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Chapter 18

Marvel was mindblown. Mindblown was actually more of an understatement. First he finds out Cato is off to the Capitol cause of some stupid shit he did and then an Avox talks. An Avox aren't suppose to talk, because basically that's their punishment. Marvel was sure by now Regina had fainted.

"Cato Smith is waiting for his transportation to the Capitol," The Peacekeeper repeated. Marvel scoffed, well obviously. Didn't the Peacekeeper know that she was a damn Avox?

"Where is he waiting?" Katniss asked firmly.

"I'm afraid I can't tell you ma'm," the Peacekeeper shook his head.

Marvel snapped out of his trance and took a few steps up. "My dad happens to be the Head Peacekeeper and he can get you fired," Marvel threatened. The Peacekeeper stayed silent for a few seconds before recognizing that he was the Head Peacekeeper's son.

"I don't need your help…. Marvel," Katniss mumbled to him. Marvel crinkled his eyebrows; he was going to have to get use to this Avox talking.

"He is waiting in the Justice Building," the Peacekeeper muttered loud enough for them to hear.

Marvel flashed a fake smile as gratitude, "Thank you." The Peacekeeper walked away and Marvel turned to Regina. Regina did not faint but stood there stunned.

"We're going to save Cato's butt so just stay here don't worry about it," Marvel reassured Regina.

Regina sighed. "Please be safe and Katniss perhaps you haven't told me everything but I trust you to save Cato." Regina gave Katniss a hug in which Katniss returned. Regina walked back into the house and that left Marvel and Katniss.

"You need a ride?" Marvel asked Katniss.

Katniss began walking a few steps away from him. "Like I said I don't need your help," she said.

Marvel scratched the back of his head. This was going to be more difficult than he thought. "I don't know why you're so against me, but I'm trying to help you here. I bet you don't even know where the Justice Building is, and I want to help Cato too. After all he is my best friend," he claimed. Katniss pursed her lips together, realizing that indeed she didn't know where the Justice building was.

"Fine… You're right," she sighed.

"So… you need a ride?"

She merely nodded before following Marvel to whatever vehicle they were going to take for their ride. She was way too lost in her thoughts to realize that Marvel stopped in front of her, causing her to walk straight into his back.

"Sorry…" she mumbled, rubbing her forehead. She looked up from the ground to see Marvel holding out a helmet.

"Put that on," he directed. Katniss gave him a baffled look.

"Helmet? For the motorcycle?" Marvel gestured to the motorcycle.

"We're going to ride that to the Justice Building?"

"It's quick and pretty safe." Katniss took the helmet and put it over her head.

"Are you getting on or what?" he questioned her. Marvel was already sitting on the motorcycle waiting for Katniss to get on. She got on, sitting behind him.

"Hold on tight?"

"W-what?!" she stuttered but the vehicle roared alive and she jolted backwards and grabbed onto Marvel to refrain from falling.

Marvel slightly chuckled. "I told you to hold on. You should close your eyes, cause I'm going to go full speed."

"What!? I'm going to die because of you…" Katniss mumbled under her breath.


Katniss stumbled getting off the motorcycle and trying to make the smallest sounds as possible. She staggered a bit, and shook her head to rid the dizziness from the ride. She took off her helmet and placed it on the motorcycle, next to Marvel's.

"Let's go," Marvel whispered. She followed him to some back door where there were no Peacekeepers. He took out a chain of keys and unlocked the door.

"Stay close and quiet," Marvel demanded, as they entered the building.

"How do you know where to go?" Katniss questioned.

"I've been playing around here since I was little. I've figured where everything is in this building, including the secret passages and shit," Marvel explained as they entered through another door.

"Do you know where they would keep Cato?" Katniss took in her surroundings.

"Most likely the rooms on the top floor."

Marvel stopped her from walking, noticing two Peacekeepers ahead of them.

"Wait here," he told her. Marvel sneaked up behind one of them and punched him unconscious. The other Peacekeeper took out his gun noticing the 'intruder', but Marvel was quicker and kicked the gun away from the Peacekeepers grasp. Marvel quickly picked up the gun and shot the Peacekeeper. The peacekeeper fell to the floor and Marvel sighed in relief. Marvel ran back to Katniss and grabbed her hand, and ran.

"W-Why did you shoot him?" she asked whilst they ran, "And why are we running?"

"It was a sleeping gun, meaning the dart that shot out of the gun only puts the person to the sleep. And we're running because I just remembered there are security cameras everywhere in this building. We better run fast or else we might not find Cato in time," Marvel said. They stopped at a elevator door and waited for the door to open. When the doors did open inside stood three peacekeepers. Katniss widened her eyes in surprise. Wouldn't they be informed that they were the ones that sneaked in?

Marvel walked in and Katniss followed in, realizing she was still holding Marvel's hand. Marvel pressed the top floor button and the elevator doors closed.

"Act natural, pretend we're coming here to get registered for marriage," Marvel whispered into Katniss's ear. Katniss was surprised but nodded in understanding. The elevator was slowly rising and stopped for one of the peacekeepers to get off. A few seconds later the elevator doors closed again, and the elevator began rising.

"Are you two getting married?" The girl peacekeeper questioned.

"Yes," Katniss and Marvel replied simultaneously.

"To register for marriage is the 8th floor, not the last floor," the guy peacekeeper said, narrowing his eyes in suspicion. Katniss stiffened, 'Were they going to get caught already?'

The elevator doors open and Marvel jolted out of the elevator pulling Katniss behind her. Marvel pushed open the door that led to the stairs. They ran up to the last floor, by then they were out of breath.

"…Smooth… Marvel… Smooth," Katniss said between breaths. They walked cautiously though the hallways, looking through door windows to see if Cato were in any of the rooms. Katniss pulled Marvel into a narrower hallway behind a potted tree.

"What are you doing?" he hissed. She put her finger to her lips, motioning him to be quiet.

A faint laughter could be heard from the main hallway.

"Cato Smith? The widower's boy?" a voice spoke.

"Yeah. You haven't heard? " Another voice spoke. The voices were getting louder which meant they were getting closer.

"Heard what?"

"Cato Smith is being sent to the Capitol, for an execution."

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. jkay.. below is another poem written by my friend! It's sorta like a sequel to the previous poem.. I guess.


Roses are red, violets are blue

All of this time, I thought that

I loved you

Roses are red, violets are blue

Is it true?


I love you?

Roses are red, violets are blue

Here's the catch;

- I never loved you

Roses are red, violets are blue

no they're not - they're violet

well guess what


Roses are multicolored

Violets are violet

Let's make a bet

You hated me too

The flowers I gave you, they are now wilted

Because I found out my love for you is


He walks like he has no troubles

His eyes make me feel lost

I hope he never struggles

Wondering how much he's worth