Chapter 1

Invisible To The World

Author's Note: Hello everybody, did you miss me? I hope not! Here is the long awaited ( it's only been like two weeks) sequel to Crawling In My Skin. I know it's like 11:30 at night, but I really wanted to write this. I have a great idea for this fic now and I hope you guys enjoy.

The sequel is a bit more humorous and light spirited than Crawling In My Skin and I hope that's okay with all of you. It's not like all funny, there are what I think you could call angsty parts, but I don't know. You guys will have to tell me.

Also, the title off the sequel is also a Linkin Park song if you didn't know. I was kinda going with the flow, but the title really fit what this fic is about which you will see.

Now onto the story!

Pairings: Hichigo x Ichigo, Unasaki x Urahara, and Byakuya x Renji

Warnings: cussing, OOCness, violence, and yaoi

Disclaimer: I in no way own Bleach or the Linkin Park song "Numb". I do not in any way own the characters from Bleach and am not making a profit off of this fic.

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Ichigo's Thoughts

Hichigo's Thoughts

Orihime's Thoughts

'Rukia's Thoughts'

After being gone from school for a good two weeks, Ichigo finally started to go back. Now that the war was over and Hichigo was safe from the Hollow King, Ichigo had decided he really needed to catch up on his studies. He always felt this passion to succeed and even though he hated it, scratch that dreaded it, he needed to go to school. Hichigo had strongly opposed this idea saying that he didn't want to lose time with his precious Strawberry-chan. [1] God, how Ichigo hated that nickname.

That was how Ichigo got into this particular situation, walking down the street to school with a whiny Hichigo. A whiny Hichigo wasn't something Ichigo wanted to deal with right now. Especially when he was slumping his shoulders, profanities being spewed from his mouth, and his lower lip stuck out was just going too far. [2]

"ICHIGO! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO GO?" Hichigo asked for the tenth time.

Oh yes, his favorite question today it seems.

"I already it explained it all, Hichigo. I need to go to school to get an education."

"But I'll love you even if you are dumb!"


Great, now I'm whining. Ichigo rolled his eyes and blocked out all noise from the albino. He needed to get used to blocking him out because Kami knows Hichigo would not be silent all day. Dammit, he's ignoring me. I just love him for Kami's sake! Can't he see that I can be a possessive bastard? Then, an idea came to Hichigo. Slowly without drawing Ichigo's attention, he got just a bit closer. He reached out and gave Ichigo's ass a nice squeeze.

Hichigo chuckled as Ichigo made a very unmanly squeak and turned around to glare at the albino. Hichigo smirked and kept his hand there as he started to walk beside Ichigo. Ichigo blushed a deep red when he realized Hichigo wasn't going to let go. To make it even worse, every few blocks Hichigo would squeeze a little which was causing Ichigo to have a small problem. [3] That's why Ichigo walked to school with a blush on his face and a bit of a stumble in his walk. Hichigo just grinned the whole way.

When Ichigo walked into the classroom he immediately cursed under his breath as he saw that Rukia, Orihime, and Renji were inside chatting. However at the berry's entrance, the trio stopped their idle chitchat and turned and approached the said blushing berry.

"Ichigo, I don't like your friends." whined Hichigo.

Oh shut up, Hichigo! Now Rukia and Orihime had no idea why their friend was blushing, but Renji had a good guess. He could easily see Hichigo groping Ichigo because he was one of the few people that Hichigo had allowed to see him. Renji glared at the hollow saying that he needed to let go. Hichigo sighed before he released his lover and then proceeded to cross his arms. Maybe I should rethink having Renji see me. Ichigo gave a breath of relief and nodded to Renji, silently thanking him. They had no idea that Rukia watched the whole exchange.

"Kurosaki-kun, why were you blushing?" asked Orihime in a clueless manor.

"Obviously, Ichigo has a thing for Renji." concluded Rukia from the exchange she saw. [4]

Ichigo and Renji both blushed at this and cursed that the girls had no clue about their lovers. Renji was a bit embarrassed to tell Rukia he was dating her brother and well Ichigo couldn't exactly reveal his lover to them. Hichigo apparently hated this comment as he proceeded to growl and wrap his arm around Ichigo's waist. This caused Ichigo to blush a lot more and Rukia only smirked.

"So, you two are an item." said Rukia confidently.

Orihime stood in the background horrified. Kurosaki-kun couldn't be gay could he? Of course not! He especially wouldn't be interested in Renji would he? That would be…wrong. [5]

"Of course we're not lovers, Rukia. We're both proud STRAIGHT men. We love boobs not cock." explained Renji. [6]

Oh, how wrong he is.

"Alright, but I'm watching you two." said Rukia with a wink as she dragged Orihime off to their seats.

Thank goodness Kurosaki isn't gay!

Ichigo and Renji both let out a breath and chuckled at one another. The bell then rang and they scrambled to their seats as a stampede of people rushed in. Class was interesting because Hichigo mostly just glared at Rukia and Orihime and didn't make too many snide comments. Ichigo paid attention to the lecture, but sometimes stopped to wonder. Hichigo really is just invisible. That must suck for him.

During lunch as Ichigo was walking up to the roof to seat with his friends, Rukia bumped into him. She then dragged Ichigo into a nearby alley saying she had to tell Ichigo something in private. Hichigo didn't like the sound of that as he followed behind. He especially didn't like the fact that Rukia seemed to cling onto Ichigo's arm. Rukia led Ichigo to the back of the alley and pushed him towards the wall.

What happened next shocked both Ichigo and Hichigo. Rukia, on her tiptoes, crushed her lips against Ichigo's. [7] Ichigo's eyes went wide with surprise as Rukia just seemed to keep her lips on his, not moving. Rukia obviously knew her place in a relationship and knew that Ichigo was the one to led a kiss. However, she grew quite impatient as Ichigo didn't respond and finally moved her lips against his. Ichigo instantly squirmed at the contact.

Her lips were too soft and he didn't want to led her. One of the reasons he knew he was gay, which he discovered recently, was that he liked being uke. He loved how protective and possessive Hichigo was of him. In a normal relationship, he would obviously be seme and that thought scared him-a lot. Ichigo didn't want to be the lead in any relationship because he found himself not ready for such a role. Ever since day one Hichigo had led him and Ichigo never complained. He knew this sounded very feminine, but Ichigo honestly didn't care. That was just how he felt.

As he felt Rukia press her lips harder against him, he panicked. He could feel her boobs pressing against his chest and any thought of an erection melted away. Her body was too small and her lips were too soft. His body was supposed to be the small one in Hichigo's embrace and his lips were supposed to be soft compared to Hichigo's rough ones. Her boobs also felt weird rubbing on his chest. They were so bouncy and squishy. He needed Hichigo's tight muscles on his muscles not some mush. [8]

Rukia stomped her foot in irritation and finally stopped kissing Ichigo. 'Why didn't he respond? Doesn't he like me?' Rukia took in Ichigo's wide eyes and agape mouth. 'Was that his first kiss and he was just shocked? He seems so dominant though.'

All though Rukia's advancement on Ichigo, Hichigo stood back too shocked to do anything, but when Ichigo squirmed he knew he had to step up. His Strawberry-chan was being groped by some woman, but more importantly Ichigo was uncomfortable and that just crossed the line. Hichigo began to just shout as he obviously couldn't move her. Maybe he could scream loud enough and she would somehow hear him.


Hichigo watched as "Bitch" grew mad that Ichigo wasn't responding and stopped kissing his Strawberry-chan. Immediately, Hichigo ran over to his man and wrapped arms around his waist and pushed Ichigo against his chest. He looked over Ichigo's shoulder and growled at Bitch.

Ichigo sighed as he felt Hichigo's warm embrace instead of some mush-he mentally shivered as the sensations returned. He stared at Rukia's confused face and wanted to slap her now that his senses had returned. How dare she just randomly kiss me? I'm obviously taken and why didn't she stop when she saw I WASN'T INTERESTED!

"Rukia! Why did you kiss me?" he practically yelled.

Rukia flinched as she watched Ichigo basically screamed at her.

"I thought you had feelings for me because I have feelings for you." she explained.

"Well, I don't Rukia and I would appreciate it if you didn't try to make advances on me!" Ichigo snarled as he half walked and was half dragged away by Hichigo.

Rukia watched as her one true love walked away from her. She couldn't accept defeat. Apparently, Ichigo was having a bad day or just was a bit overwhelmed by the shock of his first kiss. 'Yeah that's it.' She then walked out of the alley, confident Ichigo would like her.

Hichigo drug Ichigo and, he literally drug him, to a secluded spot. Ichigo's wrist ached and burned as Hichigo dragged him.

"Hichigo…" Ichigo whined.

Hichigo still lost in his rage turned around with a glint in his eyes that showed he was ready to kill.

"WHAT?" he screamed in Ichigo's face.

Ichigo flinched at Hichigo's violent tone. Hichigo has never used that tone with me…is he mad at me? But I couldn't stop Rukia from kissing me! He's going to leave and all because Rukia couldn't keep her hormones in check! Ichigo's eyes stung as he felt the tears cascaded down his face.

Hichigo instantly regretted yelling at his lover as he watched Ichigo flinch and stare at him wide eyed. Ichigo then began to silently cry. Dammit! Stupid bitch making me yell at him! Hichigo continued to glare at the thought of Rukia and realized he looked like he was glaring at Ichigo as he heard sobbing. He looked down to see his lover's face contorted with pain as tears rolled down his cheeks and under his chin. Hichigo's face softened and he looked down to see Ichigo had somewhat of a bruise on his wrist from when Hichigo had dragged him.

Hichigo's eyes swelled at the sight before they narrowed in sadness. How could I have done this to him? Hichigo looked up when he heard Ichigo begin to sob violently and his whole lithe frame shook. Hichigo brought his hand up to cup Ichigo's cheek and almost cursed as Ichigo flinched. Ichigo wouldn't even look him in the eye.

"Ichigo, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. I was only pissed at Rukia."

Ichigo's sobs seem to calm down slightly at that, but he still gave a few here and there. Ichigo finally worked up the courage to speak.

"You're leaving me, aren't you?"

Hichigo stared at Ichigo in bewilderment. That's why he's crying? I would never leave him. I can't leave him. Hichigo wrapped his arms around Ichigo's waist and pushed him into his chest. He felt the tears stain the front of his robe, but he honestly couldn't care. Hichigo petted Ichigo's hair and shushed him. He rocked Ichigo back and forth slowly and soon felt the body in his arms calm.

"Ichigo I would never leave you. I fought to protect you against Asashin and the Hollow King, why would I leave you?"

Ichigo sniffled before he looked up at Hichigo with wide eyes and tears tracks on his face. Too cute.

"You're not mad at me for kissing Rukia?" he whispered.

"Hell no. That bitch came onto you and you didn't respond. You were a very good boy so, why would I be mad?" said Hichigo with a smile.

"Was I really a good boy?" asked Ichigo with some of his happiness back.

"You were."

Ichigo grinned and nuzzled his face into Hichigo's muscle clad chest. Strong and hard not squishy, just the way I like it. Once Ichigo was calm enough, Hichigo and himself walked back to the roof to spend the remainder of lunch with his friends. As they walked, Hichigo seemed lost in thought. He's so fragile. I want no one to hurt him. But, how can I protect him if someone tries to make a move on him? Sometimes I feel so numb and oblivious to everyone. Ichigo was so scared when Rukia kissed him. I could just tell!

I never want that to happen again. I need to be able to protect him. Hichigo came out of his thoughts as he couldn't think of a solution at the moment. Instead, he focused on Ichigo's almost skipping form in front of him. He swore Ichigo was a different person when they were alone. Hichigo thought back to only a few moments ago when Ichigo had sobbed. He even asked me if he was a good boy! I swear I bring out the uke in him! Maybe I'm too dominant…but he was a good boy.

Hichigo smirked as another idea came to idea. He walked faster till he was right behind Ichigo before smacking his ass. Ichigo let out a yelp clearly not expecting that and Hichigo chuckled.

"Good boy."

[1] Strawberry-chan. I haven't seen that too much so, I think I'll use it.

[2] Can't you just picture it? XD

[3] Small problem. If you know what I mean. *wiggles eyebrows*

[4] If only she knew. *Le sigh*

[5] Homophobic!Orihime anyone?

[6] It's only the opposite, Renji. You hate boobs and love cock. XD


[8] This is where OOC Ichigo starts. He's going to appear very feminine in this fic because I think it's cute. So, yes he probably would hate Rukia's mush. And also, I'm not a fan of Ichiruki. I absolutely hate that pairing so, sorry. I mean c'mon! It's a yaoi fic! *end rant*

[9] Hichigo seems pissed eh?

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