Chapter 12

Coming Out

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Pairings: Hichigo x Ichigo, Unasaki x Urahara, and Byakuya x Renji

Warnings: cussing, OOCness, violence, yaoi, and a partial lemon

Disclaimer: I in no way own Bleach or the Linkin Park song "Numb". I do not in any way own the characters from Bleach and am not making a profit off of this fic.

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Ichigo's Thoughts

Hichigo's Thoughts

"Renji, you've got to come out and say it already!" said Ichigo.

"Well it's for you to say! You're boyfriend looks like a normal human albeit his white skin. My boyfriend is a shinigami captain that they all know!" shouted Renji.

"But, Renji you can't keep denying it!"

"I'll deny it all I want!"

Hichigo sighed and banged his head on the small tea table. Ichigo and Renji had been going at this for at least an hour. Ichigo wanted Renji to come out to his friends and tell them he was dating Byakuya while Renji was too scared to tell them. Hichigo listened to their shrill cries and a slight headache started to descend upon him. He moaned and grabbed his tea cup and taking a sip, however no tea came out. He blinked before realizing it was empty.

"UNSAKI, WE NEED MORE TEA!" he shouted over the two bickering red-heads.

Unasaki came in mumbling a few choice words before he poured more tea into Hichigo's cup.

"I swear I should be a geisha." he said as he set the teakettle on the table.

Hichigo took a sip of the tea.

"You should. I bet Urahara would love that." said Hichigo with a smirk.

Unasaki huffed before making his way out of the noisy room.

"Just tell them!"

"I won't do it!"

Hichigo downed the last of his tea and groaned as his headache continued. He grabbed the teakettle and pulled the top off. He put it up to his lips and drank the whole kettle. He set it back down and sighed. What we really need is some sake. [1]

"Renji, I swear-"

"Oh, to hell with your swearing!"

Hichigo rubbed his temples.

"Why can't you just do it?!"

"Because they won't accept me!"

The screaming wasn't helping his headache.

"How do you know?!"

"I…I just do! Besides you're being an ass about it!"

Really not helping.

"You're the ass!"

"No, you are!"

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" screeched Hichigo as he stood up.

The room instantly fell into silence. Finally, some peace. He pointed to Renji.

"YOU will suck it up and tell your friends." said Hichigo.

He pointed to Ichigo.

"AND YOU, will shut up and come with me into the next room so, I can maybe forgive you for my headache with sex." [2]

Ichigo blushed a fire red and Renji looked down at the table.

"I can't do this." said Renji as he stared at his group of friends sitting down, enjoying their lunch.

"Oh yes, you can." said Ichigo as he practically dragged Renji over to them.

Hichigo followed behind the duo, pouting because Ichigo had refused him his forgiveness sex. [3]

Renji gulped as he could now hear the conversations his friends were having. Ichigo sighed. I feel a little sorry for him, but he can't keep denying himself.

"Here we go." said Ichigo.

"Hey, guys!" called out Tatsuki.

"Hi!" said Ichigo cheerily.

He nudged Renji in the side with his elbow.

"Oh…uh hi."

"What's wrong, Renji?" asked Orihime concerned.

"He has something to tell you all. Renji, if you please." said Ichigo as he stepped back to stand beside Hichigo.

"Well, everyone I'd just like to say that well…I'm gay too, but that's not all. My boyfriend is…is…kami…Byakuya." said Renji as he waited for their gasps.

He closed his eyes in anticipation, but instead of gasps he heard…laughter? He opened his eyes again to see that everyone was laughing at him.

"What's so funny?!" he asked bewildered.

"Renji, we don't care what you are or who you're dating. We just hope that you're happy." explained Keigo.

"You guys really don't care?" he asked in disbelief.

"Of course not." Keigo reassured.

"See. Renji? I told you they wouldn't ca-" started Ichigo, but he never got to finish.

Hichigo grabbed him by his waist and lifted me up over his shoulder. Ichigo blushed, but beat his fists on Hichigo's back.

"Put me down!" he cried.

"Not going to happen. Renji's taken care of now it's time you take care of me." said Hichigo and he gave Ichigo's ass a slap.

Hichigo had run home with Ichigo and Ichigo thanked kami that no one was home. Hichigo ran into Ichigo's room and threw him down on the bed. Ichigo blushed as Hichigo removed his shirt and pants. Hichigo smirked and crushed their lips together. It started out as a slow and sensual kiss, but it soon turned into a fiery, passionate one.

Ichigo moaned which gave Hichigo the perfect opportunity to push his tongue into Ichigo's mouth. Hichigo dominated the kiss and pulled away for air a few minutes later. Hichigo looked down at his sweet uke. His cheeks were stained pink and he was panting underneath Hichigo. It made Hichigo's groin throb and he started to attack Ichigo's nipples. Ichigo cried out in pleasure as Hichigo sucked on one while fondling the other.

Ichigo moaned and cried out as Hichigo switched sides. Hichigo finally let go of Ichigo's nipples and instead rubbed their erections together. Ichigo yelped and Hichigo's member ached to be inside his uke. With a swift yank, he pulled down Ichigo's boxers and removed the rest of his clothes.

Tonight, is going to be fun. [4]

[1] Hichigo, it sounds like you have a drinking problem~

[2] Is that all he ever thinks about?

[3] Looks like he didn't get his sex after all.

[4] Well, there you guys go. After reviewing the rules, I decided to hell with it and gave you a scene that IMPLIES a lemon.

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