Russel Fabray finally becomes what Quinn always feared. More violent, evil incarnate, more of a monster, fear himself. She pulls the trigger twice before dropping the offending gun to the wooden floor below her. The beast drops, his forever-still eyes still full of rage. He is dead, and the badly beaten teenager rushes to her still mother. She slips in Judy's wasted blood, her already abused skull slams against the raised marble tiles of the kitchen and her eyes close.

This is how Santana finds the house when she rushes in, responding to Quinn's 911 text, frantic eyes searching and then locking onto her best friend. When she finds her, deep red blood is slowly leaking from her head onto the tile. Her dark, wet, eyes turn to Puck behind her and she finds the same wetness in his hazel-grey. They find theirselves sobbing when the first-responders finally show up. Santana watches as they slide Quinn and Judy onto gurneys and Russel Fabray into a body bag.

Quinn awakes with a soft hand in her own, warm, dark eyes above hers. The first uttering of her name is spoken through tears and a raw throat. Santana looks away from her for just a few seconds, yelling at Puck to get the nurses. But then those eyes are back on her.

"Hi." It comes out as more of a coughing choke as the tube is removed from her throat. The latina laughs a little sadly.

"Hi, Quinn." Puck kisses her tenderly on the forehead and tells her he loves her before leaving her alone with a teary-eyed Santana. Her memories come back almost too fast, and she wishes she could forget. It takes a little more effort than she's used to due to disuse, but she reaches up and wipes away tears from that perfect skin.

"Please stop crying, Tana. I'm ok. I'm ok." Lush lips press against her palm, as the other girl closes her eyes then opens then, gazing through long, thick lashes when she speaks again.

"I love you, Quinn." The blonde pulls her down and connects their lips gently then, her own eyes closing.

"I love you too, San." The latina climbs into the ridiculously small bed and wraps the other girl in her arms before she speaks.

"There's something you need to know, Q. Judy...your mom...she's...she's gone, baby. She's dead." It hits her harder than she thought it would. She knew. The way Russel had kept slamming her head against the countertop until she fell like deadweight, the fight in her lost. Quinn had been too late. She cries for an hour and then another when Santana tells her that she's been out for three weeks. Her life has fallen out from under her.

"What am I supposed to do? I don't...did you...did you talk to Frannie?" Quinn can't even bear the thought of having to move to Chicago to live with a sister who, like the rest of her family, disowned her when she got pregnant.

"I did. That bitch, she didn't even come visit you once. You're living with me. I'm so...I was afraid you weren't gonna wake up and now I can't handle the thought of you living with someone else who can't and won't love you like you deserve, Quinn. Like I do. Your stuff is already in that room right next to mine." Quinn hugged her closest friend tighter, burying her head deeper into the shorter girl's neck.

"You don't mind if I sleep with you for a couple nights do you?" Santana shook her head.

"'Course not. You're not alone , Quinn. I'm here...forever."