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An Angels Smile On Your Lips, Blood Red Nails On Your Finger Tips

Chapter VI


She had the brightest of smiles, the one dimple showing through beautifully on her rosy left cheek. Her long and wavy chocolate brown hair cascaded over her shoulders, highlighting her wide dark eyes that held all the innocence of the world. Her name was Jenna Fuller. She was 24 years old and a grad student at Mystic Falls University. Missing since August 20, 2012. Her picture is just one of the many that covered the street lamps, walls, and buildings of the small town. This picture, for some reason, hung in one building in particular where they took their latest victim. The old, abandoned farmhouse creaked and whined as the strong winds of an impending storm made it sway on its foundation. Maybe the family hoped that whoever uses this place for secret romps may see the missing sign and recognize the young girl, maybe even tell them that she was alive and well.

A malicious grin covered his handsome features as his green eyes glared at the familiar picture of one of their many victims, remembering how her sweet terrified screams had made her taste even sweeter. Fresh blood dripped slowly down from his hand down to his fingertips. He raised those same fingers to his curved lips, his pink tongue darting out to lick his fingers clean. He slipped the last finger into his mouth and slowly licked the last drops away, his eyes closing as he savored the taste of human blood.

"I really don't need a preview of yours and vamp boys little romps." Came the annoyed voice from behind him.

Dean popped one green eye open to see Sam's disgusted face as he finished disposing the remains of a young male. Too young in Dean's opinion. He smiled and shrugged as he slid his finger slowly out of his mouth, "Never hurts to put in a little practice."

His smile broadened as Sam frowned even further in disgust.

"Ugh, I think you're having a little too much fun if you ask me. Don't get too comfortable, especially with the Winchesters now in town." Sam said as he stood from his stooped position once the body was properly taken care of.

"I'm Dean Winchester, I'm supposed to have a little fun." Dean added with a wink.

Sam rolled his eyes as he wiped his hands clean on his frayed jeans, giving one last sneer in Deans direction as they both made their way out the weathered and decayed barn doors, the sound of thunder rumbling in the distance.




Wakie, wakie Sammy boy...


Sam jerked awake, the sound of his heart pounding loudly in his ears and the air in his lungs being taken in labored breaths. The familiar mocking, whispering voice could still be heard echoing in the darkness, but was slowly fading to the back of his mind. He tried to take in his surroundings through blurry eyes, a single tear escaping down his face without thought. He sat up, feeling soft sheets falling down to his waist and entangled with his legs.

Bed...Bed & Breakfast...Mystic Falls...Dean.

Not chained to a table covered in flesh and blood...not Hell...not Cage...not Lucifer.

Sam tried to let those thoughts calm him as he ran a hand down his tired face and through his sweat damp hair. His eyes started to adjust to the darkness and he looked over to find Dean still sleeping soundly in his own bed, the radio playing The Doors "People Are Strange" very low on the night stand next to him. Sam let out a sigh and laid back down, turning his back to Dean. The Leviathans are still out there and he knew he needed to focus on that alone. As he was drifting back to sleep, he swore he could hear an echo of sinister laughter in the darkened and quiet room.


Mystic Falls lay in eerie silence. The streets that were often filled with children laughing and playing were quiet. The lovers that strolled hand in hand through the scenic park, stopping every now and then to happily greet familiar faces of friends and family, were empty. The families that usually enjoyed window shopping the various antique shops and boutiques that lined the picturesque street were nowhere to be seen. The only sounds heard beyond the silence was the whistling of the wind as it blew the fallen leaves of Autumn down the street and pass the empty, closed shops.

He stared out the long paned window, the rain drops padding softly of the surface. "There's someone, or something, out there not only killing people, but vampires too." Stefan said as he solemnly turned to the small group gathered around the dim living room.

"The only thing that comes to mind is Klaus." Elena stated from her position on the couch, her hands clasped lightly on her knees.

Damon snorted from his perch by the bar. Caroline glared over to him from where she sat next to Elena, "You got anything you'd like to put in?"

Damon shrugged as he poured himself a generous glass of Bourbon, "I'm pretty sure that Klaus would be more careful to keep is tracks covered. He doesn't seem to like leaving a mess behind...yet."

"Maybe it has something to do with those newcomers that rolled into town a few days ago."

Everyone's attention turned to Alaric who was standing near the fire mantel, "All these disappearances started happening the minute they showed up."

Damon tensed up at his words. He debated on whether or not he should tell the others of what he knew; but in the end, he decided against it. He knew the truth, but he wanted to have some more fun with his human before he disposed of him and his little brother himself.

"I've seen them at the Grill." Stefan stated, "I could head over there tonight in case they show up again. Keep an eye on them."

Alaric nodded in agreement, "I'll go with you."

"That won't be necessary."

All eyes landed on Damon as he took a swig of his Bourbon, "We have more important things to focus on than two mere humans. Klaus is still out there and that's where our attention should be. I'll keep an eye on them. If they're causing trouble, it won't take all of us to deal with it."

"He's right." Caroline agreed, "Klaus is our main threat. Let Damon handle it."

Stefan nodded and turned to Damon, "Anything happens, keep us informed."

"Of course little brother." Damon stated sarcastically.

Elena got up to meet Stefan as he and Alaric were exiting the room. Caroline stepped out the front door, no doubt to give Jeremy a call and inform him of their latest developments. Damon shook his head and tsked as he took a seat in front of the fire place.

What a shame

If tonight was going to be his last night with Dean, then Damon knew that he was definitely going to make it worth it. He smirked as his icy blue eyes caught the light of the dimming fire, a flash of sultry green eyes and full curved lips flashing through his thoughts.

Oh yes...

Damon thought

It will be worth it...