Disclaimer: I do not own or make any profit from Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, or any of the music mentioned in this fictional story.

Warnings: Contains M/M Damon/Dean (Demon) slash & possible sexual adult situations in later chapters.

Time-line: Takes place during SPN S07xE06 "Slash Fiction"

A/N: This story is not related to my Demon story "Smile". This is just another idea that came to mind and I thought it would be fun to write. I am not very good at writing anything that contains sexuality, so please bare with me^-^ Enjoy.

Summary: Needing a break from their little robberies and killing sprees, Sam and Dean Winchester happen by a little town called Mystic Falls. They look forward to a little relaxation, but that won't stop them from having a little bit of fun with the towns inhabitants. The real Winchesters come into town, not knowing of the little havoc their Leviathan Doppelgangers have caused...


And I Heard, As It Were, The Noise Of Thunder



The Mystic Grill was alive with its night life inhabitants. Friends chatted animatedly of their recent life events and couples laughed flirtatiously on either their first or many dates. Indie music blasted loudly throughout the venue, annoying one of its frequent patrons. Some Johnny Cash would sound good to him right now. Damon Salvatore leaned heavily into his right arm that was pressed firmly across his chest while the other arm was stretched out across the bar, his left hand nursing a glass of whiskey. Slowly but surely, he could feel the alcohol working its way through his system. He encouraged it to take over him completely; and by refusing to feed for the last couple of days, he hoped it would help him to become numb that much sooner.

He wanted to forget Katherine. Forget Stefan. Forget Elena. In fact, he wanted to forget himself just for a little while. He needed something more interesting to happen, something to help him keep his mind off this little drama-fest eternal life brought him. He took the last swing of his whiskey and motioned the bar tender over, requesting another shot. Once his glass was filled, he downed the whiskey in one quick gulp. Damon closed his eyes, savoring the warm tumbler burning smoothly down his throat, feeling the world start to fade away when faint words suddenly caught his ear.

Damon looked up to the large; and otherwise ignored, newly installed flat screen TV hanging above the bar. The edge of Damon's mouth twitched as he watched the local news unfold before him, a slight smirk threatening to escape as he twirled the newly filled glass of whiskey languidly in his hand. For some reason, the man in the footage smiling at the security camera sent delightful chills down his spine. This man screamed danger. Damon liked danger. This man; along with his younger brother, were on the FBI's Most Wanted for robberies and killing sprees being committed across the states. The men's names were revealed along with their mug shots:

Dean and Sam Winchester.

The names sounded so familiar to him.

He would bet that the man with the pretty green eyes and the shapely full lips was Dean Winchester. Even the name sounded delicious. Rebellious. The name fit this man perfectly. Damon had never been ashamed of acknowledging another mans beauty. For him, that's usually as far as he'll go, but this Dean Winchester character actually started making him feel a bit...curious. There's plenty of drama here, but he would love for Dean Winchester to bring some action to this dull town.

A sudden thundering sound caught his attention amongst the roaring crowed. Thanks to his vamperic hearing abilities, he could hear the purr of an engine, no doubt the sound of a 1967 Chevy Impala, pulling into the parking lot and AC/DC's "Hells Bells" blasting loudly from the car stereo.

Damon's smirk widened. It seems he just might get his wish.