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Chapter 4:

"Jesus Lysandra! Were you running away from some hidden jaguars in the basement that I didn't know about?" Raymond grudgingly asked to the out-of-breath brunette at the door of his room.

Lysandra shook her head. "My dad's going to be home any minute now. He's finally back from the European zones!" she exclaimed.

As Leon rose from his chair, Lysandra ran over and unexpectedly hugged him tightly. Startled by her sudden action, Raymond stood there frozen with his arms floating in the air, not knowing what to do in this situation. He wasn't much of a show-your-emotions type of guy but he knew true joy when he saw it, especially right now in Lysandra's hug.

He proceeded to wrap his arms around Lysandra's petite figure and she smiled at the thought that he may finally have warmed up to her. Even if it was for a little while. Why can't you always be like this Raymond?

After what seemed hours Leon coughed softly and withdrew his arms from Lysandra.

"You should go. Your father will be here soon and, knowing you, you'll want to look good for him right?"

Though Lysandra was a little hurt from Leon's personal bubble being reactivated, she agreed that she'd better go get ready for her beloved father's arrival to their home. Before she left, Lysandra stood at the doorway observing Leon. "Raymond?"

He looked back at Lysandra as he grabbed a fresh jacket from his small closet. "Yes?"

Lysandra opened her mouth to say something but quickly closed it and shook her head. "You know what nevermind."

Leon quickly grabbed her wrist, before she could run to the comfort of her room, and forced her to look at him in the eyes. "Tell me Lysandra."

She retreated her eyes to look at the floor and said the thought that she had on Raymond's future now that her father would arrive. "Well, now that father will be here and he can... umm let's say change things. You don't think that he might... oh I don't know... tell the chief the great progress you've made as my guard all these years." Her cheeks flushed red as her embarrassment increased by each second that ticked away.

Leon chuckled at the foolish girl, yet he knew that it was a thought that circled both of their minds since the day they met. They never knew when Raymond would leave for the Timekeepers, they never knew if they would still keep contact with each other, and they certainly didn't know what kind of relationship category they would fall under. Close acquaintances, old friends, ex-employer and ex-employee? Everything about this situation was too complicated and they dared not think about but it gnawed at them in the back of their minds every day.

"What has to happen will happen," Raymond said.

Lysandra crinkled her nose in annoyance. "Why does it seem like you always talk like a wise old person?"

Leon rolled his eyes. "I'm only thirty-nine years old Lysandra. Sure I'm a middle aged man but remember that we will be twenty-five forever. Now go on, get ready."

"Alright I'm going," Lysandra smiled playfully.

Leon sighed as she left the room, wondering how Reid Steinwald's return to New Greenwich would affect his future. It's finally going to happen isn't it? I'm might become a Timekeeper. It's all I ever wanted so why am I not happy?

A black limousine pulled into the smooth gravel driveway of the Steinwald residence and from it a man came out. He radiated power and confidence, everyone treated him with respect but he was a humble man despite his rich origins. He immediately gave time to the driver that had attended him and told him to use it on something nice. It was almost too obvious who the man was.

"Mr. Steinwald it's a pleasure to have you back," the butler said to the brown-haired man.

Reid Steinwald smiled widely. "It's good to be back. Tell me Jarvis, how were things while I was gone?"

"Perfect sir. Absolutely perfect."

"Excellent. Raymond, how has my daughter treated you?" Steinwald called to the stiff man at the top of the staircase.

"Getting more of a handful everyday sir."

Steinwald laughed. "Spoken like a true middle aged man."

The two shook hands and continued to walk inside the house.

"Six months went by slowly like decades yet the house looks the same," Steinwald observed the clean marble floors and beautiful roses in crystal vases.

"Lysandra insists in cleaning the house everyday and keeping it the way Mrs. Steinwald originally had it decorated," the butler explained. All three men lowered their heads in honor of the deceased Lucy Steinwald.

"You know, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of my lovely Lucy," said. "But alas only the Lord can decide how long we can live for right?"

Both the butler and Raymond agreed with their employer despite having any beliefs in religion. The only god they knew about were the people who came from time. They were immortal gods who lived in the riches of the upper time zones that overlooked the poverty and despair of the ghetto without lifting a finger to help.

Yet neither of the two men could despise for being part of the rich who lived forever, he was kind and charitable unlike so many of the others. Steinwald had even admitted to the press that one day he planned to leave this planet like God had intended for all his creations to do but, knowing New Greenwich's stubbornness, who knew if the rich would let such a powerful man die?


held his arms wide open as Lysandra ran down the stairs and threw herself into her father's protective arms.

"Daddy, I missed you," Lysandra said, getting a little teary eyed.

"I know sweetheart," Steinwald replied as he caressed his daughter's silk hair.

"Don't you dare ever leave me alone for such a long time."

Lysandra could feel her father giving her an eye roll and she laughed.

"Sweetheart, you have the help that's here 24/7 and Raymond, who's always by your side. How can you say that you're alone?" Steinwald pulled away from his daughter and looked at her seriously in the eye. "Also my dear, just remember that wherever I go I'll always be with you. Maybe not by your side but in your heart."

"Why does everyone sound like a wise old person but me?" Lysandra joked as everyone laughed along with her.

"You'll get to learn lots of things as the years go by my dear," Steinwald replied. "But the thing you must take advantage of is the ability to sleep peacefully at night. It's sad that so many people cannot sleep soundly without worrying about the time on their clocks. It is a simple thing the rich take for granted but I see it as a blessing. Which is why I believe it is time for me to rest for the evening."

Steinwald faced his employees and bid them a good nights sleep. He then turned to his daughter and kissed her forehead like the days from when she was a small child.

"One more thing," Steinwald announced as he was at the top of the staircase, overlooking everyone. "Take the day off tomorrow. You will be paid, make no worries about that, just go out and live life."

"Yes sir ," the entire staff chanted in unison.

"That goes for you too Lysandra. I don't want you cooped up in this house just because I'm here resting up from my trip. Tomorrow, you should go out and have fun. Understood?" Steinwald said to Lysandra.

"Yes sir," she jokingly replied.

"Now that that has been established, I hope you all have a good-night's rest. And please enjoy your day off."

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