family finds out. If this new found information they discovered is used against me, they'll be thoroughly executed," Snow stopped walking, "But I would appreciate if you kept our little secret shut." He added.

"I wouldn't leak the secret out," Katniss bitterly replied.

"That is fantastic." Snow gave a half-sour smile, "By the way when you are in your new home, you may have a choice of clothing."

"That's nice," Katniss mumbled. It didn't really matter to her. Avoxes have to wear a white buttoned up collared shirt, with red jeans or red long pants. Shoes were red unlaced sneakers. They have to wear it everyday.

"You'll be leaving tonight at five o'clock." Snow told her. Isn't this a late notice?

"Okay then." Katnss responded, "I'll be leaving then." She left the garden without another word. That man made her sick. She did not like him.

Katniss went into the room, her room. Well kind of, she shared it with a few other Avox girls. She threw in some clothes in a small duffel bag. A pair of flats and some other little stuff.

Katniss reached under her mattress and took out a pin. The Mockingjay pin she received from Madge Undersee. She turned to the alarm clock on the floor which had the minute hand on the 4 and the hour hand on the 6, meaning it was 4:30PM.

"Only half an hour." Katniss whispered to herself. She fell back on the mattress and before she knew it, she had fallen asleep.

Dark. Dark. Everything was so dark. Then BAM! Fire, enraged burning homes. Katniss could hear screams, ugly ones. She took a step and she found herself in front of her old house. It was up in flames. Through the window, Katniss saw her sister- Primrose. Prim was crouched down holding Buttercup in her arms. She was stuck between two heavy logs that fell from the house.

"PRIM!" Katniss screamed, but it was too late. A log lit with fire came crashing down from above Prim.

Another BAM! was heard and then Katniss woke up. She was sweating.

"Are you awake now?" It was the same Peacekeeper that brought Katniss to Snow earlier. She gave a slight nod. "Get going we're leaving now." He ordered. Katniss turned to the alarm clock, it was five o'clock exactly.

Half an hour had passed already, Katniss had the same dream once again. At least it wasn't that bad this time. She got up from the mattress, grabbed her duffel bag, and followed the Peacekeeper out of the building. Katniss was taken into a long car, not fancy like a limo though Inside she found a few other Avoxes seated.

The drive was short and silent; well there isn't anything to say. They're Avoxes, they aren't suppose to be able to talk. They board a train, an amazing one actually. Inside was clean and big, it was long. There was a kitchen, some dining room and a few bedrooms.

The Peacekeepers explained everything. The Avoxes would have and make their own meals whenever they please. The bedrooms were assigned for them, the dining room was for entertainment.

"These are the families you'll be working under." One of the Peacekeepers handed a packet of papers to each of them. After Katniss's was handed, she left for her room but was stopped by a hand. She turned and gave this person (probably a peacekeeper) a hard cold glare. This person was taken back and the grip loosened, Katniss snatched her arm out of the grasp and continued to walk away.


Katniss woke up by the sudden hunger in her stomach, not cause of her dream. She didn't have a dream though, so that was fine. Katniss looked out the window; she saw the whizzing grass and the night sky. Her focus fell out of the scenery, instead she found her reflection. The braid on her hair was a mess and she just noticed, her eyes were more darken then usual. It seemed close to black instead of a gray milky color. Katniss tore herself from the window and took out her braid. She ran her fingers through her hair and walked to the kitchen. She opened the fridge and found some eggs. On the counter there was a loaf of bread and a toaster. She put a piece of bread in the toaster and began toasting it. Katniss cracked two eggs into the frying pan that was heating over the stove, and fried them. The bread popped out of the toaster and she grabbed a plate in the cabinet, and then placed the piece of toast on the plate. The eggs were finished, Katniss liked them scrambled so they were and they were also placed on the plate. She got the salt shaker and put a bit of salt on the eggs. Katniss took out the strawberry jam in the fridge and a knife then went to the dining table. There was one other Avox sitting there, he looked up at her and then went back to what ever he was doing. Katniss placed her food on the table, and then she went back to her room and got the packet she received and went back to the table.

As Katniss spread the jam on the toast as she read the first page. She may be from District 12 but she has her education.

The family Katniss is going to work for is the Smith family. A family of three- the mother, and two sons. The mother Regina Smith, a designer of clothes for both her district and the Capitol. A single parent after her husband passed away. Fredrick Smith, 5 years old and goes to school. Lastly Cato Smith, a worker in a big factory. He works as the manager for designing and examining weapons. A well respect man and known in the whole district. At times Cato goes to the training center for fighting and such. Only age 19 years old. Katniss was going to have to work for people that helped that Capitol, which meant helping Snow.

Katniss flipped through the pages and found no pictures of them, guess she'll have to see them in person.


The next time Katniss woke up was because of a Peacekeeper. He told her that this was her stop. Katniss stepped out of the train and once again was led into a car. She was driven to a large house, around 3 stories high.

Katniss walked up the steps behind the Peacekeeper, he rang the doorbell and a woman opened up the door.

"Mrs. Smith I presume," The peacekeeper said and the woman nodded, "This is the Avox that President Snow sent you." Mrs. Smith- Regina's broke into smile.

"Please come in!" She brought Katniss into the house and closed the door, "I'm Regina Smith."

Are you tired?" Regina questioned. Katniss gave her a small nod, "You're room is on the second floor to the right, 3rd door." Katniss went up the stairs.

"Oh! Come down, I'll prepare you some breakfast." Regina called after her. Katniss sighed; this was great she was working for a nice family. She rather had a harsher family, then one that gave her a room actually in the house.

"Momma…!" Katniss could hear that distant yell. She entered her room and found that there was actually a big bed, a desk with a mirror and a lamp. A counter and a walk in closet. Katniss was least expecting this. She retied her braid and opened the door once again but bumped her head onto a hard surface. Katniss fell back a little and looked up to blue eyes, she blurted out, "I'm sorry." Once Katniss realized what she said she covered her mouth. She did just talk to someone in this house. This was just great, first day there and she already ruined her secret.

Katniss ran back downstairs and found her way to the kitchen. There was Regina and a little boy, probably Fredrick. So that meant the person that she bumped into was Cato. That's just wonderful.

"Eric dear, this Katniss Everdeen. She'll be working with us from now on." Regina introduced her to the little boy. Katniss didn't know how Regina found out her name but she shook it off.

"Does she know how to fight Momma?" Eric,his nickname Katniss assumed asked.

"I don't know dear." Regina answered truthfully.

"Mum, who's she." A cold voice questioned.

"Katniss Everdeen." Regina answered, "An Avox, from President Snow." She added in a low whisper which Eric didn't hear.

"Katniss, this is Cato. My oldest son," she introduced, "And that is Eric, my younger son." Cato's gaze went to Katniss, it was a cold, agonizing stare. Katniss stared back, but her heart was pounding. Cato just found out that she was an Avox that can talk. She only knew him form about two minutes. That was not good at all.

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