Warning: Mature Content Ahead.

Since the majority of this story is not M-Rated, it didn't seem necessary to up the rating for the entire story. This chapter isn't necessary to the plot, it's just a nice way to wrap things up and for Brain and Pinky to consummate their marriage in StarShineDC's and mine's OC-verse.

Please be responsible and not continue on in this epilogue if mature, sexual content between two male mice is not your cup of tea. You have been warned.

"Narf!" Sweeping him up, Pinky spun Brain around and pressed a deeper kiss to his lips. It made his heart all a-flutter and his stomach all squirmy-wormy. "Can we do all the fun, romantic things I had planned, Brain? The dinner, dancing, dessert, and- hmm... well, bed doesn't start with 's' like all the others. Kinda throws the rhythm off, doesn't it."

Saying "doing it" would be vulgar, so Brain refrained from the mortifying impulse. "They start with 'd,' not 's.' But I suppose we could. We do have the whole night."

"Oh, wonderful! I want to wooooo yoooou." Pinky set him down and traced the edge of his ear before giving a little twirl.

"I hate to admit it, Pinky, but you're well on your way." He lifted a hand to his ear. "How long have you been considering all of this?"

He pressed a finger to his chin as he thought, humming as if it would help. "Hmm... I can't remember, but I do know it was before we had Cici and even before Romy! Troz. I wanted to tell you, but I always forgot, and then when I did remember it was usually in the middle of a plan thingy so I had to wait. But then I'd just forget again! I'm sorry, Brain." Pinky ducked his head and swept his foot along the counter. "I never forgot that I loved you though. Poit. I know that much."

"I know you didn't, Pinky. The one thing you never seem to neglect are feelings." And that was... quite a long time to be waiting for all of this. For both of them. Brain swallowed and stepped forward, lifting his hands to Pinky's cheeks again, touched their noses together. "Why don't I... get the candles so we can begin?"

"'Kay! I'll make dinner! Want me to sauté the food pellets in some three in one oil? I know you like that." He rubbed his nose against Brain's, giggling to himself as his cheeks felt all tingly where Brain was touching.

"Pinky, we don't have... Drat!" Brain scowled, brow furrowing. "We need three in oil if we're going to have... er..." The blush flooded his cheeks again.

Tilting his head, Pinky nestled his cheek further into Brain's palm. "Have what, Brain?" he asked, once again drawn to the flush of color against his cagemate's fur. "I can go pick some up if we need it that badly."

"Have s... se... I mean, well..." He averted his gaze. "I suppose we don't... ah..." He cleared his throat nervously. "Being that neither of us have ever- It may not come to full... It does depend on mood, after all..." But the fact that he'd thought of it did mean that he wanted to. He bit his lip, looking back up at Pinky. "It can be useful for the... second kind of sleeping."

He'd been starting to get concerned, Brain was usually so good with words! But his tail started wagging and a smile spread across his face. "Oh, then we must get some, Brain! It's part of my plan. I can't woo you properly if we can't do the last part."

"Well, there are... many ways of doing the last part." His hands fell from Pinky's face so they could wring together. He was beginning to worry very much that he wouldn't be able to get through the first part of the evening without thinking about the final part. "Not all of them require a... lubricant."

Pinky blinked at his friend, waiting a beat before taking hold of Brain's hands and asking as seriously as possible, "Do you want to do the way that needs a loobycat?" He'd heard of stranger things. Patting his hands, he continued, "I want to do what you want to do, Brain, so I'll go get some... though I thought we were talking about three in one oil... poit."

"Three in one oil is a lubricant, Pinky, which is why it can be used for... many things." He adjusted their hands so their fingers could lace, slowly looking up from them to his cagemate's face. "I would very much like to try the way that... needs it. If you, ah, find yourself enjoying the precursors." Because he was certainly not going to bottom.

"Oh, I'm sure I will, Brain!" Pinky nodded enthusiastically, wiggling with excitement even as he leaned in to give Brain another kiss. "I'll go get the lubberlykit then. Narf! Want me to pick up anything else while I'm out? Ooooh, what kind of dessert do you want?"

"I'm sure whatever you'd like will be fine, Pinky." He was reasonably sure he wouldn't be able to pay enough attention to it anyway. He'd seen Pinky by candlelight before courtesy of the occasional power-outage and it was rather distracting, the way his oddly blue eyes shone in it. He pressed a hand over his stomach, where the tingles and butterflies were most prominent. Perhaps he'd arrange a few candles around their bed as well.

"'Kay! Don't worry, Brain, I'll make sure everything's extra special." He rubbed their noses together, then promptly distracted by the way Brain held his stomach. "Does your tummy hurt, Brain?"

"No, it... I'm merely being overrun by butterflies," he mumbled. He slid his arms around the taller mouse's neck. "This will either make them worse or ease them." He brushed his lips over Pinky's once, twice, before settling them firmly together on a hungry little sound.

Pinky responded immediately to the sound, despite the first two kisses making him dizzy, placing his hands on Brain's waist and rubbing circles into the soft fur with his thumbs. His breath hitched with a small gasp, "I feel them too, Brain," and he dove in for another kiss, eager. The butterflies tickled his stomach down to his knees, and Pinky let them give out so he could be more at Brain's height, kneeling in front of him. "I think I just swooned, Brain." His voice breathless only for the fact it felt like his heart was inflating in his chest. He couldn't even giggle over the fact that 'swoon' was a funny word.

"Yes..." There was something incredibly enticing about Pinky being on his knees. Brain slid his hands to Pinky's shoulders, back up to trace the curve of his ears. He felt hot where Pinky's hands rested on his waist, warm everywhere else. "Pinky," he breathed, capturing his lips yet again, pressing their bodies together while his hands slid down, sliding into and gripping the fur of his friend's back.

Shivers followed Brain's touch, resulting in Pinky's back arching at the grip, the fur of their chests shifting together as he moved against him. Warmth spread from his belly out. His fingertips danced up his sides until reaching his shoulders, then allowed his arms to wrap around them. "Brain... Brain, I..." But the thought escaped as it suddenly occurred to him that it would be a good idea to lap at Brain's lips and nudge his own closer, humming all the while.

Brain's lips parted on a moan, tongue seeking Pinky's. "Pinky," he tried, but his breathy voice was muffled so he had to pull back a little. "Pinky, you're not going to make it to the store. We're just going to have to do what we can without extra lubrication." His announcement was broken up, punctured by kisses, and his hands never stopped roving over Pinky's back, fingers delving into fur and massaging. Part of him worried that if it was interrupted now, he would never work up the courage to start again.

"Store?" he mumbled into the kisses, hands caressing the top of Brain's head and over his ears. His head rapidly filling with sensations; Brain's scent and touch and taste. The sound of his voice. He wanted more of it all. Pinky's blue-eyed gaze was half-lidded as he practically purred from the hands on his back. "No, don't stop, Brain. We can't stop now..." He whined before sealing his mouth over Brain's, seeking out more warmth and taste.

He hadn't been suggesting they stop, but didn't bother to correct him. He managed to get Pinky onto his back, breaking the contact for only a moment while he got his legs straightened before continuing the kiss, deepening it, pouring himself into it. They were still on the window sill, but it didn't matter. Nothing mattered in that moment beyond touching Pinky. He hung over him, propped up with his knees on either side of Pinky's body so his hands could roam and discover. "Won't stop," he managed. "More, Pinky."

"More? How, Brain?" He gasped, wiggling into this new position and taking the opportunity to let his hands roam over Brain's back this time. He paid particular attention to the small of his back, right above the base of his tail, massaging and gripping the fur there. Instinctively, since his head was so cloudy and tingling, Pinky tilted his head and started kissing Brain's neck, trailing his tongue through the fur now and then. "Like this?"

"Just like that," he agreed, hips rocking back, tail lifting. His head tilted to the side, allowing more access even while his body scooted down just enough for him to be able to lower and grind himself against Pinky's groin. "Do you remember what was happening when we were trapped in the spring?"

His teeth nipped Brain's collarbone as he bit down on his lower lip, muffling a groan. His hips raised as his head fell back. "Squirmy-wormy and hot." Pinky nodded and wrapped his fingers around Brain's tail. "Narf." Swallowing thickly, he blinked up at Brain, eyes widening as he took in the sight of his cagemate bathed in the light of the moon from the window. "You're so pretty, Brain. Like magic."

He would've scoffed at the words, but his breath caught from the bite and his back arched into the touch. Besides, they'd come from Pinky so they'd been absolutely sincere. There was a pulsation between his legs, his need beginning to really make itself known, but it was the way his heart quivered that guided his actions. He slid his hands back up, cupping Pinky's cheeks. Those blue eyes were wide and dazed, sparkling with stars of their own courtesy of the moonlight. "Pinky, you're so beautiful." He lowered his lips, kept the kiss gentle. "I'll try and make this magical for you."

Flushing darker at the compliment, Pinky giggled airily into the kiss. "You already have, Brain." He started stroking Brain's tail, committing the feel of each bend and break to memory.

Moaning softly, reveling in the touch, Brain began unconsciously rutting his half-hard length against Pinky's (so soft, so warm) belly. His fingers stroked down his sides, memorizing the curves, ruffled the fur as he caressed just to see what the mouse beneath him liked.

He didn't know what was pressing into him, but he liked it. Even more those sounds Brain made, shooting sparks of pleasure deep in his gut. Eyes slipping closed, he pushed his stomach up, while squirming against Brain's touch along his sides. Pinky stretched along the counter, opening up more of himself to be petted and stroked, happy little noises bubbling out of him.

"Yes," Brain whispered, lifting himself back up to his knees. His ears were perked, soaking up the noises, leaving him eager for more. He ignored the hands on him for the moment, focusing on where his own were. He brought them up, caressing Pinky's chest while his lips lowered to his neck. While he nuzzled, his hands stroked lower and lower, finally getting to Pinky's thighs. He rubbed gently, nerves pricking at him, preventing him from going between his legs just yet.

Pinky tilted his head back, exposing more of his neck. "Mmmm..." His thighs twitched, unconsciously spreading as Brain rubbed. "Brain..." he moaned quietly, massaging his tail more firmly. The heat in his gut concentrated right in the middle of his thighs, throbbing dully, and his eyes scrunched a little.

"Pinky..." The spread of his legs, the way he moaned - it only served to chase the nerves away, replacing it with a warm eagerness. "Don't be frightened," The Brain requested, one hand slipping back up to cup and caress his hip, the other sliding to Pinky's groin. He cupped the quivering pouch there and gave it a gentle caress before slowly running a finger up the length of what had already emerged from it. His own shaft gave a pleasant throb, making him moan into the curve of his consort's neck.

Shivering, Pinky arched his back, pushing his hips up as his erection twitched at the touch. He squeezed his eyes tighter, not from fear, but rather from the intensity of it all. It felt like Brain was stroking the fire inside him, making him hotter. A needy whimper slid out of him as the moan vibrated against his neck and he tugged on the crooked tail in his grasp. "Egad..." His hands slipped over to massage Brain's thighs, raking his fingers through the fur before kneading them firmly.

He let out another moan, wrapping his fingers around Pinky's sex and giving a firmer pump than he'd intended. But he finally had Pinky beneath him and the delicious noises he made were irresistible and all for him. Brain lapped at Pinky's neck, working his way up to nuzzle his cheek, nip the base of his ear. "Touch me how I'm touching you, Pinky."

Another moan and a sharper twitch of his hips as pleasure rippled through him. Blue eyes popped open, seeing their reflection in the window. "Right, Brain..." Pinky nodded quickly, panting and chest heaving with each staggered breath. His hands slid over to cup Brain, slowly exploring this new piece of his lover. He stroked up and down, looking up to watch and take in Brain's reaction, torn between his face and his groin.

Brain stilled at the touch, looking up. He followed Pinky's gaze and gave a small fidget when he saw their reflection as well. Locked together, hands stroking and exploring. They really shouldn't be doing this in the window, but he looked back at Pinky and gazed into those dazed blue eyes and he forgot again where they were. "Yes," he breathed and caught Pinky's lips in another kiss. His hand began to move a little firmer, a little quicker.

Pinky kissed back hungrily, wrapping the fingers of one hand around Brain's length and mimicking the pumping motion. His own hips rolled up, attempting to match Brain's rhythm even as his legs spread wider. "Brain," he groaned into his mouth, "Naaaaaaarf."

He thrusted into Pinky's hand, panting. "Pinky," he whimpered. Next time, they were getting the oil. "Just- Yes." He brought his other hand down from Pinky's waist, toying with the leaking head. When Pinky mimicked him, his head fell back on a guttural sound. "Pinky!"

"Brain!" His head fell back, his free hand gripping Brain's thigh as the one around his erection went faster, brushing his thumb over the tip. Pinky trembled as his entire body throbbed, rocking harder beneath Brain. "Egad, Brain!"

His eyes wanted to cross, so he closed them, rubbing his nose over Pinky's. "Yes, Pinky, yes. Just like that..." His voice was breathy and low, body moving so much more by instinct than by design. It was terrifyingly simply to lose control like this, but he was too far gone to care.

Pinky lapped at Brain's chin as he whined, eager and needy and confused. The heat in his belly was building, writhing within him with each pump of Brain's hand and each thrust of his hips. He didn't want to stop, couldn't stop, but as it steadily increased, he grew desperate. His hand moved up from Brain's thigh, raking through the fur of his chest, touching all that he could. "It feels really good, Brain, really... egad... Brain...!" He moaned louder, kissing the corner of Brain's mouth.

"Yes, yes, yes," he managed each repetition growing in volume and desperation. He was getting closer with every motion. "It's alright. It's alright, Pinky, just let it happen..."

"But, Brain...!" It was so tempting to let his eyes close and give in, but he needed to see Brain, needed to focus on him despite his blue eyes darkening and fogged from the onslaught of sensation. "It's too much! I'm gonna explode...!" Pinky cried, arching into him. "I don't want to explode, Brain!" But he needed more. More of the feelings, more of Brain's sounds. His own hand around Brain squeezed and stilled, thumb pressing down on the head of his length.

Brain lifted a hand and laid it over Pinky's cheek, torn between focusing on how so very close he was and reassuring the one who'd brought him to this point. He pressed their noses together, opened his eyes so they could blearily focus on the wide blue ones. "I've got you, Pinky." He groaned, mentally clawing himself back from the edge. "It's alright. Just let it..."

"Braaaaaiin!" Pinky moaned, tilting his face into Brain's palm as his hips thrust desperately before his entire body stiffened. He came with a choked cry, hand jerkily sliding against Brain's arousal and his body wracked with spasms as he rode it out.

Brain thrusted into Pinky's hand a final few times, vision going white-hot as he let himself go. "Yes!" he cried, release spilling onto Pinky's hand and over their bellies. When he was emptied, his body simply collapsed and he dropped onto his lover, moving his hand from between their bodies with as little physical effort as possible.

Panting beneath him, Pinky's head lolled to the side and he blinked blearily at their reflections once more. Oh, they did look good together. He smiled and closed his eyes, settling his arms around Brain with a quiet sigh and a soft nuzzle. "Naaaaaaarf..."

"Yes... Well..." Turning his head seemed to be a lot of effort, so Brain let it drop, face buried against Pinky's shoulder. "That was..."

"Glorious." Pinky purred, cuddling Brain as much as he could in his drained, yet sated state. He licked Brain's ear fondly. "Poit."

The smaller mouse shivered a little, curling his fingers into Pinky's side. His hand was sticky, but he couldn't work up enough energy to be disgusted. "Yes, glorious," he murmured.

With a giggle, Pinky opened his eyes and moved his head so he could better see Brain. "I don't know what that had to do with sleeping though, Brain," he piped up, then took notice of the white substance on his own hand. Curiously, he brought his palm up to taste then proceeded to clean it, humming as he lapped it up.

Brain watched, eyes widening. His grip tightened minutely, length giving a half-hearted twitch at the undeniably erotic sight. "Pinky," he breathed, entranced by his tongue.

"Hmm?" He stopped, blinking at the smaller mouse. "Brain?" Still a bit of stickiness on his fingers, he popped them into his mouth one by one and sucked them clean, keeping his blue gaze on pink the entire time. "Did you want me to clean you too?" Pinky asked between his first and second digit.

"I..." His shaft gave another twitch, but he couldn't possibly get aroused again so quickly. His body was putting up a rather interesting fight to prove his mind wrong, however. "Yes," he decided, just to see, just to feel that tongue on him.

Nodding delightedly, Pinky reached for the hand curled in his side and drew it up to his mouth. His tongue laved against his palm in short, soft strokes, the taste strange but not unpleasant. The fluid smelled strongly of both of them, igniting Pinky's interest in learning more about this taste and scent. He slid Brain's index finger past his lips, smiled around it when he met his stare again.

Brain let out a shaky breath, his hips beginning to rock in careful, slow motions. "Pinky," he murmured, "that's..." It should've been repulsive, but the eroticism was impossible to deny. He could feel warmth coiling in him again, reddening his cheeks, and slowly working its way down. "Your tongue is..."

Pinky sucked on the digit, humming as he tilted his head, inquisitive. But as his brain processed the rocking of his hips and the flushed cheeks, the simple mouse put two and two together. Blue eyes lit up and he drew a second finger into his mouth, moving his tongue over them purposefully.

"Oh," he breathed, coherent thought slipping away. His eyes went half-lidded and his own tongue slowly slid along his lips. His mouth was so warm and wet, his tongue so mobile. "Pinky, please..."

Slipping his fingers from his mouth, Pinky pressed a small kiss to Brain's palm. "Please what, Brain?" he asked, grinning. His own loins stirring again with the most pleasant buzz as he watched and reveled in Brain's reaction. With a farewell lick to his hand, Pinky grabbed onto his lover's waist and rolled them over. His heart hammered in his chest as he looked down at Brain. He nuzzled his cheek with a loving "narf", then nosed and kissed down his chest until he reached the stickiness and began his licking anew. The fur tickled his tongue in the best ways. Brain's taste and scent flooded his senses, making him dizzy. Pausing after only a few, Pinky raised his eyes to Brain's and asked again, "Please what?"

Brain had propped himself up on his elbows as Pinky had slid down, wanting to watch. He bit his lip, back arching as well as he could make it when Pinky stopped, and a little whimper caught in his throat. Moonlight bathed him, falling over him and creating shadows in his eyes that made him seem almost otherworldly. "That," he managed. "That. Keep... Please, Pinky, your tongue..."

Eyes sparkling and smile growing brighter, Pinky nodded. "Good. I like doing this. Troz." He kissed Brain's stomach before trailing his tongue over and over. Some were short and quick, others were long and slow. He wanted to figure out which kind made which noises, though all of them sent shivers down his spine. Oh, he liked making Brain feel good. Pinky kept his gaze on his face as he lapped, captivated by the blush and the way those pretty pink eyes were watching him. He moved lower, to reach more of the fluid sticking to his fur, nuzzling and kissing his hip. "Gotta clean you all up, Brain," he said playfully, giving him a gentle nibble.

Brain groaned, head falling back at the nibble. "Yes," he whined, wriggling. The differing swipes were rapidly turning the warmth into heat, each one a surprise. On a long slide, he arched into Pinky's tongue, quivering in an effort to hold himself up and get as close as possible. He whimpered, elbows giving out so that he fell back. His legs spread, hips twitching in an effort to get closer, a keening sound escaping as he reached down to stroke Pinky's ears. "Wonderful, Pinky, wonderful..."

"Naaaaaaarf."He marveled, mouth eager as it mapped out the contours of one hip before roving up and over to the second one, leaving the middle untouched. Finally, satisfied that a good majority of the seed was gone, Pinky turned his attention to Brain's awakening shaft. "Oh, Brain. Your thingy's messy too." So he clearly had no choice but to clean it as well. A rush of bubbly excitement filled him as he tentatively licked, tongue tracing from base to tip.

He made a helpless sound, legs spreading wider, hips lifting. Moremoremore- "Yes," he moaned. The gentle, encouraging strokes he'd been delivering to Pinky's ears changed, fingers tightening and clinging. That was simply stunning. "Ah- mm- nn...!"

Encouraged by the familiar exclamation, Pinky continued to explore this new bit of anatomy with his tongue. It was so warm, slender, and the scent of Brain was so strong and heady. Practically intoxicating. Arousal pulsed deep in his gut, his nerves thrumming with each delicious sound. Just as delicious as Brain himself. He brought his hands over to grasp his partner's hips, holding them still as his mouth encased Brain's length. His head bobbed, pleasurable sparks filling it as his ears twitched under Brain's grip.

Brain cried out, fingers running through the ruffled fur atop Pinky's head. He wanted to move his hips, whimpered and whined when he couldn't. "Pinky, Pinky, Pinky...!" So hot. His mouth was so hot and wet, surrounding him. "Yes, please," he moaned, gazing down at Pinky, watching himself disappear again and again into that wet heat. Oh, this was even better than before. He hadn't quite believed anything would be better.

Oh, oh, each time he said his name like that made him shudder with delight and arousal. Keeping his gaze fixated on Brain's, Pinky released a moan of his own around him, relaxing his throat to take as much of him as possible. He started sucking, as if drinking from the water bottle, eager and thirsty for more of this essence that was purely Brain. His own hips started rocking, meeting air with each thrust.

Oh. Oh, no, he couldn't take that. On a loud keening sound, Brain's head fell back. He gripped Pinky's ears, head tossing side to side, sounds escaping that he simply couldn't control. Snatches of pleas reached his ears, but it was almost like they were coming from somewhere else entirely. He was focused on that mouth, those lips, that tongue. He tried to lift his hips, feeling himself beginning to tense. Oh-! Oh-! "Pinky, I'm- It's- Pinky!"

If anything, he was only encouraged. Pinky rubbed soothing circles into his hips. He teased the tip right before he gave a particularly long, hard suck, hollowing out his cheeks and savoring the feel of him on his tongue as he brought Brain to the brink.

With a long, loud outcry of his lover's name, Brain arched his back as he came. His hips twitched, trying to thrust further into that delightful warmth. So good, Pinky. So good. He tried to say it, but nothing came out. He couldn't even breathe for those few moments of release.

Pinky drank it all down. At first it startled him, but he managed to keep from coughing or choking even though some spilled out his lips. He gave the softening shaft a farewell lick before lifting his head to look at Brain, his heart beating wildly. Blue eyes were wide with adoration and love and the faintest hint of lust. He wiggled up to rub his nose against Brain's, petting his head. "Brain? Poit. Are you okay, Brain?"

"Yes," he breathed when he could. He lifted a trembling hand to the back of Pinky's head, pulled him into a kiss. He moaned, his own taste mixing and blending with what was innately Pinky. It was deliciously erotic and so very intimate. "That was perfect," he murmured and slid his other hand slowly down Pinky's back. "You didn't, ah...?" He arched a little, feeling Pinky's very clear arousal. "Oh." No, he hadn't.

"Poit. No, I guess I didn't." Pinky hummed, glancing down between them. It was an interesting kind of ache, not quite painful, but it definitely ached for something. He squirmed, a bit uncomfortable now without Brain's lovely distractions. When he thought of the faces and sounds Brain had been making, it throbbed and he bit his lip.

Brain licked his lips, gaze flicking down. It was only fair that he return the favor and, well, he was undeniably curious. Cleaning Pinky's fur was a bit too distasteful at the moment, but he could go directly to the heart of the matter, as it was. "Well..." He laid a hand on Pinky's chest, giving him a careful shove. "Perhaps I should make sure that you do."

Pinky obediently rolled onto his back, watching Brain with inquisitive eyes. "Brain?" Anticipation coiled in his belly and his length gave another painful throb, his body understanding what his mind couldn't yet perceive.

Brain gave him a brief kiss and a gentle nuzzle, pressing their cheeks together. "Try and keep your hips still while I attempt this, Pinky. If you gag me, I shall have to hurt you." His tongue darted out, flicked over the base of Pinky's ear before he started making his way down. He used his hands, stroking down along Pinky's sides, caressing down to his hips. A little nervous about going straight to his glistening pink length, Brain nuzzled his inner thigh, tongue lapping.

Propping himself up to watch, Pinky shivered and whimpered, parting his thighs readily for Brain. The one receiving attention quivered and the taller mouse had to swallow several times. "I... I thought you didn't like grooming, Brain..."

"This is... different, Pinky." His scent was strong and heady, tugging at his instincts and impossible to ignore. Brain slid his hands to Pinky's hips, cupping them and giving a gentle squeeze as his mouth shifted to the pouch. He nudged it carefully, a little uncertain since Pinky hadn't done this to him. But at the way Pinky's breath seemed to catch, the megalomaniac grew a little bolder and licked it, drawing a section into his mouth to suck firmly.

"Egad...!" His arms trembled as his back arched. It felt so much better than good, the ways to describe it escaping him. Brain's mouth, so warm and wet, it made him warm all over, even in his ears and toes. Pinky spread his legs wider, breaths coming in shallow and unsteady. "Brain..."

"Just relax, Pinky." Pushing down on his hips, settling himself between Pinky's legs, Brain kissed up the length of his lover's sex. He kept the kisses warm, tongue slipping out to taste with each one. It was unusual, but not nearly as bad as he'd been expecting. It was just Pinky. He closed his lips over the head, the tip of his tongue teasing the slit, tasting the fluids that leaked from it. He'd read that the taste depended on diet, quietly marveled that Pinky's rather disgusting eating habits left this far sweeter than he'd expected. But he quickly turned his mind away from the things Pinky ate and gave a small suck, taking in more, ears perked and awaiting.

Pinky whined with each kiss, all of them teasing and making his head fuzzy. But as that hot mouth enveloped him slowly, he moaned lowly, head lolling to the side as he tried to keep from rolling his hips. His lashes fluttered, determined to stay open. "Ohhh... oh, Brain..." He reached out for him, forgetting that his elbows were what were keeping him propped up, and slid to lie flat against the counter top.

Brain gave his hips another squeeze, pressing them down so his mouth could slide lower and take more in. He couldn't get it all, nervous at the prospect of gagging, so released one hip to let his hand work on the rest. He squeezed, fingers massaging, and turned his gaze up to watch Pinky's reactions.

At least he could keep his head lifted, half-lidded blue eyes latching onto familiar pink ones. His face flushed darkly, mouth parted and panting. "Naaaaaarf," he whimpered, heat flooding him, making his whole body one big, tingly mess. "Brain! Egad, Brain! Mmmm-!" It was so good, made even better by the thought that Brain was actually doing this. Pinky made a high-pitched keening sound and tossed his head back.

Brain's head bobbed slowly, moving a little faster at the encouraging sounds. He managed to swallow a little more, humming around his length. His tongue lapped eagerly, thoroughly enjoying his ability to make his companion so needy. He kneaded Pinky's hip, his other hand sliding down to squeeze the pouch.

"Brain! Oh, oh-!" The vibrations from his humming nearly drove him out of his mind with pleasure. He writhed helplessly, pinned by both the hand on his hip and the order Brain had given him. Pinky buried his fingers in Brain's fur, raking along the top of his head. "Please, Brain! Please!" He didn't even know what he was asking for, he just knew he needed it. His legs tried to spread more. Oh, he needed it. The pressure was steadily building in his belly, delicious and overwhelming and he couldn't help but sob softly as his breath hitched. It felt so good. "Please...!"

Brain slid both hands to Pinky's tensing thighs, squeezing them. He gave a hard suck, cheeks hollowing as Pinky's had for him. He gave the smallest of nods, trying to give Pinky permission, and prepared. Come, Pinky.

"Brain-!" With a strangled moan, Pinky arched his back, spilling his seed into Brain's awaiting mouth. He shuddered, curling his fingers and toes, as he tossed his head from side to side. It seemed to last forever, the shock of completion, until he lay spent and sprawled on the counter.

Brain couldn't swallow it all, hadn't been as prepared for the unusual sensation of cum shooting down his throat as he'd thought. But he lapped hungrily, swallowing what he could and cleaning the rest off of Pinky's spent shaft before crawling up and collapsing onto him. He was the one to catch sight of their reflections that time, blushing deeply. They'd been giving anyone who cared to look quite the show. With a possessive little hum, he turned his head and pressed his lips to Pinky's.

He kissed back lazily, enjoying how they tasted together now. Blinking slowly, Pinky's eyes sparkled with absolute affection. "I love you, Brain." He stroked Brain's ears before resting his hands on his back to cuddle with him.

The Brain was too tired and too sated to stop the words. He supposed he'd already admitted to it anyway when he'd gone on his rant, so... He rested their noses together, half-lidded eyes gazing into Pinky's. "I... love you too."

Pinky giggled quietly and kissed him again, smiling against his lips. It filled him with contentment to have Brain's warmth and weight resting on top of him, it felt right. They fit together so well; Pinky and The Brain. "Does this mean we're married now for real?" Pinky asked, pressing his lips to Brain's chin.

He supposed, being mice, they didn't need exact records. They didn't have anything for their adoption of Cici, after all. "Yes, Pinky, we're married for real."

"Naaaaaaarf." He awed, hugging Brain tightly. "Oh, this is the happiest day of my life! Egad, I told myself I wouldn't cry." Pinky sniffled, rubbing his cheek against Brain as tears pricked the corners of his eyes.

"Pinky, you're overly emotional about everything. Of course you're going to cry." He shut his eyes, snuggling down. "We should... return to the cage, Pinky. We're in the window."

"I know. Poit. You look so lovely with the stars and the moon, Brain." Pinky reached up to stroke his head. "And the feck. I think you found it, Brain." Nuzzling him gently, the taller mouse pushed himself up into a sitting position, keeping Brain cuddled against his chest as he stood up. His own fur was still a little sticky, he'd have to wash himself off before bedtime.

And the feck. Unsure which warmed him more - embarrassment at being carried or embarrassment from the compliment - Brain pressed his flushed face against Pinky's shoulder. "Yes, Pinky, I believe I've found it as well."

Pinky hummed with approval and carried his husband - ooh, he liked the sound of that - to their cage. He pulled back the blankets on Brain's side, then set the smaller mouse down. Rubbing their noses together, he smiled brightly at him. "I'll be just a second, Brain," Pinky informed him before turning about in search of a wash cloth of some kind.

Brain watched him quietly, folding his hands over his stomach and wondering if Romy would be agreeable enough to take care of Cici for a few extra days, but the idea was dismissed almost immediately. The stubborn child would never let him live that down - neither of them. "Pinky, what are you doing?"

"I'm still sticky, Brain." Pinky explained, patting his stomach, procuring a piece of cloth from under their bed. Boa was still there too! Maybe he'd use it tomorrow night as a surprise for Brain. "I can't go to bed with my tummy all like this, my fur will get all a-tangle and then it'll hurt like the time I got covered in bubblegum."

"Hopefully we wouldn't have to shave you like we did then. You had patchy fur for weeks." Brain started to close his eyes, but they sprang back open, brow furrowing. A bath. Drat. A bubblebath would've provided enough lubrication for... Hm. He would have to keep that in mind. In the back of his mind. In the furthest corners of his mind to only be pondered upon when appropriate.

Cloth in hand, Pinky skipped over to the sink. He wobbled a little as he went, still feeling the effects of their activities in his knees. "Brain, you turned my knees to jelly! Zort!" he laughed, turning on the water to moisten the wash cloth. He was too tired for a real bath, so he settled for the damp cloth and some soap, rubbing it over his belly until all the clumped fur was free.

"A veritable dream come true," he muttered, ignoring the rather pleasant thought that it was in a way. "Come to bed now, Pinky. If we awaken early enough, perhaps we can have proper baths before the scientists arrive."

"Oh, with bubbles and rubber ducks and bottle caps, Brain?" Pinky danced over, actually remembering to close the cage door behind him. He pounced on the bed, rear wiggling in the air as he burrowed into the blankets, his tummy still a little damp. When he finally poked his head out, he smiled adoringly at Brain and wrapped his arms around him.

"Not with rubber ducks and bottle caps, but I wouldn't be adverse to bubbles." There was a wicked gleam to The Brain's eyes as he flicked a glance at his sidekick. "Actually, bubbles may prove to be very... useful."

The gleam made him shiver in a good way, though he didn't quite know why. "For bubble castles?" Pinky asked, nuzzling the curve where Brain's neck and shoulder met.

"Pinky, your innocent mind only serves as punishment for my own lecherous thoughts." Brain turned his head and pressed a kiss to the back of his ear. "Sleep now, Pinky."

"'Kay," Pinky sighed and closed his eyes, breathing in deep the warm scent of his companion. "I love you, Brain. Goodnight."

There was a brief beat of silence, Brain not quite comfortable uttering the words a second, or technically third, time in one evening. But he gave Pinky a gentle nuzzle and hoped he understood the words that were in the motions. "Goodnight," he murmured.

Taken from StarShineDC's dA account:

How nice of a horrid family reunion to end so pleasantly~
And now that they're married... TIME FOR A HONEYMOON
In the spirit of honeymoons, of course, Trouble in Paradise is going to be rife with love things
So be prepared! That one should go up soon enough~