Chapter 20


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Pairings: Hichigo x Ichigo, Unasaki x Urahara, and Byakuya x Renji

Warnings: cussing, OOCness, violence, and yaoi

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Ichigo's Thoughts

Hichigo's Thoughts

'Rukia's Thoughts'

She watched in silence as the two of them walked away towards the clinic. Her eyes were narrowed and her body shook with unleashed fury. Her clenched fists were so tight that her knuckles gradually turned white. She wanted what that albino had. She needed what he had. It wasn't fair. That thing had taken away her one true chance of happiness. And she was going to get it back. Even if it meant she had to get her hands dirty.

Smirking, she walked into the shadows and disappeared.

"What are we going to name? What will they be like? Will they be boys or girls or one boy and one girl?" asked Hichigo all in one breath and Ichigo's eyes widened.

"I meant we would get kids someday, Hichigo. Not today."

The hollow turned human sighed.

"I know, but just think about it. Doesn't it excite you?" [1]

He had honestly never seen Hichigo like this. He was hyper and practically radiating with joy. He gave a soft chuckle.

"It does excite me, but we're just not ready to be parents. Our lives are too hectic and I haven't finished high school yet. Putting a baby or a child in this lifestyle just wouldn't work." Ichigo explained.

Hichigo sighed again, but then smiled.

"You're right, but someday."


The two continued their walk home in silence until they reached the clinic. It was dark and Ichigo assumed his family had fallen asleep. It was pretty late. Ichigo opened the door to the clinic and walked up the stairs to his room. Inside, he gave a yawn and was about to fall asleep on the bed when his shinigami badge gave a few small beeping noises. He groaned and went to pick it up, but Hichigo stopped him. Hichigo picked up the badge and gave it a once over.

"Just some low level hollows. I can take care of this." he said before kissing Ichigo's forehead.

"You stay here and sleep."

Ichigo smiled and nodded. Hichigo opened the window and made his way out. Ichigo shivered from the breeze the window let in and closed it. He sighed as his exhausted body met the covers of his bed. I am going to actually get some sleep tonight.

'Where is he going?'

She watched as the albino ran down the street from the clinic. He looked determined and ready for anything. She didn't question it though. Without him around, it would be easier to take what she desired. With a cruel smirk, she went over to the clinic and looked up at the closed window. She jumped up and landed on the window sill. Looking inside, she saw Ichigo was out cold. 'Perfect.' She lifted the window open as it was unlocked and slowly made her way inside. She left the window open as she knew she was going to have to make a quick escape.

Walking over to the bed, she looked down at Ichigo. She ran her fingers through his soft hair and watched as his face contorted with the unfamiliar feeling. She sighed and ran her hand along his cheek. 'What has he done to you?' She stepped back and performed a kido binding spell on him. The teen stayed asleep this whole time. Chuckling, she picked him up bridal style and made her way out the window with him.

Hichigo panted as the hollow in front of him roared. It was a thrilling sound that alit adrenaline in his veins. His new body was weak, but the hollow side of him remained with him and he was more than able to take care of these low lives. He snarled and using Zanpaktou, which he had grabbed on his way out, he cut the hollow's mask and grinned with glee. I still got it. The badge in his pocket made no noise and he assumed he was finished for the night.

He slowly walked back to the clinic and gave a yawn as he stepped inside. His body was tired and all he wanted to do was climb in bed with his lover and sleep the night away. He walked up the stairs, careful not to make too much noise, and opened the door to Ichigo's room. What he saw next scared him. Ichigo's bed was all messed up. The covers lay tangled together and a pillow lay on the floor. The window was wide open a soft breeze drifted in. His eyes grew wide and he scoured the room for Ichigo. When he couldn't find his lover, he dashed out of the room.

"What do you mean gone?"

"Just gone!" he exclaimed as he paced the room and rubbed his eyes.

"Hichigo, he couldn't have just disappeared. Is there even any reason to be worried? Maybe he left to go do something." Unasaki said as he tried to calm the albino down.

"He would have told me if he planned to leave!" cried Hichigo as he sunk down to the floor with his face in his hands.

"What's all this noise?" came a sleepy voice and Urahara entered the room followed by Byakuya who held a sleeping Renji in his arms.

Unasaki huffed.

"And now you've gone and woke everyone up."

A snore from Renji.

"Almost everybody." [2]

Hichigo groaned and Urahara looked to Unasaki for an explanation.

"Hichigo here, left to go fight off some hollows, leaving Ichigo home alone. When he came back, Ichigo was gone and he thinks something horrible has happened to him."

"Not think! I know something has happened to him!"

Urahara sighed and looked at the clock on the wall.

"It's pretty late, Hichigo. Why don't you spend the night here or at the clinic to see if Ichigo comes back. If he doesn't, we'll start a search party in the morning."

Hichigo didn't seem too keen on this idea, but nonetheless he stood and nodded his head. He left the shop and made his way back to the clinic where hopefully Ichigo would be.

[1] A maybe a little too excited?

[2] Oh, Renji~

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