Hey everyone, this is the first fanfic I've ever written so I'm open to criticism and I hope you guys really enjoy it. This was just some little idea I had in the back of my head and I hope to make this a multi-chapter story :)

Chapter 1:

Raymond Leon stared at the bright, white ceiling while trying to remember who he was. It was his daily routine in the morning because he always believed that he would wake up back in the dirty, old apartment in Dayton instead of the modern servants room in New Greenwich. He never thought he actually got out of the ghetto, it was a dream that no other Dayton man had accomplished until now. But after a decade living in the heights of the rich in-time was he still considered a man of the streets?

So, who was Raymond Leon? The simple guard of a spoiled princess or the man who ran from his life in the depths of society?

He didn't understand why he thought of such things like this in his life. Isn't this what he always wanted? Maybe it was the long years away from the ghetto that made him realize how he could never truly leave it behind. Or maybe he was just getting too old. He was turning forty after all.

"Ugh, forty," Leon groaned. He reluctantly pulled himself off the comfortable mattress and proceeded to prepare himself for the long day ahead of him with his clean suit awaiting for him and the morning coffee calling his name. He wondered what the princess would want to do today. Whatever it was he hoped he would survive the interminable hours spent at the mall with her or her unusual rebellious behavior that placed her as a freak among groups of friends in New Greenwich. It wasn't that she was crazy; it was just that she was different. Whether it was a good thing or not Raymond didn't care, he just wanted to make sure the bitch wouldn't pull anything on him today.

Just as he about to take a sip of his black coffee he heard a scream. True to his instincts Raymond ran to Lysandra's room in record time.

"Lysandra,"Raymond banged on the door. "It's me, open up."

The petite brunette opened up but hid her body awkwardly behind the door while glaring at Raymond. She hated it that he was always on her like a dog. Sure in a way he was her watchdog but come on she couldn't even put on a dress without him thinking that she was stabbed or something.

"Leon I'm fine," Lysandra said dully.

Leon gave her a look of deep confusion. "Then why did you scream?"

Lysandra gave him one of her famous eye-rolls when what she really wanted to do was laugh in his face. "I think my dress doesn't fit anymore."

Now it was Leon's turn to give her an eye-roll. The girl could buy all the dresses she wants and yet she obsesses over the one that doesn't fit her. No wonder Leon couldn't make a relationship last with any of these uptight New Greenwich women.

Lysandra glared hard at Leon with her dark eyes. "Don't give me that look Raymond Leon. If you understood women better maybe you wouldn't be such a loner all the time and then I could finally give you the nights off," she said with a hint of annoyance.

"Another woman in my life Lysandra? Please I can barely keep up with you and you expect me to handle two women at the same time. No thanks but I'll pass," Leon retorted.

Lysandra turned her nose up at him. He was such a hardass. "Fine be that way. Now if you're done judging the women population's behavior can you please help me with this dress?"

"I thought you said it didn't fit."

"Doesn't mean I can't suck in my stomach or wear one of those corsets I found in the basement. So are you gonna help me or not?"

Leon sighed deeply and nodded. He stepped into the gigantic room that somehow, unlike its occupier, was clean and classy with its shabby chic designs and everything in place. Either the maid was a good cleaner or deep down Lysandra had OCD. But Raymond didn't know which option it could be.

Lysandra gathered up her luscious waves in her hands and turned her exposed back towards Raymond. "Zip me up," she demanded.

Raymond took hold of the tiny zipper and tried to pull it up but it was stuck. Damn, he thought, I'm a trained guard that could kill a man in a few minutes but I can't zip up a simple dress...pathetic. "Do you really need to try on a dress this early in the morning?"

"I have a party at Henry Hamilton's place in three days, so I need to find something to wear and usually this is the only time in the day I have to do anything in peace so I thought it was better now than never. Besides Leon this isn't any dress it's a vintage Chanel," she said. Exaggerating the last part a bit like her silly friends would do. Among her group the girls would always brag about the brands they wore and made it into a secret contest to see who could wear (and afford) the best brands.

Leon smiled faintly as he knew her habits of making fun of the pompous young ladies of New Greenwich. It was odd that even though she was born into this rich world of the grand parties and all the time in the world that she would act this way towards her people. In a way Leon felt sort of proud of her.

"Is it up yet?" Lysandra asked.

Raymond was about to tell her to give up on this ridiculous dress when he finally got the idiotic zipper to cooperate and zipped it up for her. "Well I just wasted valuable minutes of my life," he complained. "But it finally worked."

Lysandra twirled around in the dress and raised her brows at Raymond to ask whether she looked amazing or not. Raymond knew better than to lie to her if she didn't look good but today she looked stunning. The navy blue dress was overlaid with beautiful black lace that flowed softly over Lysandra's delicate curves and the ribbon pinched her waist so it could show off the hourglass figure Lysandra kept hidden in her baggy shirts and jeans.

"You look..."Leon started.

"Ravishing?" she finished for him.

Leon shook his head. "Nope."

Lysandra's heart sank. "Do I look that..."

Leon smiled again while continuing on with his last sentence. "You look astonishing."

"Thank you Leon," Lysandra smiled widely. "And while you're here I should tell you that I am not letting you come to the party with me unless..."

"Unless what?" Leon asked after she trailed off her sentence.

"Unless you wear something other than that ghastly guard uniform. I mean that's all you ever wear. Black pants, black shoes, black tie and a white shirt. Don't you have anything else in that closet of yours or do I need to give you some fashion tips?"

Raymond pinched his nose between his fingers and groaned deeply. Just when I thought this was going to be an easy day and already she judges me like she's my wife. "I'm paid to keep watch over you not to play dress-up. Will you at least compensate me with the twelve minutes I spent trying to zip up your dress?"

"Fine," Lysandra sighed dramatically. She grabbed Leon's right wrist and waited for the green numbers on his left arm to begin counting. Though Leon was paid daily by her father (he gained three days per day) Lysandra made it a habit of theirs to reward his patience whenever she had one of her 'moments'. This would not be the first nor last time she would ever give him a bit of her time and honestly it didn't bother her. What really bothered her was that Leon barely had a year on his clock while she already had a decade on hers.

"Raymond," Lysandra began to say.

Leon wondered if something was worrying her. She rarely called him Raymond. It was at times when she most needed someone to talk to that she'd always turn to him and call him only by his first name. Also, whenever she was alone with Raymond she would show her true nature to him. Sure to outsiders she was the rebellious daughter of famous businessman Reid Steinwald but to Raymond and the rest of the servants in the house she was the girl who couldn't find her place in society.

"Raymond, don't you think this is unfair," she said while looking at their very distinct clocks.

Leon shook his head, but not to motion that he disagreed with her views on the time system. What he wanted to say was this was the way things were going to be no matter what anyone did and there were little to no chances that he would ever have a decade on his clock. It wasn't an impossible task but it order to obtain so much time he would have to either: work really hard (and probably die poor anyways), manage a successful business or marry someone that came from time.

Although he had many thoughts on the matter of this unfair way of life he said all his thoughts in just one simple sentence.

"It's the way it has to be."

Lysandra's face showed that she wasn't content with his bland answer. Yet she didn't press him on for any details. She, instead, waved him away.

"You should go have some breakfast. I'll, um, inform you when I want to go somewhere," she said, unsure of how to forget about their odd conversation.

"Alright then," Leon replied. Before he closed the door behind him he looked at Lysandra and said one last thing. "Remember I'll be there if you need me Lysandra."

Lysandra smiled. "You've been there for me for almost ten years Raymond. Watching over me day by day. Of course I know you'll always be there. Believe me I know."