It's been 8 years since the day all of Toronto and some Niagara region was infected, people- family, being turned into zombies.

The group was saved on a Island and took over into Buffalo, where a huge giant wall has been built around the city, so Toronto and far on could never be entered again...and no one and nothing could come out.

There was only one big gate door that would probably never open, but guards watched it 24/7, and cameras were fixed on it to see the other side, which was now turned into a very dark grey city, fallen old houses, only bones left of people and zombies, dead grass, old rusty cars.. they haven't seen a live one in 3 years..

Everything was probably dead and gone now, even the zombies.

But now, the President had a problem, the scientist dropped another chemical, and while keeping the scientist and the scientists assistants in a locked up windowed cell, the President had formed a team to finally go back, go back into what was behind that wall.

The gate hasn't been open for 8 years.

"You sure you can do this Soldier Hogart?" the old General asked, standing in a garage with a bunch of army boys as Jay stood there and nodded.

He was more buff now, some beard, just enough to look scruffy. Yup, he had went into the army. He had known the greatest man who was once in this army...

"5 finger discount." 15 year old Jay told to Sean as the two planned to steal CDs from their mall and smirked to another, trying not to laugh. Being little punks as usual.

Jay's eyes were distant as that flashed through his memory and then looked at his General, "Yes sir I am."

"We're looking for a cure, find out if there was any. Check for surviviors." He chuckled, "Though doubt there's even one." He admitted.

Jay frowned deeply but nodded slowly.

The general went serious, "Okay, introduce me to your crack team!"

Jay led the man over to an army tank, infront of it a bunch of guys working on it, and then a few sitting at some computers on the side.

"You know Lucas sir." Jay nodded at his old friend who the General nodded at and he shook his hand.

Lucas was almost the same, just some tattoos now over his arms, a banner, tribal around his other upper arm, than a big swan with Isabella's name under it in cursive.

"Good luck on your mission." The General told Lucas, knowing the man had a past behind those walls. There was barely much survivers 8 years ago.

Jay nodded to the next person but before he could talk the General eyed the boy down and asked Jay, "Taking Stone huh?"

Peter stood there, his hair was short now, some hair on his chin, still skinny but big musceled arms now. His hair was brown now, grew out of dirty blonde. He stood tall and strong.

"Yes sir." He answered loudly.

The General eyed him more, "You gonna be okay sonny? This not too much for yeah?" he asked with a small laugh, looking at Jay.

Jay cracked a fake smile but didn't find it funny, Peter was actually a good fighter now. He had followed Jay into this, Lucas came in two years later. Guess the world seemed boring now to them not fighting for anything.

"No sir!" Peter answered.

"No ones been over that wall for 8 years."

"Yes sir, I know sir."

"It was terrifying back then, tons of infection, death." Sneered the General, trying to scare Peter.

Peter closed his eyes, remembering..

"SARAH!" screamed Peter, trying to shoot the zombies that got passed everyones bullets. They were all biting into her legs though and she was crying, then began crying to shoot her. And he did.

"I remember like yesterday General." Peter snapped back, calm but very seriously, looking at the General knowing he didn't have to go through what he did, shoot someone you were falling for.

"Okay." The General said, liking that answer and nodded appreciating at him

"And then we have Dean, and Mark." Jay nodded to the boys up top, they didn't know Dean, but you probably remember him from having a bad crisis with the old Paige Michealchuck.

"Boys." The General greeted them, good men!

"Then our brain, Anya." Jay ended, pointing to the girl at the computer. Anya was all grown up, sexy, curvy, yet still rocked those little nerdy glasses, and the computer like a wiz.

Sometimes Lucas liked to play and made her wear them when they got a little..frisky, you could say. She'd look like a sexy libarian.

Yeah yeah, the two got together, took awhile for him to see she actually wanted him though, even if she was obvious, it only took Manny screaming it in their faces while she was having Jay's baby and they were trying to say 'hello' again after the reunion.

Now, they were engaged.

Her hair was dark brown now too, and longer.

Other than that though, everyone still looked young, Jay oldest being 28. Anya youngest at 26.

The General nodded, "Lets get going men!"

"Sir yes sir!" Mark and Dean chanted like robots and they made their way out of the garage, Mark got in and rolled the tank out.

It was midnight, and dark, but army lights shined and so did the trucks and tanks.

Jay walked to the army truck he was going to drive with all the weapons, supplies and food they'd need.

Leaning on it, was Spinner.

"What's this?" The General asked Jay, walking over to Spinner who leaned off when he saw them and nodded in greetment.

"My friend." Jay told the General uneasily, "I know he's not part of the force sir but he was with me when we escaped the hell behind that wall." Jay said, pointing toward the big wall, blocking them from the other side, "He'd do you good."

The General sized Spinner up and down, "Who are you? What do you do?"

"Names Gavin." Spinner said, swallowing the lump in his throat, "I'm a cop."

"Cop huh?" General thought about it and slowly nodded, putting his hand out, "Welcome to the team."

Spinner looked shocked at Jay then smiled to the General, shaking his hand.

Anya and Lucas came up behind, and stared at the wall. On it, was pictures, old candles, old flowers, some new flowers, against it.

People treated the wall like a grave, old baby pictures on it, family pictures, poems.

It was sad to look at.

"Alright, tomorrow night, 8pm sharp, you 6 go in there." He pointed at the huge gate between the wall.

They all stared at it with wide eyes, even though have been trained for two years for it now.

"Just my team sir?" Jay asked, the general nodded. No more? Jay thought. Wierd..

"Yes." Spoke the General, "We are quite sure there is no more living human or thing behind that wall Hogart. You guys will be fine."

"Okay." Nodded Jay.

"Find the cure, get in, get out." Ordered the man.


"Thankyou. Gentlemen..lady." The general nodded to Anya too who smiled softly and watched him go.

Lucas put an arm around Anya, "What a dick." He finally spoke like a human again.

"Whatever, least we got this opportunity." Said Anya.

"Who else is jumping for it? It's a death trap." Admitted Spinner, not convinced EVERYTHING was dead behind that gate.

Maybe because what he feared most use to be behind that gate.

"I've worked here 7 years, there really has been no sign of any living persons." Jay admitted. It made him feel hopeless but, someone taught him to keep holding on.

"So why are we going?" Lucas asked him.

"Just to make sure." Jay said, with a shrug.

"You still hope their alive? Anyone that we know?" Anya asked curiously.

Jay sighed, but nodded, "I'm hoping, yeah, and I think we owe it to them." He confirms, they slowly nodded, agreeing.

Specailly Sean, even though there was no chance he would still be alive with that massive explosion, but what he did was heroic, he showed others should fight for people. They would do just that, see if there was other survivors.

"We'll see everyone here tomorrow at 8." Jay demanded and they agreed.

"Tomorrow." Anya said, grabbing Lucas' hands, her diamond ring flashing and they left.

"Babe! I'm home." Jay called, walking into his big house, wasn't huge but average, and cozy. Enough where people didn't call him trailer trash anymore.

That was a plus!

A girl ran to him squeeling and hugged around his waist, he grinned, looking down, putting his hand on her head, running his fingers through her long brown hair.

Like her mothers.

"Hi Daddy." She greeted so innocently. She had big blue eyes like he did.

"Hey Dakota, baby." He greets, kissing the top of her head and picked her up, her legs swung around him and he crossed his arms around her butt, her hands on his shoulder.

He went to go upstairs til the doorbell rang, he gave it an odd look.

"I'm going to Andreas house for a sleepover!" Dakota said happily

Jay raised an eyebrow, "Are you?" he asked and pouted silly, "Daddy's going to miss you alot though, you sure you have to go?"

She giggled loudly, "Daddy I need to make friends, I can't be a loner like you were in school!" she joked playfully and laughed at her own joke as he snickered, eyeing her evily playfully.

She had sass like her mother and teased as much as her father.

"Lies, your mother told you." Jay insisted, putting her down and opened the door where she went and hugged another little girl who waited for her.

"Hey Jayson." Greeted an older woman, the other girls mother.

Jay just nodded and waved then waved to Dakota who smiled, "Bye Daddy!" she ran out and he held the door open, watching her go.

For some reason, he wished she'd stay at least tonight, he would never admit it out loud but he was scared to cross that wall again.

Dakota then stopped when the other woman opened her vans door for her, she then said something and ran back to Jay.

Jay gave a look until he smirked, bending down as she hugged him tightly again and kissed his cheek.

"Love you Daddy!" she was a sucker for her father, daddy's little girl.

"Bye pretty girl." He whispered, hugging her even tighter until she complained and he chuckled, letting her go and she ran back to her friends car.

He shut the door after they were out of sight down the road and went up the stairs into the kitchen.

Manny was leaning on the kitchen counter, still looking as nervous as she did the day he told her he was doing this, and that was a year ago.

She knew tomorrow was finally the day.

"You didn't tell her right?" Jay asked, snapping her out of it, she even gasped, too in thought to even notice him come in.

She looked the same as 8 years ago, just beautiful.

She then took a deep shakey breath, "She wouldn't understand even I did, we haven't explained what's behind that wall to her yet." She said as he came over and went to kiss her.

She was so upset he was still going, she let him go the last time, she didn't want to do it again, she felt she could be selfish now, they had a family. He shouldn't be going back! But he insisted it was zombie free, and he worked in the army, army had freaky ways of finding that out right?

She moved her head to the side and he frowned, but kissed her cheek just as happily.

"Don't teenagers learn it in highschool now as some history lesson?" Jay joked, but was serious, they actually did.

They called it the Doomsday 2009.

"She's only 7." Whispered Manny, not highschool just yet.


"I don't want you going." Manny finally pleaded.

"I want to go." Another voice said, coming into the kitchen.

Jay's eyes were on Manny and gave her a very annoyed look. Manny smiled innocently up at him and he turned.


Emma still had longish blonde hair, she had put brown low lights in it and her skin was tanned again like it use to be in highschool. After the zombie attack, she kind of hermitted herself inside and got really pale, anti social, it took more than a year. It was hard for her to get over what Sean did.

Here she was though, 27 years old, still young looking as she was in college, she was a journalist now, for the newspaper, about the environment. Hmph, ofcourse. Sean would of been proud.

Did she date? Yes. IF you called ranting about Sean on the date, and the date giving up at the end of the night, dating. This one guy almost made it, she moved to LA with him and they even almost got married, but Emma panicked and ran off, she moved on quickly, which was very bizarre to Manny but she was glad to have her friend back in Buffalo.

"You told her." Jay said to Manny, looking and turned to Emma now though who just smiled in a 'ha ha' way.

"I did." Manny nodded, guilty and groaned, "I don't want either of you going!"

"I want to go!" both Jay and Emma yelled.

Jay huffed and glared at Emma, "You're not going!" he exclaimed, "Besides, you can't anyways, not allowed, you're not really a soldier or anyway connected to the army." He taunts.

"You got Spinner in! I already made him confess it. And he's bringing Jane!" Emma fought back.

"He didn't tell me that." Jay insisted, clueless but not suprized, the two were married now, and Jane was an amazing shooter, she owned a gun store now.

..for a girl, she was such a man.. made Jay question Spinner's true sexuality.

"He said you have your own truck, you can hide us in it and we can sneak in." Emma insisted.

"You aren't going." Jay declared.


"YOUR NOT GOING EMMA!" he yelled back, she shut her mouth and he pointed at his wife, "You'll stay here, with Manny, and you'll be safe!"

Manny sadly looked at Emma whose eyes tears up but she tried hiding it with a hard glare and stormed passed Jay who softened and tried to stop her. She pushed him away from her and stormed down the stairs, opening and slamming shut the front door.

"Ow." Jay said, rubbing his chest where she pushed, "She's getting strong.." he joked.

Manny nodded and shrugged, "We've been taking those boxing classes for a year now."

"Remind me to not fight with you then." He jokes.

"Then stop fighting me on this." Whispered Manny seriously, giving him pleading eyes.

He shook his head no, "I love you, and I love Dakota, but I'm not changing my mind. I'm going."

Manny bit her lip and sadly looked down, but nodded, "Okay." She breaths and turns to the stove, going back to cooking.