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Italic words – flashbacks


Part 1

- Claire's POV –

A full moon; the only source of light tonight illuminated the dark forest around me. Though acting as the sole provider of the night's light, I'm not at all bothered by the dimly lighted path I'm walking on. The trees on both left and right side of said path danced as the wind shook their leaves – my lips curled into a smile. I've always love the scenery and feelings that night give; especially during full moons. I've wanted to stay longer – never mind I have to stand in the middle of the road to gaze at the moon and listen to the sound the leaves are making but I know better that if I don't move quickly I'll be missing my chance to arrive 'there' without making too much of hassles – without anyone noticing me come. I fastened my pace and eventually reached the end of the road where a big black cat was sitting – his focus is towards the sky above him.

"Sorry I'm late," I said as I approached the cat, tightening my grip on a blue suitcase in my left hand.

He lifted his head to face me. "It's cool. It's still early anyway," said cat answered.

"It's better early than being late. I don't want people to see me – or should I say you, coming there," I threw my suitcase onto Konoe's back and climbed on top of it; positioning myself on his neck, my hand grabbed my suitcase and hold tight onto it.

"You don't seem too thrilled about this, Claire," Konoe commented as he stood up from his seat; stretching his front legs in the process.

"Isn't it obvious? I loathed that place, Konoe. You should've known that," I sighed. "Why, in all places, did the Goddess – Aunty, choose that town to be where I'm going to do my last test? What's wrong in going with Chelsea to Sunshine Islands?" I groaned and plopped my head down onto the soft black fur of Konoe's neck.

"Ahaha – You forgot that this is an individual test; to see if you're capable enough to cope with how humans act and if you have the ability to differentiate their various kinds of emotions. Hey, look at the bright side, Claire. You got your big brother in that town while Chelsea has no acquaintances and all in the islands," the black cat continued as he settled down on the green grass and started licking his front paws. "You know that Jack is someone – "

"Konoe," I cut his words. "What did I say about talking about Jack?" I asked as I shot him a glare.

Konoe shrugged. "Oh, yeah. I forgot about that. Sorry," the cat apologized. "Anyway, are you sure you don't forget anything? We won't be coming back here for quite some time, you know."

"Uh-huh," I nodded as a response to his question. "I've got all the stuff I need for the test in this suitcase," I patted the blue suitcase in my hand. "I'm good."

"We're good then," said black cat nodded along. "Prepare yourself. This is going to be a long journey. I promise I won't fly too fast though...Ahaha," Konoe continued and stood up, once again stretching his front legs before jumping off the cliff.

"You sure we can arrive there before the sun shows up?" I asked as we switched from falling down further into the darkness below the cliff to floating up on the sky; slowly rising from where we've fall before.

"But of course. I did top the class in flying, you know...Ahaha," the black cat answered cheerfully. "Say, you didn't forget the pendant, right?"

"I'll be doomed if I forgot it. It's a necessary item for this test," I replied, dug said pendant from the pocket on my chest and showed the necklace to the cat. "See?"

"I suggest you to put it on. Goddess knows if you're going to drop it and it'll be assuring to know the pendant is safe is with you all the time you're in human world."

"Right," I nodded and put on the necklace, fumbling with its lock behind my neck. "There. I'm wearing it now."

"Mhmm. That's good. Now get some rest, Claire. I'll wake you up when we arrive," Konoe continued, keeping the same flying pace as before.

"Thanks, Konoe," I hugged him before turning my back and facing the dark sky up above me.

My hand reached for the necklace and raised the pendant high enough for my eyes to see. I sighed. Never in my life had I imagined I'll be staying in that town for my final test as a Harvest Goddess candidate. That place where my older brother Jack is staying. I frowned at the thoughts of my brother.

Jackobson or mostly known as Jack is my big brother; he's 2 years older than me and was one of the overachieving student in the academy. Was, I say, because he decided to abandon his position as a Harvest King candidate – and son of the Harvest King just so that he can live with a human in Mineral Town; the town where he was assigned to-and where I'm heading now-for his final test. Jack have always been the apple of my father's eyes and one can only imagine the wrath the ruler of Caelestis; the realm of Gods and Goddesses, hurled towards Jack when he found out that Jack abandoned his powers and decided to live on as a human; a normal being without any extraordinaire ability and powers to grant wishes.

To be completely honest, I hate Jack. I grew-up hearing stories about him being awesome; an obedient child with great talent, possessed what seems like unlimited powers and will no doubt be a great Harvest King just like our father. I have always respected him. I adore, admire him and feel that I'm the luckiest girl to have him as my big brother. I have always loved his smile and the way he treated me-even though I'm such a whiny little brat back then-; his gentleness and caring attitude. I never saw him getting mad at anyone before and my respect towards him remained until that woman –

"Are you okay?" Konoe asked out of the blue. "Are you feeling dizzy? Got a headache? Do you want me to stop?"

I chuckled. Konoe have always been a caring cat ever since I got him as my Guardian. "It is okay, Konoe. I'm fine. Don't worry about me."

"Ah, I'm glad to hear that. Sorry to bother you then," he ended our brief conversation.

I went back to sky gazing with the pendant still in my grasp. I closed my eyes; trying to relax myself with the sound of the wind and to avoid stressing myself with the thoughts of my past memories of my brother. I recalled the conversation between me and my aunt before departing from the academy.

"Here's your charm, Claire," Harvest Goddess said and handed me a silver clover-shaped pendant. "Do you need me to explain the rules of your task?"

I took the pendant from her hand and shook my head. "I know the rules; usage of any kind of powers and abilities are prohibited, one have to keep his or her identity a secret and one are only allowed return to Caelestis when his or her tasks have been completed."

Harvest Goddess nodded. "As expected from the top candidate for Harvest Goddess," she smiled."Then let me tell you about your task and how the pendant works. You are to fill the pendant with 4 different kinds of elements; love, family, trust and friendship. You have a year to accomplish this."

"Huh?" I cocked an eyebrow. "How am I going to do that?"

"It's actually easy. All you have to do is to make sure that each of the silver-coloured clover's petals change into green. In order to do that, you have to perform something to a person you think got a hold of any of the elements I stated previously."

"What happens if I got the wrong person?"

"Why, all of your previous efforts in helping said person will give you nothing in return. Needless to say you have to start from scratch again."

"Argh. That's so not cool," I complained.

Harvest Goddess let out a chuckle. "Is it? But don't you think it's good that you actually helped someone in need of help? I'm pretty sure said person will appreciate your help and be happy because of it."

I looked down at the clover-shaped pendant in my hand. "I have no intention in making those stupid mortals happy."

Harvest Goddess sighed. "You are so much like your father; my brother. If only your mother is here then he will..."


"Ah, it's nothing," the beautiful green-haired woman smiled at me. "Now then, you better go and get ready," she continued. "By the way, where's Konoe?"

"He went ahead of me and said he'll be waiting at Moonlight Path."

The older woman nodded. "I see. Be careful now, Claire. Send my love to Jack," she said and pulled me close to a hug.

I hugged her back. "I will, Aunty."

Harvest Goddess released me and stared at me face, caressing my right cheek. "Oh, how I wish that she's here to see you and your brother all grown-up and well."


"Never mind that," she shook her head and smiled. "Go now, Claire. I wish you luck in your test."

I nodded. "Yes! I'll try my best!"

I spun my heel around and ready to leave when she called me one last time. "Oh, and Claire?" I paused from my track and turned around. "Here's a tip; the first person you bumped into when you arrive there will be someone that affect your task a lot. Try to get along with whoever that person is."

I stared at the silver clover-shaped pendant. "The first person I bumped into..."

"What was that?" I heard Konoe's voice.



"I wish that that person is a nice girl," I continued as I closed my eyes; still clutching the pendant and slowly drifted into sleep.

I never know that the first person I'll be bumping into is not a nice, kind girl that I've been wishing for – it's someone that I loathe most, second-or probably in the same level-next to my older brother Jack.


A/N: My second story featuring Jack and Claire as siblings other than 'Little White Lie'. I really love these two being in that kind of relationship. XD