So this is the first chapter of my new story. I'm not sure how many chapters there will be or when this story will end. So every time something comes into my mind there will be a new chapter. Hope you'll enjoy it.


Character: Jenny

Set in: 1988

Genre: -

Jenny Shepard remembered the 12th of November in 1988 as one of her worst days of her young life.

Two moth earlier she had accompanied her father on his trip to Israel. It was a wonderful time. She had met so many exiting people. Gafril the assistant of the Mossad Direktor had shown her around Tel Aviv and she had spent endless days in the sun.

But at this Saturday, her Dad had taken her to a conference in a high class hotel. She was excited to go because there would be a lot to learn.

But she wasn't prepared for that day. Shortly after the conference had started, she heard a detonation and all hell broke loose. Someone had bombed the building and all she saw was dust and fire and smoke and… body parts. She was in panic, trapped and scared. When she finally, after hours, was freed from the ruins of the building, her father was alive and waiting for her. He led her to the paramedics and made sure she was okay. However his friend Jubal Hassar was rushed into the hospital. He wanted to go and she wanted to come along. There was no way she would stand to being alone at that moment.

There was a lot of trouble when they arrived at the hospital but Jubal had already been brought into a room, high security outside. Jenny only went in for a few minutes, for there were so many important men around. She was shaken up and very tired and hoped her Dad wouldn't stay long. She sat down on a chair in the corridor and closed her eyes for some moments. But when she opened them again she saw a man hurrying down the corridor, a nurse at his side. She knew this man, he was introduced to her a few weeks ago. His name was Eli David.

"… you have to understand, that she is in a very critical condition. Your daughter might not survive the night. She is in this room." The nurse told him and hurried to open a door at the next to the room were Jubal was put in. To Jenny's big surprise Eli rushed past the door and went directly to Jubal's room.

The nurse looked confused: "Your daughter is in here." She said.

"She can wait!" Eli answered and closed the door to Jubal's room.

Jenny wasn't sure if she understood what had just happened. Her Hebrew wasn't the best at that time but did this man just refused to see his dying daughter and went to see a political friend?

When she looked up the nurse had left.

Without even thinking about it Jenny got up and went over to the room the nurse had showed Eli. She opened the door and closed it from the inside. Her heart broke as she looked around. The evening sun came directly through the window and enlightened the bed with the little girl. She wasn't older than maybe six or seven. Her breathing was supported by a respirator. Her arm and her right leg seemed to be broken… She looked helpless, fragile and vulnerable. And she was all alone. Jenny couldn't stand this sad picture so she went over to the bed and pulled a chair in front of the window taking the girls hand. To her immense shock the girl opened her eyes. Dark brown and so sad. She looked at Jenny.

Jenny smiled softly: "You are going to be okay." She said in her broken Hebrew: "You understand?"

The girl nodded slightly and squeezed her hand. Jenny could feel that she was strong for such a small child. Then she shut her eyes. A high beep echoed in the room and nurses and doctors rushed inside pushing Jenny out of the way. The only word she could understand was "cardiac arrest"

Jenny left with tears in her eyes. This could not be happening. First this bomb in the morning. Then the fear to die in the ruins of the building and now this child. Almost blindly she walked outside and ran into another man. It was Gafril.

"Jenny, what's the matter? Is that Jubal's room the doctors just rushed in?"

Jenny was crying now, she shook her head: "No, in there is the daughter of Eli David… dying." She sobbed.


"You know her?"

"Yes. Eli brought her with him to the conference and left her with one man of the security staff. It's her sixth birthday today, she was supposed to observe and stay invisible."

"Her father wanted her to train spying on her birthday?" Jenny was stunned.

Gafril nodded: "He trains his children more than that. Ziva will become an assassin. She is very skilled and will be a big help for Israel and Mossad one day."

"What skills could a girl her age possibly have to support Israel?" jenny was furious now.

At that moment the doctor and the nurses left Ziva's room with relived faces.

"Well, first of all she refuses to die." Gafril said with a smile.

Jenny didn't go back inside.

The next time she met Ziva, many years later the girl had become a grown, independent woman. She never mention, that she remembered Jenny being there in the hospital but once at a lonely and boring stake-out she confesses that she believed in angels.

Jenny had laughed about that. "Why?"

"I saw one. At my sixth birthday. I had suffered many injuries from a bomb and then there was an angel in my room… it told me I would get well."