Charakter: Thali

Setting: after 10.07

Genre: -

It's my birthday again and I am sitting on Tony's desk watching my sister listen to the opera he had tuned in to for her. Kate was with me just a few seconds ago but she went after Tony to poke him out of the elevator because she wants him to accompany Ziva.

I met Kate shortly after Ziva shout our brother Ari. I have to admit I'm not good in looking out for my siblings. Well how could I be? They'd always look out for me, even if I hadn't known it. I loved them very much but we were siblings so I got into a lot of fights, especially with Ziva. I didn't understand that all she did, she did for me. So I got very mad at her when she told me she'd quit dancing. I loved to see her dance. Graceful and beautiful. I was there with our Mom on every event where Ziva would dance. And suddenly she quit. I felt betrayed. But I didn't know why she did it. After I died, I found out. I had started to sing about the time she quit her dancing.

When our father found out that both of his girls were following a dream made of music and rhythm instead following the dream of a peaceful Israel he gave Ziva the choice. If she quit and concentrated on becoming a Mossad officer I would be free to sing. She never told me. After some time our father was good with me singing. I never saw him with watery eyes before. Of course not, he had never seen my sister dance.

She never danced again and sometimes I wish she would not listen to that opera on my birthday. I wish for her to dance.

"Dance for me Ziva, please." But I am dead, she cannot hear me. She smiles with her eyes closed. I look over to the elevator. It had come back and Tony is still inside. The music is too loud for Ziva to hear the soft bing. I can see Kate, she is pushing the button that keeps the door open while Tony keeps pushing the one for the first floor. Now he leaves the elevator. Maybe he is just going to take the stairs. I wonder what Kate will do then.

She told me she'd to anything that would make him happy. Somehow she had decided that Ziva would be the one to make him happy. I'm all right with that. If it just would not be so hard to get those two together. Now he is coming over and he stands behind my sister and waits for the music to end.

It takes some time but eventually it ends. He clears his voice and she turns around.

"Tony… you are still here?"

"Elevator is not working. You want to stay? If not I could give you a ride to Gibb's house."

I smile when I see her getting up, turning off the new song that just started to play. He offers her an arm and she takes it, so they walk to the stairs. Kate comes over and we follow them.

"You'll see her dance." Kate tells me with a smile.

"At their wedding they will have to dance."