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Previously on: I Can Only Rely on Myself

Focusing solely on the ball, Ryoma didn't notice when someone walked up next to him. "Mind if I take the spot next to you?"

Gracefully catching the ball in his hand, Ryoma muttered in disinterest as he started to turn towards the voice. "Go ahead." His disinterest didn't last long as his body stiffened on reflex as he met the blue eyed gaze of the other person; Ryoma's eyes widened in shock and he went pale. What was he doing here?

Backing away from the other person, he turned to make a run for it. He didn't get very far however, as he was yanked backwards and shoved roughly up against the wall that he had been hitting the ball at moments before. Getting away was practically impossible as his arms were being held above his head, effectively pinning him there.

Ryoma looked up at the attacker and growled. "Let go of me, Kevin!"

Pain exploded throughout his body as it was, once more, roughly slammed into the course, concrete wall behind him. Gasping for air, he desperately fought to regain the breath that had been forced from his lungs due to the harsh impact. His head throbbed, and his vision blurred as the distinct taste of iron filled his mouth. Blood seeped out as he heaved, painting a small, thin trail of red down his chin.

Regaining a semblance of composure he fixed a pointed glare at his attacker as he kicked out at Kevin's legs, trying frantically to make contact with the unwanted nuisance. A ghost of a smirk darted across his face as he heard a pained grunt come from the man in front of him, apparently one of his attempts connected. Not that it really mattered given the current situation, but regardless it still gave him a small sense of satisfaction. At least it had, until steely blue eyes met his own, a demented sneer stretching across the others face. A tremor shook through his body, leaving goose bumps in its wake.

"Ryo-baby, where have you been? I've been looking everywhere for you?" Kevin cooed, as a free hand slowly snaked downwards, coming to rest on Ryoma's cheek before gently sliding his hand through the soft, green tinged locks and toying with the strands. "I've missed you." The offensive hand resumed its movements, cupping Ryoma's chin and swiping at the blood with his fingers, smearing it.

Eyes narrowed in contempt, Ryoma jerked his head away from the offensive appendage, the force of it knocking his already throbbing head into the wall once more. He hissed at the contact. "Fuck off, Kevin." Wrenching his hands away from Kevin's grasp, he made a futile attempt at shoving the larger male away from himself. Just how weak had he become? The bastard barely budged. It was almost as if he were anchored to that spot. Ryoma's eyes flit around the surrounding area, hoping to catch the attention of a passerby. Unfortunately, it seemed that the entire human populace had decided to be anywhere but there that day.

"Nah, Ryoma, that's not a very nice thing to say to your best friend. I'm offended." Kevin leaned over boy, voice filled with sick amusement as he watched anger mixed with horror swim in the golden orbs. With an agonizing slowness the blonde placed his forearms on either side of Ryoma's head, and leaned against the wall. He was close enough for his breath to fan over the smaller males face.

A shudder tore through Ryoma at the close proximity, bile rising up in his throat. Closing his eyes he valiantly tried to escape the reality of the situation he was currently in, all the while trying to stop himself from giving in to sickness. Memories flooded him as he felt Kevin nuzzle his neck, almost lovingly.

He felt Kevin yank on his hair, arching his head backwards, making access to his neck easy. Kevin didn't waste any time as he hungrily bit down, hard, on the soft spot where the neck and shoulder joined.

Tears formed behind closed eyelids as Ryoma released a shaky breath. "Quit fucking around you dickhead." Bleary eyes finally opened to take notice once more of their surroundings. "I want nothing more to do with you!" His words got progressively louder, roughened with emotion. "Leave!" He practically shouted, gripping onto Kevin's upper arms, he tried once more to shove the imbecile away. All this seemed to achieve though was to infuriate the other person.

A snarl ripped from the blonde haired male, followed by the resounding noise of flesh meeting flesh, and a pained groan. "Who the hell do you think you're talking to?!" Blue eyes narrowed dangerously, eyes glinting with sinister intent. A dull thud was heard, along with hacking coughs trailing behind. "How dare you speak to me like that?!"

Ryoma wheezed, trying to keep hold of the consciousness that he could feel slipping away from him. His entire body thrummed in pain, but what concerned him the most was the pulsating pain that was coming from his head. He had no doubt that he had a concussion. He could not let himself fall into the grasp of unconsciousness. He would be in a shit load of trouble if he did.

Preoccupied with his current condition, Ryoma didn't notice the hands wrapping around his throat until it was too late. Strong hands dug into the tender flesh, slowly lifting him off the ground. He clawed desperately, spasms rocking his body due to lack of air. Panic-stricken and light headed, tears leaked from his eyes. "Please… stop." He managed to croak out, using the rest of the air he had in reserve. The last thing he remembered was a haughty smirk passing over Kevin's face as he fell, before the blackness of unconsciousness overwhelmed him.

"You belong to me Ryoma. You are mine. No one else can have you." Picking up the limp body, Kevin tossed it over his shoulder. Looking left and right he made his way down the street to the car that awaited him. It was time to take his Ryo-baby home.

Cobalt eyes scanned the vicinity, glancing down every so often to the picture of the boy, that was firmly grasped in his hand. This wasn't the first time that Eiji had been asked by Atobe to keep an eye on someone for him before, but it is definitely the only time that the redhead had heard the eccentric heir ever sound anywhere close to desperate. Just who was the sleeping beauty in the picture, and how did he manage to draw the attention of one of the most powerful men in all of Japan?

Taking a deep breath and exhaling, Eiji tried to put himself in the youngster's shoes. He had just tried the hotel that the boy had been staying at, only to find that he had checked out this morning. He could have already checked into another hotel, however the thought of calling every single hotel in Tokyo did not sound like a very productive way to spend his time. Just the thought of sitting still for hours on end calling hotel after hotel made him cringe. There was no way he was doing that, unless he ran entirely out of other options.

"If I were an 18 year old boy, where would I go?" Eiji muttered to himself, leaning against the outside wall of the hotel. He closed his eyes, reflecting on the very brief amount of information that he was able to gather from Atobe and his lovers. And when he said brief, he meant brief. The fivesome knew virtually nothing about their latest obsession. The only information that he had been able to gather was the school he had gone to and the fact that he was at ends with his father. That was it.

Opening his eyes he looked to the sky, as if asking for answers. Letting out a sigh, he shrugged himself away from the wall, and made his way to the only place that he could think to get information from at that time. Hailing a taxi, he got in and gave him the address to the school that the boy had gone to previously. Maybe he could find out something there. Even a hobby would help at this point.

Ryoma groaned in pain, as he gradually regained consciousness. His head throbbed painfully, and his entire body felt as if it were made of lead. Groggy eyes slowly opening, he moved to sit up so that he could take in his surroundings, only for harsh reality to slam into him. He couldn't move. Shaking off his previous disorientation, he took careful stock of the situation. Wherever he was it was dark, so dark that he couldn't see anything around him. He could smell the musky scent of dust and mold, making him wrinkle his nose in distaste. The surface he was on was hard and cool, therefore he wasn't on a bed. He had to be on either a table or floor. Lightly thumping the hard surface underneath him with his hand, he heard a soft knocking noise. He must be on the floor. The most startling of all the revelations, made him cringe. He was naked. Completely and utterly naked. And as if that wasn't bad enough he was cold. Freezing cold.

Embarrassed and mortified beyond belief at his predicament, he struggled against the restraints in vain, trying desperately to get them to loosen eve just a little. All he needed was a little leeway, just enough so that he could wriggle out. Sadly, as per usual as of late, all his struggling just caused the ropes to tighten, cutting into sensitive flesh. Tears and desperate sobs escaped him as panic set in. Dammit! Why was he so helpless all the time? He didn't ask for this! He just wanted to live a normal happy life where he could play tennis and live with Karupin! "Dammit!" The voice didn't sound like his own, it was raspy and weaker than he would have liked.

Ryoma paused his attempts to get out of his binds, trying to calm his breathing. His heart raced what felt like a million miles a minute. What was going to happen to him? He shuddered, teeth chattering, the mere thought of what Kevin had in store for him sending him over the edge. He couldn't go through another experience like this. He was already messed up enough as is. He felt filthy. Who would ever want him? Why should anybody want him? He was nothing. Sweat beaded on his forehead, as he tried once more to struggle against the holds. The ropes bit into his flesh, pain shooting through his arms. Ryoma knew that his wrists were bleeding. He could feel the slickness of the blood, and could smell iron and sweat fill the room.

Ryoma trembled as he heard the opening and closing of a door, along with several heavy footsteps to follow. A light switch flipped on. Quickly closing his eyes to the bright light that flooded his vision, the unconsciously cringed into the floor, wishing that it would swallow him whole. He slowly opened his eyes, finally able to take in his surroundings. He was in, what appeared to be, a warehouse of sorts. The floor was concrete, with silver metal walls surrounding him on all sides. The room also seemed to have no windows, which would explain the lack of light. Other that the four metal pillars that stretched from floor to ceiling, there was nothing else in the room. It was to these pillars that he was tied in a spread eagle fashion.

A low chuckle was heard, as footsteps approached the bound male. Well, maybe the room wasn't completely empty.

"Looks like you finally decided to wake up, Ryo-baby." The blonde male crouched down next to him, a chilling grin gracing his features as he took in the nude form in front of him. "What do you say we have some fun?"

The sounds of hyperventilation filled the room.

Eiji sat outside of the school gates contemplating the information he had just gained from the school principal. According to the man he had just spoken to, Echizen Ryoma had been a student with a bright future ahead of him. He had excelled in both academics and sports, so much so that the people that admired him had created a fan club for him. The boy had been known around school to be quite cheeky, but apparently that hadn't stopped people from flocking around the youngster. He was known as the prince of the campus. Someone who everyone, even if they didn't necessarily like him, at least respected him. Someone with so much talent that he could have easily gotten into even the most prestigious of colleges, but had settled for becoming a professional tennis player. Regardless, everyone loved the boy. At least that had been the case until right before school ended.

The principal told Eiji that on the last day of school, the atmosphere around school was malicious and violent, with all of the hostility being centered towards Ryoma. According to sources, Ryoma had sexually assaulted his best friend, Kevin Smith, the day before school got out, and by the time the last day came, everyone on campus knew about the incident. There had been severe cases of bullying toward Ryoma, and the principal was at a loss of what to do. It had been the last day after all. He couldn't very well suspend the perpetrators, and since the bullying was so widespread among the students, he didn't even have time to get to the bottom of it to see if it was true. So he had let it slide under the radar. Ryoma was a tough boy after all, it had never crossed the principal's mind that the boy couldn't take what was being dished out. It was just a case of youngsters being youngsters.

A scowl formed on Eiji's face as he bowed his head in thought. Just where would the little prince go, when he wanted to escape from the world? Running a hand through his hair, he worked to try and process the information given to him. Data processing had never really been his strong suit, the logistics being way too boring for him. Fingering the pocket in his phone, he tried to decide whether or not he should call him. He really didn't want to be the guinea pig for any of his friend's experiments, but he also didn't know exactly where he should go to look for the boy. Giving in, Eiji took out his phone and pressed the call button before his senses could return to him. He heard his friend answer.

"Eiji, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

The redhead cringed, it was almost as if he could see the man on the other end of the line push his glasses to rest higher on his nose. He was already starting to regret his decision. "Nya, Inui, I need a favor."

"Ii data. What kind of favor were you needing exactly?"

"Inui! Stop writing things in that notebook! This is serious, nya. I need you to help me track someone down!" Eiji remarked, puffing his cheeks out indignantly. Seriously, why were some of his friends so weird?

Inui chuckled on the other end of the phone, and the sound of scribbles filled the silence. Finally Inui spoke. "Who exactly is it that you're looking for?"

Eiji grimaced, not quite sure how much he should reveal to the self-proclaimed "Data-man". How much would Atobe be comfortable with him telling Inui? What was Ryoma to the lovers anyway? Making up his mind not to go into full detail just to be on the safe side he responded. "His name is Echizen Ryoma. He's 18 years old. Atobe wants me to keep an eye on him."

More scribbles. "Why does he want to keep tabs on the kid?"

"The heck if I know. I didn't ask, since it's not really my business. Besides, Inui, you know as well as I do that you never question Atobe's decision. You just do." It wasn't a lie. He really didn't know, the redhead silently reassured himself.

"Hnnn. Wouldn't the boy be at home? He's only 18 after all." Inui speculated.

Eiji fidgeted, tapping his toe on the ground. "He doesn't live at home at the moment. Seems him and his dad aren't on good terms. He's been living at a hotel recently." Eiji paused. "And, no, before you ask, he is not at his hotel. He already checked out."

"I see. If that's the case maybe he's staying at a friend's place? Have you asked around to see who his friends are?"

Eiji rolled his eyes. "Nya, Inui, I know how to do my job. The boy doesn't have friends at the moment." He shifted his weight looking at the people passing by on the street. "His friends ditched him about a week ago. Apparently he was accused of rape, though there wasn't any proof. Everyone turned on him." A frenzy of scribbles were heard on the other end of the line. "NYA! Inui! Are you paying attention?"

"Yes Eiji, calm down. I am simply recording what you're saying so I can analyze the situation properly. You did ask for my help after all." Inui sighed. "So, let me see if I've got this straight. You're looking for an 18 year old boy, who has no friends and is currently not living at home. He has recently been accused of a crime that he could or could not have committed, and has been the target of bullying. Is there anything I'm missing?"

Eiji hummed in thought. "Not that I can think of." The redhead paused, concern filling his voice. "Na, Inui, we have to find him. He's only 18, and from what the principal told me he has a bright future ahead of him. He's super smart. He was going to become a professional tennis player. I don't like thinking of a boy like that out on the street with nowhere to go."

There was a pause on the other end of the line. "Wait. You said tennis. Have you checked the tennis courts? Maybe he went to let off some steam?"

Eiji's eyes widened. "I haven't checked there! Do you think that's where he's at? The tennis courts, nya!"

"I can't be 100% sure. But it is a possibility." There was some shuffling. "Ne, Eiji, you said this boy was accused of rape right?"

A look of confusion passed over the redhead's face. "Huh. Ah, yea. He was. Why?"

"Do you know the name of the boy that he supposedly raped?" Inui asked, completely ignoring the others question?"

The confusion deepened momentarily, before he came to a realization. "Yea. I do. His name is Kevin Smith. You don't think he's going to do anything to Ryoma, right?" Eiji worried his bottom lip.

A huff. "Maa, it's possible. I can't rule out the possibility. I'll do some digging over hear on my end into Kevin Smith's background. You start hitting up the tennis courts. Let me know if you find him."

Eiji's heart hurt, he had a bad feeling about this. "Alright. I'll call you later and let you know how it goes."

"Please do. Now then about how you repay me…"

Eiji cringed and hung up the phone. He'll talk to Inui about that later.

Running to the curb, he once more hailed a taxi, asking to driver to take him to the tennis courts closest to where Ryoma had been staying at. He'd start there and then work his way out. Hopefully he'd find the teen.

Sobs filled the otherwise silent room, as Kevin straddled the younger male before carding his hands through the oddly colored locks. Sliding one of his hands down, he captured the boys chin between his thumb and pointer finger, dragging the boys head over so that he had no choice but to look into his ex-best friend's eyes. "Look at me, Ryoma."

Ryoma whimpered. "Please, Kev, let me go." Tears streamed out from the corners of his eyes, sliding downward until they hit the cold floor beneath him.

Kevin smirked before yanking harshly at the strands that he had previously been toying with. A loud, pained whine erupted from the boy beneath him. Kevin's smirk transformed into a full blown grin at the noise. It was beautiful. The once haughty, proud, brat of a boy had been reduced to whines and snivels by his hands. That's right Kevin Smith had tamed the Echizen Ryoma that everyone had always thought was to tough, so brave. Ha! Brave his ass.

Leaning over, the blonde place his forearms on either side of the boys head and lowered himself down until he was right in front of the boy's collar bone. Softly, he nuzzled the delicate flesh there, planting a small kiss on the small scar that he had given Ryoma, when he had bitten him previously. A content sigh left his lips as he felt the boy beneath him tense up.

"Neh, Ryoma, you should try to loosen up some. It won't be much fun for you otherwise" Kevin said his voice dripping in faux-sincerity. Kevin liked it rough. Whether Ryoma was tense or not didn't matter one bit to the blonde.

Ryoma pleaded, voice hoarse not only from crying so much, but also due to the strangle hold he had been put in earlier that day. "Please, Kev, please. I'm sorry."

Kevin fought back a grin as he got up off of the other. "What are you talking about, Ryoma. I'm not mad anymore." He chuckled softly at the slight sign of hope that passed through the glittering golden orbs. Moving to the door Kevin walked out, only to walk back in with a small bag in one hand, and Ryoma's pet carrier in the other. A hiss could be heard coming from the pet carrier.

Ryoma's blood ran cold. "Karupin! Kevin, why do you have Karupin?!" Eyes bright with fright Ryoma once more attempted to get out of his bindings. "Kevin, please stop this. Let her go!" A sob wracked his body as he saw Kevin set the carrier over in the corner of the room, before stalking over to him, bag in hand.

"Geez, Ryoma calm down. I'm not going to hurt Karupin unnecessarily. All you have to do is behave yourself, and your precious kitty will be fine." Reaching Ryoma's side once more, he crouched down next to him, brushing the fast falling tears from the other's eyes.

"W-why? Let her go…" Ryoma tried to hold back the sobs that threatened to break through. He was terrified, absolutely terrified. He couldn't even recognize the person that he had once called his best friend. Kevin had always played with his beloved cat every time he came over, so why threaten her.

"Relax, Ryo-baby. We're just going to have some fun." Turning away from Ryoma briefly, Kevin dug through the small bag. Finding what he was looking for he pulled out a blindfold. Turning back to his captive he twirled the blindfold around his finger, making a show of the item before smirking and once more climbing atop the other.

Eyeing the item warily, Ryoma slowly started to shake his head back and forth. He did not want to wear a blindfold around this person. "N-no. Kevin stop it!" Ryoma thrashed his head around trying to dodge the oncoming hands.

"Ryoma. This is your last warning. Behave yourself, or something will happen to Karupin. You don't want that now do you?" Blue eyes narrowed in mock annoyance. It wouldn't be any fun after all, if Ryoma didn't put up at least a little bit of resistance. He grinned when the boy stilled. "Good boy." Kevin soothed, placing the blindfold snugly of the golden orbs. Leaning down he pressed a peck on the others lips before he began, moving his attention over to Ryoma's neck once more. Finding a place he liked, he bit down, hard. He felt the body beneath shudder as a high pitched squeal escaped from the boy. Lapping at the bloody wound, he chuckled at the boy.

The sting coming from his neck was almost unbearable. Tears soaked the blindfold he was wearing, as he tried to suppress the shudders that threatened to course through his body. Not being able to see anything made everything else seem much more real. All his senses became heightened, and he could literally feel the malicious intent rolling off the other in waves. His breath caught in his throat as he felt something slimy slide its way down his neck before seeking out the area above his left nipple, right above his heart. The boy cried out in pain once more as he felt the teeth dig once more into his flesh, before feeling the tongue lap at the wound. Why? Why did he have to go through something like this again? What in god's name had he ever done in his entire life to deserve this type of living hell?

The pressure on his body increase as Kevin lowered himself further down onto Ryoma's chest. He hissed in pain as weight was added to the fresh wound. He heard the soft sound of a zipper coming down before the smell of sex filled his nose. Nausea washed over him, as he came to the realization of what was about to happen. He felt something soft, yet hard, being smacked against his lips, as if silently demanding for him to open up. When he didn't respond quickly enough, rough fingers worked to pry his lips apart.

He gasped as he felt Kevin's breath right next to his ear. "Open up, Ryoma. I'm not going to continue being nice if you don't readily cooperate." Teeth tugged harshly at the earlobe, driving the warning home. Slowly, Ryoma opened his mouth, praying that it would be over sooner if he did as was asked.

A bitter taste filled his mouth, as his mouth was stuffed to the brim. He didn't even have time to think about how disgusting all of this was, before Kevin started to slam into him, making him deep throat the rather large member right off the bat. Gagging at the harsh movements, he fought the urge to throw up. The back of his throat burned, and he felt light headed, due to not being able to breathe properly.

He was vaguely aware of the hands in his hair pulling his head roughly back and forth, making sure that he was taking the member to the hilt every time. His body screamed in protest as he heard Kevin moan.

"Oh fuck, Ryo-baby. You feel so fuckin' good. I bet you like my dick, don't you?" Kevin moaned, his hips bashing against the others face with each thrust he made.

Ryoma coughed and wheezed for air as soon as Kevin finally pulled the vile obstacle out of his mouth. He could feel the slobber running down his face, his cheeks darkening in embarrassment and self-loathing. Pain spread throughout the back of his skull as Kevin practically threw himself at Ryoma, latching himself onto his already abused neck. He felt a stinging sensation, and he knew that Kevin had bitten him.

"God, Ryoma. You're just like a whore, you know that. This really is your fault. If you weren't such a fuckin' tease, none of this would have happened." Kevin ground out before latching onto his shoulder. The blonde gave the new wound a final lap before scooting down and moving himself between the other's legs. Kevin sneered as he saw Ryoma's length. It was hard. "Nah, Ryoma, I thought you didn't want me to do this. If that's the case, why are you hard?" He questioned, grabbing the smaller male's erection and squeezing it harshly.

Ryoma sobbed, shame finally over taking him. Why? How? How could he be hard? He didn't want this! He wasn't enjoying this! Was he really nothing more than a whore? I human plaything to be used as seen fit? The blindfold he was wearing had already become drenched, the uncomfortable feeling of have something wet, and heavy covering his eyes, made the shame he was feeling even worse. Not to mention demeaning snickering that came from Kevin who kept on touching him, feeling him. He felt like he was being contaminated by something extremely dirty.

Holding Ryoma's member firmly, he pumped it up and down several times, enjoying the look of sheer terror and utter confusion that marred the boy's face. Releasing the member, Kevin dug through the bag once more, retrieving a cock ring from its contents. Returning to his prior position he slipped put on, and resumed his earlier activity. Bending over he licked the tip, and basked in the shudder that Ryoma gave off as a reaction.

Ryoma's breath left him in quick pants, as a shudder rocked his body. He was so disturbed by this point at this point by the vast difference in his psychological and physiological state. In his mind he hated this. He was so ashamed and disgusted that he felt as if he was going to be sick. So then why? Why did his body react? Violent sobs wracked his body, as he tried to disconnect himself from reality. That all changed though as pain tore through him, a blood curdling scream ripping from his throat as his body convulsed at the sudden intrusion. Panting, Ryoma willed unconsciousness to overtake him like it had last time. Right now he would welcome the darkness with open arms, if only to escape what was happening to him for a few brief minutes.

A whimper left him, as he felt the other start pumping in and out. God, it hurt. It hurt so bad, it was unreal. "Stop. Please, please, please, please." Ryoma softly chanted, almost as if it were a mantra.

Grasping the narrow hips with one hand, Kevin drove himself harder and faster into the writhing, mess of a boy below him. The other hand preoccupied itself with yanking and tugging at the boy's now weeping member. Kevin would be damned if Ryoma didn't cum this time around. This time he was going to make sure that Ryoma knew who he belonged to. "Ryo-baby, are you going to cum for me?" Kevin mocked, toying with the weeping slit.

Ryoma gasped and groaned, self-hatred settling in. He was going to cum. He was go to reach orgasm from being raped. What the hell was wrong with him? His body tensed up, ready to release the pent up frustration, only to be denied. Pain shot through his member. "K-Kev-Kevin. I- I can't. P-please." He brokenly begged. All the pain he was feeling was too much for him to bear.

Kevin chuckled, reaching over to undo the blindfold. "Not yet Ryo-baby. I want to make sure that you don't ever forget who you belong to." With the blindfold finally removed, blue eyes were finally able to meet Ryoma's eyes. The eyes that were once a brilliant shade of gold, now bore more of a resemblance to dull copper. Bucking against Ryoma a few more times, he knew that he wasn't going to last much longer. Nuzzling once more against the others neck, he bit down on the sensitized flesh, earning him a final pained groan from Ryoma. Grasping onto Ryoma's member once more he started to pump in earnest, before removing the cock ring. One, two, three more pumps, and he felt Ryoma tense up underneath him, an intense tremor passing through his body as he came with a groan.

Feeling Ryoma tighten around him, he gave a few more deep thrusts, before he came inside Ryoma.

Both boys stilled, taking deep breaths to try and calm their racing heart beats.

After a few seconds of silence, Kevin spoke up. "You belong to me Ryoma, don't you ever forget that." Pulling Ryoma up by the hair, he crushed their lips together in a bruising kiss. Pulling away Kevin's eyes darkened at the unresponsive Ryoma, not liking the fact that he was being ignored. A loud slap rang throughout the room, glazed eyes slightly coming to his attention. He repeated what he said in a louder voice. "Like I said. You belong to me Ryoma, don't you ever forget that."

A vague look of disinterest passed through Ryoma's eyes, as he spoke, voice completely devoid of emotion. "I don't belong to anyone, you fucking psycho. I hope when you die, you burn in the pits of hell, because that's where you belong."

Kevin snarled. "Are you really sure it's ok to be talking to me like that? Do you realize just what I'm capable of?" Getting off Ryoma he marched over to the corner of the room, where Karupin had been actively hissing and batting at the carrier that held her. As Kevin approached she emitted a low growl. Grabbing the pet carrier, Kevin stalked over to Ryoma. Opening the pet carrier, Kevin reached in, pulling the infuriated feline out by the scruff of its neck. Shoving the cat in its owner's face he asked Ryoma once more. "Who is it that you belong to?"

Snapping out of his trance like state, Ryoma went into alert as his precious kitten was dangled in front of him. Enraged at how Kevin was handling his baby, Ryoma growled "Fucker! Let her go! She's got nothing to do with this!" Panting Ryoma struggled to get out of his binds once more. He had forgotten that his beloved pet was in the room. Time slowed down to a crawl as Ryoma's eyes widened with unabashed horror.

Yanking the cat away, Kevin strode over to the door, opening it before leaving the room with the still struggling cat. From the other side of the wall, Ryoma could hear his pet hissing and growling, before a loud bang filled his ears. Silence.

Ryoma could feel his heart shatter as he cried out. "Karupin!"

The door opened once more, as Kevin returned empty handed. A satisfied smirk graced his face. "So tell me Ryo-baby. Who is it you belong to?"

No response was heard from the smaller male, whose silent tears slid down, his face totally void of emotion.

"No response, huh? Seems like I still have to teach you manners."

Eiji panted. He had literally been to every tennis court in Tokyo, and he still hadn't seen a trace of the boy. Pulling his phone out of his pocket, he decided that it was time that he called Inui back. Pressing the call button, he waited for his friend to pick up.

"Hello Eiji. Any luck finding him?"

"Nope. None." Eiji huffed, finally managing to catch his breath. "I've been to every single tennis court in Tokyo, and asked everyone I saw if they'd seen the boy. No luck. It's like he's a ghost, nya. Did you find anything out about Kevin Smith?"

Inui chuckled. "Eiji, who do you think you're talking to. Of course I found information relating to Kevin Smith. I won't go into to many details, since they'd take far too long to explain. But the short version is that he basically comes from bad stock. His dad had severe anger issues, and it seems that that trait was passed on to the son. Kevin was suspended several times in American schools for bullying and picking fights with other people. Seems like it's a habit that he's yet to kick."

"What does that mean? Is Ryoma in danger? Do you have any idea where to find him?" Eiji asked hurriedly. If what Inui was saying was true, and there hasn't been a case so far where he'd been wrong, then time was of the essence.

A sigh could be heard on the other end of the line. "It means that Kevin has a history of violence, therefore it is highly likely that the "rape" that Ryoma was accused of was all a set up. It didn't actually happen. And if that's the case, then yes I would feel safe to say that Ryoma is, right now, in a great deal of danger. As for your last question, I'm still trying to work out the exact location, but Kevin's family owns a multitude of warehouses in Tokyo. If I had to venture a guess, I'd say that it's going to be the warehouse closest to the hotel Ryoma was staying at." A pause. "All of this is mere speculation of course. If you would like I can give you the address of the most likely location."

"Please and thank you." Grabbing a memo pad and pen from his pocket he readied himself to write down the address.

Rustling of papers could be heard. "The address I have is 139 Sakura Hill. It's a fairly small, metal warehouse. It shouldn't be too hard to get to."

"Alright. Got it. 139 Sakura Hill. I'm gonna go so I can call for backup. Who knows what I'm going to walk into. I'll contact you later with my schedule and we can work out when I can repay you later, nya! Talk to you later!" Running to the curb, hailed a taxi. Telling the driver the address, he settled into the backseat and got to work sending out a text message saying that he needed help, the location to meet at, and the time to meet. Resting his head against the back of the seat, he closed his eyes, trying to relax. Maybe he could manage to take a power nap before he reached his destination.

Brief Time Skip

Eiji slowly awoke as the taxi driver told him that they'd arrived. Thanking the man, Eiji practically bounced out of the car, ready to get a hold of the troublesome target already. The redhead looked around, seeing if anyone had beaten him to the meet up spot. Seeing that it was deserted, he decided to go snoop around the area a little bit to see if he could get a feel for the layout. The brief description that Inui had given about the building had indeed been accurate. It was a rather small, metal warehouse. There were only two points of entry, by door at least, and approximately 10 windows for the entire building. From what he could tell, the building was deserted. He couldn't hear any movement coming from inside, but that didn't necessarily mean anything either.

Making his way back over to where he was supposed to meet up with everyone, he was pleasantly surprised to see that everyone had arrived. Bouncing over to the group he launched himself at his boyfriend. "Oishi, nya! I'm glad you could come!"

Said man chuckled lightly at his boyfriends silly antics, before setting him straight. "Eiji, we need to focus on the task at hand. Let's not get distracted right now." He gently chastised his lover, patting the red locks to show that he wasn't mad. He was rewarded with a grin.

Eiji looked over the other two people that were there with them. Both of which had gone red at the open affection, neither of them making eye contact with the redhead. Eiji smirked, before glomping the two other boys as well. "Mou. Momo, Taka, why are you guys so red, nya?"

The two stifled laughter as the pried they're hyperactive friend off of them. Momo glanced at the Eiji. "So, we're here. Now what are we supposed to be doing?"

Laughter left the cobalt eyes at the grim reminder of why he was here. Looking slightly down trodden he briefed them on the situation. "Atobe called me earlier today to ask me to keep an eye on someone for him." He pulled Ryoma's picture and handed it to Momo and Taka. "His name is Echizen Ryoma. He's an 18 year old, aspiring professional tennis player, and it seems that he's gotten himself mixed up in quite a bit of trouble."

Taka eyed the somber looking Eiji with worry. "What kind of trouble are we talking about here?"

"I can't say for sure, because I don't really know." Eiji turned his attention to the warehouse. "What I do know is that right now it is highly likely that Ryoma is being kept inside this warehouse by a very violent individual. I don't know what we'll walk in on. I'm not even entirely sure that his is where he's being held." Eiji shrugged his shoulders. He hated not being certain of things. "That's the reason I called you two. If the guy is violent, then it's highly unlikely I'll be able to fight him by myself. I specialize in agility, not strength." A corner of his mouth quirked up in a corny smile. Looking at his boyfriend the added. "I asked Oishi to come because he's a doctor. I'm not expecting to go into a blood bath, but I can definitely say that it's not exactly going to be rainbows and butterflies in there."

Everyone nodded in understanding.

Eiji turned to face everyone. "Alright. Let's head in. Momo, can you go around, and come in from the back? I want to make sure that this jerk doesn't have an escape route. Well go in the doors in two minutes."

Momo nodded and made his way around. Attempting to be as quiet as possible. After all, the last thing they wanted to was alert anyone to their presence. Making it to the door he looked at his watch. He'd made it with 15 seconds to spare.

10 seconds….

5 seconds….

And they rushed the place. The building itself on the inside consisted of three rooms. One large room, that took up most of the building, and then two smaller rooms off to one side. A quick glance was able to tell them that there was no one inside the large room except for themselves. Eiji motioned everyone together and started to silently give directions of which two people would open which door. Eiji split the groups up having Taka and Oishi taking the door on the left, and him and Momo taking the door on the right. On the count of three they were to open the door at the same time. The redhead slowly ticked down the numbers on his hand, giving a nod when they were supposed to rush the door.

Both doors opened at the same time, with loud bangs. The room that Oishi and Taka had entered had been pretty much deserted, except for what they presumed to be the body of a cat. Hurrying out, they ran into the neighboring room, to see if they could be of any assistance. Upon entering the scene, they witnessed a fierce battle taking place between a blonde haired, blue eyed foreigner and Momo. Momo seemed to be winning at the moment, but it didn't seem like the other had any plans of giving in any time soon. Taka, seeing Momo struggling, ran over to assist, while Oishi tore his eyes away to look to see what his boyfriend was up to.

Oishi's stomach plummeted upon seeing the figure that the redhead was hunched over, trying to untie the knots that kept the boy bound. Shrugging out of hid over shirt, Oishi ran over to assist Eiji, covering the nude, shivering boy with the garment in the process. Finally getting the knots untied, Oishi urged the redhead to call the cops, while he tended to the boys wounds. Sitting the boy up, he did a once over taking in the all over physical condition of the boy. It wasn't good to say the least, but none of the injuries seemed life threatening. There were obvious signs of rape, and bruises and scratch marks littered the body, suggesting that he had been beaten. More than anything though Oishi was worried about the mental state of the child in front of him. The boy hadn't bat an eyelash since he got here, he only stared with dead eyes. Just what had this boy gone through? Tucking the shirt tightly around the boy, he glanced over to see Momo straddling the cursing blonde, pinning him down with his hands behind his back, while Taka was busy securing his hands and feet with rope.

Looking back to the boy, Oishi cradled the young face in his hands, before moving in to hug the still shivering child. "It's going to be okay. You're safe now." He felt the boy in his arms stiffen, before finally relaxing into his hold as silent sobs wracked his body.

Oishi didn't know how long he and the boy stayed like that, all he know was that they were still in that exact same position when the police finally arrived to haul Kevin away. Eiji spoke to the policeman on behalf of Ryoma, begging them to let the boy rest before going in to give an account of what happened. They reluctantly agreed, but insisted that they at least go to the hospital to get all of his injuries checked out.

Upon hearing this, Ryoma tightened his hold on Oishi, a silent plea, begging him not to make him go. Looking down at the still crying boy, Oishi said. "That won't be necessary, sir. I'm a doctor, myself. I'll treat him whenever we get to my house." Oishi gave the cop a reassuring smile, to which the cop gave a reluctant nod, and offered them a ride home. Taking Ryoma's condition into account, the couple readily accepted. Standing up Oishi picked Ryoma up like one would a child, settling him on his hip and supporting him underneath with one arm.

Eiji and Oishi got into the cop car together with Ryoma, telling Momo and Taka thanks and that they would see them later. The redhead looked at the boy snuggled between him and Oish, giving him a small smile. "What do you say we go home, nya?"

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