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I'm so tired of being here
Suppressed by all my childish fears
And if you have to leave
I wish that you would just leave
'Cause your presence still lingers here
And it won't leave me alone

My Immortal by Evanescence

Chapter 16

Cato wanted to hold Katniss. He wanted to breathe in her exotic scent. He wanted to kiss her senseless. He clenched his fist, damn Snow. Cato couldn't even do that. He wasn't one to follow rules but Snow vowed a promise and that promise was pretty promising.


"Now Mr. Smith, I hear you wish to see me." Snow rolls down the tinted window.

Cato stood there, it annoyed him greatly that Snow was here. However, he needed to know when Katniss was coming back. When she would be back in his presence.

"Yes," Cato responds nonchalantly.

"Well please do take a seat in hear. It's quiet cozy and it is quite chilly out there," Snow firmly said. Cato knew it was no offer, it was a request.

Cato when inside the lavish limo, sitting a few seats next to Snow.

"Why did you send her away?" Cato spat.


Cato glared at him, "You know who I mean."

"No need to get angry," Snow's voice dripped of warning.

He scoffed, "No need to be angry, sure."

"Now to the matter of Everdeen," Snow brung up the main topic, "You will see her shortly."

"What do you mean?" Cato's eyes narrowed, "Will she be becoming back?"

"Maybe, or you may see her."

"In District 1?"

Snow gave a tiny bitter smile, "How do you know Ms. Katniss is in District 1?"

Cato kept his cool, or at least tried to, "You're not answering my question."

"I don't know Mr. Smith, you will find out yourself. However I have exceptions," Snow began.

Cato stayed silent, waiting for him to continue. Exceptions? Of course, it's President Snow after all.

"Once you see her, there must be what so ever no affection shown. None at all."

Cato took a few minutes to completely sink that sentence in. No affection.

"After you've past that little test you will have her back as your family's Avox, however you mustn't show any affection for two weeks when she goes back. No touching, no compassion, no love," President said blandly.

"Is that the deal? Is that it?" Cato asked. No love…

"Yes, that is it."


"Where's Gloss?" Cato questioned. He gaze was still fixed onto Katniss's but he kept his gaze as cold and distant as possible.

Katniss opened her mouth slightly, but immediately shut it tight. She pointed up stairs, then pointed to the right, and held out the 5th finger. She technically gave a route to Gloss's room by using gestures, well that was the only possible way to tell him.

Cato simply turned his back on her and began to walk away, following her directions. Katniss though, was confused. Did he seize to notice that it was her?

Cato took a few steps, heading for the stairs but Katniss abruptly grabbed the hem of his shirt. She didn't know why she did that. It was instinct.

Cato froze for a second, but suddenly turned around giving Katniss the hardest and coldest stare as possible.

"Don't touch me," he slightly snapped, "You're just some filthy rat."

Katniss felt a sudden pang in her chest. It was quick but painful. She didn't know how to describe it. It just hurt.

Katniss let go of his shirt. She tried to hide those emotions beginning to show on her face but wasn't very successful. Her stormy grey eyes filled with sadness and hurt. Of course, Cato regretted it but…

'Just this and two more weeks' Cato reminded himself. He walked up the stairs, to go find Gloss.

Katniss didn't understand. Was Cato always like this? Were all those times he was kind to her, just some illusion? He was probably just being nice, because she felt bad for her. He was probably glad to see her leave. Katniss felt pitied and .

Katniss might've been jumping to conclusions, but she felt as if she didn't exist in Cato's life anymore.


3 Days Later

Katniss didn't know where she was going. Peacekeepers had brought her out of the Ladens' household and into a train. She had gotten use to Ladens' household already, so she didn't understand where she was going. Maybe she was going back to the Capitol.

Katniss stared at the foggy window. Her thoughts filled with Cato. His recent words constantly haunted her. She couldn't help it. A filthy rat, he called her. So far Cato was the only person she could rely on. She had Astrid and Regina, but they were different. Cato was someone Katniss knew if she fell, she would be caught by him. She was desperately in love with Cato. She wouldn't admit it out loud but she was. However though, Katniss always had this hurt feeling in his chest when she thought about him. She didn't know what it meant. It hurt just thinking about him.


The train jolted her to a stop which also jolted Katniss awake. She knew this place. How can should not? Only she didn't understand why she came back here. The sole reason that President Snow had sent her to District 1 was because of Cato. Cato however lived in District 2… so it made no sense to be back in District 2. Was she going to a new house? No…. this is the same exact house. Did the Smiths move?

The Peacekeeper rang the doorbell. Regina opened the door, her eyes noticing Katniss. However though she kept calm.

"Katniss Everdeen will resume her post as your family's Avox."

"I see… well thank you for bringing her here," Regina thanked. The Peacekeeper nodded and walked away. Katniss stood there in front of the doorway.

"Please come in Katniss." Regina motioned. The door shut behind Katniss and then Regina suddenly hugged Katniss.

"I can't believe your back! Things have been…" Regina pulled apart, "It has been so different here without you. I missed you dear." Katniss couldn't help but smile.

"I know a few more people that miss you too. For one Eric…" Regina trailed off as Eric came running from his playroom among hearing Katniss's name.

"KATTTTTT!" Eric screamed running to hug Katniss. Katniss stumbled a bit back at the sudden attack. Eric had wrapped his arms around her thighs, hugging her.

"Where you go? I miss you a lot!" Eric pulled apart, jumping up and down in excitement, "Let's go play Kat!"

"Eric, Katniss has some things to do before she can play with you," Regina said strictly.

"Awww…. But Mommy! Kat has to play with me!" Eric whined.

"She will Fredrick Smith, but she has work to do first," Regina crouched down to Eric's height level and told him in a rigid manner.

Eric pouted, "Fine." He then went back to his playroom.

"Mum, I'm hea-" Cato's words were cut short when he noticed Katniss there.

Katniss found the floor quite interesting at the moment.

"Cato, Katniss is back," Regina announced the obvious to him.

"That's… great…" he responded sarcastically, "I'm heading out."

"Where are you going?" Regina questioned.

"Marvel's place."

Before Regina could reply, Cato was out the door.

"Do you want to see Cato?" Regina asked.

Katniss merely shrugged. She didn't know anymore.

"Well… why don't you get settled first? I have a few things I want you to do afterwards," Regina softly told Katniss. Katniss nodded and headed upstairs to put her things down. The room was the same. Everything was left untouched since she was gone. She opened the closet, to find the clothes she had worn before were still there. She missed this place….


Katniss's eyes fluttered open. She must have fallen asleep on her after all the chores. It wasn't exactly the hardest work but lately she only slept a couple of hours.

Her eyes adjusted to her room but to only find Cato's face. What…? She sat up looking around… this was Cato's room.

"Cato…" Katniss softly whispered. Why was she in here? She didn't remember coming into Cato's room at all.

Cato didn't seem to be waking up anytime soon. Katniss gently smiled at Cato's sleeping face. She didn't know why they were sleeping on the same bed, but Katniss wished this moment wouldn't end.

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