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Chapter 17

Cato yawned as his heavy eyelids opened.

"Morning…" Katniss mumbled stiffly.

Cato squinted his eyes at the alarm clock on his drawer, "It's 4AM…"

"Still… morning…" she responded.

"Are you… okay?" Cato asked, not getting up from his lying down position.

'No I'm not,' Katniss thought, however she merely nodded as a response.

Cato stared at her stormy grey eyes. Katniss quickly averted her gaze from his.

"Katniss." A shiver went down Katniss's spine hearing her name coming from Cato.

"Yes…?" she choked out. Being so close to her yet not being able to do anything was killing Cato.

Cato grabbed his pillow and put it over his face. This was so frustrating….

Katniss blinked a couple of times in confusion, 'What was he doing…?'

"Cato… are YOU okay?" she pursed her lips together awaiting his answer.

"No…" He muffled through the pillow, "I'm not."

Katniss pulled the blankets to cover her cold legs, "Why…?"

"Because you're here."

Katniss's heart tighten. Her breath hitched and it felt as if everything shattered. Her thoughts were in a jumbled mess and she couldn't comprehend anything at that moment. He really didn't care about her. He didn't want her near him.

"S-sorry for bothering you…" Katniss hurriedly got out of the bed.

Cato flung the pillow away from his face and sat up, "No that's not wha-" his words were cut off by the door being slammed.

"F*ck!" he muttered. He fell back onto the mattress and once again buried his face into his pillow.


Katniss had ran down the hall to her room and immediately shut and locked the door behind her. This was so hard to deal with. Not until now Katniss began to realize how physically and emotionally she was clung onto Cato. She knew she had fallen in love with Cato but she didn't know strong it was. She thought maybe it was just some small crush that would go away. She thought it wasn't serious. But she knew it was a lie. Her love was deadly serious.

Katniss didn't know when but tears were falling down her face. Quickly wiping the tears away, she got up and grabbed a coat in the closet. She then opened her room door and silently closed it behind her. She made sure that Cato wasn't in the halls and there was no chance she would run into him, before going down the stairs. Katniss found a piece of paper and wrote a note for Regina, just in case she came back before anyone woke up. Katniss headed out the door and immediately put on her coat. It was cold out and dark as well. The lamp post lights shimmered down on the streets. Katniss stuffed her hands into her coat pocket and walked along the sidewalk. She didn't know where she was going and the longer she walked the more dazed she was.

Katniss had been out walking in the cold for about an hour now and she was spacing out. She didn't want to think about anything though. The sky was becoming a bit brighter as the sun was about to rise. Unexpectedly she felt a sudden impact, like she had bumped into someone. Staggering lightly back and snapping out of her daze she focused onto what had just happened.

"You shou-" the person began but stopped, "You're Katniss."

Katniss furrowed her eyebrows into confusion. Who was he?

"Aren't you Katniss? Cato's Avox or some shit," he continued. Oh… wait… Katniss knew him. She saw him a couple of times before. He was Cato's friend, Martin or Marvin…

Katniss nodded, signaling she was Katniss.

"Remember me?" he asked, "Marvel." Oh right… his name was Marvel. She nodded again as a reply.

"Why are you out so late? It's dangerous you know. Here I'll bring you back to Cato's," Marvel said and motioned her to follow. She shook her head.

"No Cato's? What did he do..?" Marvel asked, "Well he is Cato… so I wouldn't be surprised if he did something stupid." He glanced at Katniss, "Well might as well bring you to Clove's." Who was Clove?

"Don't worry. Clove is a good person and she's childhood friends with Cato so it's all good." Marvel began to lead Katniss to Clove's. Katniss merely followed, she didn't really want to see Cato anyhow.


Marvel knocked on the door for the 5th time. He waited a couple of seconds before ringing the doorbell several times.

"WHO IN THE WORLD IS IT?!" A voice shouted from inside the house. The door flung open to find a quite aggravated Clove.

"Marvel? Why are you here 5 in the morning?" Clove yelled, "You can't come in." She was about to slam the door shut but Marvel stopped the door from closing.

"Sorry… I was out in the streets when I saw her," Marvel pointed at Katniss, "She needs somewhere to stay."

"And she is… Katniss?" Clove guessed.

"Yep," Marvel replied, popping the p sound in yep.

"Come in then." Clove let the two in.

"You should be glad my parents aren't back yet or else you would've died." Clove glared at Marvel. They were in the living room and all sat down.

"Clove… who was there?" A groggily voice asked.

"Marlene!" Marvel shouted, "I woke you up!"

Marlene scrunched up her nose, "Don't call me that."

Katniss felt oddly out of place. She didn't know anyone. Well Marvel but she barely knew him.

"Why did you let Marvel in here?" Marlene groaned, "He's annoying. He always calls me Marlene even though I tell him to call me Marl."

Marvel ignored Marl's comments, "Anyhow… I don't know what to do with Katniss. She doesn't want to go back to Cato's place."

"'Why?" Clove questioned Marvel but it was as if it was directed to Katniss.

"I don't know… don't ask me." Marvel shrugged.

"Is Cato abusing you!?" Clove assumed. Katniss immediately shook her head no.

Clove sighed in relief, "Are you tired? I can have you rest in the guest room." Katniss shook her head no again.

"I'm hungry Clove. I'm gonna go get something to eat." Marvel headed for the kitchen.

"No you're not Marvel," Clove sharply said. Marvel sighed as he sat on the couch again.

"Is Gale awake?" Clove asked Marl. Katniss's head snapped towards Clove upon hearing Gale's name. Gale was here in this house? Wait… it could be some other Gale. But was Gale really such a common name here in District 2?

"No… He's still asleep," Marl replied, "I'll go and wake him up." She headed out the living room but someone entered before she could leave the living room.

"I'm here…" It was Gale. Katniss sat there in utter confusion. She couldn't think of any possibilities to why Gale was in this house.

Gale softly planted a kiss on Marl before he noticed Katniss.

"Katniss?" Gale furrowed his eyebrows and his expression masked into confusion.

"You know her?" Marl asked, looking between Gale and Katniss.

"Yeah... we're close friends," Gale replied.

"Oh… but she's Cato's Avox. How would you know her?" Clove questioned sharply.

Gale scratched the back of his head, "It's kinda complicated."

Katniss sat there on the couch solemnly. It seemed that Gale had moved on from the past. From his own past. Her thoughts wandered to thousands of things.

"Katniss, you should go back," Gale suggested. Katniss snapped out of her trance upon hearing her name. She merely shrugged in response. Perhaps she should.

"I'll bring her back," Marvel got up, "I have to get back to my place anyhow."

Katniss shook her head.

"You want to stay..?" Clove asked. Katniss silently sighed. Not being able to talk sucked. She gestured for a pen and some paper. A few seconds later Marl came back with just that.

'I'll get back myself. I know my way back,' Katniss wrote.

Marvel scoffed, "I doubt it. Come on, let's go."


Marvel wanted to scream yes on the top of his lungs when they finally reached the Smiths' house. It was

dead silent and uncomfortable the whole way back.

Katniss knocked the door once and it already flung open.

"KATNISS!" Regina pulled her into a very tight hug, "Are you okay? Not hurt what so ever?" Regina examined her whole body. Katniss shook her head.

"Thank God…" Regina pulled her into another hug.

"Umm… hate to ruin the moment, "Marvel interrupted, "but uhh… Mrs. Smith. Why do you seem so worried..?"

"Oh right! Cato was… he freaked out. When he woke up you were nowhere in sight in the house. He amused that President Snow had Peacekeepers take you away. He wasn't thinking and he ran out of the house," she explained, "I asked where he was going, and telling him to come back but he just shouted back that he was going to kill President Snow."

"Cato is so f*cking irrational," Marvel facepalmed. Katniss agreed to Marvel's statement.

"Mrs. Smith, " a rough voice broke in the conversation. They all turned to find a Peacekeeper.

"Your son, Cato Smith is under strict custody currently for killing two Peacekeepers and injuring three other Peackeepers," the Peacekeeper said.

Regina threw her hands to cover her mouth in shock. Katniss held onto an unstable Regina.

'Cato…' was the only thought that ran through her head.

"Can we go see him?" Marvel asked.

"No. He is right now he is waiting for the train that will send him to the Captiol. In the Capitol President Snow will decide his punishment," the Peacekeeper informed.

"What will be the punishment be?" Marvel questioned.

"Public execution, tortured, hijacked, etc." It basically meant death.

Katniss's mind was clouded. Why would Cato go so far for her?

She let go of Regina and took in a shaky breath.

Katniss was going to find Cato and bring him back. Alive.

She took a nervous gulp and opened her mouth, "Where is Cato?" If getting Cato's life was risking hers, so be it.

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Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and perhaps so are you, But the roses are wilted, the violets are dead, the sugar bowl's empty, your wrists are stained red . The sun isn't shining , the sky isn't clear, there's no silver lining cos' you're no longer here. The rain keeps on pouring, there's no end in sight, you're laying there frozen, so far from the light. Your beauty is unreal, you smile like the sun, but times can't be turned or your actions undone. The words that you wrote, that I can only read "I love you so much; please don't cry when I'm dead". A bond that we formed, a love that ran deep, the pain that we shared, a friend I could keep. I wanted to hold you, wrap the tears from your eyes; but there the moment you had to say goodbye. I want to forget, but most times I don't, I want to let go, but I know that I won't. Tears on my face, memories burned in my head. The roses are wilted, the violets are dead...


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