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He was always beside her as she was there for him. She holds his hands tightly hoping that the time will stop and this will be forever. She feels this strong feeling inside her heart yet she doesn't know what the true meaning of LOVE can be.

It makes her feel uneasy this way. To not understand fully what her emotions are.

"Chi" Hideki calls her. "What are you thinking?"

"H-hideki. What is Love?" she asked.

"Uhh..err" he uttered "Why do you suddenly asked?"as he scratched his head because of the sudden question.

"I was just curious. I was watching the television the other day when the man and woman started hugging tightly... and then they started licking each other and he undress-"

"Chi ! What were you watching?" he exclaimed as he cut what she was saying. He was breaking in sweats he can't believe what Chi has been watching while he was away. Or better yet, Chi found out her collection of AV videos that was hidden underneath the bed. [This is always the hiding place]

The room has gone quiet. She stopped talking. He watched her as she stare at the window like she was looking far away. Her eyes were empty like she was thinking about something deeply.

"Hideki, I… don't understand everything about humans" she sighed "I thought that it was okay the way it is but I…"she stopped. She couldn't explain how she would tell the later part could be.

They sat quietly not making any single noise. They don't know what to say to each other. He was worried about her. He thought that everything would be alright after Chi returned. Yet, since Chi is a chobit this is inevitable. Yes, she has the ability to love but what is love? Chi is not entirely human. She has limitations and that limitations could eventually separate them from each other and he know that he don't want that.

"Chi…" as he hold her hand tightly. "You can't learn everything all at once. Try to learn step by step and you'll learn it in due process"

"Step by step? Process?" she repeated.

"Yes. So don't think about it too much alright?" He grinned as he pats her head. "I'll be going now so behave and don't be checking out thing underneath the bed alright?"

He walks away as his heavy footsteps came nearer to the door. She sighs. She was left alone again as she stares at the window she couldn't help but thought about what she was going to tell Hideki. Is it alright to be like this forever? To forever gently hold her hands and be able to feel his warm body?

She was afraid of letting it go. All go. For Hideki is her life. She was afraid she wouldn't be able to understand love for she is not human. Yes, not being to be human but a chobit where her incapability to be with Hideki lies to be the truth. In her surprise a teardrop feel from her cheeks. She was crying and she can't stop it from flowing through her watery eyes. Just thinking about separating with Hideki makes her heart to felt pain like it was being squished and that she can hardly breathe.

She never cried this hard before. She sat down quietly again staring blankly as Hideki's voice echoed in her mind. "Step by step. Process" she murmured as her eyes began to fall because of exhaustion. She fell asleep deeply while thinking about Hideki in her sleep.

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