Chapter 2


Jake knows this isn't right. Ben is dating Lori, but as he clamps his hands down on Jake's hips and whispers "I love you" over and over desperation clear in his husky voice Jake can't bring himself to care.

First Kiss

"You're arrogant, idiotic, and-" Ben silenced Jake by jerking his body towards his own and slamming his lips down on Jake's oh-so inviting pair.


To Ben, Jake's eyes are like a vortex. Drawing him in and catching him in their haunting gaze.


If there's one thing that Jake loves about Ben it has to be his hands. Those sinful appendages know just the right way to work him into a whimpering mess and he loves it.


"You paying him to be your boy-toy Stanton?" Simon sneers glaring at Jake and Ben's intertwined hands. Jake looks away slightly embarrassed but Ben glares back at Simon answering with "No, just because you can't get a date without paying them doesn't mean it's the same for me and if you ever mess with Jake again I will kick your ass, multiple times Simon." pulling Jake closer to him, because of course he has to defend his boyfriend's honor. It's in the code of non-platonic relationships.


The first time Jake was in actual, real danger Ben swore to himself that he would always do anything to protect Jake.


Ben thinks Jake looks amazingly hot in any clothes he wears, but Ben prefers Jake with no clothes at all.


The fact that Ben has a temper is clear to everyone, especially when he beat up Simon. But it's also a fact that Jake is one of the few people who can tame Ben's anger.


After learning about what gay couples went through in the past Jake and Ben have so much more gratitude that they can walk down a street holding hands in peace.


Ben always longs for Jake's touch. He never gets enough and he wants to keep Jake around him for the rest of his life.


When Grant, the rest of the Deveraux Academy staff, and Deveraux himself found out Jake and Ben are dating they set up rules, no over-affection in public, no antagonizing the other students (Simon) with their relationship, don't let feelings get in the way of completing missions and more. But of course, rules are meant to be broken.


"You're still a virgin?!" Jake said in surprise looking wide-eyed at his boyfriend. "Why is that so shocking, do you think I was some kind of man-whore before I came here?" Ben hissed, glaring at his shorter boyfriend. "No, it's just you're so attractive, so I thought, uh, I'm sorry I didn't mean anything by it." Jake stutters through the statement a blush creeping onto his cheeks, his eyes darting everywhere except Ben's now smirking figure. "It's okay babe, I know what you meant. Just answer this, you're a virgin too, right Jay?" Ben questions leaning on the table and bringing his hand to tilt up Jake's chin up so he can see his beautiful eyes. "Yes." Jake says trapped in Ben's gaze. "Good." Ben leans in and catches Jake's lips in a sweet, tender kiss full of promise for a future together.

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