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Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan could only watch as the last fragile ties of the Republic, crumble before his very eyes. Vote for Palpatine. Vote for the Empire. Make Mon Mothma vote for him, too. Be good little senators. Mind your manners and keep your heads down. The voice of Padmé Amidala cautioned his mind.

Heeding his colleague's words, Bail remained seated in his pod, joining the applause the senate had erupted into after the Emperor's speech. The Prince Consort gave a quick glance at a nearby pod and found it empty. Where are you, Padmé? He asked himself, alarmed that she had not returned since the emergency session during Order 66.

Shifting his gaze once again, he caught the eye of Senator Mon Mothma of Chandrila, her stature calm and ready. But when their eyes met, an unspoken communication went between them. Concern over their missing colleague and friend was evident between the two. The only thing that averted both of their attentions were the sounds of clone troopers' armor racking through the halls of the senate. White armor began to pour into the senate chamber and yells of "You're under arrest!" or "Hands Up!" echoed through the chamber.

Left and right, the clones arrested Bail's friends and political allies. What had shocked him to the core was that the senators being arrested were members of the Delegation of Two Thousand. Quickly glancing at the Emperor's reaction, Bail wasn't surprised when he saw the Emperor crack a smile on his melted face. He's getting rid of his enemies before they make a move. He deduced as he turned around and saw that his pod had not been invaded by one of the clones. And scaring the rest of us into submission.

"Three Jedi Padawans were found hiding in the CoCo Town district and were taken to the Imperial prison for questioning," the holonet reporter announced to the audience. Obi-Wan Kenobi leaned closer to the screen from his seat on a chestnut brown couch and gave a deep breath. Even with Darth Vader gone, the Empire was still capturing Jedi everyday- ten at the very least. "In the political arena, sixty-three senators from the Delegation of Two Thousand have been arrested after being accused by the Imperial Security Bureau on the grounds of a political plot to overthrow the Emperor and his new powers to take over the senate."

Various pictures of some senators filled the screen. Garm Bel Ilbis, Fang Zar, Ivor Drake; to name a few. The Negotiator crossed his arms over his chest as he continued to watch the holonet news. Sensing someone approach behind him, Obi-Wan spared a look behind the couch and saw that it was Padmé, dressed in a flowing blue dress; walk into the living room. The senator hadn't bothered to hide the swell of her belly and opted for a more appropriate attire for a heavily pregnant woman.

The senator settled on a cushioned chair and placed a pillow behind her to support the small of her back. Curious at the news, Padmé had Obi-Wan repeat the newscast. Awfully sure that the news would bring unwanted stress to the senator, Obi-Wan advised, "Senator, the situation in Coruscant had gotten...out of hand. I do not wish to place anymore stress than what you already have."

Offering a smile to the Jedi master, Padmé assured, "I can handle it, Master Kenobi. I just want to check on the condition of the senate and if my friends are alright."

Seeing that there was no use in arguing with a senator who was one of the main vocal opponents against the former chancellor, Obi-Wan relented. Carefully watching the senator's expressions as the news continued, the Negotiator prepared himself for the news' announcement over the arrests of the senators. But when it came, Padmé's appearance had betrayed nothing. She looked blank. Not sure how to approach the situation, Obi-Wan couldn't help but ask, "Are you alright?"

Slowly nodding, Padmé scanned the newsfeed for any signs of Bail or Mon Mothma's arrests. Giving a breath of relief, the senator of Naboo was elated that Bail and Mon Mothma had followed her words and kept themselves out of the arrests and out of the Emperor's list of immediate enemies. As far as Padmé was concerned, her two friends are the leaders of a new movement and practically the future resurrectors of democracy.

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