A nightmare. That is what I'll call it; a nightmare. We were supposed to be in London by three thirty and we're stuck in the middle of who-knows-where in old country England at two! Perfect.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Jane Hammerstein. I'm an American nobody from little typical Richmond, Virginia who happens to love Musicals, Shakespeare and manga and things that aren't exactly "in" this century. But I digress. The predicament that I find myself in started around five days ago when my dad came home with some pretty exciting news.

"We're going to England." My father yelled across the room to my mom in the kitchen.

"Wait, what?" I exclaimed nearly jumping from my chair in excitement, completely forgetting my Inuyasha vol. 16 on the couch. "Why?" My father kissed his wife before answering.

"I've done enough hours at work to earn a little vacation out of country, and!" holding up his finger before my mother could interrupt "Managed to get you a ticket to see Les Miserables in London!" I couldn't speak. I couldn't even breathe.

Let me clarify something here. My dad works in the most boring of places that you'll find most parents in comic books or kid TV shows working in. Remember that one parent, usually the dad, working in the top floor of some building in the city, where the room only has the desk, a chair, and a random plant in the corner? That's my dad's office. He's an accountant and only gets enough for us to live in a nice home with home-cooked meals. This little surprise was an especially good treat.

"How did you manage all of that, dear?" My mother asked. Of course this question would be brought up.

"Let's just say I've pushed the right buttons." He said winking at me. I couldn't believe it. We were going to London.

"But, what are you two going to do while I'm watching the play? And what are you going to do with Gilgert?"

"What about me?" My little brother hollered as he walked in the room. Figures. My brother, Gilbert, was your typical annoying thirteen younger brother. He was four years younger than me but still managed to outgrow me by three inches, which he never lets me forget. He was a nice looking kid; being tall with straight hair that nimbly curls at the tips, grassy green eyes that sometimes change to a light sea green, a cute little nose that experienced too many pinchings, and a slight smile that gives him a shyness. He's cute, but he's my little brother, so I'll never admit it.

"I was about to get to that." My father answered pulling me from my thoughts and smiled lovingly at my mother which earned a little giggle from her. "You're mother and I will be touring around London while Gilbert," Gilbert looked up from his Ipod touch at the sound of his name. My dad slightly frowned at him. "What would you like to do in London, son?"

"Ah'unno." He mumbled glancing back to his device. "I guess going to the place where you try to make the guards laugh." My dad clapped his hands.

"Then I guess that settles it. We'll be going to London in four days and staying for a week, so start packing!" I was already halfway to my room be the time he was finished.

I started to pack some of my belongings when I came upon my small family picture frame on my nightstand and- without knowing why—placed it into my bag feeling I would be looking at it a lot more than usual. I dismissed the feeling with a shrug and resumed packing only to stop for dinner. When I was done packing it was pretty late in the night so I got in my pink Eeyore pajama's and fell asleep the minute my head hit the pillow dreaming about Les Miserables and the sights we'll see in London, and also eyes. Eyes that shone like silver in moonlight that held sorrow that nearly broke my heart. I awoke the next morning with a feeling of dread.

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